apparently i want to cry again


Sequel to this imagine

All around you people were being reunited with family and friends.  They were crying and hugging and yelling as they ran to each other.  But you were still on your own, shouldering through the crowd as best you could to find someone, anyone, that you could hug and cry and just be with again.  You wanted Stiles.

“Y/N?!”  You quickly turned at the sound of your voice, catching only a glimpse of the tall, gangly boy before he completely encased you in his arms.  “Are you okay?  God please tell me you’re okay.  I missed you so much.  They didn’t hurt you, did they?”  Stiles tightly gripped your shoulders, pulling back from his hug enough to scan you for any apparent physical harm.  Your own hands locked down on his arms, anchoring yourself to him as the wave of tears you’d known would come welled in your eyes.

“About time you got me.”  You tried to tease, voice cracking.  Stiles’ face instantly softened as he tugged you into him once again, smoothing down your hair and squeezing you so tight you were almost convinced you’d merge together into one being.

“Let’s get you home, okay?”  Silently you nodded, but neither of you moved.  Instead you both continued to stand there and hold each other.  Making sure that this was real, and that you were really back in each others arms.

I am really getting the hang of digital art lately, so here’s another one of my babies! Can you tell Voltron’s season 2 really got to me yet? I’m way too invested in Galra Keith…

This honestly started out as a doodle I did while bored in bed cuz I was sick, but apparently I have no chill when I’m bored because this got detailed really fast. :X I ended up liking it so much that once I recovered enough to use the computer again I immediately started working on turning this digital and BAM! I love it even more now! :D Kinda wanted to add both the Voltron and Blade of Marmora symbols, but with one in horizontal and the other in vertical it wasn’t working out. So I had no choice but to exclude them. I cry. 

Seriously though if nothing else I want to at least see Keith with yellow, pupil-less eyes. Literally if that’s the only Galra trait he ever gets I’ll be happy. I really like the eyes okay?



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Shouting that anyone who doesn't want bi-patch are selfish and doesn't care is... childish. How do you know exactly, huh? We care about you, we care about Scott, we care about Jaal. You realize that Bioware has never changed anything that big in their previous games after release? At best you will get lazy model swap and will be pissed again, and also you will piss off all people who wanted ME3 endings changed. Because they've got only "extension", not changes.

ok sweaty

first: you must not have read my post. i wasn’t yelling at just anyone abt the bi jaal patch, more importantly i wasn’t fucking talking to you since you apparently care so much abt mlm getting shafted four games in a row, so stop crying out the “not all men!!!” spiel and take a seat

(also how do i know exactly? because i browse the forums. i’ve seen the tweets. the replies with the gross prioritizing of straight women over gay men when in regards to jaal’s romance. i researched before i opened my mouth, that’s how i know.)

second: so the citadel dlc, the omega dlc, the dlc that gave us 3 new squadmates with dialogue about the plot and the characters around them, the leviathan dlc, and the dlc that literally edited me3’s terrible ending totally weren’t anything big :/ there’s no way the team can just patch in one single romance for which there was actually some dialogue and plot flags in the code :/ impossible

third: lmfaooo don’t come at me like the people who just want a restoration of code are somehow the reason me3’s ending was shit? that’s the original me team’s fault. it’s also montreal’s fault that they queerbaited the fuck out of their fans.

i would block you but since you were too chickenshit to ask me this off anon how about you just fuck off my blog and don’t come back.
Let Loose (Gray)

Anonymous asked: Hey *waves hand awkwardly* i want to request a scenario with gray. The reader looks very cold and bitchy but they have a fight and she starts crying for the first time in front of him. Way to go on the followers too

    You groaned as your head began throbbing again. You’d thought the Ibuprofen had conquered the headache you’d woken up with and had had throughout the whole day, but apparently not. “Stop bothering me!” you snapped at your dog, immediately feeling bad when he shied away. “Sorry, Petie,” you called after him, but he was already gone. You sighed, setting your forehead on the table. You had way too much stuff to do from work, and you had no idea how to make it through it all in the condition you were in. Sunghwa was living with you for a few days because the plumbing and some of the electrical lines in his apartment building were being replaced, and as much as you usually loved being with him, you weren’t looking forward to it today. You’d rather be miserable by yourself.

