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I have a question for Miku's unit, Why is it that Miku appears to be the only really young one in the group?

Kaito: It was a mistake done by a coder at Crypton. Miku-chan was supposed to go to a unit much like her; young and able to grow to the set age of the vocaloid.

Meiko: Our unit’s previous Miku had to be replaced. We were expecting one like our previous Hatsune Miku. But when the door knocked; claiming our unit’s new Miku came in, it was….the Hatsune Miku we have now at the door.

Kaito: The coder who made the mistake tried to fix the values that would give us the correct Miku, but by the time the coder tried to fix it; it was not possible to fix that code. We have met the Miku we were supposed to have; but she seemed happy to be with Miku-chan’s real unit.

Proposal for the Usage of VOCALOID in US Colleges for Study and Educational Use

A piece I wrote for my final project in English composition in college. It’s a bit lengthy (1500+ words) but I am very proud of it. As a long-time VOCALOID fan and now a student at a US university, I wish to help spread awareness, interest, and love for everything VOCALOID in the United States during my years in college.

Paper under the ReadMore.

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Hatsune Miku Fans Appear on Japanese TV Show! 

The Japanese TV broadcast “Why did you come to Japan?” aired not too long ago and featured three, foreign Hatsune Miku fans! The first interview (above picture) had two American male Miku fans while the second interview featured a female Russian fan named Saya Scarlet (you can view her YouTube channel here)!

Check out the pics from the first interview and a video of the second interview with Scarlet on Twitter! 

Hello and welcome once again to the Miku Collab! I’m lulu and I will be your host like every year! ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Miku’s birthday is on the 31th of August, and to celebrate, I’ll be hosting another art collab, you can see last year’s collab on this blog (link is on the sidebar).

Reblogs are very much appreciated! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an ask.

Info is under the cut:

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                    wHAt’S tHe hELl gOInG ON–?!

I really like Circus-P’s new song, ECHO (careful btw, the video is quite flashy)

Urgh I miss Gumi so muuuuch it’s been a quite I listen to her after my craze with IA. Her English is most certainly better than Miku, or at least… CircusP knows how to tune right. Unlike the night Miku appears on TV LMAO

Ye. Now back to writing paper with me. _(:3 」∠)_