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Take Care Of You (M)

Character / Genre / words: Christian Yu ( DPR +IAN / Yu Barom ) x reader | Smut, Fluff | 2,736 words

➽ Warning: mature scene/graphic smut, language, the thirst is real

➽ a/n: inspired by his Instagram post which left me both bothered by the scene and also worried for his sake. Forgive my sins, I will bathe in holy water once this is out | dedicated to: @2seoke and @rapmonluv who both share the love I have for this man

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*Taken | Pt. 2* Newt x reader


♦ I am so happy you all enjoyed the first half of this story! I got a bit stressed because I was afraid I’d ruin this next half. I really hope I didn’t! >_< Also, this is going to be longer than two parts. I don’t think I can finish the story in just two parts! 

You awoke with a piercing head ache and a slight pain in your side. Cracking open your eyes, you weren’t quite able to make out where you were. 

Pulling yourself up from the cold ground, you noticed your arms felt heavy and you looked down to see chains on your wrist. 

“What the…”

“Ah…. you’re awake.” A cold voice echoed from beyond the bars holding you back inside a tiny cell. 

“W-who’s there?”

There a laugh and from the shadows a tall man appeared. Your heart stopped when you realized who it was. “Grindelwald….”

“Well I’m happy to see I stick out in your memory. Hello again.” A smile spread across his face as he walked towards you. “I have some questions for you and I can assure you that it will go a lot faster if you obey me and do as I say.”

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SasuSaku Festival 2017
Day 11- CEO x Assistant
: Chemical Reaction
Summary: AU- Sasuke is left alone to solve a formula for a new medicine, and is surprised when he finds out that he’s got some company.
A/N: Okay, I think this will be the last fic I’ll write for the SS Fest. There are still 3 themes to go, but there’s also the SS Month coming up, and since you guys don’t seem to be enjoying this very much, then I think I’ll start the preparations so I don’t take too long to finish like last year. Anyway, I tried to make something more realistic and light, and I hope you guys enjoy it! Please, tel me what you think, and have fun!
The numbers weren’t matching. He had tried every single math operation he knew, tried to balance the results and solve the equations, yet nothing seemed to work out. The light coming from that computer’s screen was starting to irritate his dark, tired eyes, and as he rested his hand over his mouth, the young businessman was starting to lose faith in himself.

It was already long past the time to go home, but Uchiha Sasuke decided not to leave his office until all the work was done. Necktie already forgotten, two buttons loosened and coat already hanging somewhere in his office, Sasuke struggled trying to finish his job before being allowed a good rest. As requested by his older brother, he needed to verify the formulas of a new medicine their company was developing, and even if he’d normally solve these kind of problems in a blink of an eye, that formula was just getting the best of him.

His head hurt like hell, the bags under his eyes were growing deeper and his breathing alternated from deep inhales to moments of pure relaxation. Sasuke had already lost count of the amount of coffee he had already drunk, and at that moment, as he stared at his empty mug, he knew he could not go on without that hot supply.

“ Screw this.” He scoffed, as he forcefully pushed himself up from his chair, ready to refill his mug. At that moment, he couldn’t care less if he had already had too much. He needed more coffee. He also needed to sleep, but work seemed to be more important than that.

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Mad Sounds: Part 2 [Modern!Kylo x Reader]

Summary: Sleepless after an eventful night, you turn to Kylo for comfort. 

Part 1

A/N: I wanted to lighten the mood a smidge after some intense stuff in part 1. Enjoy!

Warnings: Just fluff and angst. 

Word count: 1,600+

You had been staring at your ceiling so long you were sure you would never forget the sight. Bundled up in your sheets, you were warm, but to say you were comfortable was a lie. You had wound yourself so tightly in them, thinking it would make you feel safe and secure, but you just could not fall asleep. Not after what happened. 

You had an idea, but you didn’t want to act on it. Every time you decided to get up, your body didn’t go along with it. You groaned out loud, frustrated with your conflicting thoughts. Closing your eyes tightly, you sat up quickly enough you wouldn’t have to think about what you were doing. You wrapped a blanket around you and trudged into your living room, defeated. It reminded you of your childhood, except the nightmare wasn’t in your mind. 

Standing in the hall, you sighed heavily, obviously. It was more of an announcement of your appearance than anything. You didn’t want to scare Kylo. He had offered to sleep on your couch, to keep you safe while your window was busted open from earlier. You had gladly accepted his offer. But now, it was awkward. 

His dark locks fell away from his face as his head poked up from the other side of the sofa. “Y/N? What’s wrong?!” He started to get up, but you waved him down. 

“Just can’t fall asleep.”

“Can’t blame you. You had an eventful night.” Kylo sat up properly and patted the sofa cushion next to him. 

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No Prince Charming (Loki x Reader)

Hello, my loves!!! Here’s a new oneshot based on LOKI BECAUSE WE LOVE HIM

You stood on the balcony in Thor’s room, gazing at the sunset. “I had forgotten how beautiful Asgard was,” you murmured.

Thor stood next to you. “You’ve been gone far too long, Lady Y/N. Asgard missed you.”

You were Odin and Frigga’s top advisor. They’ve known you since you were a child, so they trusted you wholeheartedly. You practically grew up with Thor and Loki, though you were a few years younger than them. For the past year, you’ve been on a mission, traveling to all Nine Realms to ensure that peace had been brought to all of them. After Loki tried to replace Odin, a plan which was thwarted by you before it could succeed, the realms went into a frenzy. They were able to calm down due to your “relaxing nature” and “calming presence”, something you didn’t even realize you had until Odin first told you about the mission. You had just returned a few hours earlier.

