appartment story

Prompt 28

Living in an apartment complex is a crazy hacker with way too much fancy intimidating security protecting his door, a tough looking gangster who listens to Disney music and sings in the shower loudly enough for the whole complex to hear, a straight A college student that wants nothing more than an unexciting college life and some peace and quiet, an author that always asks weird questions and looks like a zombie whenever They actually exit their apartment, a cult leader who always has strange characters over and a troublesome snake, and a hard of hearing old lady that misinterprets everything that goes on.

Montparnasse’s eyes fly open. What the hell?? He rolls out of bed, actually pressing his hands to his ears against the piercing noises that seem to come in through both the window and his ceiling. He grabs a pair of jeans and puts them on, not even bothering with shoes before he grabs his keys and slams the door to his apartment behind him and runs up the stairs to the attic floor. The door is locked, but Montparnasse has everyone’s keys. The hellish noise is even louder here.

“Gueul!” he yells.

No answer, big surprise.

Montparnasse kicks open the door to Gueulemer’s bedroom and sees that the dormer window is open. An extension cord is draped across the windowsill, leading outside. On the flat roof it leads to Gueulemer is leaning over something metal and rusty. He’s wearing gloves, goggles and ear protection. Lucky him.

Montparnasse sticks his head out the window. “What the ever-loving fuck are you doing!”

Gueulemer clearly doesn’t hear him and he’s completely focussed on his work. Whatever he is holding, it is plugged in the extension cord and screeching and sparking whenever he pushes it against the metal.

Furiously Montparnasse turns back into the room, grabs the plug of the extension cord and pulls it out. The noise stops. If his ears could sigh in relief they would.

“What- oh, hi,” Gueulemer says, turning towards the window and seeing Montparnasse. He properly switches off the now unplugged contraption and pushes the goggles up his head, or as far as his dreads will allow it. “What’d you do that for.”

“Gueul,” Montparnasse glowers. “It is Monday morning.”

“Yeah, so?” Gueulmer shrugs.

“What are you doing?”

“Fixing something for the car,” he says.

“On the roof?” Montparnasse snaps incredulously.

“Don’t have electricity outside in the street,” Gueulemer grunts. “I’m almost done anyway.”

“Done doing what,” Montparnasse spits. He sleeps in on Mondays. Gueulemer is actually insane. The air is thick with the smell of burning metal and there’s smoke blowing in through the window.

“Removing rust,” Gueulemer says, putting his goggles back on. He gestures to the extension cord with one of his enormous, gloved hands. “Plug that back in, will you?”

“No I will not,” Montparnasse says. “You have actually lost your mind this time.”

Gueulemer gives him an unimpressed look. Or at least Montparnasse thinks that is what it’s meant to be, it’s rather hard to tell with the goggles. “You use my car more than I do,” he points out.

Montparnasse stares at him for a moment. “Fine,” he grumbles, abruptly turning away from the window and plugging the extension cord back in. “But you can not fucking do this again. Not on monday morning, not ever. Are you trying to get us kicked out?”

“I’ve lived here longer than you,” Gueulemer protests.

“Have you ever done this before?” Montparnasse demands, crossing his arms.

“No…” Gueulemer admits.

Montparnasse scowls at him.

“Okay, okay,” Gueulemer mutters. “I’ll go to a garage next time.” He switches the grinding thing back on and it starts whirring ominously. As soon as it touches the steel the screeching resumes. “I’ll be done in a minute,” Gueulemer’s voice booms over the grinding noise and he gets back to work.

He better be, Montparnasse thinks darkly. With a groan he rubs his temples and flees Gueulemer’s room. And he thought Babet shorting out the lights three times last week was bad.


Just another day (CollegePapyrus idea)

Sans keeps himself as busy as possible to stay away from the empty house, and Papyrus knows next to nothing about it. If only he was more persistent about asking Sans how his day was…

What’s the difference between college and university anyway?


 Took my bike

                                                                                                  went to the zoo

                                          got hungry 



                                                                                                             an apple


An illustration I made for a school exhibition, showing an appartment’s façade with a view of each inhabitant’s life…

It’s not exactly what I wanted to end with, but I really enjoyed imagining each person’s story / relation with the neighbourhood… it’s all made with pastel (and a little bit of gouache), it’s been such a long time huhu