apparently i screenshot this in may and then forgot about it

Internet personality Jon “JonTron” Jafari has a history with transgressive humor. He’s dropped homophobic and racist slurs, joked about sexual assault, and frequently used Hitler as a punchline. Criticized yesterday for his use of ableist language on Twitter, Jafari doubled down on his behavior - then tried to deflect criticism by using the genocide in Gaza as a talking point.

Details and screenshots under the cut. Trigger warnings for ableism, ableist slurs, genocide.

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anonymous asked:

Apparently, your girlfriend gets​ even more gayer when she's sick, she also said you might have screenshots of a conversation where shall called you a cute person all night, she apparently forgot if that was just because you are cute or if she had forgotten your name. She may also have said a number of other embarrassing things. So I wonder if you wouldn't mind sharing some of those stories?

Sadly I can’t find any screenshots, but here are some things she’s done. And continues to do every time she’s sick.

  • Gets stuck in a loop of calling me cute (or other compliments). There may have been one time where she forgot my name, but mostly it’s just her starting and then deciding to never stop. Sometimes I’ll confuse her by complimenting her back and she’ll look really puzzled for a moment before going “no. you’re cute.” She gets stubborn about it.
  • She’s been really into fish for about a year now. Her being sick + watching fish videos is not always the best combination. She’ll watch something, look at me really excited, and say “Can I get [insert fish theres no way we could take care of]???” And I’ll go no, you can’t, or I’ll remind her of the fish she asked for yesterday, and she’ll look affronted and pout for about three seconds before getting excited again and going “But what about [another implausible option]???” This goes on for a while. She really likes fish. I’m scared of the aquarium i’m going to come home to one day.
  • One time I said she could get as many fish as she wanted but only if I could get an equal number of cats and she almost agreed. i was so close. i could have had it all
  • Whenever she’s sick i try to get her take care of herself. Get water, eat something, go to bed, take medicine, etc. She never listens. The one thing she listened to? She asked if she could take a walk and I said no, you’re sick. An hour later she said she wanted to take a walk, and I, forgetting I had already said no, said sure. She got really excited and asked “can I?” because she wouldn’t have gone if I had said no. Why, Why is that the one thing she listened to. @cheesytoucans why wont you ever drink water

First Steps

“Go on, walk to Mama, you can do it!”

Sherlock, eyes transfixed on the toddler he was carefully guiding, didn’t see Molly’s wide grin.

“What’s this?” She had just arrived home to find Sherlock apparently eagerly waiting for her, baby on his lap as he sat on the sofa. As she turned back around after hanging up her coat and taking off her shoes, she found him already in position a few feet away from her, hold on their son firm but gentle, softly coaxing him into taking a few steps forward.

“Did he already take his first steps today?” She asks, smiling down at the curly-haired, chubby little boy who grinned widely at her, eyes sparkling in apparent pleasure.

“Not yet. But he’s about to, I’m certain of it.” Sherlock glimpsed at her with a smug smile, turning back to Benjamin, he added, “go on, you can do it, go on!”

After a several minutes, however, it became apparent that little Benjamin would really rather jump in place, so Molly gave in to the urge to snuggle him, and brought him over to sit on his little playmat on the floor in front of the fireplace, letting him play with his toys.

Seeing that Sherlock had seated himself on his armchair with a slight pout, Molly came over to sit on his lap, his arms automatically wrapped around her waist, and helped position her so that they can keep an eye on the baby.

“I thought we would surprise you.” He mumbled.

Molly kissed his forehead. “You know as much as I do he’d start walking as soon as he’s ready, which may not be for a few more weeks.”

While she’d been speaking, Sherlock had gone incredibly still, and his arms around her tightened a bit.

“Molly…” he whispered, face going from sullen to surprised “…look!”

She turned, and there was Benjamin, standing unaided, looking from his pile of toys to his parents’ knees just a couple of feet away, apparently deciding whether to stay or go.

And then, a look of intense concentration on his face, arms outstretched with one hand pointing at his parents, he took one step forward. And another.

And another.

And another, on and on, until he had made his wobbly way to where his parents were seated, wide single-toothed grin in place, and smacked their knees in delight once he got there, as if to say, “Here I am!”

“Our little genius!”

“Oh! So you wanted to surprise Mama on your own?” A delighted Sherlock asked, palm cupping the side of their little boy’s head, meeting his grin with his own.

“I think,” Molly bent down to gather their son in her arms, immensely pleasing him, “he wanted to surprise us both.”

Edit to say that I based their pose on a screenshot from a movie. I just Googled “baby’s first steps + parents” and it came up. Of course, I couldn’t resist putting little Benjamin in a bumblebee romper, but forgot (argh!) to color in the antenna.