“How is Loki doing?”, you asked, still fixed on the sunset.

Thor looked down. “Better. When you thwarted his plans, he seemed to subdue a little. He asks for you every day.”

“Why me?”

“I believe he cares for you.”

You think for a moment. Loki having feelings for you? You’ve always felt some type of way about him, but you never thought he’d feel the same. Then again, he didn’t really put up much of a fight when you thwarted his plans. Come to think of it, he didn’t put up any fight. As if he didn’t want to hurt you at all.

You take a deep breath. “Where is he now?”

“Odin has granted him limited time outside his cell every day, mainly because he trusts you. Loki should be in the library right now.”

You give Thor a smile before walking out of his room. You knew this palace like the back of your hand, and the library was your favorite place to go.

You walk in the library to see Loki sitting on the love seat, invested in the book he was reading.

He looked even handsomer than you remembered. His long black hair flowed perfectly, shaping his chiseled jaw. And his eyes. You always got lost in his eyes. They were as beautiful as he was.

After staring for a few moments, you snap out of your stance and clear your throat, making him look up. “Didn’t you get the news? I’m baaaack!”

He chuckles and closes his book,
placing it on the floor. He stands and walks over to you.

“Y/N,” he says. “It’s been a while.”

“About a year.”

“How did the mission go?”

“The realms are at peace. Apparently I have a ‘relaxing nature’ and ‘calming presence’, which I didn’t know about.”

He smiles, something only you could get out of him. “I already knew that.”

You put your hand in his. “How are you doing?”

Sighing, he replies, “I now understand the consequences of my actions. Thanks to you, Odin is allowing me time out of my cell. However, it’s limited. I can only be in less than half of the rooms in the castle, and I’m not allowed outside the castle.”

You nod. “At least you’re getting better. I care about you a lot.”


“What do you mean, why?”

“I’ve done a lot of bad things, Y/N. I’ve killed, controlled, tricked, lied, betrayed. You had to go away for a year to subdue the mess I brought on. I don’t deserve your care. I don’t even deserve yo-.”

“Shut up.”

He looks taken aback. “What?”

“I don’t give a shit what you did. Yes, you fucked up a lot. The Avengers and I had to clean up the Battle of New York. Then the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and I had to clean up London. But through everything, I still remembered the boy who would run across gardens just to pick me a rose, the boy who dreamed big. I still believe in you, Loki. You’re no Prince Charming, but you still managed to charm me. I love you.”

He pulls you closer and whispers, “I love you too,” before closing the gap between you two.

over-active-daydreamer  asked:

Since you asked for this to be resubmitted as a scenario. In response for Revali being a dick, Link tricks him into shooting a Cucco. Bonus points if he doesn't realize the severity of what he just did and the rest of the Champions are there to watch.

I don’t think you realize how much I love you right now.

-The Cackling Mod Pinks

Mistakes were made

C’mon Link, give me an actual challenge. Hitting a flightless bird isn’t a challenge.” Urbosa groaned as Revali argued against Link, tired of his squabbling as today was one of the few days the Champions were together to discuss how everything was going. By now they would be done, but given the heat, they agreed to take a small break. A break they were supposed to be enjoying, but thanks to a certain loudmouth and his exact opposite, relaxation was hard to enjoy.

“What are you two doing now?” The two stopped their (one-sided) argument, Revali turning to the Gerudo queen.

“Well, I challenged him to a shooting match to remind him who the better archer is.”
“And apparently Link forgets who he’s talking to because his definition of a challenge is seeing if I can hit a flightless, stupid, Cucco.”

“Can you?” Oh she did not just go there.

What sort of question is that?! Of course I can!”
“Ya’know, for a guy saying that he can, ya’ sure don’t got a lot proof.” Daruk grinned at him from beneath the shade next to Urbosa and Mipha, the latter giggling.

“If you’re worried about getting hurt, I’ll do my best to heal you-”
“I’m not-! Okay, you know what, fine! Just so that you guys remember who you’re talking to-!”
“Alright, please be careful.”
“Grr…. Step back, knight-boy, and prepare to be blown away!”

Link joined the rest of the group in the shade, several meters away from the Rito warrior as the latter drew his bow, aiming at the clueless Cucco, seconds away. Revali growled. Having to show his skills to the group by shooting such a dumb creature, they really were trying to insult him.

Thunk. “KIKIRIQUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Ha! Told you guys, easiest shot eeeeeEVVVVVVVVER OH DEAR GODDESS-!!!!!!!” A storm of feathers surrounded the poor archer, who tried to outrun the on-slaught of beaks as a wave of Cuccos appeared out of thin air.

Not a single champion was able to keep a straight face, as Daruk laid on the ground, wheezing, whilst Urbosa laughed hardily and nudged the giggling Zora princess.

“Guess you’ll have to make good on your promise after all.”

Where are you?

Originally posted by fitzi-the-nerdy-girl

Gif not mine  credit to the owners 

Hello! Can I have a T'challa imagine? The reader and T'challa are married and are expecting a baby but T'challa is out doing missions. The reader gets bored and sneaks out the palace to walk around outside in the forest but gets kidnapped? Can it be angst also? Thanks!

“"Do you really have to go? You have been here for just two days” I exclaimed trying to keep calm and not show my anger because I know it’s not my husband fault that the Avengers need their help in order to capture some vibranium thief. 

“"Yes baby I need to go but I promise this will be the last mission. Then I will be here just for you and our baby girl. And of course I need to be here tomorrow for the party”. He tells me as he finishes packing and I couldn’t help myself so I throw myself at him. 

