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i know the book 3 finale is a total mess when it comes to resolving the issue of aang and the avatar state but something has been really bothering me. in book 2, we know aang initially refuses to let go of his attachment to katara. however in the fight under ba sing se against azula and zuko, we can assume his "i'm sorry katara" is because letting his attachment go means knowingly endangering her by (momentarily) leaving her to deal with the firebenders on her own but he knows he has to do this+

+for the greater good. we then see him entering the avatar state deliberately (without being in a state of incredible emotional upset) until azula shoots him down, suggesting that he has in fact successfully unblocked the chakra, at least the spiritually. but why then in EIP does he say he would be in the avatar state if his chakra wasn’t blocked? if he has let go of his attachment to katara, he should have mastery over the AS, meaning he wouldn’t just go into it from being upset?

also, if he really had let go of his attachment to her he would not behave so possessively and entitled in EIP. so the fact that he says “if i hadn’t blocked my chakra i’d be in the AS right now” as well as his possessive behaviour towards katara would have me believe that after ba sing se he has regressed in the spirituality needed to unblock his chakra. and seeing as there is nothing after EIP where his feelings for her are addressed we have no reason to believe he unblocked the thought chakrain which case a rock to the back is useless. the only way that rock thing makes any sense is if aang did in fact successfully unblock the thought chakra but azula’s lightning blocked the flow of his chi at the point of his injury, 

in which case perhaps the impact of the rock shifted whatever was causing the block. but if this were true and aang unblocked all his chakras, why would there even be a possibility of him accidentally entering the AS when he was upset in EIP? am i making sense?

Don’t worry, you are making perfect sense. It is the Avatar finale that is making everyone’s head spin.

You are correct: Aang did successfully “let Katara go” when he was willing to sacrifice her temporary wellbeing in order to unlock the final chakra and ascend into the Avatar State at the end of Book 2. It’s the only time we see him successfully go into the Avatar State under his own power.

I believe that the chakra has a physical and spiritual component to it (otherwise, why would the Guru change Aang’s diet when he’s trying to master the chakras?). As such, Azula’s shooting him with lighting could be a physical blockage only. But in “The Awakening”, we receive evidence that the wound is not just physical; it is spiritual in nature, too. That’s why, when Katara tries to heal him, Aang experiences flashbacks about what happened.

Throughout the rest of that episode, Aang is angry, bitter, and lost. He goes off on his own, a regression back to his running away modus operandi when things became too difficult for him in earlier books. He shuts out Katara, and it is only when he has a vision of Avatar Roku and Yue combined that he regains his determination and emotional balance. Spiritual intervention wouldn’t be needed if Azula didn’t damage Aang metaphysically, as well as bodily.  

Wounds that are a combination of physical and spiritual trauma are consistent with A:TLA’s mythology. Consider Appa in “Appa’s Lost Days”; Appa’s wounds were more than just physical, as well:

Guru: Oh, dear. You’ve been through so much recently. Hurt and betrayed, so twisted up inside. You’re still full of love.  But fear has moved in where trust should be.

This is very similar to Katara’s diagnosis of Aang:

Katara: I can feel a lot of energy twisted up around there.

Aang tasting defeat, Ba Sing Se falling, Aang having to hide his identity, Aang feeling like he let everyone down … all of that negativity resulted from Azula’s attack, and the fact that after Aang says, “I need my honor back,” the episode immediately cuts to the scarred side of Zuko’s face, is a pointed message to the audience. Not only are Aang and Zuko on similar spiritual journeys; they have also been spiritually wounded as the result of a grievous injury.

Honestly, it makes a lot of sense for physical injuries to result in spiritual wounds as well; we see it all the time in real life. And Aang does seem to have completely nixed the earlier selfless attachment to Katara he briefly felt at the Crossroads of Destiny. This in and of itself is fine; Rome wasn’t built in a day, and all that. But the problem is that, since the wound is physical and spiritual in nature, merely hitting Aang’s back with a rock would—as you said—do nothing. Compounding that, there is no sign in Book 3 that Aang has let go of his attachment to Katara again, especially since during the last conversation he has with her alone, he demonstrates self-centeredness, possessiveness, and a lack of regard for Katara’s feelings. Aang would have had to undergo a spiritual journey at the end of A:TLA that we never got to see in order for his controlling the Avatar State in the finale to match with the build-up of the story.

