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alright! *cracks knuckles* let’s talk about klance! i know all these points have been made in other posts but i’m just irritated and want to make my own post lmfao. i don’t understand people who say keith and lance don’t have any chemistry/potential/”romantic” moments…like…are you watching the same show that i’m watching? you don’t have to like the ship, dude, but there is no denying there’s something going on.

lance, your bi is showing.

do i even need to talk about the, “we are a good team” scene? this was ridiculously gay. holy fuck. tender hand holding. EVEN THE WAY KEITH SAYS LANCE’S NAME IS TENDER. they just sit there holding hands the whole time. they could have let go, either one of them could have let go, dude. keith wasn’t helping lance up. he kneeled down next to him and just…fucking held his hand? those soft smiles? lance doing the “fond eyebrow raise”? gay. and i know the purple lighting is from the galra crystal, but like…wow this whole set up was romantic as hell. seriously, sit back and imagine if one of them were a girl. boom, romantic. everyone would see it. so why is it so hard for some of y’all to see it here? not to mention the fact that we never actually saw the supposed “cradling” (i refuse to believe “I cradled you in my arms!” refers to this hand holding. there has to be more. a full on cradle). that was probably so fucking gay. AND THE EPISODE RIGHT AFTER, WHEN LANCE IS IN THE HEALING POD, KEITH BEING AN IMPATIENT LITTLE FUCK, FULL ON POUTING, TAPPING THE POD BECAUSE ALLURA WON’T LET LANCE OUT OF IT YET. EVEN THOUGH SHE SAID “JUST A FEW MORE TICKS.”

like, this boy can’t even fucking wait a few ticks because he just wants to see lance. there is no way to deny that he wants to see lance, talk to him, probably about their bonding moment. i bet he thinks everything is going to be different between him and lance now. 

he’s also the last one to walk away from the pod. *eye emoji* why did they choose to show that? what was the Point? then, when lance comes out of the healing pod, keith gets this precious little smile on his face. he’s happy to see him. looking forward to talking about feelings and shit, most likely.

but! lance instantly flirts with allura and keith just says, “Classic.” he then proceeds to look salty as fuck with his signature broody arm crossing included. this poor boy. you’re killing him lance, you really are.

not to mention the many other times he has appeared jealous when lance is flirting. (”Jealousy, thy name is Keith.”) i’m not posting screencaps of all those moments because i’m so lazy and like i said, all these points have been made in other posts and i got other shit i’m focusing on. 

here it is, the iconic, “We had a bonding moment! I cradled you in my arms!” scene. listen. i honestly can’t even think of a reason why keith would bring this up, unless he has a big fat crush on lance. it just did not fit into the conversation at all. let me type it out for y’all even though you probably don’t need me to. we’ve analyzed this to hell and back already but…

Lance: “Wow. Thanks, everybody. Sounds like the mice did more than you, though.”
Keith: “I punched Sendak!”
Lance: “Yeah, apparently after I emerged from a coma and shot his arm off.”
Keith, looking completely fucking devastated: “We had a bonding moment. I cradled you in my arms!” (his voice CRACKS)

honestly, he looks like he just witnessed his world fall apart around him. #mood

i don’t know about you, but this would not be my reaction unless, like i said, i had a big fat crush on the other person. he looks so betrayed, oh my god. and lance…wow. lance says, “Nooope. Don’t remember, didn’t happen.” now, is it just me or is this totally lance being a little shit about the fact that keith didn’t remember him in the first episode when they’re saving shiro? i bet it is.

alright, now this here, this is my favorite. this screenshot is titled “GAY this is so fucking GAY” in my files because um? their faces? those are very fond and tender expressions. this whole scene was so gay i stg. keith was flirting up a storm with this boy and it was amazing. let’s not forget that the planet lance was on with nyma highkey had the bi flag colors and there was two rainbows in this episode. symbolism, guys. these things mean a lot and are very important in animation. (there’s a lot more symbolism that many people have pointed out, including what i said above but my ass don’t have the time to put them all here)

the flirtation is strong in this one. here’s some more moments (i probably didn’t put them all idk i can’t remember) where keith is either a) flirty or b) looking at lance with that oh so soft expression. he doesn’t really look at any of the other characters like this (definitely not at allura lmfao), at least not that i’ve noticed. correct me if i’m wrong. 

wow keith you’re soooo cool…

a very underappreciated Soft Look.

this whole scene kills me every time, i love everything about it.


this still haunts me. it haunts all of us. why!!! did!!! he!!! say!!! it!!! like!!! that!!! you can hear the winky face in his voice. the way he says this is equivalent to 100 winky faces. if you don’t think this is blatant flirting, you’re a lost cause.

of course you were. of course. you want his attention. it’s okay, we know, lance.

LOOK AT THAT SMIRK KEITH IS SPORTING!!! anyways, that is the face of someone flirting. i make the same damn face keith makes when i flirt. if one of them were a girl, IT WOULDN’T EVEN BE A QUESTION. IT WOULD BE OBVIOUS FLIRTING AND PEOPLE WOULD SHIP THE HELL OUT OF IT. but no, they’re two boys. dudes bein’ dudes. just guys bein’ bros. wow, what a great bromance.

now, just for shits and giggles, let us compare how keith looks when he’s literally cradling allura in his arms vs. when he’s holding hands with lance.

he deadass looks like this -_- with allura. there’s actually a fucking…slight frown on his face now that i really look at it, oh my god. even when allura removes herself and blushes, he still looks like that. now, wouldn’t you think that, hm…if they wanted it to be known that keith wants to smooch allura, they’d at least put a slight blush on his face to match allura’s or maybe have him appear to be a little flustered? 

