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Shmeeps had a little photoshoot tonight. I know they’ll probably both go black eventually but for now, I love his odd eyes. And look how small he is compared to my finger! I wonder if he’ll grow more. He’s apparently sexually mature because he’s building bubble nests, and I’d been eyeing him at the petco for almost a month and he hadn’t gotten noticeably bigger in that time… sooo idk. He’s such a feisty little boy.  


OK. Time for my review of tonights episode, being a fucking rollercoaster of emotions like always 

this episode starts with our smog angry kitten yurio arriving with Yakov and Mila and the old ballet-lady whose name I’ve forgotten 

he’s greeted by a bunch of fans but apparently he’s not much into fangirls, ‘cause he runs off

and apparently he’s not the Russian Runk anymore, now he’s the Russian Ice Tiger (more like smol angry russian kitten tbh)

he’s meeting his cute russian gramps who picks him up and when he sees him he’s not a smol angry kitten anymore but a cute ball of fluffi- and happiness 

I mean, look at this cutie 

he brought him his FAVORITE FOOD Y’all I’m dying 

now we know where all the angriness and the “lol me no care” attitude comes from, that stare though

the look when you’re getting scolded bc gramps thinks you don’t like his food anymore lmao so relatable 

I love how we get a little insight on his mind I mean he’s a fucking precious cupcake that needs to be protected at ALL COSTS 

then we get to see Viktor who looks even more badass and ah-ma-zing than he usually does (hm, I wonder why??? maybe bc he’s happy with his cute bf)

lmao I’m a rockstar pls fuck off 

but then he sees Yurio is suddenly all happy and touchy and fatherly even though Yurio is his usual pissed angsty self - but Viktor doesn’t give a single fuck he adores him anyways

the look when you’re forced to be the center of attention, so miserable

the look when your kid acts a little off but you don’t care because your kid is a small perfect angel anyways

scenery switches to Yuuri who’s kinda stoked that he literally has no friends around him this time (and his bf doesn’t count)

then we’re introduced to his high-premium skaters, but I’d like to call them high-premium visages bc their faces are a whole new level of hilarious

I mean look at them (and for the record, the two on the right are brother and sister even if you’ll need time to understand that bc he’s overprotective AF about her and kinda obsessed?? and the guy on the left wants into her panties bc she’s an italian beauty)

we’re also introduced to the Korean Skater Lee and he just doesn’t give one single fuck about anything really 

a lot of glances are shared and apparently the italian beauty (who’s called Sala) knows Yuuri and looks really happy to see him (bitch stay in ya lane he has a boyfriend and is overall happy and shit)

then the angry Korean Lee says some rude shit (not even that rude) to her bc he doesn’t give a shit 

and her and her brother don’T take it so well (again, their faces what are they???)

and Lee could not care less

Yuuri decides it’s time to leave in silence and just take the other elevator bc they do take their time fighting

but no! who could that be? who’d wear lilac cheetah sneaker? 

why u blushing bitch

bc apparently the Russian Ice Tiger (who wears cheetah instead of Tiger Stripes, kinda ironic) is intimidating AF

but Yuuri is really happy to see him again and like always Yurio’s threatening him with keeping Viktor in Russia (but at this point no one really takes that for serious, ugh)

OH MY a small glimpse at my cute babies Leo and Guang-Hong! Oh how I miss them! I need them to have more screen time, or like their own SPIN-OFF! (make that happen pls)

Wow, look at that narcissistic guy over there wonder what his name is, oh Jean-Jacques? Not even surprised 

but more on him later 

then we get a quick look at Lee twerking his ass off (wondering who he’s tryna impress???)

and of course the king of grimaces and his sister (he’s kinda hot tbh) and btw everyone calls him Micky! 

dem legs! that grace! yakovs face! 

and of course: the gays 

Plus, Phichit kinda lost his chill

Minako, who is all of us trying to watch the new episode lmao

and those three precious babies who are also totally relatable to every fangirl (but their mom too, kinda)

I don’t give a fuck is the first to compete and he wears a really nice piece of clothing that kinda reminds you of a parrot 