    With your head still on the table, you typed another line on the report you were writing on that quarter’s growth, and then deleted it, immediately realizing the low quality of your writing. You retyped it, trying to think of how to make it easier to understand. Better. One sentence down, how many more to go? You had no idea, but you did know that since you’d gotten home from work, you’d only gotten two paragraphs typed, and usually the reports you submitted were close to four pages long.

    What were you doing with your life? The question popped up totally unwarranted and you tried to force it to the back of your head, but you couldn’t. Sunghwa was doing his dream job, working in music with some of the best artists in the country. He loved his job; his work didn’t even feel like work to him. But for you, it certainly wasn’t the same. You trudged through every day at your job; it was like torture each time.

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Without you my world is darkness
I won’t let go again

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I watched that video of Papa kissing a girl during Cirice again. I knew how jealous I got last time so why the fuck did I watch it again?!! Apparently I like to torture myself.

Aww haha…i just want to see him sing to a dude. I know a few guys who would cry more than any girl would.

Devastated - GOT7 Jackson (S.A.D Series)


S.A.D Series

Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance

Member/ Pairing: Jackson Wang/ Jackson x Reader

Summary: They say only fools truly fall in love.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

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Ready or not, they hopelessly plummet anyway.

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Yo maybe I shouldn’t be posting about how bad I feel for Stingy in My Treehouse again but while he did a lot of bad things throughout the episode he did nothing wrong at the beginning when he got excluded from the club the other kids made.

Like apparently Stingy needs to go bc he’s selfish but all the other characters flaws could be looked over bc they’re “friends forever”.

“If they don’t want me in the club, then I’ll just take the club house” breaks my heart man. He’s so upset I’m gonna cry

And that happy surprised gasp when Steph says they changed their mind. Precious boy.

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cassiaaaaan/bodhiiiiii ftw!!! (so apparently it's called sniperpilot last i checked, i fought for captainpilot but they didnt want it TT) Ok ok you want angst? What about: that last scene from RO with Cassian and Jyn except it's Bodhi with him? so "we're about to die hold me" angst scene thank and come scream at me about cassian/bodhi afterwards, love you -Oggy

oh thank god there’s actually a ship name for it, Cassianbodhi was killing me! also I cant remember exactly how the last scene went (I was too busy crying each time I went to see it again) so this miiight be a little off lmao//

Bodhi was clutching desperately at Cassian’s sleeves, his head throbbing with pain as blood soaked his temple and ran down his neck. So much pain, everywhere. Cassian was no better off than he was; even if there had been the slightest chance to escape, they wouldn’t have been able to make it, not with their injuries. Bodhi’s eyes were fixated on the horizon; it was beautiful, almost. If he could look past the way the explosion was rushing towards them, the seconds of their life soon running out, he could almost think it was just the sunset. Peaceful. There wasn’t much he could hear past the ringing in his hears, possible the soft crashing of the waves only feet away, perhaps he had heard the initial sound of the explosion.

Cassian’s voice broke through now, tearing his attention away from their impending death.

“Bodhi! Look here, Bo, look at me.” Bodhi did, putting his hand over Cassian’s, the one on his cheek trying to turn him away. Cassian’s eyes were desperate, pleading. Bodhi wondered if his were the same, if they were full of fear now as they often were. He offered a cracked smile as he noticed the tears building in Cassian’s eyes. Cassian was always so strong, always above displays of emotion. Even now, he was trying to be strong, likely for Bodhi. But there was no point, no reason. They had no audience to posture for, in these last few moments.

“We did it, Cas. Cassi, they have the plans. They have to,” Bodhi said, smiling more. And Cassian smiled back, through the tears that streamed freely now, soaking away the soot and grime on his face. Cassian put his free hand on the back of Bodhi’s neck, drawing him closer touching their foreheads together. His words were choked when he spoke.

“Yeah, yeah, Bo. We did it.”

Bodhi wanted to close his eyes against the world. He didn’t. He kept them open, defiant. He’d been living his entire life with his eyes closed, and they were finally open. He wouldn’t go to his death with closed eyes now, pretending he could be blissfully ignorant.

“We did enough,” he said, whispering the words to himself. To Cassian. To the approaching storm of fire and destruction, to the universe. To the Force, perhaps. They did enough, he did enough, and for the first time, he could believe it.

Bodhi spared one last glance to the horizon; he thought he might be able to feel the heat on his face, or maybe it was just his imagination. “It’s beautiful, in a way,” he said, and when he looked back to Cassian, he thought the other might think that he’d gone mad. But then Cassian just laughed, nodding, and this time they both turned to look.

