apparently i'm incapable of having witchy ideas that don't come from fiction

(A Betsey Johnson charm bracelet because nothing says witchy like Betsey Johnson)

Once upon a time, I was writing a story about witches. Shocking, right? My witch had a charm bracelet, but because I think I’m clever it was a literal charm bracelet.

Her broom charm turned into a real broom. She kept her spells on there as charms as well. An entire witch’s life, portable, on her wrist.

It’s long been my goal to make a real version of this. To collect charms, and bespell them. I mean, I probably couldn’t get a broom charm to turn into a real broom (hahaha, I always have hope!), but there’s no reason I couldn’t have a wrist of spells, you know? And I like the idea of having some always “on” and others just waiting to be activated.

So just a warning, guys. When you see me rocking a charm bracelet? This will be why. And if you find any interesting charms, be sure to let me know.