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I just went throught almost all your fics, i still have a few to go, but they are absolutely amazing - I was wondering, if you're taking prompts, if you could write about maybe Barry dreaming about Caitlin before they met? :)

“Are you sure this will work?”

Barry eyes the witch behind the counter suspiciously. All she does is give him a wicked looking smile. “I am the best potions brewer, aren’t I?”

Barry snorts softly to himself, seriously doubting that, because he knew a better potions master. Only thing is that he’s sitting in Azkaban. He looks at the vial in his hand. The liquid is light blue and swirling, calling out for him to just drink it already.

“Why do you look so hesitant?” The witch asks as she leans forward on the counter to clasp his wrist in her cold hand. “This is what you wanted, yes?“

Barry wriggles his arm out of the witches hand and swallow nervously. “They always say not to mess with time.”

“You just have to be careful with the potion,” she says, sounding more normal and serious than she was a moment before. “It’s only fleeting glimpses… Two or three random moments in your future.”   

“Do you think it’s worth it to take it then?”

“You could see your future self merely taking a shower, or you could see who you marry,” she says. “It’s really a gamble.”

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What if the nordic 5 all haunted the same house AND THEY ALWAYS FUCKED WITH PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS.
They’d all act like traumatized spirits and whisper cryptic phrases. Sve creates this intimidating vibe and Den always makes noises. Fin and Nor tug on people and Ice appears as the appiritions. But in all honesty the’re just bored and love the company.
I’ve been watching a lot of Ghost Adventures a lot lately okay.