The concept of the Co-Walker is known by various names across Britain, Ireland and indeed the world. Known sometimes as Ghosts of the Living, their origins have been oft debated. Appearing as an exact likeness or Double of someone still living, to see ones’ own Co-Walker is most frequently regarded to be an omen of the arrival of death within the near future. However there often seems to be enough time remaining to at least document or inform others of the encounter. Frequently the beholder of such an unexpected sight will sadly resign themselves to their fate, but in the Northeast of England (where the spectacle was known as a Waff) it was believed that talking harshly to the apparition may allay the approach of fatality on that occasion.
The term Fetch is sometimes used as one of the motley alternatives for Co-Walker, but it can also be used specifically to refer to a variant of the phenomenon. When the ghostly likeness of a living person is seen by someone else, usually a close friend or relative, this apparition is often referred to as a Fetch. Often the timing of the Fetch’s appearance coincided near to exact with the moment that their mortal semblance ceased to live.

What if the nordic 5 all haunted the same house AND THEY ALWAYS FUCKED WITH PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS.
They’d all act like traumatized spirits and whisper cryptic phrases. Sve creates this intimidating vibe and Den always makes noises. Fin and Nor tug on people and Ice appears as the appiritions. But in all honesty the’re just bored and love the company.
I’ve been watching a lot of Ghost Adventures a lot lately okay.