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to pensando seriamente em criar um livro no wattpad onde cada capítulo seria um post do theficwriter. mas n sei, o que vcs acham?

*ficaria enorme kkk tenho mts matérias que fiz, mts mesmo, whatever dá para fazer uma parte dois, parte três…

Jungkook: [throwing rocks at Jimin’s window]

Jimin, loudly: You know you have a phone for a reason!

[window shatters]

Jimin, shouting through the broken window: DID YOU REALLY JUST THROW YOUR PHONE AT THE WINDOW


Q: What would you say to Trump if you could? If anything?

LMM: Resign. [shrugs]

Q: Simple?

LMM: Yeah.

Q: [blah blah blah terribly phrased question about Charlottesville and how it makes him feel]

LMM: I think I feel an enormous sense of moral clarity. I think we can all agree Nazis are bad, and if we can’t agree on that, I don’t know where we start…and it’s been heartening to see that come out of the tragic events of the last weekend - you see a real moral resolve growing.

Lin also talks briefly about Ham4All and fundraising for immigrant support organisations.


Reg and Devi have fun at the beach! ;0
From my experience, You are either like Reg and realize full well You take unflattering pics but own it, or like Devi when You could as well be modeling 24/7 but for some reason are super self conscious about it and still claim You look terrible

Anyway, I was planning on finishing this little bonus thing sometime during vacation, but my family kinda made that impossible, plus I had some other stuff going on”“
But also, normal updates start back up next Monday, so yay!

The French Connection Job walkaway is seriously the most extra thing ever. Sure, all the walkaways are extra, but that one.

To be there when Lampard was arrested, they would have to buy airplane tickets, spend half an hour to an hour going through airport security while the FBI and Interpol are still looking for them, wait for him to be arrested by the F&G agents - who they would have had to tip off so far in advance to get TSA to work with F&G, to even let them through - and position themselves with just enough people between the team and him so that he didn’t notice they were there until later.

That’s about two days of solid work on Hardison’s part, a set of burned IDs, a couple grand in wasted funds, and two hours of traffic & airport chaos for a ten-second “gotcha.”

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