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Behind the Scenes of Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead (Part Two)

An excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s interview with Catherine from DWM #399

Later that day, in the breaks between scenes, Catherine, David Tennant, and various space-suited actors sit around a small table in the green room, playing the card game Switch, while River Song […] tackles the Daily Telegraph crossword. (“A large barrel? Three letters?” she wonders out loud.  “KEG!” replies everyone within earshot.)  Meanwhile, Catherine plays her Ace of Hearts, prompting David to exclaim, “Now, why would you want to do that?”

“Because I’m going to win,” she whoops.  “Get in!  One card left!”

“is that so?” David laughs.  “Just sit still, missy.  Sit still”

Afterwards, David sets the record straight: “Catherine gets too competitive,” he smiles, cheekily.  “It blinds her - blinds her to the tactics.  She gets overexcited.  She needs to be a bit more cold-blooded.  She needs to step back.  She needs to breathe.  She wasn’t winning.  She was fighting a losing battle.”

“Was David claiming that he was the best?” chips in Catherine, surveying her co-star with an impish eye.  “Well, he wasn’t the best.  He’s deluded.  I was the head of the leaderboard by a mile.“  The score sheet on the wall indicates that she’s beating David 13 games to ten.

“Can we step you back on set, please?” requests Dan Mumford, the First Assistant Director.

Catherine gasps.  “But I’m about to win!”

“Sorry, you’re needed on set.”

She tries another tack:  “Um… which set?” she asks, innocently.

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i am so embarrassed

My dad and I went to fuel up together at a gas bar in town today. He gets money off a liter for being military, so I was getting in on the deal. 

Basically, I pulled up at a pump and he pulled up directly behind me. He filled my tank, and then I pulled my car ahead and was supposed to pull his car ahead so we could just use one pump and pay one tab for both cars. 

I got in the car, looked down, and just thought Oh Fuck.

I couldn’t remember how to turn on his fucking car. 

I have been driving a standard for several years now and have not been behind the wheel of an automatic in as long a time. I am used to depressing the clutch, holding the brake, and starting the car. But an automatic does not have a clutch. It does not have that integral first step for me to turn on the fucking car. 

So my dad is staring at me through the windshield like I’ve lost my fucking mind. 

I decide to go for it. I clamp my foot on the break, start the car, and then I get stuck again trying to figure out how to make the car move. There is no gear shift. There is only the control that takes it directly into drive. I put it in drive, but then I couldn’t remember what would happen if i took my foot off the brake - would it stall without putting a little gas on first? Would the car shoot forward? Would I run my father over in front of god and several people pumping their gas? 

I tried to play it safe. I tapped the gas while releasing the brake - same as I would easing out of first gear with my car. 

I just end up revving the engine, and my father is officially staring at me the same way he stared at my brother that time he shoved cinnamon up his butt - like he could not believe he raised these ridiculous children to adulthood. 

Eventually, I managed to creep the car forward five feet so dad could pump the gas. This involved me going STOP START STOP START several times and looking like an absolute tool. 

I crawled out of the car so ashamed of myself I couldn’t even look him in the eye. All I could say was “I forgot how to drive.” 


The car I forgot how to drive? It used to be my fucking car! it was my first fucking car. I learned to drive with that fucking car. 

I am so ashamed of my self right now. 

Behind The Mask

Matt Murdock/ Reader

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Words: 1.570

Summary: So what if you have a crush on the vigilante Daredevil? It’s not like he knows you personally.

Request: Can I please request a Matt/reader where they are friends but she doesn’t know yet that Matt is Daredevil, and one day they start talking about DD and Foggy starts bugging her about “having a crush on the Devil”(and she doesn’t deny it). And later on, Matt makes a move as Daredevil and drops a hint or two of who he really is?? Thankyou :)

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Requested by: @iamthemaskhewears

Author’s note: im glad to see that daredevil fans aint dead. did a slight twist to the prompt

You take a long hard look at the reported photo of the vigilante Daredevil elaborately leaping to a nearby building plastered on the front page of the newspaper. The identity of his true self is unknown and the mystery surrounding him makes you want to know more about this infamous vigilante.

