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Zootopia: ☾ Sleep Headcanons

For @sibera-the-wanderer : Nick and Judy (PLATONIC!)

Headcanons in a whole seven teensy teeny little fics!


1. Night Cap.

“You’re drunk, Carrots.”

“Psh… no I am naht.”

“Yes. You are. C’mon. It’s bed time.”

“But I wanna partay!”

“We’re not doing that. Drink this coffee.”

You drink this coffee.”

“I would, but you need it so much more than I do.”

She palms his face. Or tries to. Her hand sort of lands on his chin. “You’re stupid.”

He pats her hand. “Thank you, Judes.”

“Your face is stupid.”

“Have you seen yours right now?”

She makes a noise that’s half between a laugh and half between a burp. And then she throws up on his feet.

And then, after that, she passes out.

All in all Nick learned, as he’s taking his third shower of the evening and still somehow smelling like carrot vodka, Judy was never to take part in a drinking contest against Del Gato ever again.

Unless, of course, he remembered a camera.

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Do you know why Sarah and Susan Dennard aren't apparently friends anymore?I really loved their friendship and people keep saying stuff about it and I don't really know what to believe.

I don’t know the real reasons, but I know they had a major falling out which included Susan subtweeting SJM basically saying she was toxic. There’s a thread on Reddit here that kind of goes into some details. 

Day 6: Catherine/ Jemma Appreciation.

I’ve been pretty deep into Jemma (in case no one noticed!) recently. It’s difficult to recall, now, and seems a bit surreal, but when I first became embroiled in the Berena fandom, I was quite apathetic about Jemma. 
Serena Campbell was definitely my gal. Glad the blonde was making her happy etc. but didn’t really see the big deal about Jemma Redgrave. 
Ho boy! Oh boy o boy! Did that come back and slap me ‘round the face and call me a liar!
So it would be rather easy for me to sit here and wax lyrical about Jemma… for the 400th time this month alone, and then I thought no! 
You came for Serena Campbell, and Catherine Russell brings her to life, and Catherine Russell sometimes gives you life, when you’re having a rough time and then she tweets about her pubic hair and late periods. SO… Catherine Russell, everyone! 

Under the cut, because many pictures. Much gushing.

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Verayln and Oliness

@ladykestrrel @taylordraws

All right, here’s my answer to you asking which ship is preferred. I had a lot of thoughts, sorry if it’s kind of long, so here we go. I love them both, because with both you see the different types of attraction between them and how their environments and personalities affect how the see each other, and how they react to that. But, if I had to choose, it would be Veralyn.

Oliver with Nessa, it’s like sparks fly (no Alyn pun intended), Oliver sees her and he’s like “Her, she’s my one and only”, while Nessa has to peel back layers of arrogance and flirtatious remarks of him subtly trying to ‘woo’ her, to find the sweet, devoted and vulnerable core that he only shows to her. She starts to fall in love with him, they learn about each other and they become to be head over heels. But, their romance between each other shouldn’t be happening from their different social status, and Oliver still needs to find and save his sister.

With Alyn and Vera, they were friends first, with Vera’s gravity, she pulled him in but it was Alyn that got to know her more after he spent time with her, and realized they have things in common. He grew protective of her, and after years of feeling left out and alone in the world, she is the one that he decided to finally let in, he put down his walls for her, and he put himself out there. The friendship bracelets were like a key unlocking their future together, the key that would open Alyn up to Vera, and would lead to a slow burn romance between two close friends that feel attracted to each other. But the difference between Vera and Alyn from Nessa and Oliver, is that it’s not their social status or their royal duties keeping them apart, it’s themselves. They don’t want to mess up what they’ve worked so hard to achieve, their friendship, their trust. To me, the ultimate form of trust is to give someone your whole heart, and I think hat is what scares them the most.

What if we break up? What if we never want to see each other again? What if I lose the best thing that’s ever happened to me? What if I hurt her?

What if we break up? What if we never want to see each other again? What if I lose my best friend? What if he only loves me because of my powers pulling him in?