“Yeah, it is.”

Bodhi took Cassian’s hand as they leaned against each other, shoulder to shoulder, and watched as light swallowed the planet. Perhaps now was the time for confessions. To say all they had wanted to say, or thought they had wanted to say. Perhaps ‘I love you’, because right now, in this moment, it was true. They didn’t have to worry about if it would still hold true tomorrow, or even minutes from now.

Neither of them said it. Instead, Bodhi said, “Thank you.” There was nothing else to say. “Thank you, for everything.” Cassian opened his mouth to respond, but Bodhi would never know what it was he had wanted to say, the words swept away in a blaze.

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“Shut up– SHUT UP! I can’t think with all your screaming!” [[ apparently Yugi lost his marbles

The fact that someone so… small was able to have a voice so loud that it overpowered his screaming shocked Seto into silence, as silent as small whimpers and sobs could be accounted for. His eyes are wide as he stares at the other, body trembling in fright. He wants to cry out again, but fear of the consequences is what kept him quiet.

Yugi’s body language was aggressive, hostile, the aura commanded respect. Something Seto was willing to give if it meant little harm and life.

I kind of just want to die right now because I put myself out there to someone, yet again, and they fucked me over. Someone I really cared about who apparently, didn’t even care about me half as much. They made me feel like I had a delusion in my head that we were together, but my friends assumed we were together too from the way he acted around them.

This sucks. I want to cry but at the same time, I’m tired of crying over useless, shitty guys.

I’ll know I’ve found the right guy when they don’t make me cry and feel like I was wrong about everything.

10 facts about myself!

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1. I have the mental capacity of a 10 year old. Don’t hurt me

2. This blog was born somewhat on a spur.

3. Apparently, it is possible to experience Shu withdrawal syndrome.


5. I love idols, fictional or not. 

6. Crying over Utapri cos I love it so much.

7. Crying over b pr0′s ending cos it f@%^&*$ suckeddddd Love the music though, it’s its saving grace

8. Waiting for all those season 2s… Face it Skip beat’s S2 is never coming

9. Preparing for Lavi’s return in next DGM chapter hence the icon and header change. Please be alive TT^TT

10. Thanks for reading, I need to get back to watching utapri :D

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I’ve been going a bit vector crazy these past few days. I’m just excited to finally have photoshop on my computer again. This is one of my favorite scenes from Brotherhood (I think? I was screaming and crying upon my first watch so it’s hard to tell), not only for what actually took place but because I thought it looked so cool, aesthetically. I’m also a masochist, apparently. So I wanted to play with it and get used to drawing with the pen tool again. WOO!

I love Riza’s hair so much ;__;

I can’t draw circles. I’m so sorry. I tried my very best.

prince! luke coming into your room in the late hours with tear stains on his face and his hair a mess because he’s scared he’s going to end up like his father who is ruthless and has no apparent heart. Luke telling you how he’s so afraid to have the whole country of France under his command. Him crying once again because ’ why can’t I just marry you instead of that stupid Brazilian princess?’. Finally going to sleep with him mumbling, “ I love you and I just want to be with you.”

Nash Grier - Another time and place (part 2)

First time being out and about since the news of our breakup got out and I was feeling a bit nervous. Someone apparently gave out some information about our personal life and about four days later every fan knew that Nash was single again.
The Jacks made me go out and have lunch with them and as badly as I wanted to stay at home and continue not doing anything, they convinced me to join them. The reactions to the breakup had been very different. Some were dancing in their happiness and some were crying over our late-romance. In the meanwhile, I was still trying to get back to my life I had before Nash even though it was one of the hardest things ever. I got used to that boy so easily that I felt like I was missing something from my life since we ended our relationship. I was starting to get scared that I may not be able to move on, but I refused to acknowledge any negative thoughts.

“Hey, you look great!” Johnson complimented me as I stepped out of the house for the first time in about a week. If I was really dramatic I would say the natural light hurt my eyes, but let’s just not go there.

“Thanks,” I smiled nicely and after he opened the door of the car to me I sat into it. “Hi Timberlake,” I greeted the new version of Jack, he dyed his hair blonde and I loved teasing him about it. He just rolled his eyes and then gave me a quick hug.