he’s gay. i can’t imagine him not being gay. (imo, him being galra is a big metaphor for him being gay. coming to terms with who he is and “coming out” to the other paladins. everything hunk says to him in “The Belly of the Weblum” are common things straight people say to gay people. a lot of people in the fandom seem to agree with this, but maybe we’re all just reaching idk) i just feel like…someone who likes girls would have a different reaction than keith’s when faced with a beautiful girl like princess allura in their arms. yeah, i know, this has already been said. but!!! it’s!!! true!!! all of their “romantic” scenes together were awkward, forced and came right out of nowhere and keith just…had no reaction. compare that to all the faces he’s made at lance. yeah. the difference is ridiculously obvious.

there’s honestly so much more i want to add to this, stuff from the comics and more subtle things (including a screencap of lance’s face in “Escape from Beta Traz” when he’s talking about keith and how he does cool shit. boy had the most fond expression known to man. u know the one), but everything has already been said by someone else. i’ll end it by saying this, again, because i’m really fucking salty: if one of these boys were a girl, there would be ZERO question about the purpose of these interactions. it would all be seen as flirting and romantic. it’s such a common trope. red and blue. fire and ice. they balance each other out. peace the heck out.

Not So Boring (Riverdale & Teen Wolf) ~ Jughead Jones

“Isaac get off of me!”

“What do you mean you idiot?

You’re on top of me!”

“Am not!”

“Am to!”



“Would you two both shut up before I scream!” I finally yelled, hushing the two dorks I call my best friends immediately as they thought to my banshee scream that I shared with my cousin Lydia.

Luckily, Stiles and Isaac stopped arguing verbally at my threat, but continued jabbing each other in the ribs, which ended up jabbing me considering all three of us were tucked into a very small space…other wise known as a dumpster.

Long story short, Scott heard about some weird stuff going in on this town called Riverdale, and while he was touring his college choices, he sent Isaac, Stiles, and I to the small town to figure out what was going on, and more specifically what was behind it.

I blamed Stiles for all this considering whenever something strange or out of place happens, the Stilinski boy’s mind instantly jumps to the land of the supernatural bring the cause. And Scott, of course has to be Save-Everyone-McCall, even if they live on another freaking planet…or in this case, a really boring town.

Back to the dumpster situation, we needed somewhere to hide that was close enough to the scene of the crime where Jason Blossom was murdered, apparently by the supernatural. The plan was to hide out in here, then have Isaac use his super-hearing to clue us in one what was going on.

“What do you hear?” Stiles whispers after a few seconds of Isaac homing in on his werewolf powers causing the Lahey boy to glare at the human.

“The sound of my fist about to collide with your face.” He replied venomously, before getting back to business. “They’re saying something about how the cause of death wasn’t drowning, but a gunshot, right between the eyes.”

I sighed, leaning my head against the rusty wall of the dumpster. We had come all the way out here for nothing.

“It could still be supernatural.” Stiles tried to add in optimistically, causing me to turn and send a death glare his way, causing him to take a gulp in fear.

“What kind of supernatural creature uses a gun?” Isaac growled through his teeth.

“One with guns for hands?” Stiles suggested, though he knew he was screwed.

“You know what?” I sighed, “The both of you just shut up, and let’s get out of this boring little town.”

Stiles and Isaac nodded, opening up the lid of the dumpster before all of us hopped out and landed on the sandy ground.

“You’ve got a little something right..” Stiles trailed off as he reached up to grab something from my hair, but stopped short as he noticed something behind me. “Oh, hi.”

I turned on my heels to see a boy our age with a strange beanie on his head, and a camera around his neck, standing a few feet away. I had to admit he was pretty cool, in a kind of creepy-way.

Isaac pushed his shoulder against mine to bring me back to the real world, probably so I could explain to the guy why he had just seen three strangers climbing out of a dumpster.

The guy looked at me, his green eyes shining, “You’re not from here.”

I nodded, “Nope. We’re here to find the killer.”

The boy studied me for a moment before speaking again, “I’m Jughead. Jughead Jones.”

Stiles snorted from my left, “Strange name.”

Isaac rolled his eyes, “Coming from the guy who goes by Stiles. And don’t get me started on your real name, Mi-” Isaac was cut off by Stiles running at him pathetically.

“Don’t you dare, wolf boy!”

I rolled my eyes at the two boys fighting in the background, “Don’t mind them, they’re idiots. I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

Jughead smirked slightly, “Well, (Y/N) welcome to Riverdale.”

I smiled lightly, maybe this town wasn’t so boring after all.


“Wait. Did he say wolf boy?”


Mandatory Date (Laurens x Reader)

Words: 3800+

Warnings: cussing, mentions of sex

A/N: this is something I wrote for @always-blame-jefferson and I decided to post it here as well! enjoy!

“For the last time, no, I’m not going to your wedding,” You said to your friend Alexander. He frowned, helping you fold your clothes.

“But why? Is it that hard to get a date?” He said, smirking at you slyly. You threw your bra at him, and he jumped away from it. “Hey!”

“Why are you making it mandatory to have a date at your wedding? That makes no fucking sense, you idiot.” You stuck your tongue at him, folding your shirt in half. “And why the hell did Eliza agree to this?”

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OHOHOH! Can you please do the “Welcome to fatherhood.” prompt?

For the promp #37. “Welcome to Fatherhood”, and inspired as well by this lovely gifset courtesy of @wholeperson

Sorry I’m just now getting to this, anon. I try I really do, but I’m slow. 

Also I’m southern, and the linguistics are too. Apologies in advance. 


 Gordon County Hospital, GA

9:23 pm

 I lean against the wall of the break room, trying to center my thoughts and calm my breathing. 15 years as an L&D nurse and cases like that one never cease to shake me up. I need a cigarette. My heart is beating out of my chest and my hands are still shaking. It’s just adrenaline, I know.  I haven’t eaten since before I left home and my sugar is in the toilet. {I need food, not a cigarette}, I think as I absent-mindedly rub the patch on my upper arm. {For the kids.} I’m doing this for the kids.  

