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Flarrow Friday Week Nine

Easter Eggs

As always, if you caught on I missed, feel free to send it here. You’ll be credited with the find!

The Flash

Both James Jesse and Axel Walker have been The Trickster in comics, though they weren’t related and never worked together. However, Axel did get his start by stealing all of his predecessors equipment.

The Trickster apparently loves Breaking Bad, comparing his final trick to the amazing fifth season of the show.

Mark Hamill channels Darth Vader,  admitting to Axel “I… am your father.”

The Speed Force gets name dropped here once again.

Mayor Anthony Bellows is played by Vito D’Ambrosio, the actor who just so happened to play Officer Tony Bellows in the 1990 Flash series.

Barry vibrates through a solid object this week, a power he uses quite frequently in the comics.

Henry Allen sees the equipment at S.T.A.R. Labs and admits “Half of this stuff didn’t exist when I was practicing.” Sure, he could be talking about the medical equipment since he was a doctor, but I like to think it was a little nod to the previous Flash series.


News Channel 52 makes another appearance this week. Always a nice nod to the New 52.

Maseo is hiding out in a building called Magnuson Plaza. This is likely a reference to Magnus Magnuson, a Stanford educated NGO turned eco-terrorist appearing in the New 52 Detective Comics #35 and #36.

Ray is treated by Dr. Lockhart, potentially named after James Lockhart, captain of the submarine Red Torpedo who first appeared in All-Star Squadron #31.

Ray Palmer is confirmed to be working on nanotech that can shrink objects, even if he isn’t shrinking himself yet.

Lance mentions the “freak in Central City”, a nice nod to the shared universe with The Flash.

Read on for our reviews of the week’s episodes as well as the teaser for the rest of The Flash’s first season.

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