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would you be willing to write some more tony stark with peter parker and their father-son relationship? because i think it's so precious and i loved your story with peter getting drunk! maybe you could write something with peter being really, really sad and crying and desperately needing a hug and feeling like nobody cares about him and someow he finds his way over to tony. and before tony can even ask what's wrong peter just breaks down crying, so tony comforts him and hugs him maybe?


Everything was blurry. He felt wobbly on his legs; a little bit like he’d been concussed, except he knew there would be pain if he had. Physical pain, anyway. Or blood.

From behind him, people were laughing. It was loud and grated against his ears. He wanted to tell them to shut up; to scream at them, or hit them, but he knew he couldn’t. He was too strong. One punch might kill them, for all he knew.

He couldn’t do a damn thing.


More laughs. Someone shoved him in the shoulder, and he would’ve ducked out of the way, but it would’ve looked too fast to be normal, so he let them. 

“Awwww, guys, look at him, he’s going to cry!” Someone called out, and Peter looked down to the floor immediately, desperately fighting back the hotness behind his eyes. Fuck fuck fuck fuck- he wasn’t supposed to cry, he was bigger than that, he was a superhero for Christ’s sake, he could take a little teasing-

“Oh my God, look at him! He’s actually fucking crying!”

He wanted Ned. Or MJ. Where the hell were they- it was their spot in the school cafeteria, they were supposed to be here, he needed them to be here right now, everyone else was stood around him, crowding him, crushing him, he couldn’t breathe- he wanted at least one person on his side, Jesus-

“Aww, Peter,” came a soft voice to his right, so pretty and nice and exactly what Peter had loved listening to for such a long time now, “you really think I would actually have said yes? For like…serious?”

Someone shoved his shoulder again, harder this time, and Peter gritted his teeth, getting to his feet. He’d had enough of this, he needed to find…something, a toilet maybe, or an empty classroom-

Hands grabbed on to his jacket and shoved him back on to the seat again, and Peter physically fought back the urge to grab their wrist and force them off. He’d hurt them. He’d hurt them he’d hurt them he’d hurt them, he was too strong, he’d hurt them-

“You’re honestly one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen, Jesus, Parker,” someone else, a boy this time, leaned down and ruffled a rough hand through his hair. Everyone laughed again.

He was done.

Getting to his feet, he ignored the people who tried to push him back down again. Strength be fucking damned, he wasn’t going to spend another second in their company. He pushed at the nearest person he could reach, and then watched as they were yanked out of place and sent hurtling across the room, falling on to their back and rolling all the way across the cafeteria.

There was dead, stagnant silence.

Peter stared, horror-stricken. Oh…fucking Christ, what if he’d hurt him-

“What the shit?” The boy called out angrily, getting back to his feet and staring across the room with a look that could’ve curdled milk.

Right. Not that injured, then.

“What the fuck is your problem, Parker?” The boy snarled, beginning to step forward, and there was a crowd gathering now, obviously preparing for some sort of fight, and where the hell were all the teachers, shouldn’t they sort this shit out-

“FIGHT!” Someone called, breaking the silence, and then suddenly they were all yelling; chants and sneers, egging the other boy on as he took another step, vicious grin on his face.

Peter had to stop this. Immediately.

Turning on his heel, he did the only thing he could think of.

He ran. 

He ran and ran until he reached the main entrance, and then he kept running until the school was just a distant building amongst the many in Queens.

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i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up

a concept: mr. and mrs. lester have a bet on whether which of their sons will have kids first. every family get together, they attempt to go behind each other’s backs and hint at the concept of children with both sons and their partners, upping the ante each time until it becomes ridiculous and phil and martyn are forced to seriously consider the idea and boast about whose child(ren) will be superior, much to the barely concealed delight of their partners


ASOIAF Sibling Series 1/?: Asha Greyjoy & Theon Greyjoy

“Asha knew how it went with little brothers. She remembered Theon as a boy, a shy child who lived in awe, and fear, of Rodrik and Maron. They never grow out of it, she decided. A little brother may live to be a hundred, but he will always be a little brother.”