Sala is totally in awe, Emil annoying Micky like usually (at least what we’ve seen up to now)

he doesn’t look 18 tbh, more like 26

that look, why aren’t those two dating?? (I know not everyone can be gay in this series *sigh*)

then again we see this guy 

who kinda invades Vickys personal space 

finally someone who actually expresses his happiness about his score 

now it’s Mickys turn (and this still doesn’t look like a healthy brother-sister relationship tbh)

he’s fit

with that face expression he should totally meet Chris sometime

his biggest fangirl 

he really hates that Emil is after his sister lol

all he thinks about during his performance is his sister and we get some really cute and glamorous throwbacks 

and some creepy shots of his sister sleeping????

he really is a pretty guy though (who’s just a little too overprotective)

strike that manly pose! 

they all look so not impressed 

but he gets a sisterly hug from .. well .. his sister 

SWITCHING SCENES TO KNEELING VIKTOR (he looks comfortable in this pose, wonder if he’s been kneeling like that some other times too??)

Yuuri looks so hot and dominant (kinda like a servant and his master, oh my) but seriously he’s making sure his laces are properly tied how cute and thoughtful???

“YOu’re my babe. Show what you got”

“I’ll make you proud, if not now then later in our shared hotel room”

then we get a hint that shit’s going down so fast

when you forget your responsibilities bc you wanna watch ice-skating live

Viktor being his cheerful self, but Yuuri doesn’t buy it and demands all his attention

“give me all your attention my love, I’ll perform only for you”

oh my yes you showed Russia all your fucking love for this man and oh my god nobody can tell me those two haven’T already been getting it on in bed at this point

the he showed us the most beautiful and fab performance ever, he was actually shining like a star, all about him screamed sex 

*when you’re thinking bout what you gonna do to your boyfriend in bed tonight*bc he’s hot holy shit

he’s SO HOT

everybody is stunned (and probably thinks about what’s underneath that really tight suit)

you’re such a good boyfriend you’re cheering for your babe 

giving the smog kitten some prep talk

seeing how hot the other Yuuri actually is and finally being intimidated by him, kinda (and get even more angry)

still cheering

that pose lmao

but that face, utter hotnesssss 

cheering intensifies 

blushing babe

and when you thought it couldn’t get any better 

an angel appears 

and that angel offends you but you don’t even care

you’re too overwhelmed by all that grace and beauty

like, really overwhelmed

and then you and your gay bf act like the proud parents that you are 

the love in their eyes I can’t they’re so proud

some more prep talk by the most ignorant people ever (and where’s his grandpa??? I was so sorry for him)

anxiety hits him

meanwhile those two are celebrating

VIKTOR EVEN KISSES HIS BLADES lmao someones getting treated good at night for being so perf I swear 

little Yurio just is fucking annoyed by all their PDA (maybe he has to listen to their sweet talk all the time lmao)

then they see him and get all fucking proud and happy

Yurio’S like the annoyed kid who’s getting embarrassed in front of his friends by his parents

kissy kissy make us proud we love you anyways 

“oh MY GOD Dad that’S so embarrassing I’m not five years old anymore” he’s wild lmao, really looks like an angry kitty

parents have no clue why he’s so pissed off

then his performance starts and OH EM GE it was everything! He’s the most beautiful human being e-ver

that face he’s prettier than any of us 

my kitten has to be protected

then he meets someone he hates even more than his parents

here I can see the tiger in him

their faces, I’m dyING

Yuuri is still first place and Viktor couldn’t be any more proud, just look at him watching his bf realize that he’s a sexy beast and in first place

now we get to see Jean-Jacques Leroy or as he likes to call himself King JJ

and to be hones he’s a fucking rock-star (literally??)

he loves himself a lot (kinda the kanye of ice-skating)

and is not afraid to show the junk in his trunk 

like I said…. rock star

“JJ Style” is apparently a thing

I’m digging his lavender costume tbh

he loves himself so much that he makes out with himself in front of everyone

and this is his signature hand-move

SUDDENLY the fun’s over, apparently Makkachin is on the edge of dying and Minako is at the Vet with him (I was crying tbh)

Yuuri immediately thinks about how he wasn’t there when his beloved Vicchan died and then … 

he tells Viktor to leave for Japan BECAUSE HE CARES MORE ABOUT HIS BOYFRIENDS FEELINGS THAN ABOUT WINNING (this gives me life) and eh doesn’t want his boyfriend to experience the same hurt and grief that he went through and all the ‘what ifs’ etc. 

he cares so much

I think Viktor knows that too 

then those people come along

why are my parents fighting?

