Can you believe Kinoshita actually did something  in the latest chapter I’m amazed and proud

Katniss Everdeen has worked wonders for women. It’s wonderful that a strong, three-dimensional female character – whose personality isn’t always palatable - has had the box office reaction that she’s had. There are not enough role models like her. You could argue that TV is leading the way with interesting, multi-faceted female roles with shows like Veep, American Horror Story, Girls and Orange is the New Black. That can happen with film too. Look back to all the classic Hitchcock thrillers. We just need a renaissance. ❞

Float in Like a Goddess: The Unsinkable Stevie Nicks 

 "Thanks to Stevie, a shawl isn’t just something a cute grandma in a Lifetime movie wears while sitting wistfully on her porch. One of the many great things about Stevie is she never bothers with false modesty, and she acknowledged her influence on fashion in a 2011 LA Times interview. “People have latched on to my look because I’ve never changed it,” she said in a fabulously matter-of-fact way. “You open a magazine and you say, ‘Oh, Marc Jacobs is definitely doing the Stevie Nicks handkerchief skirt and riding jacket and top hat and scarf,’ because that’s what I wore then, and I still wear it now." 

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