apparently this thing kills people

anonymous asked:

if Crowley had Michael's lance, or if it was even a possibility, then why didn't he bring it up in season 5? That thing was designed to kill Lucifer, unlike the Colt (which apparently famously can't kill 5 things... do people just not know which five things or what?). Sam using it was great, obvs, but 1. like you said, reactin, 2. continuity?

That is a fantastic question, and… I have no idea. Was it season 6 when Crowley became King of Hell? Maybe the show would have us believe that he only found the Lance then, and it was too late because Lucifer was already back in the box?

In any case, Sam having the chance to use it was just… breathtaking and amazing and wonderful, and even if it throws up some neon WTFs, it was a blessing to behold. ♥ If the show won’t give me what I really want, badass!Sam is a decent substutute.