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Aquarius Female


A typical Aquarius female has broad shoulders and a highly defined bone structure. You have long, graceful, swanlike neck. You have a wide variety of interests and because of such characteristic, you find it easy to identify and commune with people from all cultures and walks of life. This allows you to accept many different view points with ease on any given question. Most Aquarian women are lovely, with a haunting, wistful beauty. Aquarian females are often the most beautiful women in the zodiac. At the very least, they’re interesting-looking. The Aquarian manner of dressing can stop you dead in your tracks.


You have lack of self-confidence, and tend to overly rely upon semi-mystical divination systems to tell you what to do on daily basis.


An Aquarius female has high standards and insist on being treated with respect. You will never compromise in any case. You are sensitive, intellectual and you like parties and people. You are honest, direct and will tolerate anything for those whom you care about or whom you love. You are a very generous person, always willing to offer advice to those in need. You do require great deal of love and companionship, but on your terms. You are not that eager to marry and you seek intellectual stimulation foremost.



I don’t even know. Let’s start with Fai’s look of ACTUAL GENUINE SURPRISE here. He’s completely caught off guard. There was no way in his mind that Kurogane had figured that out, and yet here it is, and he is not prepared for this at all. No trace of a smile anywhere on his face. His guard is completely down. 

And in a bit of a dick move Kurogane jabs his injured leg because okay, maybe Kurogane isn’t quite as good at this new “caring” thing than I was willing to think. And it hurts him, so confirmation that Fai can still be badly injured and feels the pain of it when it happens. 

But then Kurogane launches into a morality speech. Like, this is Kurogane giving a speech on morality here. I’m dying to see what point he’ll end this with on the next page, but for now I think it’s important to point out that he’s basically going “yeah murder is bad and stuff but…”. In which he’s drawing a very clear line between himself and Fai, and I think it’s either going to be the honesty thing (like “I murder people but at least I’m honest about it”. Which seems off topic here, so maybe unlikely) or the mortality thing (as in “I murder people but you don’t value your life at all”, which seems more on track).

I don’t think he’s offended that Fai never told him, but I think he’s pissed that Fai doesn’t actually put any effort into surviving anything. He’s an absolute pro at fighting but he doesn’t actually try to win in the proper way, he just plays around. He used all his darts at the beginning of the battle and then just started avoiding things, and instead of taking the disadvantage seriously he just stood there, plainly stated that he was out of weaponry, and allowed himself to get hurt. 

So he’s not doing it properly, but Kurogane also seems to be more than a bit mad at him for not caring about himself when Kurogane clearly does. 

Fai’s also doing the eye thing in that last panel there, so, you know, that worries me. 

thevoidbetweenmyears asked:

I would definitely read gwyn x vane!! Especially since, tbh, my final thoughts on the chapter were "but...but I shipped them D':" it was all very dramatic, lol.

I really didn’t ship them at first. I’ve been asked about writing fic for them before and my responses were always ‘no but it’s cool if you want to!’

And then I was chatting with my beta, and mostly just imagining what Vane would be like as a dom? Because him being a sub never quite clicked for me for a few reasons, despite that being the role he was trying to play for Gwyn? (And I’m fine if other people see him as a sub, or neither of those roles! All the permutations of ship are awesome).

Anyway, apparently imagining Vane as a top was some kind of liquid fucking gold, because I ended up with about 1000 words of brainstorming for a oneshot. Well, you know my oneshots, it’d probably end up a novella.

But yeah, sooooo, I went from not shipping them at all. (I mean I also knew what was coming for a long time, it’s hard for me to ship canon Vane with anyone. I’m more likely to jump in front of an arrow to save Mikkel, lol). And then I went to ‘oh no, oh no I ship it, oh god.’

And then I didn’t want to tell anyone else because I was afraid that I’d be one of the only ones and so I just sort of let it slip in some tags and then I wrote a small post about it and it turns out that some of you are totally behind this.

And you know that increases the chances of this being written. *g*

Have I mentioned I really like Painwheel in Skullgirls? Been using her quite a bit lately, and this is my favorite combo to use so far. 

(Mainly because I have enough time to taunt in the middle of it for style)

anonymous asked:

Im getting annoyed with Jackson always being an asshat in fics, are there any where he's actually nice? (With sterek still being the main focus of the story!!)

Hey Anon! Your best bet would be to check out this Stiles and Jackson friendship list or the rest of that tag (it turns out there’s like no Derek and Jackson friendship fics? Like whattttt???)!

Hope that helps!


sirwolficus asked:

There should be a fox teddy bear those things are adorable

that’s what my dentists thinks they are… and

but seeing as my dentist knows I’m an artist he might try to commission me to make one of things… (I could make the doll, but I’m staying away from his obsession with these removable dentures and teeth models) But if he does I’ll probably end up giving him the business card of this other artist I met who makes these things for cons

Sunday Six

Angst-ridden Dark is Rising WIP edition!

Will felt a great laugh building inside him. ‘I suppose, then, that so long as Bran doesn’t do any cooking he expects us to eat, I should consider that this is the softest option I’m ever getting?’

But then his breath was momentarily taken away, because Bran shifted his hands down to Will’s hips and pressed Will against him, hard. ‘Not a completely soft option,’ he said, in a wicked whisper that sent a sharp spike of desire right through Will’s body, fierce and deep. In the wake of the want, the wash of panic: habitual, heart-hammering, familiar. Will buried his head against Bran’s shoulder and breathed in the scent of him, and stretched out a hand behind himself to Jane.

I’m writing a prompt for Moritz in a band, and as I’m describing him I realized something… No matter how old I get, guys in eyeliner and nail polish will always be hot. My birth certificate says I’m almost 22, but my heart says I’m forever 15.

Fun tales from my life:

  • The plumbing in my house is broken and I’m not allowed to flush the toilet or take a shower
  • I really need to pee and I’m really close to going to the neighbor’s house.  Except the plumber should be here any minute and I’m the only one home so I have to stay here.
  • There’s a huge fire and terrifying column of smoke that I can see from my backyard and I really don’t know what to do about that.  I feel like someone will call me if I’m supposed to evacuate, right?
  • My dog has a scrape on her head that she keeps rubbing against the ground so it hasn’t healed in a week and it’s probably infected and I’m rather worried about that.
  • I’m working on my final from Geneva and it’s so boring and I don’t want to do it.
  • After a weekend of fun, I’m back on my diet and I’m very hungry.  Again.
  • If I didn’t have plans tomorrow, I’d get in my car and go to my other house far away from here because oh my god everything here sucks.