apparently today is gif making day for me

idk how it happened, but i’ve become v good friends with some amazing fruit people, and apparently today is best friend day, so i’d feel wrong NOT drawing these dorks


@phantheraglama, @riu-sen, @philapples, @artisticapis​, @ren-sei, @philslesters, @phankatsu@melonphan, and @chocolattea – i love u dorks, thank u for making art a friendly and supportive place for me, and making me the happiest i’ve been in ages ♥


Your shadow follows me all day
Making sure that I’m
Okay and we’re a million miles away [x]

Gifs seem to be the thing today so I’m going to oblige. 

Today has been a day. The Mondayest of Tuesdays. Apparently, I’m feeling the feels. See random thoughts below. 

I told myself I’d leave work at more normal times this week so I could make make it to the gym. Guess what, y’all? The last two days have been so busy that its been impossible* to pull away and I haven’t worked out. 

I’m feeling bad about not making it to the gym yesterday AND today, but I also know that you make time for what your priority is. Clearly, work is more of a priority but I want to workout more than I do. I just feel better (plus #goals). I need to figure out a better plan. My gym isn’t open at 4 a.m. (which is when I would need to go) and I’m not thrilled about the idea of running around the streets of Dallas that early. Although, I’ve done it before. #forevernotamorningperson Still. I need a better plan. FIGURE IT OUT, RYAN. 

Sometimes making progress with a student feels like taking three steps back. Also, sometimes it feels like things being thrown at your face, getting kicked repeatedly, and tons of little scratches all over your arm. Sometimes making progress feels like defeat. 

I love the holiday season but marathon training eclipsed it the last couple of years. Now, I finally have time to indulge in the holiday feels and I almost wish I didn’t. I’m suddenly keenly aware of how many of my people have moved away in the last 12 months and how this will be my first holiday season without them nearby in a long time. I miss our tight knight little family unit. I miss the random shopping trips, runs, movies, pie dates, tacos, football watching, and just plain hanging out. I am definitely going to miss the no-fuss feel of our little family’s holiday plans because there was no formality, no pomp and circumstance. It was all so easy.

Plus, it looks like Homeboy might be busy until…2016? Work stuff has gotten complicated, which I understand, but its hard. I’m looking at a holiday season worth of activities where I’ll be the odd man out. I’m not so worried about riding solo when everyone else is coupled up. It mostly just sucks because I wish I could share these experiences with him. 

However, I’m feeling incredibly lucky that I’ve gotten Thanksgiving invites from friends (and their families) whom I truly adore. Although, I think my brother has invited me to his plans out of twin guilt and pity. 

I cannot wait to head to NY to spend Christmas with my family in just over a month. ALL THE HUGS. 

So, what I’m saying is, things are actually fine. Work is hard but good. Holidays are great, but tough. I love, appreciate, and am lucky to have the people in my life. Seriously. I just wish the world were a bit smaller so I could eat pie with them and hug them more.  

*Well, maybe not impossible, but how am I supposed to look at their tiny faces tomorrow if I knew I went to the gym instead of making them their Perfect Attendance and Honor Roll certificates?