“"Is just that without you I am so lonely and I get so bored that I end up crying about how much I miss you”  damn hormones talking but it was the true. Since I married T’Challa and became Wakanda’s queen instead of spending more time with my husband I was so busy with monarchy business that boredom wasn’t an option but now that I’m six months pregnant I can barely do anything, not because I don’t want to but because everyone in this damn palace treats me like a porcelain doll who will break. It’s reasonable since I’m having Wakanda’s future princess.

“I’m sure you will find something to entertain yourself while I’m gone. You can read at the library or see some movies” He gently pushes me to the bed and kneels to kiss my belly  

“T, I have read all the books at the library. I have lived here since I was a kid if you remember” He smirks at me while walking over to the door. 

“"Of course I remember our first kiss when we were just six years old” 

“"Just come here and kiss me so I can let you go” He walks over to me and gives me a passionate kiss and we say our goodbyes. Now what will I do? I decide to go for something to eat but as I got to the kitchen there wasn’t anyone. 

“"Hello?” I exclaimed obtaining no response, as I walk to one of the windows I see everyone is gathered at the gardens apparently obtaining instructions from T’Challa’s assistant. Probably it will be about tomorrow’s party that will be held for the Wakanda’s anniversary. I decide to take advantage of this moment and decide to go for a walk to the forest alone. Some fresh air will help me relax and without the body guards it will be 100 times better. 

As I was walking I didn’t realize how far I was from the palace and how fast time has passed because the sky was starting to turn black so I decide to go back but I can’t recognize the path. As I was lost in my thoughts I hear some noises approaching me probably they are my bodyguards searching for me  

“"Hello! Marcus is that you? Gala?” I exclaimed hoping to hear the affirmation of Marcus or Gala, my bodyguards. 

“"What is doing a beautiful queen like you alone?” A man appeared in the woods and exclaims at me. Immediately as a reflect my hands go to my belly. 

“"Nothing but I will be honored if you can guide me to the palace. I’m sure your gentleness will be very appreciated by the king T’Challa and I”. I tried to hide my fear and be seen as the proper queen I am. 

“"How much we are talking about queen?” As I was about to respond I feel a hit in my back and I screamed. Apparently another men behind me hit me and made me loose my balance. 

“I’m sure the king will be very happy to see his stupid queen and their unborn child safely in my house instead of walking in the dark in these dangerous woods. Or didn’t they teach you to not walk alone into these woods late at night?” With panic I try to stand up but the other man held my hands and with a rope put them together and then I feel a cloth in my nose and mouth with a strong smell that makes my eyes close heavily. What have I done…. 

A Dog With Separation Anxiety- Sirius Black X Reader

When you returned home to your tiny house that you shared with your boyfriend of four years, Sirius Black. You did not expect to find the place in ruin. Pillows were throw everywhere, stuffing leaking out of them. The couch had several deep gasses in it. The coffee table was broken and the kitchen was a mess, you carefully ventured further into the house, weary of every sound.

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Bad Moon Rising: Part 7 [Modern!Kylo x Reader]

BMR Masterlist // AO3

A/N: Sorry for leaving y'all hanging earlier this week. I didn’t realize how long the last part was when I wrote it so I split it up, and I love a good cliffhanger. I’m trying to plan the rest of this series out to 10 parts, but we’ll see!

Word count: 2,200+

Your heart was beating so quickly that you felt faint. With all the strength you could muster, you snapped around quickly to attempt to defend yourself.  "Let me -“

A hand muffled your yelling and you were pushed against the wall. You fought hard, still trying to talk or yell or scream beneath the hand. Until you met their eyes. A pair of more familiar eyes. Brown eyes.

"Quiet down. He’s still here.” He removed his hand after he was sure you had relaxed.

“Kylo? You came?”

He only nodded curtly. He didn’t look pleased.

“Wait,” you whispered, pausing. “How do you know who ‘he’ is?”

“It’s Hux.”

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Second Chances - Jeff x Reader: Chapter 15

Summary: Reader and Jeff work a project and become fast friends. The project ends and they go their separate ways, neither forgetting the other. With Hollywood being a small community, you two bump into one another either at events or projects, but there is always something keeping you apart. Will the obstacles ever end?
Chapter 15 Summary: Reader is back in Philly and gets some news and an offer

Warnings: language (as usual), fluuufffff
A/N: I have a few ideas to continue this, but it’s still developing. Please leave comments or let me know if you want to be tagged, etc
Word count: 1950(ish)
Catch up here: Masterlist

Tags: @jml509  @jasoncrouse  @yellatthetopofyourlungs  @bookchic20  @prettyepiic  @rizflo-blog  @curious-sub7  @backseat-negan

     It was only four months. You knew you could make it. If you just could get through each work week, it would be okay. You hadn’t been able to get back to LA this go around and Jeff had been busy, too. You were thinking you might have to go the whole shoot without seeing him. You talked on the phone a lot, at least once a day, but it wasn’t the same as looking next to you and seeing him with your own two eyes. Being with Jeff was bliss. Being away was torture. Thank God for work.