 A debbie cake and a bottled water later, I pad down the hall to check on my patient. She’s out of surgery now, and it went well. God, just one tiny sliver of placenta can wreak so much havoc.  So much blood…. I wonder what in the hell happened to bring her in in such a state. A home birth gone wrong, maybe? No. She wasn’t even dressed in a nightgown. I guess it isn’t important now. Her poor husband looked about as frightened as I’d ever seen. I think I heard they arrived by chopper?? Not medevac, though.  Important folks, apparently.  They looked like they’d both just come from work, truth be told.  This patient assessment is going to be interesting.  

 When I get to the room the husband (? No ring I see) has exchanged his blood- saturated suit for a set of standard issue ‘dad scrubs’, and is sitting by her bed, studying mom’s face intently. He strokes a lock of hair from her face, leaning in and murmuring something unintelligible. He sits back down in the guest recliner, still holding her hand as he brings it to his lips for the most tender of kisses– once, twice. The gaze on her face is not broken. I wonder if he even blinks.

 He’s cute. Very. I shake my head at my inappropriate thought and proceed to the bedside with her chart in hand and a load of questions to ask. But I really wish I could leave them alone. 

 Flipping back through my notes at the nurse’s station I kick off my crocs and hear my toes crack. I’m only 40.. just, in fact, but tonight I’m feeling everyone of those years.  FBI….Huh. And his name is Fox? Suits him… {Jesus, Susan. Get a grip.}  This one’s clearly taken, old girl. What’s gotten into you? I need sleep, that’s it. I’m getting punch drunk already. This usually doesn’t happen til the end of my shift…

*Clearly* taken.

He never let go of her hand throughout any of the inquiries. He stroked her thumb continually with his, startling and glancing her way from time to time as if hoping she’d stir, maybe thinking she had. I’ve seen my share of jittery new dads– but this one seems, I don’t know, for lack of a better word….. spooked.  Lost. Thrust into a foreign universe and flailing. It’s clear who is his anchor here.

When I asked if he was the father (he’s listed as such on the chart, but I’m required to ask for my notes) his eyes went wide and expressionless, and he looked at her again, as if waiting for an answer.  “Yes, yes” , he repeated, nodding,  testing the words and looking at her. (Looking for permission?) I wrapped up my initial assessment, vitals strong (-ish, her BP could come up a bit), capillary refill: good.  Bowel sounds present. No distension. No hint of fever or infection. All good signs. She could be out as early as a couple of days. Dad sits quietly close by, giving me space to work but not much more than that. His knee bounces with anxiety.

I finish quietly, wash and unfasten from my clipboard the standard pamphlets and literature: birth certificate form, social security, “Getting to Know Your Baby”, “Welcome to Fatherhood”, “Mommy and Me: An Introduction to Breast Feeding”.  I hand them over with a small smile and he glances down non-committedly before placing them on the bedside table. He scoots the chair back close to her side and again strokes the same wayward lock of hair from her closed eyelids, and again, kisses her hand.  The tender expression of adoration convoluted with worry is so profound and unabashed that I find myself staring, my face growing hot, but I thankfully recover quickly and begin to go over her condition, letting him know what to expect when she wakes… she’s a fall risk…she’ll need help to the restroom….call a nurse if you need one…he nods, nods.  I hope that at least some information will give him his bearings, a comfort perhaps, but I think maybe it has no effect at all. He hears me but I get the sense he’s just waiting on her. His eyes plead with her to wake, to tell him what to do. Apparently she’s an M.D. (?! This case gets stranger and stranger…), so she should pretty well know her way around things, at least until they bring the baby in. Parenthood is tricky. No one really ever knows it all.  I think back to the birth of my first daughter. The elation, the fear, the absolutely necessity to have her at my side immediately and at all times.

He hasn’t yet asked to see his son.

Once they wheeled her in for the d&c he took off like a shot to the nursery, shouting questions of where and why over the child with fierce protectiveness but I sense it was more for her knowledge than his need. He was a sentinel, utterly at her service, unconscious as she was, but he was also her proxy in every sense of the word.

He hasn’t been back there since, though.

Baby from what I hear is fine; APGAR was a 9, nuero: solid. Good thing, too. Had his condition deteriorated we would have had to transport him to a bigger facility with a NICU. Somehow I sense that separating these 3 would prove problematic. Thankfully the nurses have been able to tending to the boy here with no trouble. Her milk is starting to come in though, and if she doesn’t wake soon I’ll need to express some for her. Engorgement is a bitch. I need to make a note to remind myself. 

 2:30 am

 Time for vitals again. They’ve wheeled the baby in I see. And now there’s a man outside their room. A broad guy, balding and with glasses, looking stern but exhausted as well. I’m assuming a friend but he looks and acts like a bodyguard. He gives me a polite nod, but a suspicious once over as I enter the room. Dad is still at his station. Wide-awake. He should sleep, if he knows what’s good for him. Ha. Real life is about to hit. Newborn induced sleep deprivation is entirely another animal.

 But, God, the way he looks at her. Utterly besotted. The intensity of his love  is all around him, a thrumming, golden aura, even as his body has begun to sway lightly in exhaustion.

 I hate to disturb them but her BP is still a bit low for my liking. We’ll need to continue pushing fluids. 

 "Hi there. Me again,” I smile apologetically. “Baby boy has joined y’all, I see?“ 

 "Yea, I uh, I wanted him to be here when she woke up.“ 

 I don’t comment that she may very well be out for the next 12 hours or so.

 "Well, the nurses fed him I’m sure, so you should have a few peaceful hours. They mostly just sleep and eat at this stage. And poop.” I chuckle, but the joke falls flat. 

 I need to make sure the baby’s nurse comes back for a diaper check. This guy isn’t ready.  I note the various monitors and change her bag. 

 "Would you like to hold him?“ That gets him to look right at me, with an unidentifiable expression.  He looks over at the bassinet, back to me and his mouth opens, but nothing comes out. He’s blinking furiously.  Bless. Indecision and panic are clear as day in his eyes. But something else, too. He looks…guilty. It’s the strangest thing. I can sense that he wants to hold the baby but feels unworthy.