Viktor is torn on the inside, he doesn’t know what to do

but then he gets an idea…

why not trust this heartless and emotionless men with taking care of his anxious and sometimes confidence lacking boyfriend????

he looks so desperate I can’t

and everyone is like: ?????????????

and then: cliffhanger 

let’s all pray for Makkachin, and for Yurio that his grandpa will show up and for a meeting between JJ and Chris! *prays*


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I am so over customers who record me while I'm working for no apparant reason, even though I know I'm not doing anything wrong. Long story short in high school I got locked in a room and recorded among other things, so now, I freak out every time someone records me without my permission. I have already had 2 panic attacks this year and I'm not even through the first week. I just wish I knew why customers feel the need to record you, or what they do with it.

Victor and Yuuri

this part is from Grand Prix 2015 that Yuuri did not participate in, to Victor coming to Hasetsu, all from Victor’s point of view. Enjoy!

Read part 1 here

Part 2 - I’m gonna be a coach(?)

World Figure Skating Championship, Yoyogi, Tokyo, 2015

He isn’t here. 

I checked everywhere. Once. Twice. Yuuri Katsuki isn’t here. 

Is he not here because of what he did at the banquet, or because he came last? Doesn’t he want to try anymore? 

You didn’t seem like the type to give up easily, Yuuri. What went wrong?

I really wanted him here. How could he ask me to be his coach.. and then just leave? Aren’t drunk people the most truthful? Or was he actually, just crazily drunk enough to spat out pure nonsense?

Shouldn’t have gotten your hopes up like this, Idiot.

Why aren’t you here, Yuuri?

Moscow, Russia

It’s just the next morning after coming home and I open my eyes to my phone continuously pinging.

It’s Chris. Only he can double text me to the point of irritation. He will be receiving a lecture about this soon.

Chris : Hey

Chris : You awake?

Chris : You will be now.

Chris : get up up up

Chris : Look

Chris : I have a present for you. Enjoy.

Chris : [Katsuki Yuri] Tried to Skate Victor’s FS Program [Stay Close to Me]

He… skated my program?

Oh my god.

I feel so.. happy. What the hell?

I don’t know why but my heart’s pounding all of a sudden. It’s just a fan video, I’m sure. Chris is kidding around, it can’t be him. Calm down, Victor.

Lazing on the couch, Maccachin on my lap, I watch the video.

Damn, this is good enough to impress Yakov.

There was no music playing, and yet, the way his body moved… you could almost imagine the song playing somewhere behind. Almost as if he’s making music with his own body.

I want to see him.

Right now.

He changed the quad flip to a combination jump, something that I didn’t even notice until I watched it the second time. He had somehow made the program his own, and that too, to the silence with only the sounds of the skates touching the ice.

It’s like he’s asking me again. 

“Be my coach, Victor!”

The memory of that unforgettable night floats right into my vision, and with that, my decision was final.

I have to go.

But what about here? 

What was left for me to do here anyways? Someone in Japan probably needs me more right now, probably as much as I need him.

This is a sign, right? I have to go.

I’m coming Yuuri.

Kyushu, Hasetsu

Oh my, so warm.

I somehow tumbled onto this hot springs, asking people around for him, and a woman who calls herself his mother (they do look similar), asked me to take a bath while she calls for Yuuri. 

Man, this is bigger than any tub I’ve ever seen. So warm too!

My heart’s pounding so hard right now.

What if he sends me back? What if he was just trying something out and what if he asks me to go away?

This is my decision. He sure as hell can’t stop me from this.

There is no turning back now. You’re already here.

I hear Maccachin barking and a huge crash.

Oh my god, he’s here.


The door opens with a bang, and there he is, panting. 

Ah, the star of the show.

What as he been doing this whole time? That big belly doesn’t suit a figure skater (and neither a good pole dancer).

“Vi-Victor, why are you here?”, he asks.

He looks shocked. Should I have put on clothes for this?

What, you can dance around half naked in a banquet, but I can’t show up like this? Not fair, Mr. Katsuki.

“Yuuri, starting today, I’m your coach.”

Pause for effect..

“I’ll make you win the Grand Prix Final.”

….and seal it with a wink.

All I get in return is him screaming in response.

Hmm.. Probably should’ve been fully clothed for this.

This is a little shorter than the last part, but if you guys like it I’ll upload more soon! Thanks for reading!

So, like, I dunno if I’m just imagining things or if it’s just the natural cycle of overused jokes, but recently I’ve noticed an increase of the good old “don’t work too hard!” line from customers as they leave. Like, gee, thanks now I’m super motivated to get back to what I was doing.