“Really, Y/N? Again with the newspaper?” Foggy’s voice comes from behind, making you grin at what he might say next.

“Next thing I know, you have a shrine of Daredevil in your closet.” He places a mug of hot coffee on the coaster next to you.

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sam or cait?

gonna have to go with….


It’s a fabulous show and even more fabulous set of books. 

I highly highly highly recommend!!

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I still think Touka said that to dissolve the tension and give us a funny cliffhanger lol, but then the talk will be serious. Who knows with Ishida though lmao

Hey Anon :) and yeah, maybe! But at the same time…

To me, Kaneki looked more relaxed than he had been in a long time (probably the result of his talk with Akira), he’s even the one who brought up the subject and the narration (that was added by the magazine) apparently says that Touka “wanted to ask [this] for a long time” so… Maybe she had a real reason to ask such a question and we will have to see which one in the next chapter. xD

That being said, I don’t doubt the possibility of a serious talk even though we got such a cliffhanger, on the contrary. And for all we know maybe it’s a little test by Touka to check what Hide once told her:

Because maybe she wanted to put him off guard, so that they could have a good laugh and then it would less awkward to talk.

Or maybe she’s genuinely curious because she knows he left his subordinates (the Qs) behind when he left the CCG, so she’s wondering if, besides Akira, there is someone else very important to him who’s still working at the CCG. Someone she should spare if she faces CCG investigators. 

A lot of things can happen in four years after all, and besides they’re both grown adults now, so it wouldn’t be so weird for Kaneki to have had a girlfriend in the CCG that he had to leave behind after the Cochlea arc. 
And it just came out so unexpectedly because Touka feels awkward about asking, or simply because it was necessary for cliffhanger reason since this chapter might be the last one of vol 11. :))

Honestly, there might be a lot of other reasons but I’m trying to remain logical and anyway, I really think the talk will turn serious once all the coffee will be down on the floor. xD
It made my day though, because it literally got me out of bed this morning, surprising as it was, haha!

Thanks for passing by Anon, please have a nice weekend. :))


A finnish anime magazine had an article on Hiroshi Kamiya and Kinshiro is there!!


Little Tom pistol

Designed by Alois Tomiška c.1905-1920 and manufactured by the Wiener Waffenfabrik c.1920-25.
.32ACP eight-round brass magazine, single action/double action blowback semi-automatic.

An interesting feature of this gun, beside being one of the earliest double action design ever produced, was his top-loaded magazine. Apparently it was designed for new magazines to push empty ones from the bottom of the grip.

Found a fashion magazine we apparently have omg, then this picture died and I had to redraw everything from the bit of Marcus I had remembered to save;;;;;  Wrench’s outfit is from Chitose Abe line, and I think the outfit Marcus is wearing was styled by Anthony Franco

These bois on a date yo


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133, Jason and Tim?

133: “Slushies aren’t just for kids, fuck society.”

“No, Jason, you don’t understand,” Tim’s saying. “Society has—it’s made up this thing where you can only get slushies if you’re, like, ten, and it’s bullshit.”

“Uh-huh.” Jason flips to the next page in his magazine. Apparently manbuns are in. He’d say something about being super behind the curve on that trend, but he didn’t think to check the date on the issue when he grabbed it in a waiting room, so it’s probably old.

 “And when I try to buy slushies, I get these looks. You know, like.” Tim stares intently at his hand for a full minute before looking back up at Jason. “These looks.”

It’s definitely old. There’s an interview in here with an actress about a movie he saw with Roy last year. And it was terrible. “Sure, Tim.”

“It’s a conspiracy! A society… conspiracy… I just want slushies, Jason.” Tim lets out a whimpering noise, and Jason sighs and puts his magazine down.

“Look, just eat your ice chips for now. It’s like a slushie.” Jason holds up the cup and shakes it enticingly. “A plain slushie. We can get you a real one later, and if anyone gives you a look, I’ll tell them to knock it off. Okay?”

“You promise?”

Jason sighs and pats Tim’s hand, careful not to hit any IVs or sensors or crap. “Yeah, Tim. Promise.”