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“This is a story my uncle (who is regarded as the “crazy uncle” in our family, he could have made the whole thing up) has told everyone in the family so many times that my grandfather has told to never tell it again or he gets no inheritance. Anyway… 

This supposedly happened in the early 90s (I think 91, but could be mistaken) My uncle says he was visiting a few friends in the US and they planned to go hiking and camping in a national park or forest or something. (Again, he hasn’t told the story for about 10 years, so details are a wee bit sketchy) My uncle said that right from the start something seemed off, one of his friends kept on looking off into the woods, as of looking for something, while they were walking along a trail and a couple of times there seemed to be sounds coming from where they were looking. 

On the first few nights they slept in tents and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Then on the 3rd day they reach a cabin owned by one of my uncles friends and stay there a couple more night before heading home.These nights at the cabin are when my uncle says everything went down. Apparently the friend who had been constantly looking off into the woods had seemed a little on edge earlier in the trip, but now he seemed super agitated. 

The first night at the cabin they heard this horrific scream, very high pitch, off in the forest, but thought little of it, assuming it was aboard or coyote or something. But apparently, this scream made the agitated guy even more so. Over the stay there they were constantly woken during the night by moaning noises, or by knocking sounds, like someone tapping on the side of the cabin with a branch or something. There were also sounds of things on the roof, things scrambling under the cabin (it was elevated off the ground) and apparently on the last night at like 4am, there was a huge crashing sound which woke them all up and brought them running to the living room, which the front door opened directly into. 

The front door had a bunch of big cracks in it and they saw what seemed to be a large dark figure in the window, silhouetted by the moonlight, which seemed to move slightly then disappear. When they checked the door in the morning it looked like something had been smashed into it, leaving a big mark where the wooden door had been crushed.They freaked the fuck out and got out of there ASAP. 

On the way out, the agitated friend revealed what had been worrying him, apparently he and one of his friends had planned to scare everyone by having his friend dress up in a bear costume and follow them though the forest and then lunge out of the woods at them on the last night before the cabin. This friend had seen his buddy going into the woods in his bear suit, seen him following them on the first day and been faking being worried about the “bear” and then on the second day, the bear friend couldn’t be seen and the guy had become worried for him, especially after hearing the scream a few nights later.

This spooked everyone even more because the guy who had disappeared was apparently an experienced hiker who shouldn’t have had any trouble in the woods. Apparently there was a general feeling that whatever had smashed the cabin door had been out in the woods with this guy and you only had to connect the dots to see this guys fate.

There was a search for him with the police and such but apparently it didn’t last to long, and only a half empty water bottle and a hat were found, unknown if they even belonged to the guy.The friend who owned the cabin put it up for sale a few days later. Most of them thought it was a bear or some psychopath messing with them, but my uncle, who has always been quite religious says it was a demon who was stalking them, apparently he felt guilty, because he was a minister (or pastor or whatever they call it) and the demon and specifically been after him, which is why the friends had never experienced anything similar before. 

I remember last time it was brought up, at Christmas 10 years ago, my grandfather silenced my uncle by saying “you experienced a Sasquatch, big deal, now shut the hell up and let me eat my potato” I remember that exactly because my grandma made a poster of that quote and keeps it on their wall.” 

-Gollermas (What is the most mysterious/paranormal thing you’ve witnessed?)

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So apparently you went to my uncle's car store with research questions about cars for your book. When he took me to the bookstore to buy TRB he was like "I talked to her once, she came into the dealership." Yeah, and then I died of excitement.


Because if so, it was this:

And sitting in one made me write about one and then I was forced to buy one and so therefore the dealerman who let me sit in an Evo is the entire reason why I now have a very yellow boy-racer that I get tickets in all the time.