And it’s not even infrequent, I swear I’ve been getting that line at least twice a shift for the past couple weeks. Idk if I really have a point to this post, it’s just super weird that all these random people are making the same exact joke/comment within a relatively small window of time. I didn’t realize I apparently look like I’m not doing my job lmao

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4 Lams

4. “Did you just hiss at me?” - “Are you judging me?”

“That absolutely psychotic, unbelievable, relentless, insane, unbelievable, unfair,  unintelligent–”


John tried his best not to roll his eyes. His boyfriend, yet again, had just barged into the apartment and was seething, once again, about his coworker and, though John cringed when he said it, apparent mortal enemy. 

“What did he do this time?” he sighed, sinking back in his chair to prepare himself.

“That…mother fucker–oh my god, John, I’m so mad–Jefferson told our boss that I took that day off work to take you to the dentist. Like it’s my fault you’re scared of the dentist. It’s a real fear! And now I have a warning on my record!! That means one more and I’m getting written up! Fuck–if I saw that guy in a dark alley I could just–”

Alexander finished his sentence by smashing his fist into his palm threateningly.

Sighing, John leaned forward and pressed his lips together. 

“Can’t you just ignore him? I mean, it’s not really a big deal, right? It’s not like you’ve ever gotten a warning before–it’s just a formality.”

Alexander gaped at John, unable to believe what his boyfriend was telling him. He felt like he was being stabbed in the back with a machete by the man he loved. 

“Are you serious?” he asked.

“Just, like, get a drink with the guy or something. He’s probably harmless, Alex.”

Alexander gritted his teeth and spat a noise that sounded incredibly like–

“Did you just hiss at me?”

“Why?” Alexander teased, though John could tell he was still heated. “Are you judging me?” 


college au prompts (from experience):

  • we have zero classes together but i see you at least five times a day what the fuck????
  • i go on late night walks around campus and apparently you do too
  • you work in the cafeteria on campus and i order the same thing every day so we keep making small talk and wow you actually seem pretty cool???
  • you keep grabbing the biggest group study room but you never have a study group; i actually do have a group and i’m gonna give you a piece of my mind 
  • you work in the starbucks on campus and picked up on my obscure reference/t-shirt from some obscure show/etc. and now i’m determined to talk to you about it
  • we both went to grab the last ice cream and i’m insisting you take it but you’re insisting that i take it (added bonus: hey, why don’t we just share it?)
One Day At a Time - my sleepless night falling in love with this show

Warning: this is filled with spoiler cause I can’t control myself

Okay, so little story time. It was 1:30am of January 10th 2017, I decide to open netflix to watch just one more episode of some silly show before sleeping, just one (yes, I lie to myself all the time). But as soon as I opened it there was an add for their new comedy “one day at a time”, now I didn’t know what it was about. Gina Rodriguez (my love, my life) has tweeted about it and I had seen some stuff going around tumblr, but I hadn’t given much thought to it. However the synopsis grab my attention and I decided to start it, what harm could watch an episode do? Apparently a lot since one episode turned into thirteen and 1:30am turned into 10:00am and no sleep at all.

The show deals with a Cuban veteran mom (Penelope Alvarez, wonderfully played by Justina Machado) who’s getting a divorce and is trying to raise her two kids, Elena, 14 (played by Isabella Gomez) and Alex, 12 (Marcel Ruiz) with the help of her mother, Lydia (the incomparable Rita Moreno).

Now, it seams like some kinda of mix between full house and jane the virgin and it’s totally my type of thing.

Whining the first minutes you get the vibe of the show. It’s lighthearted, it has track laughs and if I weren’t watching it in my iphone I would think I was back to the 90s and the best comedy shows there were. The laugh track aren’t annoying, they are placed in the right moments do it’s not over used and whoever is watching will be laughing along. The jokes are very well delivered and everyone’s timing is amazing. And the drama, boy the drama, it’s not over the top, it’s real, this is like watching real people (except these are a lot more funny than real life people) react to these subjects. And I’m in love with the writing.

Now, I’m not Cuban. I’m Brazilian. Some people will believe that I felt represented in the show because it’s about Latinos and I’m Latina. I don’t feel represented, not because of this reason, Cuban doesn’t represent me. Cuban people being portrayed in tv represent real life Cuban people. That’s it. I hate the term Latino and all the implications it brings (but that’s a whole other post).

