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2017.03.22 💃 Jazzercise Dance Mixx

I worked in the yard quite a bit this afternoon, and truthfully, my back was not pleased with that. I did all low impact in class tonight, and some even .. super-low, I guess you’d say.  I’m fairly surprised that I got anything in peak, but I did try to pump my arms as much as I could.

I have got to get to the chiro … maybe I can get in there on Friday as I’ll be going to help out with my elderly friend on Thursday night. Her niece is in town, so she’s been spending most of the time with her now. Anyway, got sweaty and apparently breathed hard, and my back didn’t go out, so there’s a plus!

Take a Break

Pairing: Alexander x Reader

Prompt: Alex x reader like modern AU and like Alex comes to the reader’s dorm in the middle of the night and starts flattering them like he does to Burr in nonstop because he needs tutoring in bio but doesn’t want to admit it and it’s all fluffy and she gets all happy because she’s finally able to help her boyfriend with something? Thank you! You’re writing is amazing btw 😊

TW: None? Mentions of drinking, but nothing explicit

Word Count: 1133

Your dorm was comfortably quiet. It was a Friday night, and you were enjoying some alone time, listening to music while you work on homework, taking breaks now and again to check a few websites and see what others were doing tonight. Thomas’ fraternity was having a party, and he was apparently really drunk, if the video posted with it told you anything. Madison was there, and there was a picture from more recently of him taking a very disgruntled selfie while holding Thomas’ hair back, since the latter of the two had his head in a bucket.

A comment under the picture voiced Aaron’s dismay at not being invited.

The Schuyler sisters were having dinner out together, as they did every month. They looked adorable, that much was obvious at first glance. Peggy had on a halter neck sundress, Angelica in a hi-lo dress, and Eliza in A-line dress. The picture was of them at their table, waiting on food. It was cute, more than anything.

Laf and Hercules had gone to the volleyball game that night to support Maria, their faces painted, and holding up a huge banner with her number on it, cheering her on. Maria had also just posted her per-game selfie, she did that every time for good luck. You hated that you couldn’t be there to cheer her on. 

John was at home for the weekend, and was taking pictures of his little sisters, who looked just like him. The same bright grin, and curly ringlets of hair…Huh, you hadn’t seen anything from Alex. Not that he was exceptionally active, or anything, but usually he posted if he went to the library, or something…maybe he finally took your advice and took a nap?

There was a knock on your door, frantic, and rapid.

Guess not.

You got up, setting your laptop down beside you. You were already in your pajamas, but you didn’t much care. He was your boyfriend, he’d seen them before. 

The moment you had even opened the door a crack, he was pushing it open to speak with you, mind going a mile a minute behind his eyes.“(Y/N)! Great to see you!”

“Alex, I’m dating you.” You laughed a little bit. He wanted something. You could tell.

“Yeah, um, right.” He flushed a bit. “Look, you’re the smartest person I know. You’re so outspoken about your beliefs and opinions…I can’t think of a single subject that you don’t excel in, really!” He started pacing around your dorm room while you closed the door behind him. “You’re smart, and responsible, you always seem to know just how to keep me where I need to be, and truly, you must know, I appreciate that. And I wanted to-”

“Spit it out, Alex. What do you want?” You gave a smile, sitting him on the bed as he took a deep breath and seemed to be gearing up how to ask this.

“…I’m…uh…having some…issues, with my Biology course, and uh…” You raised an eyebrow at him, waiting for him to get it together. “I…need you to tutor me.” The words sounded like they took every ounce of his strength to say. You knew he was prideful, just never how prideful. You grinned eagerly.

“Yes! Yes! Okay, So, I’m actually working on biology right now!” You were so excited! He finally needed your help for something! It was an occurrence so rare, you half wanted to take a photograph to remember, but you also didn’t want to be insensitive. This was obviously not something Alex was proud of.You pulled him onto the bed with you, and started pulling up the online text book for you to take a look at. You didn’t see the little smile he gave at being held close to you, and so easily aided, rather than ridiculed for misunderstanding. He…well, he had always been a much harsher teacher on himself.


Your tutoring sessions were more than a success. His grade began improving almost immediately, since you tailored what you taught to how he learned, something he hadn’t really bothered with before, even if he knew it would help him in the long run. He just never had the time to devote to it, being a double major as he was already.

But it got to the point where the two of you could stop your sessions. You were sad you didn’t get that time with him anymore, yes, but at least you helped him.You were happy until you noticed just how ragged he was running himself. You’d tried helping as a significant other, it seemed that now you would have to step in as a tutor.

“Alex?” Your question sounded so innocuous. “What’s the longest the human body can function without sleep?”

“Two hundred and sixty four hours. About eleven days.” His answer was curt as he continued working.

“Ah…and when was the last time you crawled into bed for a night of sleep?”

No answer.

“Alex?” Your tone was stern. You weren’t letting him worm his way out of this. He needed to rest, and rest before he killed himself.

“…four days.” That was a start. Now came the hard part. “But really, I’m fine.” He promised, as he continued typing on his paper.

“Really…? Well, what symptoms of sleep deprivation would have already occurred in people by this time?” You got up to move behind him, your hand on his shoulders lightly. He didn’t stop working, but his shoulders relaxed as you rubbed them lightly.

“Uh…loss of memory functioning…severe yawning…possible hallucinations…loss of memory functioning…” You sighed. That was the last straw.

“Come on, bed time.” He instantly woke up from whatever he was slipping into at that, hugging his computer protectively. 

“No! I’m fine, really!”

“No, you’re exhibiting these symptoms, and you need sleep!” You were insistent now, closing his laptop for him and, dragging him to his bed, while he whined and protested the entire time. “Bed. Time.”

“I’m not a child!” He tried to get back up, but being this tired, your strength was far better than his.

“You’re certainly acting like one! If you’re not a child, you’ll understand how important sleep is!” He finally quieted down to a simple pout, turning away from you as you covered him up, and let his hair loose from the bun he wore. He needed sleep. Restful sleep.

You started humming softly, stroking his hair and watching as he relaxed. That’s the ticket. His body slowly untensed, and he leaned to your hand. His eyes fluttered shut, and before you knew it, he was quietly resting. You turned off the light, and kissed his head. Looks like being the stern teacher worked, now and again.

I liked writing Alex as a pouty child when you take his work away, because I an bet you that’s just what he would do.

Love, Rosie

One of my favorites, @fivefootsomethingsweating, tagged me for the six selfie thing, but since you’ve already seen them all, and I’ve since deleted them, here’s a coffee one from this morning instead! 😊 Today was soooo busy!! And…apparently, it’s band concert night for Conner tonight…yay…

I really wish I was one of those mothers who delights in absolutely all the things her child does, buuuut I’m not (and to be honest, I’m kidding about the whole wishing I was thing). I love my child but he is not passionate about band at all, so it’s difficult for me to be excited to spend an hour and a half at a concert at which my child plays for about ten minutes. The husband and I are going anyway, of course, and we’re all going to Chuy’s afterward to “celebrate” (we say it’s to celebrate Conner’s accomplishment, but mostly it’s to celebrate surviving another band concert without giving in to the urge to fall asleep or play on our phones). Some people (cough, my mother, cough) are appalled by my lack of unbridled joy for all these “priceless moments” of parenting that “go by so fast.” But look, I love the crap out of my kid…I just love him in that realistic buddy-your-band-just-kind-of-sucks-but-I’ll-listen-to-them-anyway-because-I-love-and-support-you kind of way. 😏😉