apparently it's the first boys son

the Simnel boy - Henry + Elizabeth

Rumors appeared for the first time around Yuletide 1486, but Henry didn’t take them seriously. Another pretender, another boy claiming to be the real ruler, another lie supported by Yorkists. Nothing new under the sun and the Tudor King knew he would have to endure this all along his reign -unless he decides to detroy every opponent..

But some rumors were more dangerous than others, and the name Lambert Simnel reached Henry’s ears way too often to be ignored. Alone in his office, his lean fingers contracted around the missive his spies sent. “Ungrateful bastard…” –a whisper between his almost closed lips– “I should have executed you when I got the chance” he added when his eyes found the name of John De La Pole in the letter –the designed heir of Richard III that the new King decided to spare. A mistake, apparently. The rebels first stated the young boy was the missing Richard, son of Edward IV, and now Edward, Earl of Warwick. Only fool can support Yorkists! he thought, releasing the missive. Henry closed his eyes as his head leaned back on the chair, trying to calm down, even if the mask he wore was still impassive.

Long seconds, minutes maybe passed, and a soft knock at the door pulled him out of his troubled quietude. “Come in!”

I thought I’d never find you (when suddenly I saw you)

This fanfic was originally a headcanon, but I just had to write it. You can read the headcanon here  

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Summary: It has been five years since Clarke left Camp Jaha. Upon her engagement to George, the leader of a small Grounder village, she is haunted by the familiar face of Bellamy Blake showing up in her dreams - a fact, which leads her back to the place she never thought she would return to. 
Rating: Mature (semi-explicit sexual content) 
This was written for Brianna ( raven-wick ) Thanks for being so awesome and patient! I really hope you love it *-* (put a little Raven/Wick in there because your URL told me to, haha)

On the fourth night after Clarke’s engagement, she dreamt about BellamyBlake, that being the first time in five years that he showed up before her, no words upon his lips because she honestly couldn’t picture how his voice sounded now. But his gaze; those eyes were like carved into her mind, impossible to shake off, let alone forget, holding enough emotion to wreck mountains. That was what began to haunt her during the following days, at the most random times even. She didn’t know what she was feeling; yet it was worrying her.

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