With that being said I can’t express how I adore Elena and her relationship with Penelope. Mostly because of her storyline but also because it’s so much like me and my mom and I envy her so much for what she has in the end.

Throughout the episodes the show explores all kind of sensitive subjects in a very real and light way. It does et heavy at times but it knows how to dose it so it’s just the right amount.

We see these three women battle sexism, oppression, their own insecurities, their worse fears coming true, figuring who they are in life and what the Cuban culture means to them.

I could spend hours talking about this show, but out of the 13 episodes that I binge watched today 4 of them truly stuck with me.

The first was episode 3 “no mass”, Lydia, the catholic one wants everyone to go to church every Sunday and Penelope is struggling to understand if she even believes in god. They have this huge fight, Lydia even leaves the house, but the show never chooses a side, they both have opinions if they should go to church or not but, the thing is, they both are right and the episode shows it. Everyone is entitled to their own believes and religion.

The second one was episode 7 “hold, please” Penelope tries to schedule a medical appointment via the VA. this episode is very light in the drama, in a non-netflix show I’d call it a filer but there’s something about it that grabbed me. I don’t know if it’s that annoying waiting song (you know the one) that plays throughout the whole episode, the frustration coming trough Penelope for not being able to get the appointment or the fact that this episode kick starts my favorite plot of the season, in a very light matter. Now, Elena, thinking she’s alone wonders out loud if she’s into girls, her brother overhears and she, understandable, freaks out and tells him not to say anything about it to anyone. His reaction? Remember this is a 12 year old boy. He says he won’t say anything, but he doesn’t understand why won’t she, it doesn’t change anything, it’s nothing wrong.

The third one was episode 10 “sex talk”. Penelope finds a threesome porn video in Alex computer which leads to several awkward conversations, much doesn’t happen during the episode is mostly Penelope having awkward conversations, and mistakenly assuming the wrong person was the one watching the porn. She finally lands on Elena, having excluded everyone else, and doesn’t know how to approach. When she finally does approach Elena she’s still confused about why her daughter was watching a threesome, why she was watching porn at all. While their conversation unfolds Penelope is relieved to find out Elena is not having sex yet and starts to tell her how one day she’ll find love when the right boy shows up. Elena tries several times to come out, they aren’t real attempts they were more her testing the water, so she finally tells her mom. When she thinks about loving someone she thinks about loving a woman. And it’s such a sweet scene, told almost by Elena pov (the whole show is Penelope pov), we all sign in relieve when Penelope says of course she’s okay with it.

The fourth, and last, is the finale episode 13 “quinces”. Elena’s quincenheira (my Spanish is bad but I think that’s who it’s spelled) and Penelope wants to make it perfect for her daughter and tries to make her ex not ruin everything by being a homophobic pig. He almost ruins it, but in the end Elena, dressed in a suit instead of a dress, has people who get her and if he’s not there it’s his lost, she has her mom to do the father-daughter dance, because she gets her daughter.

I said I saw myself in Elena, I didn’t just see myself in her, I was her. The kid everyone thinks is weird, who struggles to figure out her sexuality while trying to hide it from everyone cause what if they start hating me?, who defends women and tries to show her mom how sexism isn’t only big stuff, it’s mostly small stuff we don’t think twice of, that was me. Still is me. And I would bet a thousand (I would bet more but I’m completely broke) bucks that there’s plenty of young girls watching this show and identifying with Elena and drawing courage from her to be who they are meant to be. Me, a 21 years old woman, am doing it. I finish the show and all I wanted was to come out to my mom and have the same reaction from her that Elena had from Penelope. I didn’t do it, couldn’t. My mom is not like Penelope, but maybe someday she’ll get there and I’ll be able to tell her. I hope this story, along with Alex Danvers story in supergirl, inspire wlw everywhere to be who they are meant to be.

I wrote all of these and I barely touched the importance of Cuban culture and female relationships on this show. They incorporate the culture in a way that’s not “trying too hard”, it’s there, it’s part of who they are and they won’t let you forget it and it’s beautiful. And every single female relationship in the show is supportive. I can’t think of one that’s not.

In resume, watch this, talk about this, praise, help it get a second season, they have earned it.

(Sorry about any mistakes, English is not my first language, I haven’t slept in over 24 hours and I wrote this in my phone)

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Hey Redrobo, speaking of NGE theories! I get the distinct impression Shiro hasn't left Black Lion. That he's gotten absorbed by it, a la Shingi and Eva 1.