 He lowers his chin to his chest, pauses and swallows. “Um…no… I… I don’t want to wake him.“  All of my maternal inclinations are screaming at me to hug this poor boy, who isn’t a boy at all. I tamp down the urge, and decide instead to turn my attention to the baby.

 I lean over the to take a glance. They’ve got the room fairly warm so he’s loosely swaddled in addition to a hospital issued t-shirt and diaper. His arms curled above his head, snoozing away. He smells of clean laundry and lavender baby shampoo. What a cutie. Just a dusting of strawberry blonde hair, long lashes of the same shade. He’s got his daddy’s chin. I watch his lips and cheeks mimicking the age-old suckling reflex. Oh heavens. I do miss this. "You won’t, don’t worry. Babies love to be held.  He might even sleep sounder that way.”

 Again he swallows. I won’t push.  

 "Y’all have a name picked out?“ I want to make friendly conversation, because I feel like this guy could use a friend, but mostly I want to leave. I feel awkward and oddly intrusive. Something about his room feels holy and sacred in a way I haven’t encountered before. And I’m trespassing.

 He blinks. As if the idea just occurred to him. "Um, no. No not yet.”

 "Well, never mind that. No hurry. He’s just precious,” I hug my clipboard to my chest and flash a nurturing southern grin, “Congratulations.“ Lord what a drawl. My accent really does get worse at night, especially deep into a shift. But I do mean that, wholeheartedly.  Oh, get ready I think. This love is like no other. 

 His eyes flit over to the baby, who’s begun to stir and whimper and then glances up at me, alarmed. I walk over and place my hand on the tiny human’s rapidly rising and falling belly, and place a firm but gentle pressure there. I lightly jiggle and ‘shhhh…’ softly. He settles instantly and resumes his slumber.

I feel dad’s eyes on me. Yes, he loves this baby. Suddenly the man’s paternal instincts are almost palpable.  And yet he holds back.  I smile over at him again, reassuringly. “See? Nothing to it, “ with a wink. No need for any hardcore parenting truths right now.

 As I gather my things and wish him a good night, tell him I’ll be back in a couple of hours to recheck her vitals but I’ll try not to wake them, in case he wants to rest his eyes for a while.  Something tells me he won’t.

He thanks me routinely and I turn to walk out. At the threshold of the door I hear the plastic of the chair crack and I turn around, wondering if he needs anything.  His attention isn’t on me, but the baby, walking over to the clear bassinet and peering over. He hasn’t touched him yet, only gazes down at the newborn with earnest curiosity that quickly blooms into boundless wonder, and finally, an expression of such heartbreaking devotion that I feel my eyes begin to burn and a lump lodges behind my throat. I freeze. He gently mimics, exactly, his movements from earlier. He strokes the baby’s face, no hair to move but along side his cherubic cheek just the same. Then places a finger in the baby’s palm, which instinctually grips his father’s outstretched digit. He leans close, so carefully close, and places an impossibly soft kiss on the tiny hand, lips trembling.

 “Hi.” He mouths.

 His face begins to crumple slightly and he gathers his entire bottom lip in his teeth, desperately trying to contain what’s so obviously a flood of emotion.

“Hi.” He says again, now a strained, high pitched whisper.

Feeling like an interloper,  I make my exit as quietly as I can and scurry down the hallway.

 The whys and how’s of their appearance at this lonely small town facility are inconsequential, really. They are just parents now. New parents. With vast, phenomenal, uncharted waters lying ahead of them. And yet, something tells me they are well equipped for such territory. Call it experience, call it optimism, call it hope, call it what you will.

{Good luck you two}, I think, walking toward my station and yearning for my shift to end so as to return to my own two sleeping babies at home. 


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Would you write a lil au for key because i love him?? Please and thank you ❤❤❤

  • sommelier!key 
  • is the best dressed at all the wine tasting competitions. no one ever beats him when it comes to looks
  • still holds a grudge against that cup dandelion wine they threw in as a wild card three years ago at the annual wine olympics. like who the hell drinks dandelion wine. name one person-
  • works with a couple of restaurant but his favorite is owned by a friend of his named jonghyun who in all honesty has no idea what the hell key is saying when he’s talking about wine, but he trusts him and just orders whatever key wants
  • except if it goes over the budget. which it ALWAYS does and they fight like cats over it until one of them gives in
  • wears a beret unironically, but it doesn’t matter he looks really freaking good in it
  • you’re the maître d’ of jonghyun’s restaurant and you’ve known key for ages,,,,,you always like when he’s over because he sets the staff straight in a way jonghyun can’t even do
  • like he just has to snap his fingers and be like “are you KIDDING ME is thiS what you call good service?” and suddenly the night is going smoothly and you, as head waiter, have like zero problems
  • key is always trying to teach you to be assertive like him but you’re just like,,,,,key,,,,,,,,,,you’re good at it because that’s your aesthetic: telling people what to do
  • key:,,,,,,,ok you’re not wrong 
  • one night he’s there to talk wine with jonghyun but jonghyun insists he has a meal first and you lead key to a table and get him the usual 
  • and as you’re pouring a drink for the table near key’s you overhear the guy make an offhand rude comment about key’s appearance 
  • and key turns around because,,,,you bet he heard it
  • but before key can even speak, you “accidentally” pour the champagne all over the guys shirt and you’re like “OH,,,,,my miSTAKE,,,,,,wow,,,,look at that it got on your watch too,,,,oh i hope it’s not broken!!!!!”
  • and you’re obviously being sarcastic and the guy wants to get angry and yell at you but key calls you over and you’re like “i need to go serve the other guest, napkins are on the table.”
  • and you hurry over and you’re like “what’s up”
  • and he’s got his eyes narrowed, but then a smirk becomes apparent on his face and he’s like “you’re learning well, i like this side of you.”
  • and you grin back, shrugging your shoulders saying that your savageness has always been hidden inside you
  • key just raises his glass as if to toast to that but then, before bringing it to his lips he goes, “i think it’s a very sexy side to have. bring it out more often for me.”
  • and you damn near drop the bottle you’re holding because,,,,,,,,,,,,,wait,,,,,,,,did key just,,,,,,,compliment you? in a flirty kinda way,,,,,,,,
  • jonghyun from in the kitchen: if key calls you sexy, you basically hit the jackpot 
Old Friends (6/?)