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anonymous asked:

In terms of a relationship, what does Chuuya offer Dazai that Oda doesn't? (Aside from being alive, that is.) I just wanted to know your thoughts. Oda is great example of someone Dazai wants to be like- so is Chuuya, really, but Chuuya is his partner and steeped in that world in a way Oda kind of isn't (what with refusing to kill- and I think Dazai admires that conviction.) So, anyway, why Chuuya? (Not that he's not wonderful- I just wanted your opinion about it.)

well first off i don’t like odazai (18 and 23 is a weird balance in ages + oda clearly sees dazai as a younger brother figure of sorts) so that’s why i never consider a relationship between in the first place

chuuya is someone i feel dazai has complicated feelings about, bc as you said he’s steeped in that world of violence, but at the same time he’s shown caring (for dazai, for his subordinates, for kouyou), helping people out in additional material (akutagawa, an old lady he doesn’t know)… the difference i think is hat chuuya was raised into this just like dazai was, from a very young age, but he somehow found a way to balance his trauma and thrive in the mafia while still being the best person he can, considering. he never fell off the deep end like dazai that we know of.

so dazai who grew up w this guy and probably argued with him all the time nevertheless trusts him with his life bc 1) he knows the sort of person chuuya is 2) chuuya is exceedingly strong mentally and physically 3) chuuya actually cares about him. i think that third point only recently became apparent to him (lovecraft fight) & i think that’s why dazai now is so fond of chuuya in his own way. chuuya is someone he can relax around & be both parts of himself at the same time: the one who doesn’t have to hide what he used to do in the mafia, but also the one who grew out of that and is trying to be a better person. chuuya might call him a coward but

they just know each other and trust each other a lot, i guess is what i’m trying to say? and they definitely don’t have the right environment for a stable relationship in canon right now, but it’s very easy to see how they could fall in love, at least for me. what chuuya gives to dazai that oda doesn’t is a strict equal rather than someone he feels inferior to (no matter how much dazai loves oda, he still thinks of himself as beneath oda, even now) + someone who seems to have a very strong sense of self and of where he stands, which can only be helpful for someone like dazai who struggles so much with his identity and regrets. 


theyre just cute together 

grumpycheshirecat  asked:

“You’re sort of famous and we vaguely know each other through bumping into each other all the time but the media thinks we’re dating” AU with either the avengers or the batfamily please! Congrats on the 700!

I did Peter Parker because I feel like he would be just awkward enough to make this adorable!

  • The first time you ran into spiderman it was a complete accident
  • it was winter and you started to slip on a patch of ice and he saved you, kinda.
  • You ended being pinned up against a wall, he was closer to you than anyone ever had been, his leg between yours and his arms pinned next to your head
  • “Oh my god. I’m so sorry!” his voice sounded young, like your age
  • “it’s okay! I mean its not okay, but thank you! I mean- oh god..” you were super nervous
  • paparazzi had snapped a few pics
  • “Yeah get it spiderman!” 
  • “No wait! We’re not-”
  • it was too late, the media had grabbed a hold of the story and ran
  • Spidey dashed away with one more sorry and you huff
  • by six in the evening you were now apparently Spiderman’s new Beau
  • You were relaxing on the rooftop your apartment, you heard your upstairs neighbor May Parker thumping around in her living room
  • There was a thump behind you and you see a red and blue puddle of human crumpled up on the other side of the roof
  • you run over and it’s spidey
  • “What are you doing here?” he asks confused
  • “I live here??”
  • “What??”
  • “look you need to clear up the media situation! I don’t want to deal with being a superhero’s girlfriend!”
  • “I-I will!”
  • “Thanks”
  • “Hi, I’m spiderman.”

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Summary: Just a bit about Peter’s life when he’s an adult and he meets the girl of his dreams and they get married and go to her parents house for Christmas. I was going to write a smut thing but it turns out I don’t know how to do that.  I just got up to that part and everything just went kaput.

Warnings: I cursed a few times and this end on a smutty note where I gave up

Okay I’m going to be real with you, as much as I love the whole ‘imagine’ thing it makes me uncomfortable to write in first person (or second person) so I have an OC and I’d rather write about her, I’m sorry I know everyone likes imagines.

My OC: Her name is Amelia Foster (she goes by Mel). Her mom was from Pakistan, she met her dad on a vacation to Italy after she finished med school. They moved from Italy to the US when Mel was about 3. As for looks she’s about 5’5 with a soft light brown complexion, big dark brown doe eyes and black hair that reaches to her waist. She works as a journalist for the New York Times and has a pet dog named Ted.

The Backstory:

Working in New York, Mel’s assignments consisted of; covering Spiderman doing this, that, and that again. He started to become a big deal after his taking down the Vulture and it was all headline fame for the years since then since Mel Foster was assigned to be his personal biographer. 

Her dream was to one day meet him, get an interview maybe but alas he was a difficult man to keep track of. Nonetheless Mel’s powerful story telling ability and secret—very secret—attraction to the webslinger made the front page a hit at least once a week.

Eventually she did get to meet him, unconventionally but they wouldn’t have it any other way. She had been walking back to her apartment in Queens late one night when she saw some mysterious figure rummaging in the trash in an alleyway a few blocks away from her building. 

Walking closer she heard him cursing his heart out over some backpack, she saw it resting against a couple of cardboard boxes just out of his line of sight–which was not very large considering he was half buried in a dumpster. Normally she would have just handed it to the man but it was covered in webs. Webs. WEBS.

“Hey!” She shrieked trying and failing miserably to stay professional. The man fell out of the dumpster paralyzed with fear when his eyes landed on the backpack she clutched in her fist. He wore extremely fitted blue and red spandex and Mel tried to ignore that as best she could, his mask was tossed on the floor beside him. 

“You’re the-the-the spy-the spiderman. Guy.”

“Okay, miss, please. I need you to stay calm,” he said slowly standing up. “Just breath”

“I think I might pass out.”

