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i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up


Matsuda Hiro (Ikejiri) popped into Haikyuu rehearsals today!

Here's a What Not To Do

Seeing as we sherlollians are trying to focus on supporting fics and reviewing/commenting and posting recs for them this week, I thought I’d share a tip.

As a reader, what you don’t want to do is to comment on a fic for the first time in order to tell the writer that you had been enjoying it UP TO THAT POINT, but that this particular aspect of the plot now leaves you totally uninterested. So what that means is that for all those previous chapters the reader has been enjoying the fic, liking the plot, and yet NEVER felt the desire to voice it. The only thing that apparently made them feel like speaking up was when they found a complaint.

That, dear readers, is NOT how you comment on fics.

even though i watched all the performances yesterday i just now thought about making a post talking about all the things i thought, so here.

- apparently the only 3 boy groups in korea are exo, bts and got7

- why do individuals do covers to group songs it just doesn’t come out well =/ all the fucking growl performances gdi

- why did moonbok do bts like ???????? i expected him to do a cover to a rapper or something like that, it just didn’t work (again, one guy doing a group song why) and honestly as someone who didn’t know him before produce and has seen so many people talking about him, i expected way more than that

- GOD BLESS TAKADA KENTA. honestly i’m so in love with this boy ;;;;;;;;;;; also i’m so happy with his song choice!!! I kinda expected him to cover teen top but i’m glad he didn’t because it wouldn’t have worked. and idk taemin fit him well and since he did a song in japanese he could focus on his singing and dancing instead of trying to learn the lyrics in korean, but since he still chose a kpop idol it worked perfectly!!! (also i have a friend who’s ult bias is taemin so i sent it to her and made her love him lmfao)

- the yuehua boys are the loves of my life i will sell my soul for each and every one of them!!!!

- also the mmo boys, rbw boys and brand new boys!!!

- god bless lee daehwi

- noh taehyun and ha sungwoon did the best performance, and you can fight me on that i don’t care. 

- half of the guys who got an f weren’t as bad as they made them out to be. lee seokyu (my babyyyyyy) was a really good dancer actually, they made it sound like he was really bad but he wasn’t… also yoo jisung… and there were more i can’t remember… oh the one from topp dogg i forgot his name oops but he did a really good performance as well and i heard he was in f so like ?????

- bless yul and sancheong they were so nervous i can kinda understand why their rank was low, they can do so much better than that ;;

- i’m still upset that mnet didn’t actually show like 80% of the performances especially the mmo and rbw boys because they were so great and like wtf

- i’m sure there was more i wanted to say but i forgot now so idk

i hope the show will get better now and that it was only bad because they had so many performances and couldn’t show all of them (though i think they could have showed more and only start the practice of pick me in ep 3 like i think it was with the girls right?)

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Dear Suri, I've been turned into the thing I hate most in the world and now I'm apparently 'mates' with some idiot with ripped wings. What should I do? - This is stupid, you know who I am


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"There's no case where an abortion would save a mother's life" Mean while I, a person with tokophobia, would kill myself if denied an abortion. I take that as an abortion would save my life because I will not stop until I'm dead if I am ever forced to carry a pregnancy full term. But you just consider me selfish in that case don't you? Do you consider all mentally ill, people with severe anxiety, selfish? Or only those of us who can't handle pregnancy to the point we'd commit suicide? Fuck off.

Things that apparently don’t exist in a pro-choicer’s world include c-section and sterilization. And, apparently now therapy is also not a thing. 

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Hey Edo, which Voltron series do you think has the best antagonists both in terms of being an actual threat to the protagonists and being compelling and interesting characters.

it’s really not fair to compare all the older series to VLD since there’s such a huge difference in era/budget/target audience/general dynamic style; the new series is so good all across the board in those aspects that drawing up any comparisons is pretty much shooting all the other series in the neck right from the get go. 

that said, i’m going to cheat a bit and say Beast King GoLion is the best. it’s not strictly a ‘voltron’ series but it’s still the basis of everything, and holy shit is it violent and scary. the pilots escape from a cannibal slave ship arena, shirogane gets killed within the first stretch of the first season (and later his younger brother is also killed trying to avenge him), prince sincline is not funny/generally incompetent like prince lotor is, mutilated corpses are regular background filler, princess fala’s remaining citizens constantly get murdered trying to protect her from the galra, planet earth gets blown to pieces, and honerva/haggar is the most horrifyingly merciless villain of all the ones they face.

i think this kind of stuff becomes most apparent watching some of the episodes with chibi/pidge. the older pilots (mostly) do a better job of taking all the horror in stride but there are a few chinks (like losing the pilots, missing his home and his mother etc.) where you can see the extent of how things affect their youngest member and it’s not pretty. 

Reasons Why I’m Going to Hell

Okay story time.

 So the SIM card that I have for my mobile was previously owned by some middle aged dude who apparently forgot to inform a couple of his friends that he had turned his number in. So now, on random days I get random calls from random people and there are hardly times where I understand what they’re saying (note that I’m from India and different people speak different languages) 

So to make things more interesting, I decided that the next time I get a call from an unknown number whose voice I don’t recognise I would start quoting Doctor Who or Supernatural to them. So yesterday I got another call from an unknown number:

 Them: Hello?

