apparently it is hilarious

So I noticed this credit as I was re-watching Moana and I found it hilarious.

And I looked it up and apparently Carlos has been credited for years.

I would like to thank Carlos for keeping the animators awake so they can create the breathtaking films that I most always marvel at and enjoy.

mine and @richonning‘s photo op with JDM… he was so ridiculously nice. he squeezed us tightly and said he hoped we were having a fun weekend and thanked us for coming out. I said “thank YOU for being here!” he stopped and looked at me so genuinely for what felt like a very long time in the moment and then thanked me again. my heart may or may not have melted.

I just remembered that this was a thing that was HILARIOUS in 2006 and apparently that was ten years ago now.

Old people: join with me in remembering how funny we found this on LiveJournal.

Young people: look at this lolrus, it’s so happy, it has a bucket.

And then they stealed away the bucket and we realised we had fucked up a perfectly good elephant seal and given it anxiety.

"Across the Universe" thoughts: Keith and Shiro

Ok, so season one starts with more Keith and Shiro buildup…

This whole season I think just proves further that Shiro is meant to be Keith’s weak spot, and that at some point in the future Keith will face a very difficult decision similar to what Akira goes through in the end of Golion.

I thought we were gonna get their background story this season, but apparently not? For some reason we still dunno what this is all about:

Guess they’re saving the best for last..  

Now, my absolute favorite thing about this episode is how different Shiro is..

In season one we’ve seen alot of how Keith acts different with Shiro, and now we see Shiro is very different with Keith aswell. 

He dun have his leader mask on, and he’s not trying to be his all motivational, inspiring, optimistic self, he’s just Shiro. (Which says alot about how he sees Keith I think.)

And it’s hilarious cause real Shiro is apparently just

And I love his dark sense of humor so much!!!  I need more of this Shiro ASAP!

Also he seems so tired of everything, it’s almost like he’s trying to push the leadership role on Keith?

In this episode and in episode 8 aswell. 

And apparently he’s also still incredibly oblivious about Keith’s feelings for him. Cuz It’s obvious Keith doesn’t find his death jokes as funny as he does haha

Like Shiro is all “haha Keith what if I DIE?” And Keith is just “Can you please shut up??? PLEASE” 

Actually that “If I don’t make it out of here” seemed a bit out of place? I dunno, it felt like it was something weird for Shiro to say, specially since now they are together and safe and know their friends are looking for them..

He’s not trying to soothe Keith and tell him everything will be alright and not to worry about him, like you would expect Shiro to do in this situation.

Like he goes from this at the beginning of the episode:

To this by the end of it:

And pretty fast too!

And it’s so weird to me haha, cause we’re so not used to seeing Shiro like that. 

And I LOVE it that he lets Keith take the more ummm.. nurturing role? I… I honestly did not expect to see that from Shiro just yet. Cause I felt like Shiro does see Keith as kind of a younger brother or someone that he needs to always be strong for or be an example for… But this episode I think showed that they are waaaay more equals than I previously thought. (That was a nice surprise.)

Shiro is very openly weak with Keith, and that says ALOT. 

Cause Shiro is not someone who shows weakness easily. Actually this would be the only time we’ve seen him like this. Like he does it through joking around still, but he’s not trying to be the strong responsible person he usually thinks he needs to be. He just really trusts Keith to be that person.

(I can even say It’s almost as if he likes being saved by Keith haha. Like I know he’s injured and all, but in that cave before those monsters start diggin, Shiro’s all “oh no Keith, we’re both gonna die, this is the end *cough cough* come save me, hurry” like wth Shiro?? Where did all your optimism and spirit go suddenly?? It’s like he’s making Keith worry on purpose haha..)

Also, he doesn’t say that “I want you to lead Voltron if something happens to me” thing just once, he says that (very unwelcome line) again in episode 8. Doesn’t he get how much it bothers and scares Keith hearing him saying something like this? He’s either really oblivious or there’s something more to that.

I do wonder if this is just him joking around back there or maybe something is really going on inside him and he’s very sick of everything? I dunno, he did not have a breaking point this season (that I’m really waiting for), and actually he seems to be way better at the being a leader part than last season… So I dunno..