“Madison is joining us, if it’s not a problem.”

“No, sure. Awesome, I haven’t seen her in a while,” I smiled and I was happy there would be another female at the table.

Arriving to the restaurant a group of girls immediately recognized the guys and asked them for photos, while I stepped aside and tried to stay unnoticed, but I didn’t succeed.

“Hey, you are Y/N,” one of the girls stated pointing at me and it drew all the other girls’ attention to me.

“Uh, hi,” I mumbled really not feeling like answering questions from them.

“Is Nash coming?”

“Are you guys getting back together?”

“I think you should date Sam.”

They were talking at the same time and I was starting to feel really uncomfortable, but then thankfully Madison arrived and realizing the situation she grabbed my arm and just dragged me inside without a word while the boys finished taking pictures with the girls.

“Thanks, but they are gonna hate you for being rude,” I said as we walked to our table.

“It’s whatever. Half of their fans already hate me, so I’m willing to take about six more people to that list,” she chuckled winking at me. I smiled and then turned to the table with the intention of sitting down, but she stopped me.

“Oh no, Honey, you are not sitting there,” she shook her head pulling me to another table that had only two chairs next to it.

“What? What’s going on?” I asked confused. Right at that moment the Jacks walked inside with Justin, as in Bieber behind them and Nash by his side. “No, what is happening?” I asked feeling the panic taking over me. I wasn’t ready to see Nash again, I needed some more time.

“Keep calm, it’s okay,” Madison whispered and then Nash looked at me. He was mid-sentence, explaining something to Justin, but he instantly froze at the sight of me.

“I-I didn’t know… What is going on here?” he asked looking at his friends while I felt more awkward than ever in my life.

“We thought that you two should talk,” Madison spoke up.

“Yeah man. Maybe you should reconsider this whole breakup thing,” Justin added smiling at him and then at me.

“And a public restaurant was the best place for this?” I asked awkwardly laughing.

“We couldn’t trick either of you to go to the other’s house, so yes, it was our last idea. Take a seat and have a talk,” Johnson told us escorting us to the table. “We’ll be over there. Don’t make a scene,” he warned us and after we took our seats they walked over to their own table and pretended like nothing was happening while my hands were literally shaking.

“I literally didn’t know you would be here,” Nash started and I shook my head.

“I know. They tricked both of us,” I chuckled glancing over at our friends that were trying to look casual but in the meanwhile they were definitely creeping on us.

“So… How have you been?” he asked being obviously nervous and comfortable.

“Honestly or should I lie?” I sarcastically asked looking down at the menu.

“I feel you. This week has been horrible,” he admitted and it kinda felt great to know it was hard for him too. It would have been devastating if he already moved on.

A short silence came between us and I wasn’t sure what I should have said, and fortunately he was the first one to speak up.

“I miss you, Y/N. I know that we fight a lot, but… Not having you at all is worst.”

As if a huge weight fell off my shoulders, Nash said the words that I wanted to say but didn’t have the courage.

“I totally agree,” I said exhaling the air I had been holding back.

“You do?” he asked surprised.

“Yeah. I got used to you too badly,” I laughed shaking my head and it made him chuckle too. He put his hand to my hand that was on the table and gave it a squeeze.

“So, are we back together?”

“We have to talk about a lot of things tho,” I said reminding him that it’s not how it works. We had to work on our issues.

“I know. Why don’t you sleep over at my place tonight?”

“I’m in,” I grinned knowing well enough that it would be more than just talking tonight, but I was more than okay with it. “Uh, guys, can we sit at the same table now?” I asked turning to our precious friends.

“Sure, we had another table reserved, so let’s just sit over there,” Gilinsky said and I was amused by their detailed plan.

“You guys are crazy,” I chuckled as we all moved over to the bigger table where everyone had a seat.

“I think you want to say thank you and that we are geniuses,” Johnson corrected me.

Nash and I sat next to each other and when I felt his hand grabbing mine under the table I couldn’t hold my smile back. I knew we had a lot to work on our relationship but I was happy we gave it another shot.

Nash leaned closer to my ear so only I could hear what he was saying.

“Remember what we said when we broke up?” I looked at him.

“That maybe we needed another time and place?”

He nodded.

“Maybe the other place was another state of mind. This is out other place.”

I smiled at him and then pecked his lips. God, I loved this boy and I didn’t want to give up on him anytime soon again.