I like the complexity of their relationship, they love and trust each other but they have this constant doubt nagging at them in their brains, they couldn’t possibly be this happy. Since when is that allowed? And their powers add in on this, Alyn is deathly afraid of who he is and what he’ll become, he’s afraid he might hurt the first person he’s ever truly loved. Vera is afraid that he’s not even in his right mind because of her powers, so many people have been attracted to her, but it was different with them. This is Alyn. This is someone she whole heartedly is in love with and trusts with every fiber of her being but good God, what if he’s not even really in love with her but even he doesn’t know that?

Their relationship is so complicated and complex, but that’s what makes it so beautiful and interesting! I think everyone knows what it’s like to crush really hard on someone you’re friends with or trust a lot but not want to act on it out of fear and doubt. Their friendship is so solid and relatable, and just by looking at an art piece with them in it, or just a sliver of a story about them, you can just tell by the way they interact that they’re incredibly good friends, from dialogue, which can either be them joking around and laughing or having a serious conversation, to their movements, gestures or actions. Those small moments of ‘Should I hold her hand? Wait- are my palms sweating?’, 'Would it be weird if I hugged him for just a couple more seconds? Or if I squeezed him really quick?’

That hesitation, those moments where they cross the line between friendship or something more, having silent conversations just by looking at each other and knowing what the other is thinking at that very second. She’s held him while he cries, comes over to check on him in an instant, he would put his life on the line for her, and in his mind, it's fuck him and his own safety, Vera comes first, ALWAYS.

I love these two, their devotion is apparent in both friendship and romance, their love is realistic on how it blooms slowly and naturally between two close friends, they truly were made for each other and they were made for something more than being alone and afraid their entire lives, I hope they realize it soon enough.

I deleted our old messages out of anger and heart break, but I remember our last serious conversation.
We stood on the dock outside of his house. We talked about how he was seeing someone else after 8 months of the same girl hating him and not speaking to him. She finally went on a date with him for no apparent reason. He told me he still loved our friendship and even joked that I’d be the best man at their wedding.
They’re getting married in two months.
I wish he knew that I want the best for him. I was so angry at him for not loving me and for leading me on for nearly a year. I saw him across a large room in January, but that was the first and last time I’ve seen him for months.
I don’t know. I was bitter for a while because of the way everything went down, but ultimately I loved him in some way or another and I genuinely want him to do well and be happy. Even if I wasn’t part of that equation. I still want him to have the best, even if the best isn’t me.

I’m Gonna Find Another You.

I relaxed against the porcelain of my tub, closing my eyes briefly as the soft sounds of jazz filled my bathroom. Moisture had already begun to fill the air with the hot water I filled my tub with and the bubbles now decorating the surface of the water.

I had been waiting for this moment all day after many hours of staring at proposals and being in and out of meetings at work. The warm water seemed to relax the tension in my body and I soon found myself relaxing and enjoying the smell of ginger from the shampoo I had filled the tub with.

The twins Dakota and Danielle were in the middle of the upstairs hall with practically every toy they owned surrounding them as they tried to decide which ones they were going to pack up and put in their overnight bags.

Gareth had agreed to take them to his place for a few days, figuring that I needed the rest and now that he was on holiday he wanted to spend as much time with them as possible.

It was weird Gareth and I’s relationship. He was my ex-husband and to most that title should have been enough to hold negative sentiments towards him but I never did. I had loved Gareth like I had never loved another man and we had two beautiful children to show for it. I would never forget that. He would never let me forget that.

The random trips abroad just for fun, the dinner dates we had every other Thursday, the nights we would just cuddle on the couch and search for a random movie neither of us had seen to watch…

He was my first in a lot of ways and I his. Sure, I hadn’t been the one to take his virginity though he had mine but I had given him a lot of other first experiences. I was his first real love, the first woman he had fallen head over heels for. I was the first woman to meet his parents. I was his first marriage and though we had wanted it to be our only, things didn’t quite turn out that way.

It was an amicable split. I think I had grown tired of the times he was away or the times his schedule just got too busy for me and I think in a way, we both knew it was coming. It wasn’t like we had stopped loving each other but the affection started to fade. I spent less nights waiting up for his arrival and he spent less time on making sure we were still on the same page in regards to our relationship. Add in the havoc the twins caused and it was like the basis of our relationship in the beginning was lost.

