apparently i write fic sometimes

This is schmoopy fluff. Sweet, loving D/s overtones if you want to read it that way.

~1100, PG (?), beta’d by my delightful sister dinocert. Now on AO3!

When he gets back to the loft, Blaine wants nothing more than to curl up in bed and sleep for at least sixteen hours. He sets down the heavy bags of groceries with a loud groan and starts massaging his palms.

His hard day had started the night before, if he really thought about it. Kurt had been working a late shift at the diner, so Blaine had to fall asleep without the warmth of his fiancé’s body next to him in their bed, with just the sound of his own solitary breathing to distract him from the noise of the city outside.

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(We've Got) Obsessions

This is kind of a very late reaction fic to “Tested”, but I also had the rough idea before that episode aired, so basically it’s just general blangsty Klaine. ~1700 words, maybe a hard R? Title is from “Obsessions” by Marina and the Diamonds. Now on AO3!

He wakes up to the Sunday morning sunlight in his face. Waking feels like falling overboard into a sea of too much, the sun too bright the air too cold the bed too big himself too aware of it all. He squeezes his eyes tightly shut until shapes dance in his eyelids and lets out half of a moan before he stops himself, remembers that Kurt is still asleep next to him.


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A fangirl’s encounter with rockstar!Klaine, from her point of view as posted on her tumblr. I’m going to write another version of this scene from the perspective of Kurt and Blaine, so expect that soon-ish. Unbeta’d, PG-13? Now on AO3!


Under a cut because wow this got long.

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Kurt, Blaine, and spooning. Thanks to my sister (who doesn’t have a tumblr) for the idea, and it was meant to be for Klaine Week Day 1 (early Klaine), so sorry that it’s late. ~900 words, unbeta’d, G. Now on AO3!

It was a Friday afternoon, not even two weeks after they had started dating (and Kurt still couldn’t help the smile that always tugged at his lips when he thought about how Blaine Anderson was his boyfriend), and Blaine had followed Kurt straight to his house after school to watch a movie. They shared a few kisses once they entered the house, the thrilling newness of the fact that this was something they could do now almost overwhelming the pleasurable press of lips and gentle teasing of tongues. Eventually, they made their way to the living room, Kurt leading Blaine by the hand as though he was afraid that the kisses might have somehow erased Blaine’s memory of its location.

Kurt kissed Blaine yet again. “You can, um, you can make yourself comfortable. I’ll go get a movie.” He bit his lip when he turned to look at the DVDs, savoring the fluttering feeling that came from kissing Blaine. He ran his finger along the titles. “West Side Story?”

“Sounds perfect.”

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This is just pure silly, fluffy smut. Blame/thank Mary.

~1600 words, NC-17, pretty standard anal sex with not-so-standard dialogue and vague D/s undertones if you squint. Thanks to my sister (who doesn’t have a fandom blog) for betaing parts of this and helping me write dialogue in others. Now on AO3!

“I’ve discovered the most amazing job. We need to do it.”

Blaine looks up from his book as Kurt bursts in. “It’s great to see you too.”

Kurt rolls his eyes as he sets down his bag. He collapses on the couch next to Blaine and kisses his cheek. “Don’t you want to know what it is?”

“I assumed you were just going to tell me…”

He rolls his eyes again and playfully shoves Blaine’s shoulder. “Blaine, this is really important.” Blaine lets out a little snort of laughter at Kurt’s slight whine, but still looks at him with an expectant smile. Kurt sits up straight and takes a long, deep breath, the dramatic effect somewhat ruined by his wicked smile.

“Condom testing.”

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Klaine Advent Day 1: "Timing"

This also has the honor of being the first fic I’ve ever posted, although not the first I’ve written, so I’m kind of excited about that! Now on AO3!

My maiden aunt’s mind is – Blaine!”


“You can’t just kiss me in the middle of a song!”

“But it’s in the lyrics, Kurt!”

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Klaine Advent Day 2: "History"

As much as I think that spoiler warnings for classic literature are kind of ridiculous (when I read Hamlet in high school, some of my classmates got annoyed at me for spoiling the fact that Hamlet dies), I feel like I should mention that this contains spoilers for The Importance of Being Earnest. This is also pretty self-indulgent and doesn’t do nearly as much with this concept as I would have liked (I’m sure I could write a much longer fic with it, and perhaps I will someday), but as I’m rather late in posting it, this is how it has to be. Now on AO3!

Blaine spun a little as he admired himself in the dressing room mirror. It was the first time he had worn this complete costume, and he couldn’t help admiring it and striking poses, giddy as a child playing dress-up. After all, he had time before rehearsal would officially start.


Blaine turned quickly to face the newcomer. A wide grin spread over his face at the sight of Kurt, also in full costume. “Algernon,” Blaine replied, speaking as Kurt had in the posh accent they used for their roles. Kurt smiled and sauntered over to join Blaine by the mirror.

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I'll Be Watching You; Or, Why Blaine Anderson Should (Almost) Never Choose Wedding Music

This is something my sister and I talked about a while ago and I’ve mentioned it to a couple other people (if not actually on my blog, I can’t remember). Earlier, though, Alice convinced me to turn this little Klaine headcanon into an actual fic, so…

Not beta’d by anyone other than myself, G, not even 400 words. Now on AO3!

“Kurt! Kurt!”


“I’ve just thought of a perfect song for us to dance to at our wedding!”


“‘Every Breath You Take’!”

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