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Danny Phantom concept that I don’t think anyone thought about yet: these two. 

Every time I think about them, I feel as if they should definitely know each other?
They both have that Stupid Hairstyle and they’re both crusty old fancy adults who are secretly ghosts taking advantage of teenagers and ruining lives

Okay but can we all agree that the character contrast in Wonder Woman between Steve and Diana was one of the best, most thought-out things we’ve seen on screen in some time? 

I mean, think about it. Steve is a spy. He is used to doing things covertly and subtly. He likes to find the secret passages, physically and figuratively. Diana, on the other hand, is a warrior. She does things with force, whether it be gaining information or taking out the enemy. She barges right in, rather than looking for a secret entrance. Where Steve would rather place a bomb, Diana would rather prefer by hand.

At the same time, Diana is still so fresh in this new concept of war. She is the best warrior, but she has yet to see battle. Steve has externally hardened himself against the roughness and heartache of war. Diana focuses on the details (the people enslaved in the village) and Steve looks at the big picture (Axis powers are planning on killing more than just a village with the gas). These differences alone are what makes their team work; Steve keeps Diana focused on the mission, while Diana makes sure Steve remembers why the mission exists in the first place. 

They are divided by method, but connected by their goal and their hope of stopping more death.

Their relationship, both working and personal, was so beautiful and well thought-out that I got chills watching them work together. Their differences didn’t create friction, but gilded together like a machine. They did have hiccups along the way, but they learned from them and adjusted accordingly. This is how characters were meant to be written.

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“I’d like a Champagne Cocktail and this tall and handsome glass of water.”

Ignis/Aranea AU where Ignis is the bartender at prohibition-era Insomnia and Aranea is a loyal customer

Went to this speakeasy in Singapore and one of the bartenders was giving off serious Ignis vibes AND THUS THIS WAS BORN i’m so trash i can’t even make canon fanart kek ALSO APPARENTLY THERE ARE MORE THAN 10 SHIPPERS i m so happi

DC Super Hero Girls - Hits and Myths: The Journey

So apparently in the Super Hero Girls universe, not only does Steve Trevor work at a bakery/cafe, he stands outside it every morning with a muffin waiting for Diana to fly by. 

Michael has basically accepted to himself that he’s gay and totally in love with Jeremy, he’s completely aware of it every day but he just doesn’t act on it. He ‘knows’ Jeremy is straight and all he wants is to see him be happy.

Jeremy, though, is in denial. He’s bisexual, so it’s kinda easy to cover up the fact that he’s attracted to dudes, when he’s infatuated with this chick, Christine! He doesn’t actually like her romantically, though, which he can’t figure out. He’s sort of got a squish on her, but he’s liked girls before so he assumed this was the same. He’s loved Michael since year one, but this never really occurred to him until people (Rich specifically) started calling him out on it. Jeremy refuses to entertain the possibly that it could be true, though. He’s attracted to girls, and that’s all the convincing he needs.