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What is your favourite food? Perhaps I could get my trainer to make some, I could bring it to you and we could share? (dailycinnamonthealolanraichu)

Reuniclus wants to know if your trainer has the magical ability to grow BEANS™, because she needs more to add to her hoard, apparently.

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I love you all as much as I love pizza. I haven't tried pineapple on pizza before, but I'm sure I will some day. I've also apparently had mushrooms on pizza before, but I don't ever remember that happening. Flavored crusts are pretty cool, but I don't really have a favorite. Do any of you like a particular kind of crust flavoring, or do you prefer plain crust? (That is, if you've had flavored crust before.) <3 you all! (P.S. It just now occurred to me that <3 looks like a pizza slice. Sort of.)

buffalo cheese + parma ham + sweet tomato sauce = foodgasm