                                     - A Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin


Matsuda Hiro (Ikejiri) popped into Haikyuu rehearsals today!

hold up jane,

‘i see you enjoying that ass, you “outstanding heterosexual” you

(also are those three women, or?)

also           what is this

bonus: Jane Fonda being v sapphic in a deleted scene from Barbarella is always a nice after-touch. When. can. this. scene. be. released .already

i’m actually just looping around from being angry straight to just bein’ sad and defeated that tumblr is now automatically censoring a ton of queer posts but there’s absolutely nothing being done about the growing nazi/white supremacist/pedophile/pro-anorexia population on this website, and there never has been and never will be. ppl’s innocent art of 2 queer characters doing something domestic together like cooking will get flagged but ppl’s selfies will still have 200 likes from porn blogs. apparently one of these things is considered harmful and one of them is perfectly fine for minors to see.

(the british library flickr+discworld 2/?)

The Patrician flashed one of those sharp, fleeting smiles to say that something that wasn’t very funny had nevertheless amused him. ‘Veni, vici…Vetinari.’

a doodle of MOB•U to tell you that apparently the thing that compress trash is the toobox he brings with him and also that I will be dying again next to my laptop trying to write this second essay

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I guess buzzfeed did a thing where ace people could send in characters they relate to/see as ace and it's being attacked by aphobes and it's making me sad because apparently now your not allowed to be ace if you are 1) a PoC 2) Autistic or 3) also gay. So apparently I'm not longer allowed to identify as ace, or see characters like me as ace, because apparently being ace is only for white nt 'straight' people.

REGs will whine about anything. If they are be racist and ableist while doing so, well they just don’t care. I know it fucking sucks but the best thing you can do is continue being your autistic PoC ace self :) 

  • Grog, impatient: What are you guys doing down there that is SO loud?
  • Scanlan: Sorry, we met somebody who was even stronger and awesomer than you, but we still love you and we'll bring him out to meet you soon.
  • Percy, absolutely distraught: Keyleth.. has a pet giant... robot... I don't know what to make of this-
  • Keyleth: I have a new friend.
  • Vax: A wha- a what?
  • Percy, clearly put off: It's a thing I've been working on, but apparently someone else has done it first so nevermind.
  • Keyleth: But it's a thing you've been workin on-
  • Percy, in a bratty tone: NEVERMIND. I'm not working on it anymore!
  • Scanlan: You could do a pocket fisherman an-
  • Percy, now full on pouting: It's passé and stupid, I don't want to hear about it.

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Hello, me trying to find a fix I read a while ago but can't find now. Phil woke up and found out he had a baby that he doesn't remember having he woke up in an alternate universe or something and Dan doesn't remember either all I remember about the fic is that Phil names the kid Charlie and Dan helps him raise him and they fall in love while doing so? I'm sorry if that didn't make sense

Pretty Odd (Things Have Changed For Me and That’s Okay) - Baby!fic in which one day, Phil wakes up with a baby in his bedroom and finds out that apparently he and Dan are the only ones who don’t know where this baby came from, as everybody else claims that it’s Phil’s. What happens next is they then end up raising a baby together, with no less than a few existential crises from both of them along the way, as well as plenty of blunders and mishaps. Oh, and through it all, Phil starts falling for Dan but doesn’t dare tell him because he can’t risk losing his best friend.

- Sam

So apparently someone/people stole the albums and childhood photos Wonhos mom had on display??¿?¿? Like why would anyone think that’s an acceptable thing to do? They were out there for everyone to enjoy and now that trust between fans and wonhos mom is probably ruined tbh

Stealing anything is bad but taking the childhood photos is just crossing a line

[ rei voice ] ikari-kun

twenty days left till AN and i don’t think i’ll get to do a fenris one haha

eta: changed a couple of things up top

eta2: apparently i got the quote wrong 8D;;;;;;;;

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Apodyopis-- with Draco doing that on Hermione! All the love xx

Modern AU Draco x Hermione - Apodyopis; the act of mentally undressing someone. Coupled with - Gymnophoriathe sensation that someone is mentally undressing you. Author’s note in tags.

the oppressive architecture of textile

Hermione Granger, actual poster girl for due process, has had a rough week. She’d just barely survived on six hours of sleep for the last seven days, passing papers with topics ranging from Marxist readings of Shakespeare to the existence of feminist apologetics in Abrahamic theology, and just- give her a break. If she wants to virtually inhale the ultimate commodity fetish (vanilla bean crème frappuccino®, whole milk, extra whipped cream, grande), then, well. 