I don’t think I’ve ever stopped loving Gareth and that was apparent by our continuing friendship even post-divorce. It confused a lot of people. The press always questioned if the two of us were working on getting back together. Our friends always made jokes that we had never really given each other up but were just testing out the waters for a bit before we returned to each other. We simply dismissed those claims with laughs of our own.

I stayed in contact with his family and he stayed in contact with mine especially since everyone had fallen in love with Dakota and Danielle, Dakota being the boy with so much personality and Danielle being the one who followed his every move. Sometimes I think people invited me places just to see the pair. As a mother, I didn’t get out much and I didn’t think I really needed to considering how much personality my children provided. Who needed a movie when you had those two?

It seemed as soon as I thought of them, I heard their small footsteps outside of the door and their loud bangs on the barrier. I groaned thinking I would have to cut this bath very short to settle whatever dispute the twins were having. “Yes?”

“Dad’s here!!!” They both yelled together enthusiastically.

“Okay. Open the door.”

The last thing I felt like doing was getting up and the twins seemed content with my answer as they ran away from the door and presumably downstairs. I grabbed my phone beside me and dialed Gareth’s number. He quickly answered.

“Yes, Mrs. Bale?”

His greeting immediately made me roll my eyes. “You’ve got to stop calling me that.” I could hear his chuckle on the other line. “Are you downstairs?”

“I am.”

“Okay. Just checking. Kota and Danny are going to let you in.”

“And you aren’t because…? Lazy?”

“Goodbye, Gareth.” I didn’t entertain him any longer, smiling and hanging up the phone instead. He knew this place as well as I did so it wasn’t like it would be uncomfortable for him to enter without me leading the way.

I relaxed back in the position against the back of the tub as I had been in before, feeling my exhaustion practically lull me into sleep but I fought against it. I could sleep all I wanted once the kids were gone.

The silence in the bathroom didn’t last long as I heard the door pop open. I lifted my head and saw Gareth enter with a sly smile, closing the door behind him.

“Seriously, Gareth? I’m naked!”

“I’ve seen you naked so many times I could write a book about it.” He didn’t let the fact I was nude under the covering of the many bubbles deter him from walking over and taking a seat on the edge of the tub.

“Is there something you need?” I peaked my eyes open and looked up at him while he looked at me with that derpy smile.

“Nope. Just came to say hi.”

“Well hello.” I closed my eyes again, listening as Gareth continued talking.

“Are you sad or something?”

“Why do you assume I’m sad?”

“The music.”

“It’s relaxing,” I countered.


“You know, as your ex-wife it is highly inappropriate for you to be in the bathroom with me while I’m in this tub don’t you think? What will you say when your wife asks about this?”

He chuckled, holding up his fingers as he talked to illustrate his thoughts. “Okay, one…” He held up one finger. “She is not my wife. Let’s set that fact straight first. And two…” The second finger went up. “Who asks ‘Did you sit in the bathroom while your ex-wife took a bath?’”

He could talk his way around or out of anything.

“Well how about I just call her and tell her myself?” A teasing smirk formed my lips as I opened my eyes and looked towards him.

He simply shook his head and smiled, leaning a bit closer to me. “Are you sure you’re not still in love with me and don’t want me all to yourself?”

I laughed. “Oh, I’m positive. I already have to deal with your mini-me’s. Throw you back in the equation and I’m going to need drugs, alcohol, something.”

Gareth chuckled once more. “I hate you. I hate you so much.”

“Ooh you sound so sexy when you say that.” I pretended to moan in satisfaction, raising my shoulders up to my ears as I pretended to be experiencing a pleasurable moment.

This was Gareth and I’s relationship now. We co-parented well but we also were able to remain good friends. Friends that were able to joke and even hang out sometimes though I kept those invites to a minimum. I didn’t want people to get the wrong idea and I also didn’t want Gareth’s girlfriend thinking there was something going on between us. So far she seemed to be okay with our friendship.

I hadn’t reached out and tried to create a friendship with her. That would be much too awkward and I also didn’t really know how long Gareth planned on keeping her around. From what he told me, he wasn’t in love with her nor did he love her. To me it seemed she was just around for him to be entertained but I kept those thoughts to myself. It wasn’t my place to question his relationships.