“That’d be fine actually”

“What? No, fuck you okay I’ve got to get it together. You’re Spiderman. Oh my god I’m talking to Spiderman. I didn’t mean that, not fuck you. I’m sorry fuck me. I mean no don’t fuck me, that’s not right. Not to say you’re not attractive or anything because you are–”

“Oh my god,” he whispered, his cheeks were bright red with the light peeking to the alleyway from the street. 

“Thank you I couldn’t stop talking,” she said relieved that her mouth was forced to shut down. 

“You’re Mel Foster,” he said almost looking excited as he walked toward her. “Jeez, you’re Mel Foster, you’re the Mel Foster, you write for the Times!”

“Oh fuck you read my articles?” For some reason she felt terribly exposed. She knew that people all over the world read her stuff, she wrote for the Times for crying out loud but Spiderman?

“Of course! I have your first one on my wall actually Webslinger’s Wanderings, I saw it and I almost ran into a car.”

“Oh dear”

“This is so awesome, I never thought that I’d ever get to meet you,” he said his smile was beautiful. 

“The feeling’s mutual,” she said feeling herself relax, the grip on the backpack loosened. “All I get are your notes after you leave the scene, I think they’re adorable by the way.”


“Adorable? What no I didn’t say adorable out loud I meant considerate, very cool. Yea.”

“I’m guessing my identity is toast.” He said after a beat, she smiled and shook her head. 

“No I wouldn’t, I couldn’t do that. You’ve got a family probably I couldn’t risk putting them in danger and all that. And apparently you’re a fan of mine, my ego is too inflated right now to think like a journalist.”

“Well I thank you and your ego,” he said, she laughed.  "But please there must be some way for me to make this up to you I mean, you’re the Mel Foster.“

“Could you stop saying my whole name, please? It’s kind of freaking me out.”

“Sorry, Ms. Foster–”

“That’s worse”

“Mel,” he ventured with a near laugh in his throat as she held up a thumbs up. “It just feels wrong to meet someone who has such a big impact on my life and then just forget about them. Please, let me do something.”

She paused for a minute as if pretending to think even though she already knew what she wanted. Coming off as a freak for the millionth time in this exchange was the last thing she needed. 

“I’ve always wanted to interview you actually,” she said finally. “I wouldn’t say who you are in the paper or anything, just to add a little bit more to the person in the story, you’re kind of just a shell the way I know you." 

"I’d love to,” he said smiling again, Mel thought she might audibly swoon. She handed him his backpack. 

“There you are Mr. Spiderman,” she said, the could feel the weirdness resurfacing under her professional journalist facade. 

“Could you not call me by my full name, please? It’s freaking me out.” He said walking away to pick up his mask. Mel’s heart started to beat in her ears like a snare drum. “It’s–”

“Parker,” she blurted, he turned around bewildered. “You have it written on the inside of your backpack, Peter, I thought you superhero types were better than that. I’ll just wait for you here while you change,” she shrugged filling the shocked silence. 

Eventually he grabbed his mask and sauntered off into the shadows. 

Anywho, they had coffee and then they had another coffee and then dinner and then another dinner and then breakfast. Before you know it she was meeting Aunt May, and he was meeting Mr and Mrs Foster. 

A year went by and they had a little studio apartment nestled between Mel’s office and Stark Industries where Peter worked. The Spiderman articles were becoming more detailed and the editors couldn’t be happier, just as Peter and Mel couldn’t be happier. 

“Marry you???”

“What? Yes that was the question, yea.”

“Oh my god Peter, I don’t know what to say.” She fell down to her knees in front of him and hugged him close, his frame was tense and ungiving. She pulled away, “Honey this is the part where you hug back.”

"I’m sorry,” he said, a look of confused unhappiness shadowing over him. “What the heck is ‘I don’t know what to say’ supposed to mean? Aren’t you supposed to say yes? Are we sympathy hugging right now–” she laughed and kissed him, holding him, feeling him relax into her arms as he returned the gesture with clear understanding.   

“Not a sympathy hug, got it,” he breathed. “But to be clear though please just answer the question, lady. Will you marry me or not?”

“Yes, of course, I love you too much.” She said between placing kisses all over his face, he smiled and pushed her hair back. 

“Well alright Mel Parker,” he said dropping his voice seductively low, she giggled uncontrollably. “Sweetheart please stop this is where I whisk you away to the bedroom it’s very simple." 

"Okay, okay you’re right I’m sorry carry on" 



“This was the worst idea that I’ve ever had in my entire life,” Peter breathed as he shut Mel’s bedroom door behind him careful not to harm any decorations around the framework. He slid to the floor, half out of fatigue and half out of getting the best of doors without any locks in this godforsaken mansion.

“What is?” Mel asked, a note of smugness in her voice. She didn’t bother looking up from the book she was reading, Peter briefly considered webbing it away from her and throwing it into a wall.

“Don’t give me that complete and utter bullshit, Parker,” Peter hissed from the doorway, Mel chuckled at the way he hesitated on ‘bullshit’, not even Peter Parker, world class super hero, could bring herself to be so openly vulgar in the Foster household. 

“Them’s fighting words sweetheart,” Mel smiled as she turned the page without a care in the world, Peter fought the urge to jump onto the bed and strangle her.
“Why did I let you talk me into this? Spending Christmas with your family?”

“I thought you might have loved me, a little bit at least. I mean, we are married after all.” Peter rolled his eyes at her, she caught him in her peripheral and smiled.  

“Why didn’t we just stay at May’s–like we do every year mind you–where it is perfectly safe to make coffee without running into twenty-questions down there?”

“‘Twenty-questions’ would be my father,” Mel said still smug, she finally put the book aside. “Not that I find that a completely unfitting title.”