How Shiro’s disappearance might be handled:

A) It will be resolved quickly, the way the team’s separation at the end of Season One was resolved in the first episodes of Season Two. (I really expected them to be separated longer than that.)

B) He will be missing for a while, and the show will switch between his adventures and the rest of the team. They could show them concurrently in episodes, or focus different episodes on different characters.

C) He will be missing for a while, and his fate not be revealed until later.

Options B and C both allow for a Shiro-centric episode in the style of “Zuko Alone,” “Appa’s Lost Days,” and “Korra Alone.” I would be very happy with that.


Suki’s back?


Chapter 16 begins now! Alright it’s been 5 episodes since we last saw him. Let’s finally probably get Papa Arrow back!


Wait, is that the same sand sailor the main cast found?


Oh shit what the fuck


Oh right Papa Arrow uses airbending


Time to update the list of good firebenders

1. Uncle Iroh

2. That dude from “Avatar Roku”

3. Zuko (pending)

4. This child over here.


For some weird reason that gave me chills




Why does uhh KidKid? yeah whatever, why does Kidkid Appa look so small but so fucking huge after like 3 years.. Well I mean we have no clue how old Aang is in this scene he looks 9 though.


Oh shit Suki’s gonna find Appa.


Well I mean Appa wasn’t shedding and the main cast were usually always flying above the ocean in Book 1


They gosh darn paused the damn fight scene again


Is that….


Wait so Appa is in the Southern Air Temple right now? But that’s like so far from Ba Sing Se probably


Oh eastern air temple.




That doesn’t look good..






Oh so this was before Chapter 15……. FUCK




And that Chapter 16…. Stupid Ba Sing Se…. I can’t really think of anything to say other than it was a pretty good episode… I’ll get started with the next episode…

Chapter 16 gets a 7.5/10…

I’ll see you with Chapter 17 in an hour… Fucking Ba Sing Se..

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how badly did you Bawl during appa's lost days because i'm rewatching now and let me tell you i am a Mess

i was sobbing throughout the whole episode it was so surreal though bc I was crying the hardest over a flying bison and a lemur but damn this show is so good i can’t believe I didn’t watch it years ago i adore it


Chapter 19 begins now! Last episode a bunch of crazy shit happened and most of it won’t be resolved until next episode so lets see if this episode can fuck up shit even more shall we?


So why did Zuko randomly have a character change? No way rescuing an animal ONCE did this… did it?


So it wasn’t that dude from “Appa’s Lost Days” than?


Uh huh. Thankfully that definitely won’t happen again..


Shit… They HAD to tell them right away huh?


So your like +200 years old?


Since when was that guy gullible?


Ooh metalbending.. This gonna be good.


Oh right forgot Aang was afraid of facing Ozai.


pleasure ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) water chakra? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) We know what we seeing here..


Seriously though, I like this scene and all, but what the hell happened to Zuko..


This is either a good thing or the worst thing that could happen to them right now..


Oh huh, Azula where do you come up with this shit..


Oh huh it’s the end of the intro would you look at that


Oh shit she about to do it.


100% agree.


Oh fucking course it’s Katara


Idk so you can FUCKING WIN THE WAR…


Next episode gonna be good..


Aang… 6 chakras ago the man told you what your seeing is fake..


Welp they lost the war.


Uhhhhhhhhhhh I swear to god Katara..


Nevermind… this is gonna go wrong huh? Also I realized Katara couldn’t tell anyone since she’s currently chained up according to Aang


And that was Chapter 19! I’m eager to know what happens next so I’ll keep this short. Long Feng is gonna regain control of Ba Sing Se, Azula could very likely get Aang if that happens. Katara is probably gonna ruin Iroh’s tea shop. And now we know Aang won’t be able to use the Avatar State when he fights Ozai. So basically, Aang is fucked. Iroh and his tea shop is fucked.

Chapter 19 gets a 8.5/10

I’ll see you with Chapter 20 in an hour!