The today episode was so great. TvT I saw Shiniangelo everywhere. XDD

Although I feel bad for Shini, she ended up very beaten. :‘v That’s why I made this drawing, and a friend give me the idea about this too. Heheheheheh

I hope you like it!! ♥

The Shattering of the Swords

I may be reading too much into it, but, Kavaxas shattered Leo’s swords with HIS FACE. The swords he used through his childhood and teen years had to be replaced.

A ninja’s weapons are an extension of themselves. To me it’s more than replacing an object. The shattering of Leo’s katanas signifies the end of his journey through childhood and being a student. Replacing them signifies a transition from being a student to being a teacher. He is now not only the head of the Hamato Clan, but, also their Sensei.

These are also the katanas Leo used to take down The Shredder.


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Mikey's Recent Injuries

I’ve been binge-watching the first four episodes of season five for the past few days, and I’ve noticed something: Mikey has become the prime target of serious injury.

As you can see above in these screenshots, Mikey’s been hurt badly in these last few episodes. But maybe the reason for singling him out is something deeper.

It’s no secret Mikey is the most childish of the four brothers. It’s also well-known that he symbolizes the team’s innocence. However, when that innocence is wounded, there is no going back. By injuring Mikey so severely, could TMNT 2012 finally be saying, “We’re becoming much more serious and darker than we’ve ever been, so be prepared”? But then again, this is just my opinion.

We’ve already seen this show cross lines before, with the deaths of Splinter and Shredder, as well as showing the bodies of those Kavaxas has murdered. Ultimately, I think these darker tones suit TMNT 2012. It’s a series that should always have its shadowed moments and serious issues. I just hope they stick with it.

Credit to @redworld96 for uploading Scroll of the Demodragon and posting the links to The Forgotten Swordsman, Heart of Evil, and End Times on her other blog (which I used to get these screenshots).