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Oh oh oh, um ladrien spiderman au! Ladrien spiderman au!

It was only when Ladybug’s upside-down hands clasped his cheeks that Adrien realized she was hanging from the lab ceiling by her feet alone.

Startled out of the trance Ladybug’s soft lips and softer words had put him into, he jerked back and stared.

As he suspected, her feet weren’t even stuck there by webbing; they were just… stuck.

Adrien’s physics-loving mind tried to adhere two and two together and failed. Ladybug was a slight female human of average height; taking into account the fact that muscle was denser than fat, there was no way she could be under fifty-five kilos, and was probably closer to sixty-five. The surface area of her feet, depending on her arches, couldn’t be much more than a hundred-and-fifty square centimeters at the very most, seventy-five when she went onto the balls of her feet…

To have enough adhesion in that small space, she shouldn’t have been able to move, much less fight with the agility he knew she had.

“How are you doing that?” he said, taking another step back so he could properly marvel at the spectacle of his crush completely flouting the laws of nature. The back of his brain itched to pull it apart and figure out how it worked, itched to see if he could replicate it.

Soft, pink lips flushed and parted; he got the feeling she was blinking at him behind her face mask.

It… was a rather odd thing to interrupt a first kiss with, Adrien realized belatedly.

Fortunately, Ladybug didn’t appear to hold it against him.

“Why not come over here and find out?”

adrien is both gwen and MJ so he can be both a model and cute science nerd (also because i love gwen with all my heart and refuse to accept her death in my heart)

send me a ship and an au for a 3 sentence short fic

A Thousand More

Prompt: The three first dates you have with Sebastian & (somewhat) Reader can’t sleep, Seb wakes up to her tossing and turning, takes her out for a late night snack at a small town diner

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Genre: Fallin’ in love in weird places

Word Count: 4,164

Author’s Note: Idk man, I’ve been drinking a lot of smoothies lately and the cute boy behind the counter remembered my name and I just got this idea? idk I hope everyone enjoys~

It’s on a breezy Sunday afternoon that you find yourself at the smoothie pop-up shop in Central Park. The scene is almost like one out of a movie- with the wind rustling the trees and the birds singing, with kids running circles around their distressed but smiling parents, and people falling in love by the lake. The air is warm, but only just enough to outweigh the cool breeze that whips around your body as you order. The woman in the truck recognizes you immediately, confirms with a nod and a smile that yes, you’d like your regular, before she sets to work on making your drink. There’s a small line forming behind you and you’re easily able to tell that the afternoon rush is just minutes away from starting. You know that people don’t tip when this happens, so you’re sure to lay down an extra ten when the woman gives you your drink.

“Thank you, Lane. Tastes as wonderful as always,” the woman bats you away with a smile and a blush before moving on to the customer behind you. You’re quick to move to the single, two-seater table that’s available. The iron burns the skin under your shorts, but only enough to make you shift uncomfortably for a few minutes as you get used to it. You pull a few magazines from your bag- a pop culture one about the newest movies, a tech one about the latest and greatest inventions, and a Sudoku for when you finish both.

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Just a couple OCs of mine! (14/72?)

My OC family grows bigger with every passing day ╰(✿˙ᗜ˙)੭━☆゚.*・。゚

High-res over here!! (1|2|3|4)

These are just a few of them though? the first and second set are more of ubiquitous characters (the one on the right in the second set belongs to my ❤ @easofthelabyrinth.) The third set is the main cast for another one of my projects, Wanderful World. The last set of characters all work at the same jazz bar (and yeah, they’re all over the age of 21 so of course they drink every now and then.) You’ll def be seeing some of them in my games.

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