If you want to commission me something that’s not on the list, contact me and we can discuss it! Same goes for backgrounds, we can talk about them. I will decide the price depending on what I’m asked.

  • I WILL NOT DRAW UNTIL I’M PAID, Once we decide on the type and subject, I will send you a PayPal invoice!
  • I don’t do refunds, of course if I won’t be able to finish your commission for some reason (Which would be a very rare circumstance) I will refund you!
  • Remember: the time I need to work depends on a series of factors. Thanks for your patience. (If you need it at a certain date, please tell! May influence the price)
  • If I don’t feel comfortable with what you ask, I will decline your request.

Interested in buying a commission? Chat/message me on Tumblr (I see those the fastest!) or email me at:

(Include description of what you want me to draw. (If you have visual reference of OC, please include)

Thanks in advance! ^^

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Sorry, this is very random, but "Applepie Studios" just reminded me of the YouTube channel "Applewar Pictures". Thats all. Continue with your greatness.

Anyone who likes to work with others on creative things is welcome! Send me an example of your work to me and you will become an Applepie-creator!

(Do read the rules on the Applepie-Studio’s blog first though, just to make sure we are on the same page ^^)

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(Cough shameless promotion aside, I will continue my greatness Anon)

Teen Hetalia - Cranky or?

The contest comic everyone! We get to see a new chapter of the lives of the little kids, the dreaded teen years~

Germany & Italy © Himaruya Hidekaz

Contest winners who got themselves or OC appear in the comic:  @scarytalescometrue , @ask-jersey-isle & @poppoforpresident


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Prussia, Germany, Italy & Japan © Himaruya Hidekaz


This… kinda makes me sad. If only they could be a happy family…. But then Daenerys wouldn’t have had her dragons soooo I am also okay with it  ^^”

Jon Snow (Targaryen), Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark © George R.R. Martin (HBO)