And, okay, that’s not all, exactly, it’s not the worst thing she’s done that’s against her convictions. There’s also this very tiny, almost inconsequential thing, and she can’t help it, okay, she - well, actually, she could, except that it would take willpower and god-breathed strength she frankly doesn’t have, to keep herself from mentally undressing actual starter pack Draco trust fund trash Malfoy. And- and -

It’s the stupid white-and-mint striped bowtie accentuating his Adam’s apple. And the gray cashmere cardigan falling just so across those broad shoulders. Malfoy has got the whole mass-produced, Instagram-worthy hipster aesthetic down pat, and Granger loathes it, absolutes abhors the whole principle behind the thing, but he’s pretty, in that distinct patrician way objected to by the patriarchy, so -

She imagines tearing his clothes off, basically - untying that ridiculous bowtie, unbuttoning his starched dress shirt, his designer jeans, letting them fall at his feet, the feeling of expensive, skin-warmed fabric falling away because of her fussy fingers. She imagines messing up that meticulously coiffed hair, kissing his pretentious tortoise shell Ray-Bans askew. Kissing him, full stop -

( - and continuing to take it further, with skin on skin, his mouth on the underside of her jaw, her fingers clutching his hair. She imagines the sounds he’d make, the low grumble ripped from his throat - imagines the sounds she’d make, his name in a variety of pitches - )

( - it’s the fantasy of it, the almost wrongness of this rich pretty boy starring in her bleary-eyed strip shows in the middle of a crowded Starbucks, the ridiculous strangeness of her wanting to give it up to this particular person, right-wing and out of her league. It’s what does it). 

She’s snapped out of her - daydream? inappropriate cinematic thought process? - reveries by the sound of a chair being pulled out beside her. And it’s just her luck, really, it’s just the universe deciding to upfront screw with her, that she looks up to see Draco Malfoy smirking at her, arms crossed over his chest. 

“I’m a pretty liberal guy, Granger, but at least buy me dinner first.”

The straw she’d been chewing on falls unceremoniously into her Starbucks cup. “What?” 

“Please. I’d been watching you stare at my crotch for the last fifteen minutes, mentally undressing me, and it’s - a feeling I get.” If possible, his smirk hitches higher on the right. “It’s totally fine, by the way. It’s the least I can do on behalf of generations and generations of male-propagated female objectification.”

Hermione rolls her eyes, forgetting to be apologetic in the face of this asshole. “Okay, so what are you still doing here?” 

Draco Malfoy, idiot, smiles. “So. Are you buying me dinner, or-?” 

Send me a word, and a pairing, and I’d write you a drabble

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Hey Edo, which Voltron series do you think has the best antagonists both in terms of being an actual threat to the protagonists and being compelling and interesting characters.

it’s really not fair to compare all the older series to VLD since there’s such a huge difference in era/budget/target audience/general dynamic style; the new series is so good all across the board in those aspects that drawing up any comparisons is pretty much shooting all the other series in the neck right from the get go. 

that said, i’m going to cheat a bit and say Beast King GoLion is the best. it’s not strictly a ‘voltron’ series but it’s still the basis of everything, and holy shit is it violent and scary. the pilots escape from a cannibal slave ship arena, shirogane gets killed within the first stretch of the first season (and later his younger brother is also killed trying to avenge him), prince sincline is not funny/generally incompetent like prince lotor is, mutilated corpses are regular background filler, princess fala’s remaining citizens constantly get murdered trying to protect her from the galra, planet earth gets blown to pieces, and honerva/haggar is the most horrifyingly merciless villain of all the ones they face.

i think this kind of stuff becomes most apparent watching some of the episodes with chibi/pidge. the older pilots (mostly) do a better job of taking all the horror in stride but there are a few chinks (like losing the pilots, missing his home and his mother etc.) where you can see the extent of how things affect their youngest member and it’s not pretty. 

Here's a What Not To Do

Seeing as we sherlollians are trying to focus on supporting fics and reviewing/commenting and posting recs for them this week, I thought I’d share a tip.

As a reader, what you don’t want to do is to comment on a fic for the first time in order to tell the writer that you had been enjoying it UP TO THAT POINT, but that this particular aspect of the plot now leaves you totally uninterested. So what that means is that for all those previous chapters the reader has been enjoying the fic, liking the plot, and yet NEVER felt the desire to voice it. The only thing that apparently made them feel like speaking up was when they found a complaint.

That, dear readers, is NOT how you comment on fics.

I… think cleaning every inch of the oven actually got rid of my oven problem and I can actually use it again? :D I had a problem where I’d turn the oven on and it’d smell really bad, like burning plastic or something? But I cleaned it again properly and now it doesn’t do that anymore! Hooray I can eat oven-made foods again. xD