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Feysand + 6 in the prompt lost :)

6. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” aka The Sudden Modern Roommate AU no one expected or wanted

Never again, Feyre swore herself while another wave of pain crashed down on her. Never again would she make the same stupid mistakes that brought her in this situation. Never again would she fall so low. Never again would she touch a single fucking drop of tequila. Or gin. Or vodka. Feyre groaned. Damn that vodka.

The whole night was a messy blur. Everything, after they’d left the second bar, blended together. She wasn’t even sure at which point Elain and Nesta had bid them farewell nor when exactly Amren had vanished. The last thing she could vaguely remember was when Mor pushed her into a taxi and told her … something. She wasn’t quite sure. Her head was pounding way too bad to even remember her whole name and she had the bad feeling that moving at all wouldn’t fare well for the contents of her stomach.

Feyre Archeron was feeling like hell and she blamed it on her best friend and her suggestion to drown their singleness in alcohol. As if she needed to drown that, she was happily single, thank you very much. Still, it was hard to say no to Mor. And it was easier to drown out her prodding about Feyre’s non-existent relationship to Mor’s cousin with a bottle of tequila on the dance floor at Rita’s. Feyre groaned. Maybe the bottle had been overkill.

Knowing the day would bring her nothing but pitiful suffering, Feyre buried her face into her pillow and froze. Something wasn’t right here. That was not her pillow. It didn’t smell like her expensive hair shampoo, one of the few luxuries she allowed herself with her measly paycheck. No, there was no trace of her here. Instead, it smelt like citrus and the sea. It smelled like … oh no.

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