apparently stealing is bad

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Au where snape gets a job at ministry as potioner/ spy (maybe especializing in disguise potions, and infiltration; like batman, only magic) soon after finish school; Sirius is a auror and him and Snape are partinered together and suddenly have to flee a scene where they cannot apparate; So Severus steals a car(parked from the bad guys); Muggle style, and they are able to escape in a mad chase scene. After all is done the thing Sirius is most incredulous of it is the fact that Snape can drive.

Sirius is like “Where the FUCK did you learn to drive????” and Severus is like “…………….I grew up in a muggle area for 17 years what the fuck are you on about.”

“Yeah well you never mentioned it.”

“I must have forgotten to contact an old enemy to tell him my life story, my apologies.”  

Sirius refuses to acknowledge how attractive he finds Severus for his ability to drive like a bat out of hell and remain cool in the middle of a life-or-death car chase. What are you talking about, Padfoot I’m only mentioning Snivellus because he drove the car. This is NOT the fifth time I’ve mentioned him today I was only talking about the CAR CHASE where I HAVE to mention him because HE DROVE THE CAR THAT’S IT STOP SMIRKING AT ME YOU WANKER.

white people justifying murderous police 101

ignorant person #1: #ifyoudidthecrimeyougetthetime

#2:  white assholes do what the cops say-just like you should do!!!

#3:  So black guys can do whatever they want if they are unarmed?

#4:  You know, when I don’t want to have a violent altercation with police, I don’t commit crimes and I don’t resist arrest. Working out pretty good so far.

#5:  #proudtobewhiteandright

#6:  If you commit a crime , and get aggressive with the police when they catch you,you should not be surprised if you get hurt.

#7:  drove through dealership..hmm now thats a practical safe thing to do on a weekend night.. surely nothing will come out of that.. oh wait.. taylor struggled … Hmm now why would a 19 yr old drive thru a dealership window unless he was out for some joy riding oh wait STEALING a car maybe.. but hey .. hes a saint.. i forgot.. we should all bow down to him.. smdh….

#6 again:  he was not an innocent victim. He was breaking the law. Come on guys . The police are not the bad guys here.

apparently, attempting to steal/damage property is a reason to be killed? there’s no justifying this. cops should be trained to handle situations with other non-deadly weapons. just because the cop says he struggled for the gun, doesn’t mean that’s the truth. 1) Was the gun already pulled out of the holster, and why? 2) Cops lie just as criminals do (case in point: the 3 cops that lied in Cincinnati when the video showed an entirely different story)