Summary: y/n and Sam Wilson have been neighbors since she moved to NewYork . When Sam started being an avenger they drifted, just random texts or calls . That was until the events between Steve, Bucky and Tony.  Things are all cleared now, everyone is back at the tower and/or avengers facility, including Bucky. But what happens when the reader shows up at the facility looking for Sam?

Pairings: Sam Wilson x reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, Avengers x reader

Warnings: sexual situation, angst, swearing .

  Steve refused to tell you any other information from the meeting, declaring it all “classified”.  What a dick.

  You still can’t believe the words that came out of his mouth. You and Steve bicker back and forth about what to do. He stands by his plan of going after Ross while you repeatedly call him an idiot. After about 10 minutes of this, you can’t handle the conversation anymore. You start to feel worn out, and the pain from your ribs starts to increase. You look around the room and the team looks so defeated. You sigh and try to ease your way back down to the couch.

   “This isn’t anyone’s fault, so stop looking like you all personally painted the target on me. This is because I called Ross out on the meeting. Maybe if I would have stayed quiet, then this shit show wouldn’t be happening. But I’m glad I said something, and I would do it again if I had to. Ross needs to pay for what he’s done. I don’t know anyone more perfect for the job other than you guys. You’ve taken down Hydra once, you can do it again.” You bring yourself back to your feet and face all of them adding , “So suck it up, Buttercups.” On that note, you leave and head straight to the infirmary.

 The past two days have been filled with the Avengers discussing how to approach the Ross situation, which included a lot of yelling. You try not to think of what could happen now that you’re apparently on a hit list. You keep flipping through things in your mind to distract you, like Bucky. I wonder if he’s thought about the kiss since it happened? Did he like it? Why hasn’t he done it again? What a dick. I’m not making  the first move again. If he doesn’t want to kiss me as much as I want to kiss him, it’s his loss.

  The meeting ends and still no plan was made.  You leave the conference room in need of a nap. You’re body is still healing, so you still get worn out from pushing yourself to do too much. Helen told you during your last check up that stress can affect your healing, so you’ve been trying to stay calm.  I don’t know how Bruce does it, I’d be hulking out every 10 minutes. You finally make it to your bed and get yourself comfortable enough to sleep.

 You wake up an hour later more exhausted than you were before you napped. How does that even happen? You go to the communal floor but it’s empty. Huh, weird. Usually at least one person is watching TV.

“FRIDAY, where is everyone?”

 "Some of the team is currently out on a unplanned mission. Sergeant Barnes, Mr. Stark and Dr. Banner are the only ones who stayed behind.“  Great, of course when I want to shower Nat and Wanda are both gone.  A plan pops up in your head.  What do I have to lose?

“Friday, where’s Bucky?”

“He is currently in his room reading. Would you like me to request for him to come to you?”

 "Yes, please.“

About 10 minutes later Bucky emerges from the elevator. He’s wearing navy blue sweats that hang low on his hips and form fitted white t-shirt. When he sees you sitting on the couch he plants himself next to you.

"Hey Doll, what do you need?” You. You blush from the thought but just smile and turn to face him.

   “Bucky you have to shower with me.” You didn’t say it as a question, it was a statement. A demand, actually.His eyes widen and his mouth opens and closes a few times like he’s trying to figure out what to say. You laugh and save him the trouble.

  “I still can’t lift my arms without pain and the girls aren’t here. I need a shower and I don’t really think Stark or Banner would be up for this. I mean, I could always ask them anyway.”  You act like you’re going to get up, but his response stops you.

“Don’t even think about it, Kitten. I’ll do it.”  A smirk spreads across his face. You wink at him and head towards the elevator.

  “Well, what are you waiting for, soldier?” You keep moving and can hear the patter of his feet as he sped up to get to you.

When you both were in the elevator, you could see the giant grin across his face. You roll your eyes. This is going to be great.

When the doors open on your floor, you both go straight to the bathroom in Sam’s room. Bucky turns the shower on so it can warm up and moves back in front  of you.

 "I won’t look below your face, Y/n. I promise.“ He reaches for the bottom of your shirt and pulls it up as he takes each one of your arms out slowly. Then he bends down and slides your pants off.You’re left in a solid colored bra and black panties. You know you’re blushing, but there’s no way your face is as red as Bucks. He stands up straight and goes to unhook your bra. As he reaches his arms around you, his face is barely an inch away from yours. You feel his breath fan across your face and you tilt your head up to his.

  "You know Buck, I never said you couldn’t look.” He just continues to gaze into your eyes as your bra comes undone. Your eyes don’t leave each others as you step back and let it fall to the floor.  You raise your brow at him, signaling him to take the final piece of your clothing off. He the slowly slides your underwear off, still looking up at you.  Your automatic reaction to being naked is to cover yourself. You have stretch marks on you that you usually hide. But with Bucky, there’s no reason to since he would never think less of you. He stands up straight and you take a step closer to him, tugging at the bottom of his shirt. He lifts his shirt over his head, dropping it into the pile of your clothes. You glance down, and take in a sharp breath. You’ve never seen him shirtless before, but it’s like staring at a masterpiece. He’s still looking at your face while you try to memorize everything about his body. You run your fingers over the lines of his abs, and down the V near his hips. You’re eyes trail up to where his metal arm connects with his shoulder. You can see he looks uncomfortable, like he wants to hide it. You close the distance between your bodies and place a kiss on his scar. You can feel him exhale when your lips make contact with his skin.

 "Don’t ever be ashamed Bucky, scars tell a story, whether it’s good or bad. It shows how strong you are and that you made it.“ You step back and trace over the darker stretch marks near your hips. His hands follow yours and lightly follow your path over them.

