apparently this show takes it very literal

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we knoe dan is phil trash #1 but sometimes we forget that phil's dan trash too,,,,,

people tend to focus on dans fondness for phil more often since he tends to express his affection through words which makes it a lot easier to pinpoint and analyze, but if you take one look at all of those pictures of dan that were obviously taken by phil, it becomes so apparent that phil is literally obsessed with dan and all his beauty. phil is a very action driven man and often expresses his affection for dan through actions, whether that be smth more subtle like multitudes of candids where he can happily hide behind the camera while admiring his bf, or literally calling dan up on stage during an award show to publicly share an award with him that was originally intended to be an individual award. phil expresses his love for dan in a different way than dan does for phil but that doesn’t make it any less significant at all and i start feelin emotions every time i think about it

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fun fact! sleeping face down is often a sign of anxiety and apparently means that person is hiding secrets (conversationally, kuro's side sleeping in an almost fetal position shows literally a though exterior with a soft interior and is a position of people who tend to worry) (sakura's rolling around might be a sign that she falls into very deep sleep. very healthy! probably good for her brain to process stuff. also important for ccs sleep prophecies)

I’M NOT SURE HOW THAT FIRST ONE WAS A FUN FACT BUT it got happier as it went so I’ll take it!

schwilliam’s and haunting-song’s issues with the PPG Reboot

This is a post compiled of everything we’ve found to be wrong with the new PPG Reboot. We’ve tried to include as many references to the problems as we could and every season of PPG is now on Netflix so feel free to watch if you need a refresher. We’d like to dedicate this post to @bugeyedfreaks​ who is a sensational PPG poster and has been doing such an amazing job showing what the reboot is. This is also dedicated to all the lovers of PPG and any of us are happy to discuss the show with you. 

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Hi Liam!! My friend is moving to Edinburgh in September to be a teaching assistant (for german). Do you have any tips on looking for apartments over there?

A lot of this might apply to other or any cities but this is from my Edinburgh experience so here we go:

  • Be in or near the city during the hunt. This is difficult, but most places won’t let you rent without viewing first. You need to be available sometimes with as little as an hour’s notice to view, so trying to arrange a trip from far away won’t often work. Crash with friends, or a hostel, or AirBNB it; just don’t rely on making long-term travel plans, as chances are every flat you were interested in will be gone by the time you arrive.
  • Be competitive, and be fast. A lot of letting agencies adopt a first come, first served policy after a viewing, AND often do group viewings. You always have to go to the office- saying “I’ll take it!” to the person showing you around apparently does nothing (I’ve tried). I have literally raced other groups of people across the city to get to the office first in the past. If you love the place, don’t hesitate; know where you need to get to beforehand, and be prepared to jump in the first taxi you see to get there. Better yet, hire a getaway driver to wait outside during the viewing.
  • Accept that admin fees are a thing and everyone is terrible. Unless you go through a very elusive private landlord, the letting agencies in Scotland can still get away with unnecessary charges for setting you up with a new property. And they will. Legally you can dispute it, and refuse to pay, but they can (and will) refuse you the property. And if you’re struggling to find a place, sometimes it’s just best to smile sweetly and cough up while raging and crying internally.
  • Don’t rent with Grant Management. Just don’t. They’re monopolising Edinburgh property so this might be hard, but I promise you - they’re bad news. A good one is Alba, an okayish one is Braemore. But rent privately, if you can find them.

Good luck to your friend!

honestly the fact that it was confirmed that scene from s1 actually did take place in the shack, with ford writing, is incredible to me b/c it always struck me as very over the top and dramatic and like maybe gideon was dramatizing a bit (he did have other facts wrong…..)

but no, no apparently the flashback was real and we just have to accept that until stan showed up ford was literally running around in ominous black cloaks and gloves to bury his research, the dweeb

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I was just wondering what the average life expectancy of a monster was. I know you were born in the 1300s but do all monsters have the capability to live for centuries or does it vary between types of monsters?

All monsters can live a much, much longer life than humans. Our average lifespan tends to be around 4,000 years but this doesn’t include illness or other factors. There are only two species with immortality which would be ghosts and boss monsters that have managed to outlived their offspring somehow.

The reason for this is that humans are all made of mostly physical matter, like water and fat whereas monsters are not made of physical matter. 

I recall my husband telling me that humans have a strange substance called “DNA” in them. Apparently from birth, the moment you take your first breath, oxygen in the air starts to poison the DNA, it just happens so slowly that the effects of this oxygen poison don’t show until you are old and wrinkly.

A body that is made up of physical matter like water and fats requires a LOT of energy usage to simply just exist.

Monster on the other hand are mostly made of magic so our biology is very different. We age not because of environmental factors, but because magic itself is not something that can last forever.

In a way, we are all cast spells, literal living magic. But after a couple thousand years, the magic spell “wears off” so to speak, and we fall.

Ghosts are a rare exception. Ghosts are the result of pure magic and a human soul combining on the surface. Humans used to use magic back when we all lived on the surface together. They would attempt to give sentience to the souls of their deceased loved ones, but what often resulted was just… Well, a ghost.

As for the Boss Monster rule… This is still a mystery. My husband has spent some time looking into it after the tragic death of Prince Asriel. So far, nothing has really come up.

A note to everyone I ever talked to: 99% of the time I’m not trying to be a jerk/rude I’m just autistic and communication is hard for me.
I think I’ve nailed down why people tend to get mad at me in conversations:

-I have low empathy and I have to conciously try to figure out what you’re feeling and respond appropriately.
-I cannot read social cues for the life of me.
-I tend to interrupt people without realizing I’m doing it
-My voice is monotone by default unless I’m feeling a particularly strong emotion. I have to put effort into not sounding pissed off.
-I tend to phrase innocent things in ways that they end up sounding like I’m criticizing you
-I’m bad at explaining myself and get frustrated with myself which ends up making people think I’m frustrated with them.
-I like to infodump but that doesnt mean I only care about my own interests, I love to hear about things you like, I’m just apparently not very good at showing that.
-Sometimes if you talk to me, I don’t know you well, and I haven’t had a chance to prepare: I am literally unable to make sound come out of my mouth or make any facial expression. Apparently everyone takes this as me being standoffish