“I’m going home,” Peter said with an air of finality. “I’m going to go get May and I’m going down there and I’m going to tell them someone broke into our apartment and we’re getting on the next flight to New York and we’re leaving, all three of us.”

“Aw babe don’t talk like that,” Mel said, she adjusted her pajama shorts and sat next to Peter with her back to the door, it was large enough for both of them to keep the intruders out. “Why don’t you tell me what happened? You can be rash sometimes.” Peter glared at her. 

“Really, I am curious, they’re not super terrible people.”

“You’d be surprised,” he laughed with a dark humor. Mel picked a speck of dust off of his bright Christmas sweater. 

“Go on then,” she insisted. “spin your tale of deception and woe. If you don’t feel better by the end of it then you can leave with my blessing.”

“I’ll leave without it you know,” Peter challenged, Mel shrugged uninspired. “Alright fine: let’s start at the beginning; your mother won’t stop asking me physics questions.”

“You are a physicist dear,” Mel reminded him gently. “Stark Industries and all that.”

“And she won’t stop talking about Mr. Stark!”

"Oh no yea I feel that,” Mel agreed, her mother could be quite the Tony Stark fanatic. 

       "It’s uncomfortable,” Peter said almost upset that he wouldn’t get to argue about it. “Also, I’m pretty sure your father is trying to find faults in me all the time as if I’m not good enough for his daughter; ‘So, what did you get on your SATS?’ ‘How good are you at fencing?’ ‘Have you ever studied abroad?’ ‘What does your father do?’ ‘Oh when did he die?’ the list goes on and on.”

“Like I said, not an unfitting nickname,” she smiled.

“I don’t like it, Mel!” Peter shouted in a whisper. “I’m going home today and you can’t stop me.”

“Can’t I?” Mel asked mischievously, she sat up from the door across from Peter pushing down his knees hat he had tucked into his chest. Straddling his lap she placed a lingering kiss on his coffee flavored lips bringing a near smile across them. “You look really cute today.”

“Thank you.” He moved in to kiss her back but Mel had other plans. She just escaped his lips and smiled at him before she moved back in again harder this time. His head hit the thick wooden door with a small thump, Mel balled up the front of his sweater in her fists as she deepened the kiss. "Still wanna leave?” She asked breathlessly. 

       “God I hate you,” he whispered, his voice was rough and aching. Mel could hear a smile play at his lips. 

“How much?” She murmured kissing his ear, grinding herself slowly against him. Without warning he held her tight by her waist, she yelped at the sudden motion. He stood and lifted her in the air with ease, slamming her against the thick wooden door. 

“So fucking much,” he promised pinning one of her wrists to the wall, he kissed her moving to her neck nipping softly at her skin. His other hand worked it’s way under the elastic of her shorts. “I take it the feeling’s not mutual.”

“Oh fuck—“ you, she meant to say before he cut her off with his lips crushing against hers. She responded immediately opening her mouth with a low moan, her leg rode up his side.

Ba da da da da smut smut smut

They stayed there on the bed for a few moments longer before Mel leaned over and kissed him gently. 

“Persuasive enough?”

“It was okay,” Peter shrugged, Mel threw the nearest pillow at his face which he caught with ease. “But I think I would miss you too much in New York.”

“I do have that effect,” she said running a hand through his restless curls, he smiled.

“One more day?”

“One more, I promise. And then we’re zipping the hell out of here.” Peter’s eyebrows rose in surprise. “Don’t worry I hate it as much as you.”

“Well do tell,” Peter said excitedly pulling the covers over himself, eyes filled with wonder as if he were about to hear a bedtime story. Mel laughed turning herself toward him, kissing his nose. 

“They always talk shit about you to me whenever you’re not around. About how your parents are dead and how you grew up in a bad neighborhood. It’s just too much bullshit to handle sometimes. But they’re not all bad, I miss them sometimes in New York. That’s why I wanted to come here, I’m sorry I didn’t have  to drag you and May too.”

His face held a sad smile as he reached out and stroked the side of her face.

“Sweetheart, don’t think like that. I’d go fly out to see May everyday if she wasn’t in Queens. I’m glad we came down here and you got to see them, I’m sorry I didn’t understand.” He leaned in and kissed her sweetly breaking apart and going in again until she was giggling too much to continue. “I love you. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, I love you too. I’m really glad we’re married.”He smiled closing his eyes and leaning in for another kiss, she kissed him shortly on the forehead and got up from the bed. “Come on now, get up we’re going downstairs.”

“Can’t you just stay here and lie down with me.”

“Not a chance.”

“If you didn’t notice I came up here to escape your parents,” Peter said catching the barrage of clothes Mel threw at him.

“That’s why we’re going down together,” Mel said pulling on a pair of pants. ”I’m not letting you out of my sight.”

“Aww,” Peter said. “How weirdly adorably possessive of you.” Mel rolled her eyes. 

“I can’t stand you sometimes,” she said. Peter winked. 

“But you love me anyway,” he said throwing his sweater on and walking towards the door, Mel intertwined their fingers together. “I mean I love you catastrophically it is literally the only reason I’m staying.”

“And because we’re going to the mall right now to buy the rents the worst Christmas gift in the world.”

“Baby clothes?”

“Bingo, they are going to lose it.” Peter laughed into the echoey hall.

“You’re incredible,” he said. She gave his hand a short squeeze as they neared the staircase.

In Dreams

Rumplestiltskin finds a way to communicate with his wife and son after his seeming alliance with the Black Fairy. Post 6.19 “The Black Fairy”. Gold family one shot. Possible spoilers for the season finale.

