Rescue horse?

So months ago a lot of random, amazing strangers on Tumblr helped me get the money to get my TB, Odin. He was getting sent to slaughter by my ex-boss and I just wasn’t having it. Odin is now happy, healthy, and will forever be loved by yours truly.

Here’s where I’m a butthead– would people be willing to help my friend and I save a second horse? She’s a 5 year old appendix that is in a rescue right now, she was hours away from going on the slaughter truck before the rescue got her. The rescue is completely packed full and they’re trying to adopt out horses, like the mare we want. Her name is Pearl and her adoption fee is… somewhat high because of medical bills. Would anyone be willing to donate to help us get her home? We have a stall, we have feed, but her adoption price AND driving over 1000 miles to get her is pretty rough on our pocket books.
Can anyone help us out? I’ll give you tarot card readings, I’ll make a video, keep you updated on Pearl’s progress… I’ll do just about anything. This rescue is a huge help to horses about to go to slaughter ad wild yakima horses, too, and my friend and I want to lessen their burden a little.


Brit and Beau this morning! She’s been off him for a couple months so she could work on her basics again on Mulan - someone smaller to help her regain her confidence and strength after taking a bit of a break this summer. Now she’s back on her boy Beau (who if you ask her, she’s been riding for at least 20 years) and it was like no time had passed… actually, she rode him better today than she ever has!