  "You really are beautiful Y/n, never feel otherwise.” You look up at him, sending him a small smile.

  “Take your own advice, Barnes.” You start to play with the top of his sweats, sliding your finger under them and following the band around his waist. He takes the hint and  strips them off.

You both take a minute to just look at each other. Your eyes follow the lines of the V on his hips, down the rest of the way. Your eyes go wide at the sight. Holy hell, he could fucking break me in half with that thing. I guess everything did get enhanced. You rest both of your hands on his hips and look up at him. You expect him to lean down for a kiss, but he runs his fingers along the line of your jaw, just smiling down at you. Are you kidding me, Barnes? Take a damn hint. You roll your eyes and he just shoots you a questioning look. You pout, and point to your lips. I don’t think I can be anymore obvious Barnes. He laughs, taking the hint, and leans down connecting his lips to yours. Just as soft as I remember. Your lips melt together, but you feel like you can’t get close enough. You push your body against his and tilt your head to deepen the kiss. You get lost in the feeling of his chest pressed against yours. Bucky moans into the kiss, his right hand lacing into your hair. He tugs a little, making you remove your lips to let out a breathy moan. You open your eyes and see a devious smirk spread across his face. Uh oh.

  He tugs it a little harder, and the sound that comes out of your mouth is anything but innocent. You feel your cheeks turn dark red and let out a nervous laugh. Bucky dips his face down to you neck and begins nipping and sucking, going from your neck down to your collarbone. You close your eyes at the feeling, never wanting him to stop. But right as you do, he removes his lips. What a fucking tease. You open your eyes to see his already on you.

  “Doll, maybe we should continue this in the shower? Before it runs cold.” He lets out a chuckle and you huff. He pulls you by your hand into the shower, closing the door behind you. You move yourself under the warm spray of the water, letting out a content sigh. You pull Buck under the water with you , he pushes back your hair so it’s out of your eyes and peppers kisses randomly over your face. Bucky washes your hair for you, rubbing your head when he applies the shampoo then the conditioner. It stays silent, just you two sending each other shy smiles. You feel all the stress peel away from your body every time he touches you. He keeps a light touch when he lathers your body wash over your ribs. He traces the outline of your bruises so gently you didn’t believe he’s actually touching you. You step closer to him and just lean your body against his . He wraps his arms around you keep yourself pushed against him. You push away from him after a minute, and he knows what you want. He leans down capturing your lips with his. The kiss starts off slow and sweet, but gets heated within moments. You dig your nails into his sides, trying to get yourself as close as you can. You can feel that he is rock hard , and it only spurs you on. You pull your lips away from his, and start making your way down his neck and chest. You can hear him take in a deep breath and feel him smile. You move your hand down and take him into you hand. You run your finger over the tip of his cock and he lets out a low moan. You start to pump his length slowly and he seals his lips against yours again. You can feel him moving his hips in rhythm with your movements. He licks at your bottom lip, and you can tell he want to go further but you keep your lips shut tight. He catches on, and you can feel him smiling against your lips. He weaves his fingers through your wet hair and tugs. You part your lips to moan, and he uses that moment to slide his tongue between them. He gently moves his tongue with yours, and you’re pretty sure you could get off just from kissing him. You feel his dick twitch and you know he’s close.

  “Let go, Buck.” Right after you finish saying that, the bathroom door whips opens and you hear Sam’s Voice.

 "NO ONE BETTER BE FINISHING ANYTHING IN MY SHOWER, YOU NASTIES.”  WHEN DID THEY EVEN GET BACK. But damn, way to blue ball your friend Wilson.You don’t say a word, just look wide eyed at Buck. Your cheeks are red from embarrassment and Bucky has a scowl on his face.

 "Sam, you have 2 seconds to get out and shut that door before I come after you naked.“   You hear the door shut, and let out a snort.

  "That would only happen to us.” Buck just shakes his head, and turns off the water.   

 You guys get out and make your way to your part on Sam’s floor. Bucky helps you into a clean shirt and new pair of underwear. He bends down to help you into a pair of pants and you just shoo him away. He lets out a playful laugh and puts his own clothes back on. You’re both standing there looking at each other. You look down and see Bucky’s hard again.

“Buck…” You take a step towards him, cupping your hand over his bulge. But his hand shoots out and grasps your wrist lightly to stop you. He doesn’t say a word, just leads you to your bed. He lays down as you ease yourself down next to him. He lays on his back and your carefully scoot yourself over so you’re resting your head on his shoulder. You ignore the slight pain in your abdomen, and lay your head on his chest while you tangle your legs with his. He put one arm around your shoulder, playing with your hair, and the other is drawing light circles on your bare thigh. This could have been sexual, hell you wouldn’t of minded it. If someone told you months ago that you’d be in bed just cuddling with Bucky Barnes, you’d laugh your ass off. You never thought you’d get to see a side of James Buchanan Barnes that wasn’t a flirtatious dick bag. But what was happening right now, this closeness and safety, you feel is something you haven’t felt before. You nuzzle yourself into the crook of his neck. You feel him place a kiss on your head and let out a content sigh. This is all I’ll ever need. He is all I’ll ever need.

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   It’s been almost 2 weeks since you and Bucky fell asleep together. Since then you’ve had a hard time not being near him. And it seems he has the same issue. You constantly crave his touch, even if it’s just his arm around you. Today, you were sitting in the tv room with most of the team, minus Tony and Steve. When you asked where they were, Bucky said they had a meeting with someone. You shrugged it off and just continued watching tv with everyone.

  About an hour later Steve and Tony show up. Steve picks up the remote from the table beside Sam and shuts the Tv off. Everyone’s eyes move from the screen to him. He stands back next to Tony and crosses his arms.

  “We came to a decision about what to do about the situation with Y/n and Hydra.” You have almost completely forgotten about that. Damn, how did that slip my mind? You stay silent, so does the rest of the team.