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My Fan fiction
My Once Upon a Time episode reviews, essays, and meta

In Dreams

‘Only in dreams can men be truly free’

— John Keating - Dead Poets’ Society

Belle blinked and whirled around, her eyes going wide at her surroundings.

‘I’m in the Dark Castle,’ she said, shocked. She looked down and found herself in her old blue dress.


She turned again and saw her son coming towards her.

‘Gideon!’ she cried, reaching out her hands for him.

‘What’s going on?’ he asked, taking her hands: ‘why are we here?’

‘I don’t know,’ Belle said. ‘We’re dreaming,’ she added, frowning. ‘Your father gave us some tea and we fell asleep. He must have dosed our tea with something.’

‘He used magic on us?’ Gideon asked, looking a bit lost, and hurt.

‘Yes,’ Belle said, thoughtful. What was Rumple up to?


‘I don’t know,’ she said.

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“What are you doing out here? The party is inside.” Joe’s voice makes me jump a little and I spin around. “Sorry…didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s fine.” I smile over at him, shrugging. “I just needed some air though.”

His brows come together as he walks closer, eyes shining with concern.

“Everything okay, Y/N?” I turn my eyes away from him quickly, blinking at the tears that start to prick at my eyes.

“Just peachy. Thanks.”

“And I’m the queen of bloody England.” I can hear the eye roll as Joe nudges my shoulder with his own. “Now tell me, what’s going on.”

I let out a puff of air, staring at the setting sun. “He broke up with me. Via text.”

There’s a beat of silence before he replies.

“Always knew he was an asshole. This just confirms it. Who the hell does that anyway?”

“He does apparently.” I mumble, shrugging again.

“Want me to go punch him?”

“What?! No!” I turn and gape up at Joe, but relax when I see the teasing glint in his eyes.

“Hmm, probably smart. I’ll hire someone to go do it! Then I won’t leave a trace behind.”

I can’t help the laugh that escapes past my lips, and I watch Joe smile at the noise.

“Much better.” He nods. “You shouldn’t be getting upset over him, he’s not worth it.”

“So who is?”

“Is what?”

“Worth it.” I feel the brief happiness drain out of my body, and I wrap my arms around myself. “I’m tired of getting hurt over and over, I just want someone who is worth being there for. Who thinks I’m worth it.”

“Oh.” Joe responds before falling silent beside me. We stand side by side, watching the sun set together, our friends laughing and having a good time in his house behind us.

Despite having just been dumped, I oddly feel a sense of calm. Joe always managed to do that to me, and at this moment, I appreciate it.

I glance over at him as he shifts on his feet, and there’s something on his face that shows he’s nervous.

“What’s wrong with you, then?”

“Huh? Oh, nothing.”

I raise an eyebrow at him, “And I’m the king of England.” We both smile at my choice of words. “What’s on your mind, Sugg?”

Joe runs a hand through his hair, shuffling on his feet again. Nervous.

“This was not how I pictured doing this at all. goes nothing.” He lets out a puff of air, turning to face me. “I want to be that guy. The one that is worth it. Because you are. Worth it I mean. All those other guys, they were stupid. Blind. And I hate all of them. Because it should have been me from the start. I like you, Y/N. A lot. Possibly love you. But we’re just friends. So now I’ve probably gone and ruined everything. But I needed to say it. Although now I’m not sure I should have. Because this was stu-“

I throw my arms around Joe’s neck and kiss him suddenly, stopping him from saying anything more.

He responds instantly, wrapping his arms around me, kissing me back.

We pull back after a moment, and I grin up at him.

“I like you too, Joe. A lot. And I would have said it sooner, but you wouldn’t bloody shut up.”

“Sorry.” Joe grins back cheekily.

“Hmm, sure you are.” I laugh, reaching up to kiss him again.

“About bloody time! Guys, I found them! They’re making out outside!” Jack calls, walking back into house.

I blush and bury my face into Joe’s chest as he chuckles.


*** Part 2 with Rough Jax smut 💋 One more part after this***

“Jackie…Jackie give me the bottle.” Chibs placed a hand on Jax’s shoulder and gently tried to pull the bottle away from his hand. Jax wasn’t having it though and tightened his grip before snatching the Jameson closer to him, a sigh leaving Chibs. Jax had been like this for 3 days.

Juice however had spent the last 3 days doing Intel on everyone in the MC but had only ended up at dead ends every time. Even still, he’d refused to give up and had spent every second he could on his computer while Jax had spent his time drinking and in bed. He’d gone through a course of emotions, mainly anger and sadness but lately he was just emotionless. He barely spoke to or hung out with anyone except for Juice, wanting to know if he got any leads. He was snappy and rude with everyone and Gemma was the only one that had managed to sit him down and get a balanced meal in his stomach.

He was so angry with you but he missed you much more. You were his everything. No one had ever loved him like you did and he’d never loved someone the way he loved you. It had taken a lot for him to finally ask you to marry him, not sure exactly when you were ready. It wasn’t a subject you spoke on often but when he’d proposed, you we’re static, tears of joy flooding your eyes as you threw yourself into his arms. To him, you’d been excited and ready to spend the rest of your life with him so the fact that you’d walked out on your wedding crushed him.

He’d questioned everything these past days. If he’d loved you enough, if he made you feel appreciated enough, if he spent enough time with you. His brothers had assured him that your reason must’ve been tied to the club and it was. You were scared of losing him, or any of them. You were afraid of the violence and death that was coming more frequently recently. Even with the anger, he was worried sick about you and hated the thought of you stuck somewhere scared and in danger. He loved you despite everything but 3 days in his drunken thoughts had him sold that you simply didn’t love him and that caused him a searing pain.

