• Apparating in the Harry Potter books: the three D's, remain totally focused, a complex skill. Mess this up and you could loose an eyebrow or a fingernail or even a lEG
  • Apparating in Fantastic Beasts: lemme just apparate with a case full of dangerous creatures, how about we just apparate through this wall, I'll jump off a roof and apparate in MID-FUCKING-AIR if I want to

Backseat Ghost

In 1959 Mabel Chinnery went to visit her mother’s grave. She spent the day at the cemetery with her husband snapping photos and visiting with her deceased mother. As they were leaving, Mabel decided to finish off the roll of film by snapping a picture of her husband. They were shocked when they developed the picture. Seated behind her husband is Mabel’s mother, who has been dead for many years.

Ghost Girl in Burning Building

On the night of November 19, 1995 the town hall on Wem, England caught fire. Townfolk watched in horror as the blaze consumed the building. Resident of Wem, Tony O'Rahilly snapped this photo of the inferno. When the film was developed he noticed a little girl standing within the burning building. Tony, the firefighters and the many spectators never noticed a girl in or near the building. This lead many to believe the girl seen in the photo was a ghost. In fact, they even stated that the spirit is that of Jane Chum who accidentally started a fire in 1677 in Wem which killed her and destroyed much of the town. The photo was investigated and said to be authentic. Skeptics believe that the girl pictured on the photo was trick of the light or the smoke. Others still continue to believe that a picture of a girl from a 1922 postcard was photoshopped in. The photographer passed away in 2005 and nobody can prove or authenticate the photo to this day.