apparently i'm not going to stop sorry guys :(

Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple

NOTE: These songs I picked are very subjective and relate to my understanding of the character. They also are meant to fit each one either at a precise moment of their character development or more generally.


H I C   S U N T   D R A C O N E S | (cover art by Val) ; over four hours of epic music to accompany you as you read or write that beloved fantasy novel… for each hero(ine) must embark on their own quest to new realms in order to discover who they truly are…  

“Long ago I yearned to be a hero without knowing, in truth, what a hero was. Now, perhaps, I understand it a little better. A grower of turnips or a shaper of clay, a Commot farmer or a king - every person is a hero if they strive more for others than for themselves alone.

Once you told me that the seeking counts more than the finding. So, too, must the striving count more than the gain…”


Apparently my art is way better than it should be at nearly midnight… I was just sketching and god why does this look so freaking cute?

The context to this is weird and difficult to explain, so I’m not gonna even try to. Just… it goes along with my weird fuschiablood headcanon….

Anyway enjoy these cuties…