 Me: Yes, who’s this?

 Them: Can you hear me?

 *So at this point I realised that I’ve never heard the voice before and since they spoke pretty good English I knew that I was going to have fun*

 Me: Yes this is the Doctor. How may I help you? 

Them: I - I don’t understand. Who are you? 

Me: I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition. 

 Them: I’m sorry I don’t -

 Me: No listen to me. Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe. Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And don’t blink. Good Luck.

 Them: I really don’t understand what’s happening.

 Me: oh don’t worry it’s just wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. Oh and have you seen a big blue police box around here anywhere? I’m stuck in 1969. It’s a tad inconvenient 

 Them: Ma'am please. I would like to talk to [my name] 



Them: Are you still here? Do I have the wrong number?

 Me: *in a shaky and squeaky voice* um you’re talking to her 

Them: Okay so this is [my name]? 

Me: Yes 

 Them: Okay [my name], my name is [their name] and I’m your mentor from the Career Counselling program that you’ve chosen to attend. I got your number from your parents who asked me to contact you about when your session with me will be held…




i was a very proud droid mama today so

this is snuffles, my consular’s trusted seeker droid! he likes long oil baths and high quality replacement parts and is always eager to find things all over the galaxy! tatooine’s deserts? hoth’s glaciers? alderaan’s forests? he’s ready for everything! if he had a tail to wag he absolutely would~

a very good and very loved boy~ <3

(the british library flickr+discworld 2/?)

The Patrician flashed one of those sharp, fleeting smiles to say that something that wasn’t very funny had nevertheless amused him. ‘Veni, vici…Vetinari.’

i was going to put new tags mentioning a spoiler in the tags so i could also put the endgame there, but

i guess i already did that.

  • Max: *talks about liking skater boys because they're 'so cute doing their tricks'*
  • Max: *listens to Justin telling her how Chloe used to skate with them*
  • Max: *finds old photo of Chloe skating and reminisces about how this is the Chloe she remembers*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: YOU

(I’m doing it) on my own?” Keith, the temperamental rebel loner, says with a soft whimper like a little puppy scared of being left at home.

‘don’t leave me’ his face screams

[ rei voice ] ikari-kun

twenty days left till AN and i don’t think i’ll get to do a fenris one haha

eta: changed a couple of things up top

eta2: apparently i got the quote wrong 8D;;;;;;;;

  • me four months ago: man, I can't wait until my longfic is done and I can start focusing on other stories
  • me now: so when it's done I'll bring out a prequel for this character, and an AU, and maybe I'll do a sequel and a spin-off, and then I think I'll work on a prequel for this other character...

I just got back from pixiv and now i’m in the tags for reimob. wHAT in the fresh heck are all these weirdos doing spamming the tags???

They know this is fictional, right? 


Never mind that all these characters are fictional (meaning they don’t exist), but apparently their lives mean more than actual people who are just trying to enjoy themselves and mind their own business. I wanna draw some reimob now…

(Also, antis apparently don’t know how to use a block button or that same age aus/aged up aus exist. What a damn shame.) Lucky for me. The block button works fine ^_^.

When I'm in Jail...
  • Me: *In a dark corner of the jail yard* Yo, u got the stuff I asked for?
  • My cell mate: Yea. U got the photocard I wanted?
  • *she quickly hands me Bangtan's comeback album and I stuff it in my shirt after handing her a Namjoon HYYH Pt. 1 photocard*
  • Security Guard: *runs over* What are you two doing?!
  • Me: *starts running*
  • Some other jail mate: Dasi run, run, run
  • Entire Jail: *breaks into song* NAN MEOMCHUL SUGA EOPSEO

I’ll prolly make a gifset with Ward Meachump, or maybe Ward/Danny (apparently, my new ship; have a feeling I’ll be in the ward x danny tag for a while now), or maybe both. I prolly need to make something creative than just gifting scenes from the eps. 

Bite me

The “pastoral assistant” for the chapel on base made a comment this morning. As we were walking in, apparently she said something to the effect of oh have you been gone because we haven’t seen you in a while. I didn’t hear it, she said it to Major Dad. 


There was a day I took the baby by myself bc MD and the kids were just kind of sick. And there was a day that Dill had a really bad night and needed his nap that MD took the bigs by himself. 

What we haven’t been doing is going to their stupid “fellowship” session after where there’s donut and coffee and small talk. Because a) mass is at the absolute worst time for Dill’s nap now that he’s kind of on a schedule so we need to bounce and get him home ASAP and b) because I don’t want my kids to have a doughnut every single week. They don’t have a lot of sugar, doughnuts are sometimes treats in our house. 

They go to the little kids liturgy session every week and we make sure to say hi to our priest on our way out. 

It makes me angry all over again like the whole holding our baptism letter hostage. We were just getting into a good place of committing to go, even after Dill’s baptism next month, even though we’re kind of at odds with the faith aspect right now. But now I’m back to wanting to tell ‘em off and mic drop in May. Monkeys Out. 

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