This very conversation is what started this whole mess lmao. 

Mr. Robokitty and I had just finished watching S2 last night and talking about it, and then we were like “what if he was absorbed” and I was like “well, the writers do love their NGE references…. oh my fucking god. but wait. waaaaaaaaaait.” 

I didn’t even think about Eva 1 Red Lion until then and then I rewatched episode 8 (I rewatched it like five times, I love being right), and it all just fell into place. 

That whole post was meant to be a joke btw. A joke that has backfired, apparently, because now I’m seriously considering this theory while I eat my foot.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Shiro was absorbed by the Black Lion (hopefully to be spat back out later!). Who knows what those space cats are capable of.

Hi okay I made a bad decision. I mean it wasn’t 100% my decision and there are a lot of factors but whatever I’m trying to take responsibility. I did not do my research and I was not prepared, I listened to someone (someone I thought I could trust with this stuff at the time but now I know that’s wrong) and I currently have a ten gallon tank with 8 tetras (from Walmart so not exactly sure what kind, I tried looking it up and I think they’re skirt tetras but I dont know), one brindlenose pleco (or something I’m really bad with names) and one of the plecos that apparently get really big, and one ghost shrimp (there use to be more but they all got eaten or magically disappeared but I’m putting money on eaten). All gotten from Walmart (which normally I wouldn’t do but there are other factors.) All of this is in a ten gallon tank (which I know is probably way too small) and shortly after we got them my partner was fired so we have no money to upgrade or anything. I’m trying to rehome these fish to someone who actually knows what they’re doing… If there’s anyone in North Carolina or close to Lincolnton or Charlotte NC that can take them or an organization or something please message me or something.. We rely on my parents for rides so it can’t be too outside those areas and I’d rather not try shipping them when I can’t even take care of them properly…

Can we talk about the cast choosing Christmas presents for Magnus Bane?

This cast is so incredibly well chosen that literally each and every one of them came up with an answer that suits both them and their character. 

Dom: I would probably get him my name on a plaque, so he doesn’t get it wrong. Ever. Or maybe a backscratcher, or a head massager — of course, that would ruin the hair.

this is so Jace, do I even need to explain? 

Em: I would get him a sexy lingerie set. Maybe a sexy pair of Santa boxers or a Santa thong. It’s something he could show Alec during their sexy times.

now we all know that Izzy’s the captain of Malec ship, but apparently, so is Emeraude. this is amazing on so many levels because i bet you my last coin that if CC were to write Izzy’s answer to this question, it would’ve no doubt been what Emeraude said. 

Kat: I would get Magnus a kitten, so that Chairman Meow would have a friend.

if anyone in the entire shadow world was to come up with this idea, it would definitely be Clary. Cause only someone that has once lived like a mundane could actually think of this, and that makes either Clary or Simon (most likely Clary) 

Matt: I’d get him old things. I get him antiquities.

of course, Alec would spend years trying to choose something Magnus would definitely love, something special and unique and ancient. he would’ve probably observed that Magnus loves such things and put his best effort into giving his significant other something meaningful. 

Alberto: I would get Magnus a tapestry of himself and Chairman Meow.

a mundane gift with a touch of humor. Simon would. Simon so would. 

Unknown Feelings | Pt. 1

Taehyung Scenario/Imagine

Genre: school fluff ; slightly angsty ; cuteness everywhere

Blurb: You’re taking a summer class with your long time crush Taehyung. You’ve confessed your feelings, but he doesn’t feel the same way. Add in a flirtatious Jeon Jungkook and wonder how Taehyung would deal with seeing another guy all over you.

Word Count: 2,344

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Reader x Taehyung

A/N: Yes, this was a product of my overactive imagination when I found out I was going to spend my entire summer with my own long time crush. DON’T JUDGE ME.

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I have so much work after work these days.  I have my day job which is great, I have no problem with that, work is fine.  But the thing is that I have a big holdover from when I was a freelancer.  Some of my clients refuse to let me go because they love me so much.

Now, two things are good about this scenario.  It is wonderful to be loved, and extra money at a freelancing rate is always good.  But I basically have no time left in my days any more because I am just working when I get home.  I’m getting tired.  

I have a few projects on the go right now, which means I can’t do what I really want to do, which is make some lovely photoshop manips for all you lovely folks.  Sorry, apparently my paying jobs come first.

