apparently i'm watching this now

mmmmmm space animals  👀👀👀


if the heavens ever did speak… she’s the last true mouthpiece

I know 99% of my followers don’t interact with me in any way but in case you were interested in getting to know me, I updated my about page

(I’m really a friendly chap, if you’re at all interested in talking to me)

Apparently my guess of becoming inactive after Pokemon Sun and Moon came out was 100% on the mark.
I’ve spent the last couple weeks getting together all my old teams from gen III to bring up to my Sun game and only /just/ finished today.

I have over sixty Pokemon that I’ve accumulated since my first playthrough of Ruby back in the day, and even successfully recreated my old 1998 team with the VC version of Red.
(I’m working on my old Yellow team still, but at least I’ve got them started!)

I also need to apologize to all the daily Pokemon blogs I’ve been mass following but apparently I’ve reverted back to the age of six and I’m just devouring every Pokemon-related thing I can find again.
Next comes the Pokemon stickers ending up on everything.

I’m even kicking around over on @charizard-daily for the extra art practice when I should be trying to post more often here.

Somehow my brain has had its Pokemon switch flipped and doesn’t know how to turn it off. ; A;

I found it kinda funny how my fourth dose of t landed on friday the 13, like wow so spooky 💕✨🎃✨💕

Nothing too exciting happened except the site of injection oozing a little bit, but the actual injecting only took like two minutes of warm up (aka me psyching myself up because I’m still a wuss 😥)

(I’m doing it) on my own?” Keith, the temperamental rebel loner, says with a soft whimper like a little puppy scared of being left at home.

‘don’t leave me’ his face screams

Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple

NOTE: These songs I picked are very subjective and relate to my understanding of the character. They also are meant to fit each one either at a precise moment of their character development or more generally.

Japonism Arena Show Setlist

└ Japonism Setlist (Source: Twitter reports)

Jun finally approved 三日月!  New 2016 songs! Arashi~~~ *whispers* for dream~

Edited & reblogging: for errors to sakumoto solos (thanks to @vegapunkd for the correction)

I love how the biggest difference between Protoman and Dark Protoman is that Dark Prtotoman has 10x the amount of hair. He’s like a spooked cat that puffed himself up to look more intimidating.