 Tonys gaze stays on the floor in front of him. Ah, making Steve deliver the bad news. Good move Stark.

  “It’s not safe for you here. They know where you are, so we don’t have any other choice but to relocate you to a safe house. It’s off record, so no one can hack us to find you.” You can feel your eyes well up with tears.

“Whose bright idea was this, Steve? Because it’s pretty fucking dumb to me. You plan on sending me somewhere alone when I’m on a fucking hit list? You know they will find me, they always seem to have a fucking way of getting what they want!” Your voice is loud and laced with anger. When Steve goes to respond, someone beats him to it.

  “It was my idea, and this isn’t a negotiation Miss Y/n, so stand down,” an unfamiliar voice says. You look behind Steve to see a man with an eyepatch and instantly recognize him. Nick Fury, I’ll be damned.

   “I’m not an Avenger, Fury. You have no dictation over me.” By now you’re standing in front of him. You feel a hand on your shoulder but you don’t turn.

 "Y/n, why don’t you hear them out a little more before you have a cow?“

 "Take your hand off me now, Sam.” He backs off, leaving you still in front of Nick.

  “Y/n, Hydra doesn’t play games. It’s only a matter of time before they find a way in here to you. Do you want to put your life and the teams in even more danger?” What is he talking about? I didn’t think it was possible for me to want to hate someone as much as Ross, but him and Fury are tied now.

   “So what Nick, you’re going to send me to some abandoned house, alone, in the middle of nowhere and pray they don’t find me? Hydra found their way into SHIELD, don’t you think they’ll be able to find me, too?” You try to keep the sass down but it’s getting harder to put a lid on it.

 "We have a safe house for people of special interest to Shield and the Avengers. You won’t be alone. It’s safer than keeping you here. This isn’t just about you anymore, it’s about the team. Do you think they can all focus on taking down Ross while there worried about protecting you here? Barnes wouldn’t even leave for the damn mission a few days ago so he could stay to watch you.“ At that last sentence you look over at Bucky. He stares at the ground but doesn’t deny what Fury says. I can’t believe him. Why wouldn’t he of told me?

 "The team could have been compromised because they were short a super soldier. So pull your head out of your ass, and do what’s good for everyone. Otherwise I’ll never understand what the team sees in you.” That hits you like a ton of bricks. He’s right. Fury turns to leave but you stop him.

  “When do I leave?” Your voice is quiet but he heard you.

 "The quinjet leaves in 20, so I’d start packing.“ He leaves. You don’t move, just stare at where he was standing. Bucky comes to stand in front of you, but you don’t even make eye contact with him.

   "I’m sorry. I didn’t even consider that you guys would be distracted by me being here. Fury was right, you guys can’t focus on the bigger picture while worrying about me.” Bucky goes to speak, but you walk away. You feel guilt overcome all your other emotions. You never considered the impact you’d have on the team by being here while Hydra is looking for you. I hate this. You make your way to Sam’s level and start packing clothes into a duffle bags. You remember how Tony surprised you and filled Sam’s level with all new clothes he ordered for you after the fire. He took care of you, and treated you like family. Everyone here treats you like family. Tears start to make their way down your cheeks when you realize how stupid you’ve been. You’ve managed to push Hydra and the situation out of your mind, but now it all seems to be hitting you at once. Hydra isn’t going to stop until they find me.

  When your bags are packed, you head up to the hangar. The team is already up there waiting for you. Now that it hurts less to raise your arms, you give each of them real hugs. You save Sam and Bucky for last. Sam pulls you into him, and you bury your face in his neck and let a few tears make their way out.

  “I just got you back Sammy,  don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone. I don’t want to have to kick your ass when I get home.”

 You shove your finger into his chest as you talk, making him wince.

  “I’ll come get you as soon as it’s safe, Y/n. It’ll be over before you know it.” You nod.

Alright, stay calm. When you get to Bucky, holding in the rest of the tears gets harder. You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him into a searing kiss. He holds your body tight against his, his lips dancing with yours. This isn’t our last kiss, don’t make him feel like it is Y/n, cool down. You pull away, sending him a wink and smirk.

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  “No kissing anyone else while I’m gone, Barnes. I’ve got eyes and ears everywhere.” A smile appears on his face.

 "I wouldn’t dream of it Kitten. Do us all a favor, and keep your attitude at a level two at this safe house.“

"I’m offended, you guys really think I’d ever go above a two?”

You get a group answer of “Yes” and start to laugh. You start walking up the ramp to the jet, but pause.

“I want you guys to know, I’ll miss you. And you’d better not die, or else.” You point your finger at them to heighten the effect of your threat. They all salute and wave at you, and you shake your head as you board the jet. The pilot introduces himself as John, a shield agent. You buckle yourself in and take off.

   “Hey John, won’t Hydra notice a giant jet leaving the tower if they are staking it out?”

 "The jet can camouflage itself, no one can see us.“ Thank God for technology.

  It feels like it’s been a while, but you don’t know how long it’s actually been. You had to trash your phone before you left, in case it was being tracked. So you have no form of entertainment, and John’s not exactly a bag of fun right now. You were playing with your fingers when the jet suddenly shook. And it wasn’t just like a little shake. It was like a fucking earthquake. If you weren’t buckled in, you would have been thrown to the other side of the jet. You hear John speaking into his comms.

 "Director, we’ve been hit. I don’t know who it is but I have an idea.”

How did they find us. so much for technology.

“John, how the fuck did they find us? I thought we were invisible!” He doesn’t answer, just keeps talking into the comms.

 You felt another huge shake, and then suddenly there was a hole in the side of the jet across from you. You try to scream, but can’t seem to find your voice. Terror takes over your body and before you know it, everything is black.

