Sorry it’s been a few days since my last post, i just started back up at school and i haven’t had time just to sit down and blog. But this morning i have my trusty homemade mint mocha (Half coffee, some almond milk and Penzy’s Spices Mint Chocolate Mix) and here we go!

So last week at school i got my new classes which include:

1) Internship with one of the Chefs at school

2) A La Carte 

2) Current Cuisine

(Both with the chef i’m interning for)

4) Wine & Spirits 

For A La Carte i asked to be put on the Garde Manger station for the first two weeks of  the quarter, which i think was a pretty good choice. When i went in Wednesday, Chef gave us the lowdown on how the class works and i was given at partner at my station, Lis (Not to be confused with my girl Lyss, two different people ha) and we had pretty much all day Wednesday  to prep for Thursday service. Lemme tell you, we mise en placed our asses off! haha Which made Thursday morning run pretty smoothly, besides a few things we had to take care of. 

We had four menu items (Pictures above):

1) Trio of Spring Salads (Chicken, Olive and tomato, & Potato)

2) Southwest Salad

3) Truffle Deviled Eggs

4) Polenta & Sausage Cakes

Now let me tell you, yes i’m in culinary school, yes i love food, yes i love making food and seeing all your happy faces and full bellies BUT i absolutely dislike eggs.


So that deviled egg smell killed me, but i’ve got to make them eventually 0.o And FYI, i can make poached eggs, omlettes, and baking with them, no problem! But i refuse to eat them.  

Anyway, on Thursday, service started at 11:30 and of course Garde Manger station was hit first but it wasn’t bad and we kept up the pace! We had one little mishap where we were one egg short of a deviled egg plate but Lis had it covered because she’s the! Our most popular dish that day were the Sausage & Polenta cakes, mmm. Breaded in panko bread crumbs and deep fried, SO GOOD! And one of the runners told me that a table said that our Southwest Salad was the highlight of their meal, yeah man! Two points! 

Thankfully, some of the things that we made can keep until next week so thats a few things Lis and I won’t have to worry about making since we have less time to mise on Wednesday because we’re open both days from now on.

Wish me luck? 

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