It’s ok to have birth-certificate days. 💛💛You aren’t less valuable or valid if your appearance “matches” the assumptions people make about you. You can look boy-butch, or fem, or something else, whenever you need to…
We all want to challenge the system.
We all want to preach the truth about the fluidity and floppiness of gender.
And some days, all the work that goes into PROVING YOU EXIST might be too much. Some days, you want to feel safe and not have people stare or threaten you. And that’s ok! Warriors and crusaders refuel and take breaks. And your identity is fluid after all, right? There will be times when the liquid of your identity looks like it reinforces what the world assumes about gender. People will look at you and see “boy” or “girl” and they won’t see the full rainbow of who you are.
BUT KNOW THIS: constantly snatching the gender-truths that people cling to out of their grasping hands can be exhausting. Its not always your job to be snatching. It’s ok to take a break. You are no less valid or heroic for wearing whatever you wear💛💛😊

anonymous asked:

for the chiaki / nagito personality swap thing, would that mean the events of the second game would change? like chiaki's the one who spears herself and nagito gets executed? also that would make nagito's free time events extra gay lmao

mmm yes