I felt a splash of water to my face and it didn’t take me long to know who was responsible, Gareth sitting on the edge of the tub while laughing and continuing to spray little bits of water on me. “You are so childish.”

“That I am.” He finally stood. “I’m going to finish getting the twins ready. Hurry up with your bath.” He began walking out of the bathroom until he turned around to me when he reached the door. “Nice boobs by the way,” he winked.

Oh, Gareth.

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Do you think there is any hope for Ed and Oswald romantically?

honestly im so conflicted about this whole thing, i completely believed they were going to get together or AT LEAST give this romantic plot a closure, but then robin’s recent interviews came up, where he talked about the new love interest and the fact that apparently 3x15 was just ‘friendship’ and straight dudebro ed missing his Friend and all so i have i clue what to think?? and it looks like they won’t even be sharing many,,, if any scenes in 4A??? i just….don’t want them to drag this out because i’m already way too bored with all of this….we don’t even know if they are ever going to address it again or just stick with the 'will they be /friends/ again?’ thing. im Tired

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Fun! Can I get a #14 with a side of #37 for reader x Poe ?! This is so much fun! Thanks for doing this for people like me who can't write for sh*t!

Poe Dameron + Drunken Talk + Desperate Kisses

“Do you?”

Poe raised a brow, looking down at you. Given that your head was on his chest, it was a bit difficult, but he still managed.

“Do I what?” He asked.

“Think about dying.” You said. 

Normally, you were a bit more of a fun drunk, but after everything that’s happened with the war in the past week, you’d been more solemn. The whole mood on base was somber. Poe was the same way.

“Not really.” He answered after a moment of silence, a small smile on his lips. Even when being so serious, he never failed to manage a smile.

“Oh.” You muttered, tapping a finger lightly on his chest.

You and Poe had been the best of friends since you first met. It was a lighthearted friendship between two genuinely good people. Sure, there were times where you both struggled, but nothing could break the bond of your friendship. Apparently not even love, considering you’d been hiding that particular secret from him for about a decade now.

“Do you?”

You shrugged awkwardly, exhaling softly.

“Not really.” You echoed. “Well, not me dying, anyways. I think about you dying.”

Poe laughed.

“And now you want me dead?” He joked, his slender fingers soothingly creating patterns along the plane of your back.

“That’s not what I meant.” You murmured, half hoping that he didn’t hear. He did.

“You don’t have to worry about me.” He assured you. “I’m the best damn pilot in the galaxy.”

Another pause of silence, the quiet whip of wind being the only interruption. Then:

“I’ll always worry about you.”

For a second, you could swear that Poe’s heart didn’t beat. That steady thump under your ear sounded different than before and the fingers on your back stopped altogether.

“You know I love you, right?”

You tensed. Some part of you knew that he did. Some part of you had always known. It was something you’d both hidden, but that deep connection between you revealed everything.

The truth was out.

“I guess.” You answered, nearly laughing at how so Poe that was. Of course he’d confess his love like that. “You know I love you too, right?”

He hummed.

“I think about you dying, too.” He said, startling you out of your own mind.

Confused, you sat up, abandoning the warmth of Poe’s body in order to sate your curiosity. His eyes held a note of something odd as he rested back on his elbows, meeting your gaze.


“When you’re gone,” he elaborated, watching you carefully, “I think about what it’d be like if you never came back, what I’d be like. It scares me.”

You lean forward, unable to help yourself. The only thing that could possibly hold you back was thrown into the wind eight bottles ago.

“I wouldn’t be able to live without you.” Poe said quieter, flicking dark eyes between your lips and your stare.

“I love you.” He whispered, just before you crashed your lips on his.

A desperate, frightened fire erupted in your belly, your lips pushing this emotion into Poe. He kissed with just as much intensity, his tongue swirling yours and his hands wrapping securely around your body. He held you to him with a precarious grip, heart hammering beneath his ribs.

He only parted from your lips when the need for air became too much, and even then he did so reluctantly. He knew what would happen when he woke up in the morning and all the alcohol had left your system. War wasn’t a time for love. You’d be gone until the war was over or he died. But for right now, he was awake. He could cherish this little bit of time together before reality kicked in. Until then, he would always have tonight.