appartment story


Just another day (CollegePapyrus idea)

Sans keeps himself as busy as possible to stay away from the empty house, and Papyrus knows next to nothing about it. If only he was more persistent about asking Sans how his day was…

What’s the difference between college and university anyway?


 Took my bike

                                                                                                  went to the zoo

                                          got hungry 



                                                                                                             an apple

  • Colin: A couple of weeks has passed since Colin Hendrick finally left his hospital bed. Those past weeks were very complicated because most of the things didn't make sense. He didn't remember much of his accident, but what Bizzy, his mother, kept telling him was that it was a massive car accident where he was involved and he was lucky to be alive after that. His brother, on the other way, told him that he was driving drunk after a long night on his appartment. None of the stories made sense for Colin, because even if those were real, why wasn't Rosalie with him? He kept asking about her since the first moment he opened his eyes and was able to talk. Whenever he mentioned her name, everyone just kept silence. "Why isn't she here, damn it!?" Colin demanded a couple of days after and Bizzy was the responsible to say "She's out of town, sweetheart. She's visiting her parents." It sounded as an excuse but Colin didn't have much of a choice than to believe his mother's words. The accident caused part-time memory loss, which is why everything seemed to confusing, according to the doctors, his last memory was part of the year 2015. Along with the memory loss, Colin had a couple of broken bones and he had to use a wheelchair at first. However, when he was finally released of the hospital, Colin stayed at his parent's brownstone. He couldn't return to his work place just yet, though he had few calls and texts on his phone from his co-workers, especially from this british girl, Louisa Thompson, one of the other lawyers on his firm. During the first couple of weeks, Colin tried to get better, even when his memory wasn't still working properly. He was finally able to walk with a stick, but it was a huge advance. But was surprised Colin the most during his long recovery was that Rose wasn't there next to him, and with no intention to sound ungrateful to his parents and sibilings, Rosalie was the one Colin wanted by his side. There was no point by kept asking because he wouldn't get the answer he wanted, which was why he needed to do something by himself. Because, he knew Rosalie Baxton well enough to know that even if she was at the end of the world, she would have come back during his time of need. He waited until he was able to walk (still with his walking stick) and used this new app his brother told him about, Uber. He did that while Bizzy was out, like a sneaky teenager running out from home. He wanted to be at his own place with his fiancée, or was it his wife now? He couldn't possibly know. It took him around fifteen minutes to get to the appartment where he lived with Rose. It looked just like he remembered it, like the time hasn't changed. Why wouldn't his family let him stay there in the first place? Did he and Rose had kids on the past two years that he didn't remember and that was the reason why she couldn't be there with him? Colin was ready to find out, he was anxious to see her. He took the elevator and pressed the 7th floor button, where he and Rose lived. Colin pulled the set of keys from the right pocket of his jacket but they didn't work. "Maybe we changed the locks." He thought, still, hopefully to find her, Colin knocked the door twice. Hoping to find the woman he loved and know the reason why she wasn't there by his side.

An illustration I made for a school exhibition, showing an appartment’s façade with a view of each inhabitant’s life…

It’s not exactly what I wanted to end with, but I really enjoyed imagining each person’s story / relation with the neighbourhood… it’s all made with pastel (and a little bit of gouache), it’s been such a long time huhu