apparently they aren't

tbh regs sound so much like cis straight people when they make those ~~mogai identity~~ jokes like thanks for that “pepesexual” joke it’s not like straight people haven’t done the exact same thing to invalidate my identities, I’m glad you feel proud of yourself for sounding so much like anti-sjws lmao


Halsey // Badlands + favourite lyrics


i made garbage at 2 in the morning
nem’s voice/roki’s voice is actually how i sound like when im all chirpy n dying at the same time so there u go


Below the cut you will find 40 67 small/medium HQ gifs of the beautiful Shyrley Rodriguez, as requested by anon. Shyrley is a Cuban-American actress best known for her role as Regina Diaz in The Get Down. None of these gifs were made by me, they are all textless, and there are no repeats. This will be updated regularly.

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cute lil 18 yr old ponyboy hc’s for avery’s birthday!! @eastsidecigarette

  • he honestly tells the cheesiest jokes ever and honestly finds them so funny
  • like “what kind of dogs do you find in a library” … “hushpuppies”
  • his laugh is so soft and quiet that sometimes you can’t even hear it but the smile on his face is so bright and contagious
  • does this thing where he puts his glasses on top of his head to wipe his eyes, then spends two hours looking for his glasses bc he “lost” them
  • loves just driving around at night, with the windows down if it’s warm enough, enjoying the quiet and how different everything looks at night
  • has this gray sweatshirt that he wears that has paint specks all over it and the ends of the sleeves are fraying because he always keeps the sleeves over his hands and it looks so adorable on him !!
  • is always soooo warm and is always keeping his hands in his pockets so they’re Extra Warm
  • wears the brown jacket that dallas gave him before they left for windrixville all the time now bc he’s finally grown into it
  • tried blackout poetry once w/ an old book from the library and it turned out really good but he felt so bad for ruining the book that he bought another one for the library 
  • has transitioned from the whiny phase to the pouty phase where he thinks he can get whatever he wants by sitting on the couch, crossing his arms, and looking at everyone with puppy dog eyes
  • is AWFUL at card games, so bad that no one ever wants to be his partner and he always gets caught trying to cheat too

ok i just watched the new dn and i’m really fucking confused because like

if it’s set in the us (which im assuming it is, given there are american looking cheerleaders and everyone looks white), then why tf is Light still called Kira

because that’s scrawled on a wall

why is he still kira

what the fuck even like i’m really confused by everything i just saw

i could accept a non-japanese L, and even a non-japanese watari (i think the watari cast is asian but tbh i sort of blacked out after i saw Light so… everything… is a blur)

but Light?

i said it in the tags before but… just because he’s acting that extra doesn’t mean he’s a white boy. what the actual fuck is… what

oh my god matSUDA

Another friend of mine is engaged. And I’m ecstatic for them like over the moon.

After that though there’s this underlying feeling of whelp that’s never gonna happen for me. And for the first time ever it was not a when is that gonna happen for me it was well I guess this means I’m done.

Which is so weird because it’s not as if I’m the last single person out of my friends- which because I’ve moved so much this group spans three states. So it’s not like I’m Bobby in company and everybody is like MARRIAGE! Where did you go wrong???

And I’m not alone or lonely. But I guess it’s kind of a thing where subconsciously there’s been this kind of coupling countdown and now it’s almost like some switch has turned on and it’s like well if it hasn’t happened now it’s probably not gonna happen kid.

Again I’m not alone in my singleness and it’s not like I’m rushing in sharing my space with anyone like I’m totally comfortable in finding an apartment for me, my dogs, and no one else.

But also I’m sad about it, because apparently when I was five I thought I’d be married by 21 and even tho now I’m like ahahahahaha- NO. Too young. I’m still like okay but why hasn’t this happened yet?

Idk ignore me it’s late and I needed to write it somewhere and I was too lazy to get my notebook and pens out.

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I present to you: if Narries were like Larries: "Niall is gay because only gay guys dye their hair!" *makes up a creepy timeline of when they could be together* *tweets graphic fanart and smut to their family members* "Kendall/Taylor/Celine/Barbara/Selena are whores and beards!!!" "@NiallOfficial is not Niall Horan" *sexualizes every aspect of their lives* (remember this @larries next time you want to attack narries)



IDK I’m experimenting with these neat new paint pen things that have awesome splatter possibilities and also work on black paper.

also still loving the silhouette