“Not Enough Time” - A Love Letter from Thief X Fanfiction featuring Kenshi Inagaki

Warning! Smexy Times ahead with Kenshi!

Rated M for Mature

Despite being a rookie journalist, Ranko Togoshi had already made quite a name for herself in the news business.  Not afraid to get her hands dirty, the russet-haired beauty would do anything and everything it took in order to get the real scoop behind a story.  Whether it was through her vast network of contacts, her powers of persuasion, or her own persistent stubbornness, Ranko always got what she wanted. 

So you knew exactly what she was doing when she pushed the colorful flyer towards you across the dinner table.

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Chefs of Steel - A Love Letter From Thief X Fanfiction Featuring Kenshi Inagaki VS. Rin Tanaka

This is an entirely silly sequel to my fanfiction “Not Enough Time”

Dedicated to and inspired by chiapeto and rins-daydreams who were both intrigued by my OC (and Kenshi’s rival in “Not Enough Time”) celebrity chef Rin Tanaka

Rated G (for goofiness)

Kenshi Inagaki was a firefighter through and through. Protecting the lives of those in need, whether they be man, woman, child or animal, was virtually programmed into his DNA.  Cut from the same cloth as his father who lost his life in the line of duty, Kenshi was well aware of the ultimate sacrifice he could be called to make someday in the course of his profession.  But for him, there was no other career option. To not live his life in the service of others, to not help those who needed him when their lives were in danger, was simply unthinkable.

However, to ask for help for himself – well, that was a different story.

Not used to being the one in need, it took everything Kenshi had to call an emergency meeting of the Black Foxes to help him with the dilemma that had arrived in his mailbox earlier that morning.  In his world he was the rescuer, not the rescuee. While he hated to admit his vulnerability, he also knew that to try to work beyond his limitations would only end in disaster. So it was with the utmost humility that he presented his case to you and his trusted friends that same evening in the empty dining room of LRN.

“Here,” he said placing a letter on the center of the dining table where everyone was seated. “Read this.”

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