Gravitational Constant appears universally constant, Pulsar study suggests
Washington DC (SPX) Aug 10, 2015
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Gravity, one of the four fundamental forces of nature, appears reassuringly constant across the Universe, according to a decades-long study of a distant pulsar. This research helps to answer a long-standing question in cosmology: Is the force of gravity the same everywhere and at all times? The answer, so far, appears to be yes. Astronomers using the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Gre
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Headcanons for the Prefects

- Randy started a small prank war between them. It started with little things that Klaus had too much pride to retaliate, but once his tea was in danger he finally took vengeance.

- Klaus literally put a line of tape on the floor to act as a border so Randy’s experiments wouldn’t end up in his space.

- After he found out that Klaus has a habit of cursing under his breath, Randy set up a swear jar as a joke. It was obnoxious, brightly colored, enormous, and placed right at the front of Klaus’ desk as a constant reminder. The cursing problem died out quickly after the first 100 lune.

- They both have to remind each other to eat or sleep or bathe sometimes because of their terrible habits in working too much and forgetting to take breaks.

- If both of their sleep schedules are hopeless then they pick a day to spend awake so they can finally sleep at a normal time again. They spend the hours awake catching up on work so they don’t have to worry about it messing them up again.

- When there’s a problem that requires one of them and neither want to do it they play a round of rock paper scissors or flip a coin to decide.

- Randy makes fun of Klaus because when Professor Merkulova needs to complain he’ll literally stroll into the office with tea and cookies, sit down across from Klaus and start going off about something

- According to Randy every Friday night is cake night and Klaus has no protest against that