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anonymous asked:

Tree and Karlie left together. I bet she's gonna take her to meet up with Taylor... ;)

nah tree’s gonna put karlie back in the closet cos her gay kinda snuck out a little tonight 😂

anonymous asked:

This has been bothering me forever- kagome can get back and forth through the well because of the shards, right? Then why can inu? I've been rewatching the series and i can't find anything on it :/

Well there’s no official answer, but the only rule the Bone-eater’s well seems to have in the end is “Inuyasha and Kagome only”! Except for Mistress centipede and Yura’s hair, Inuyasha and Kagome were the only ones who went thought the well. The jewel was a good explanation at first, but neither Sota nor Shippo could go through it when they had the shards with them! So I think Inuyasha and Kagome’s connection is what makes the well works.

If you look at the first ending of The Final Act, Kagome and Inuyasha have the “red string of fate” that ties them together, which means: “The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances.”

This isn’t technically canon, but it makes a lot of sense! They were destined to meet, even Inuyasha says it himself at the end of the series. And the reason why the well reopened at the end of series to let Kagome pass, was because her desire to be with Inuyasha was strong. So basically the well works because the Kagome’s soul was bound to be with Inuyasha so it was her path to him. 

Talex after the game

An anon DMed me on Twitter and told me about this great moment that happened after the game.

Ok story 1: So after the game had ended and most people had left, Tobin and Alex were talking to Ali and Ashlyn and they were sharing a sandwich. Like Tobin took a bite and then Alex took a bite and they just did that back and forth until Tobin just ate the rest even though there was quite some left. Then Alex glares at Tobin in the cutest way possible and says in a whiney voice, “hey tobes! I wanted the rest of it” then smacks her arm and tobin just laughs at her