Maybe he’s just trying to get a reaction out of Keith haha

Cuz I mean that smile he gives him after Keith says “Stop talking like that, you’re gonna make it.” 

Like that whole shot, the music, the lighting, the expression, it just screams romance to me. ( Or I dunno, maybe it was just supposed to be an “I’m so proud of you” smile but cuz Shiro is so handsome and sexy he makes it look romantic haha, in that case: voltron animation team get ur shit together! how can I think of that face as a “loving brotherly look”?? chill on the sex appeal a bit, jeez..)

And how on Earth do you go from  

“It takes more than a glowing alien wound and a fall from the upper atmosphere crashing into a surface at what I’m guessing is 25 m/s 2 to get rid of me”  (although I have to say he did sound kinda mildly upset about still being alive than trying to seem unstoppable haha)


“I’m gonna die, Keith! Lead Voltron.”

They’re not even in that much danger anymore! Seriously Shiro, Is your wound really that bad now or do you just want to see some love from Keith? Suck it up a bit man, you dunno what the thought of losing you does to that kid.. (Also the thought of being in charge of all those Voltron clowns I guess haha)

Maybe he’s just trying to compliment Keith and tell him how highly he thinks of him but like IN THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE


i’m onto 2x02 and lucifer is totally walls up angry suspicious disbelieving of mum, they’re arguing about her being in hell, and she is just not getting through to him until

“you’re not my mother, not for a very long time”

“well, i want to be now”

and literally it takes those six words to break him, you can see it in his damn face, and right after that he asks her to prove her story to him, that is all it takes to crack thousands of years of his armor and rage and grudge at his parents, it takes so little, because he is literally starved for crumbs



Something my mum always did to me when I came crying from my brother. She made me repeat until I cried from hitting myself too hard. (Apparently, she found it hilarious to do until I grew old enough to understand how evil this was.)

I wanted to see Sans doing the same because it seemed very likely that he did this when Papy was little. 

(Papyrus never forgives him for this) 


On our peds inpatient service we have several TBI/anoxic brain injury and CP kids. They are waiting on placement in long term facilities because there are lots of kids and very few places that can provide the level of care they need. So they are often with us for a while.

And every morning when I pre-round on mine, I sing to them. My grandpa sang “the good morning song” to my Dad who sang it to me and now I sing it to Snowdrop and my patients. And then I have silly made up individual songs for all the brain injury kids. I ask them about how they are feeling about the economy and we have a little conversation while I examine them every morning. Apparently the nurses think it is hilarious because I have a truly horrible singing voice.

We got a new trach/gtube dependent TBI kid from the surgical service and yesterday morning I met their mom for the first time. I was singing to the kid and asking them how they were feeling and if they liked their dinner and stuff like that. She said to me, “You know they can’t hear you.” And I said, “I know. They’re still a person.” It made me really sad.

Sing to your patients, folks, talk to them.

Even if they can’t hear you.


My dearest friend @zabka-zee was at MechaCon 2016 this past July and had snapped a quick photo for me of her friend (the Symmetra) alongside a hilarious Junkrat cosplayer who apparently totally knew what they were up to. I thought the entire story was just so hilariously sweet and I love my girl for thinking of me over the weekend and having some silly shipper fun with friends. I HAD to draw the result of these shenanigans!

Hilarious Gold Morning Panel J2

Ok so apparently during the episode with dear Jessie there lies a funny story. Once upon a time there was a 6-10 wine tasting, and Jared and Misha had a little too much to drink, especially Jared. Misha threw up in his bed, and Jared showed up to work the next day still just a little (lot) drunk. He threw a shoe at Jessie, and he sat on the back of the couch and broke it, all while the crew (and little Jessie’s father) watched with 😐 faces. And Jensen’s just in the back laughing going “he’s still drunk”. Then the first AD told Jared to go to his trailer and sleep it off and Jared said “that sounds great”. Jared was laughing the entire time he told the story, and Jensen was just as adorably long suffering as always. The boys were suitably hilarious this morning.


time for some kurofai feels feat long-haired fai