Similarly, you were feeling the same pain at the thought of how he must be feeling. While you sat tied to the hard wooden chair, you contemplated how wrong of a decision that it had been to walk out. You’d been planning to go back later. You had never planned to not marry him, you just needed air and to think. You loved him with all your heart and it wasn’t being married to him that scared you. It was the fear of losing him at some point. You were so hopelessly in love with him, you couldn’t imagine losing him to the violence of retaliation one day. So you’d left to take a breather but now you were here tied up in this basement and your fiancé was probably in shreds at the betrayal. The thought brought on a fresh wave of tears and you bowed your head, the gash on your cheek stinging from the tears.

You continued to cry but got quiet as you heard the door to the basement open, Esai coming down the stairs. He smirked at you and laughed as he saw the tears on your cheeks, ridiculing you like he’d been doing the past 3 days.

“You still crying?” You said nothing and continued to look down at your lap, wincing as he pulled your head back by the hair. “I asked you a question puta.” He growled as you spit in his face and raised his arm to backhand you again but stopped as he heard movement upstairs in the house. You could see his eyes widen and he pulled his gun from his waistband, turning to you. “You better keep your mouth shut.” He turned away from you and headed back up the stairs, gun raised. You closed your eyes and hoped that the commotion upstairs was the club confronting his guys. You were sure that you’d catch hell when and if they found you but you were willing to take anything if it meant that you’d be able to feel your Old Man’s arms around you again. That was if he’d even still want you.

You flinched as you heard gunshots and shouting upstairs but it was so jumbled, you couldn’t really tell who was who. Footsteps pounded on the ceiling and you looked up as the door slammed open, Jax running down the stairs. You let out something in between a sigh and a laugh as he ran up to you. He held your face in his hands and you leaned into his touch immediately. Looking up at him, you saw dark circles under his eyes and his hair was a mess, a telltale sign that he hadn’t been sleeping much. You could also smell the liquor on his breath and your heart hurt knowing you’d put him there.

He pulled his knife from its sheath and cut the rope binding your hands and feet before placing his hands on your waist and helping you up. You leaned into him and hugged his body to yours like your life depended on it and he held you as well, one hand on your back and the other woven into your hair, keeping your head against his chest. “Jax.” You didn’t say anything else but he understood and nodded, pulled away from you and grabbing onto your hand leading you up the stairs. “Let’s go home.”


You stepped out of the bathroom in your towel and saw Jax laying in bed, staring up at the ceiling. You bit your lip and walked around the bed to your side and pulled off your towel before climbing into the bed, knowing you needed to talk it out. Jax looked over at you but didn’t even look at your bare chest, just kept eye intact as you laid beside him. You rested your head on your pillow and kept looking at him, a pout forming on your lips. “I’m-” Jax cut off your apology and rolled over, his body hovering above yours.

His hand took grip of your hair and yanked your head against the pillow, your neck exposed but your eyes still on his. His eyes held fire and his mouth was tight, his anger becoming more apparent by the second. His breathing was growing ragged and his brows furrowed. “What the fuck were you thinking?” “I’m sorry. I just got nervous, I didn’t-” “Do you love me?” You nodded quickly, your sadness showing in your eyes as you looked up at him. “More than anything.”

He said nothing but attached his lips to the base of your throat, kissing you roughly, his teeth grazing every now and then. You stayed still, thankful that he still wanted you after leaving and you relaxed into him. He moved down your chest, his teeth sinking into the top of your breast sharply. He growled at the sharp intake of your breath and continued down, not being gentle in the slightest, especially not when he he sank his fingers into your hips and flipped you over onto your stomach.

He pulled you up onto your hands and knees as he slid his boxers down and lined himself up, pushing himself into you quickly. You gasped and closed your eyes, bracing yourself with your hands against the mattress. Jax took hold of your hair in a fist, pulling your head and body back into him as his hips snapped. You moaned out loudly and he leaned forward some, biting the back of your shoulder.

You whimpered and at the painful pleasure and Jax picked up the pace, bringing his mouth to your ear. “I love you, but you better not ever fucking leave me again.” You nodded and turned your head, his lips pressing against yours for a quick kiss. “I won’t. I promise I won’t.” He nodded and sat back up, your whimpers turning into low moans as he pounded into you. “Better not.”

Jealousy. // Requested:  Sebastian Stan x Reader.

#11: If you touch her one more time, you going to deal with me. 

A/N: Not the best imagine :/ definitely not what I wanted to do for this request but it was kind of where the story took itself so waddayagonnado? 

Word Count: 1000+ 

Characters: Sebastian x Reader

Sebastian and I could make the best out of most situations- but this one seemed to have you both in a state of either rage or fear. Especially when the man had walked up to you, that really tickled Sebastian, did the joker think he could just come and hit on you in front of her boyfriend? Apparently he did, because that was what he was doing right now. It wasn’t subtle either, and that only rose the anger bubbling in his stomach. Especially when matters took a turn for the worse.

“Hi! I’m such a big fan! I have watched you since I was a teenager!” The voice spoke out, making you jump a bit from the surprise closeness of it, but relaxing as you realized it was a harmless fan, so you thought. The difference between harmless was the magic words that tranlsated over once you’d say thank you, and see whether they’d like a picture or they just wanted to interrupt a dinner between you and your boyfriend.

“You’re just as beautiful on screen as you are off.” 

Oops, there it was. Abort mission, YN… 

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