Anyways, just wanted to get that off my chest.  I am not low on ideas. Just low on time.  I still love you all.

alright so i haven’t been in the “sherlock fandom” (you have no idea what it took me just to say those two words in that order) for a while, but my dash is blowing up rn and all i can gather is that

  • the last episode got leaked
  • no one knows what’s going on because it’s all in russian
  • no one knows what’s going on even if they actually do speak russian because apparently it’s a fucking mess
  • a bunch of people are theorising that the whole thing is a publicity stunt and that the whole episode is fake and a red herring to throw us off the scent
  • the tag is filled with 300-page-long posts dedicated to analysing a certain of wallpaper and using the results to confidently conclude that john watson is homosexual
  • someone gets set on fire??? i think???? mark gatiss is in a fake beard?????? i don’t fucking know my dudes

ah, tumblr, never change

Such a Prize Part 2: Void Stiles

Here you do! Part 2! Lemme know what you think!

Apparently Void Stiles didn’t like playing by the rules and with one sharp slap to the side of the face my eyes rolled back and I fell backwards, unconscious.

“Now come on, sweetheart, time to wake up.” A voice droned in my ear and a cold shiver vibrated down my spine. Slowly I blinked my eyes opened and found that I was in a staring contest with Void Stiles, gazing into his dark eyes.

“Welcome back.” He smirked, and my eyes hardened.

I looked by him, looking around confusedly. Why was I in Scott’s living room?

Even in the dark light I could clearly make out the familiar outline of the couch and coffee table.

“Now Y/N if you would be so very helpful and just explain this situation to me.”

I shifted back and looked at him, frowning. Surely even he knew his own plan?

“What?” I asked. He frowned back at me, almost irritated by how I wasn’t playing along with his little charade.

“You’re crazy, decided to kidnap me and brought me to Scott’s house. I would applaud you but as you can see.” I motioned to the thick ropes binding me to one of Scott’s dining chairs, giving an impatient tug. “Little difficult.”

“Just a precaution for when-“He cut himself off, as the sound of running footsteps thundered from outside.

He turned back to me, smirking. “Looks like company’s here.”

There was a loud crash as someone broke through the back door and suddenly two sets of glowing eyes had appeared in the doorway, both a bright glowing alpha red. Derek and Scott.

Both let out loud threatening growls, but Void Stiles barely blinked.

“Well hello to you too.” He said, with a stupid smug tone.

“Let her go.” Scott snarled, flashing his fangs, Derek sprouting his nails.

“Now, now, I have something you want. What are you willing to give up to get her back?” Void Stiles debated, smirking.

Derek snarled menacingly, “You wouldn’t dare hurt her.”

“Oh really?” He challenges and I winced. I knew what was coming.

In a flash Void Stiles hand had slapped me across the face again and this time I couldn’t help but shout.

Another growl was emitted into the air and Scott launched himself at Void Stiles. I knew it was because of the fact that if Derek got his hands around him he would kill him.

But before he could a tall dark Omni had appeared from nothing but shadows itself and blocked both me and Void Stiles.

Scott grappled with him for a second before he was flung away. Scott got straight back up, jumping on it from behind before it got close to Derek.

Three more Omni stepped out of the shadows, their green eyes staring at Void Stiles, awaiting orders.

Derek, sensing this, threw back his head and roared, so loud and powerful that a plate fell off the table and smashed in the kitchen.

Two loud howls responded and within seconds more running footsteps could be heard.

Void Stiles was standing with his back to me and with a lazy flick of his hand he waved at the Omni who all, in sync pulled out their swords.

As they all charged towards Derek two new sets of eyes glowed, a dark icy blue.

Ethan and Aiden come to the rescue. Like low budget Batman and Robin.

Both of them took down one Omni while Derek went for the last.

Scott was still wrestling with his own, slashing at it with his claws.

“Now, Y/N,” Void Stiles said, crouching down to my level. “Surely your brilliant mind saw this coming.” He mused and I glared viciously at him.

“Stop it.” I spat at him. He leant in and whispered in my ear, “All in good time my dear.”

I was about to retort when a loud howl pierced the air and I heard Aiden shout for his twin.

Ethan was thrown right across the room, crashing straight through the coffee table and smashing his head so hard off the fireplace that it cracked. He didn’t get back up.

I saw Aiden fight harder against his own Omni, trying to stop it for at least a second so that he could dodge round it but the opportunity never happened.

Ethan’s Omni strode forwards towards him and bending down, he picked up Ethan and with a breathe of smoke they were both gone.

“Ethan!” Aiden screamed. When suddenly the Omni he was fighting wrapped his arms tightly around him and they too vanished.

Both Scott and Derek stood frozen in horror. Derek’s Omni, quick as a flash turned round and slashed Derek in the stomach.

He buckled over groaning and within seconds Scott stood there alone.

It wasn’t much of a fight before Scott was also trapped in the Omni’s arms.

“Y/N!” He shouted just as he disappeared and I screamed his name.

A hand was placed on my shoulder. Void Stiles gently moved my hair away from my ear and purred, “I won my prize.”


I know there are 1,000 prayer requests floating around already. I’m here to add another one.

Life is insane. There’s no time to explain everything, so I’ll just list what I am begging your prayers for.

-school & feelings of overwhelmingness
-my parents, who still aren’t open to my discernment
-a priest friend of mine, who’s a young pastor & struggling
-for me to figure out what God wants for my future, and the grace to accept it
-for me to move past feelings of fear and feeling paralyzed
-a friendship of mine that once brought much happiness and is now causing much pain
-i understand i don’t have clinical depression, but i do believe I’m going through a bout of it, as some symptoms are apparent
-for my peace of mind
-I’m having a hard time trusting Jesus and trusting that He will make me happy
-I literally cry so much and am so emotional all the time
-for me to deal with anxiety
-I’m struggling with feeling like prayer isn’t changing anything
-that despite everything, I stay faithful

I know that’s a lot. I know the power of your prayers, which is why I come before you, as a sister in Christ. Thank you and God bless you.

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A - age: 24
B - biggest fear: toss up between the ocean and the dentist. and being alone with no kids 10 years from now.
C - current time: 8:51pm
D - drink you last had: water
E - every day starts with: hitting the snooze button
F - favorite song: castle on the hill by ed sheeran
G - ghosts, are they real: who knows? when i was little, after my grandma died, my mom would apparently come up to my room and ask what i was doing and i would tell her i was talking to grandma, and she was like, oh like when you pray? and i was like, no she’s right here.
H - hometown: town about 10 miles west of NYC
I - in love with: ron weasley
J - jealous of: “People who can eat anything they want without getting fat.” i’m keeping this answer, i like it.
K - killed someone: not so far but let me tell you yesterday was a close call. 
L - last time you cried: almost today watching this is us, and almost yesterday when my friends (& crush) were getting yelled at for things beyond their control. but in actuality, a week and a half ago when my car got stolen.
M - middle name: Elizabeth
N - number of siblings: One sister, technically two step-siblings but one of them i dont talk to, and two friends who are more like siblings.
O - one wish: to not be alone
P - person you last called/texted: my dad.
Q - questions you’re always asked: why can’t i stand over there? (when i’m at work and because that’s the student section and you’re not a student) are you sure i can’t just sneak over there? (yes i am, now stfu) do you wear color contacts? (no, i wear regular contacts, yes my eyes are naturally this blue).
R - reasons to smile: Duke’s awesome win last night.
S - song last sang: Uhhhh. If I Told You by Darius Rucker??
T - time you woke up: 10:30am (it was a late night last night)
U - underwear color: not wearing any…
V - vacation destination: AUSTRALIA.
W - worst habit: biting my nails
X - x-rays you’ve had: teeth, shoulder, chest (pneumonia), ankle (so many ankle xrays holy crap)
Y - your favorite food: potatoes (like the good polish girl i am)
Z - zodiac sign: capricorn

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Lauren can’t afford to stay in Australia so is coming back which is fucking ace timing since we were supposed to be meeting in Melbourne in march. I’ve quit my job and bought my visa as well. I know it’s not her fault, she needs to do what’s best for her.
I told my parents who asked what I was going to do and I said I wasn’t sure since being on the other side of the world by myself doesn’t exactly fill me with excitement and now they’re super mad at me because I didn’t go earlier even though I couldn’t afford to, and they don’t want me to stay here because apparently they can’t ‘move on’ and they’re being awful and saying ‘we knew you wouldn’t go’ which they do all the time and it makes me feel so shit and small like no one expects to ever be good at anything.

So this has just been the worst day. Woke up to someone telling me I have no respect for others, I’m cruel and mean - go to bed with someone telling me they knew I wouldn’t amount to anything. Really great week to forget your meds Rachael, done yourself a fucking solid there.