  You wake up feeling like you’re floating. But you soon realize someone is carrying you. You try to focus on your senses to figure out who it is. You don’t want to open your eyes and alert them that you’re awake. All you can hear is the sound of the person walking on what sounds like grass. And it smells like grass and trees. I’m somewhere outside, probably close to where the jet crashed. You move your focus to the hands that are holding you. You can’t really feel the one that’s on your back, but the one under your knees feels cold and slightly familiar. Bucky. Your pulse quickens at the thought of him. You open your eyes and see that it’s getting dark out, your head is near Bucky’s neck .

  “ Buck,” You breathe it out in almost a whisper. You turn and bury your nose in his neck, taking in a deep breathe. But the scent isn’t familiar. Bucky usually smells like coffee and hints of his cologne. The scent you just caught was more piney, and musty.

.“Sorry sweetheart, Bucky’s not here right now.” The voice was unfamiliar and sent chills down your body.

You went to push off the man, but your entire body feels broken. He looks down and you finally see his face. He has dark hair that was kind of styled, and brown eyes. He wasn’t bad looking, he had a couple scars scattered around his face. Where have I seen him before? I know this face. You must of looked like you were trying to figure something out because he spoke up.

  “I know Bucky very well, even better than I know Rogers.”

“Who are you? Why did you save me?” He doesn’t answer, just keeps walking. You see what looks like an army base ahead, and he walks through the front doors with you. There was a gurney waiting for you, along with men in black combat gear. You see the hydra symbol plastered on everything. Well Fuck .

  “You guys are real subtle aren’t you. Aren’t you suppose to be a secret group?” You look to the man that was carrying you and your eyes go straight to his metal arm. It’s just like Bucky’s. You feel tears about to fall but you hold them back. Now isn’t the time to cry, it’s the time to fight.

  Despite the pain shooting through your body, you start to thrash around on the gurney. You push against the restraints and curse loudly. Soon you stop resisting, and start chuckling. The man that carried you looks to you with a curious look.

“You know they’re going to come for me, and they are going to win. You stupid bastards won’t stand a damn chance.” A smirk falls onto your face. Stay calm, don’t let them see your fear.

“I can see what Barnes likes about you, you’re feisty. ” He pauses then adds, “I’m not surprised you don’t recognize me. I don’t exactly look like I did before I had a building dropped on me.” Your eyes widen. You remember Sam telling you about what happened in D.C.

Rumlow. Brock Rumlow.

“You…you died though? How is this possible?”

“Never underestimate Hydra.” He has a sickening smile.

Another soldier comes down the hallway. “Agent Rumlow the lab is prepped for her,” he says.

Rumlow bends down and whispers, “Welcome to your new home, Kitten.”

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Prompt: Newt usually sleeps with a stuffed animal (any animal) and it’s fricken adorable but one day he falls asleep without it so the creatures try to replace it and get offended (sort of) when reader tries to bring him his stuffed animal and fluffy silliness. (I love your writing!!)

Aw This is hella adorable!

“Y/n!” Newt calls in a distressed tone. You run over to him thinking he was hurt or he was in danger. 

“What is it?” You half yell. 

“Have you seen Harold?” He asks anxiously. You breathe a sigh of relief and sit down in a chair next to him. 

“Merlin Newt you can’t do that to me, I thought you were hurt or something, and no I haven’t seen Harold” you say. 

Harold was Newts stuffed Hippogriff. He used to have one as a child but lost it over his years of traveling. You tracked it down and gave it to him for your anniversary. He always sleeps with and while other may find it childish you found it adorable. 

“Oh where could he be!” Newt exclaims. You rub his back and smile at his attachment to his stuffed animal. 

“He’ll turn up eventually love” you comfort. Newt sighs and pecks you on the cheek. 

“You’re right, I just. he means so much to me” Newt says. 

You give him a sympathetic look. Harold reminded him of home and he was there when other weren’t. 

“We’ll find him. I promise” you say. Newt smiles at you and stands up. 

“What would I do without you?” he asks. 

“Die probably” you joke. 

“I must get back to my case” Newt says. 

“I’m going to a meeting and then dinner with Tina and Queenie. 

It’s girls night. I’ll see you in a couple hours” you say grabbing your coat from the rack. 

“Love you!” you shout before closing the door. 

“Love you too!” Newt yells back. Newt frowns at the apartment before heading down into his case. 

“Thank you for a lovely evening but I must get back home” You explain to Queenie and Tina. 

“Can’t you stay for a little longer?” Tina asks. 

“I wish I could but I promised Newt I would help him find something” you explain. 

Queenie giggles and you look over at her. 

“I didn’t know Newt slept with a stuffed Hippogriff” Queenie says. 

“Does he really?” Tina laughs. 

“Yes and he’s lost him and needs to find him “ you say. 

“I knew that that hippogriff belonged to someone we knew” Tina says getting up. She disappears into her room and brings back a worn down Hippogriff. 

“Harold!” you shout. 

“Oh thank you, Newt’s been very upset over the loss of his hippogriff” you say. 

You apparate back to your apartment and rush through the door excitedly. 

“Newt! guess what I found!” you call. You receive no response. 

”Newt?” you call again. 

You walk into your bedroom and see Newt asleep on the bed with his niffler and a few Occamies. The sight makes your heart warm. You walk slowly and quietly over to Newt and attempt to place Harold next to the Niffler. 

Before you could, the Niffler wakes up and scurries up your arm. You drop Harold from surprise and let out a small shriek. 

Newt jolts awake, “Not the Niffler!” Newt shouts, still disoriented from just waking up. 

He looks around the room to see the Niffler hanging off your shoulder lightly hitting you with a coin and gesturing to get out. Newt stands up and grabs his Niffler. 

“What has gotten into you?” He asks the niffler. The niffler escapes Newts grasp and hops back to the bed. 

“I think he’s jealous” you tease. 

“Jealous of what? You?” Newt asks confused. 

“Nope, I think he’s jealous of Harold” you say pointing to the stuffed animal on the bed. 

Newt turns around and his face lights up. “You found Harold! Where was he?” He asks reaching down for his Hippogriff. 

The Niffler gets in between Newt and Harold and crosses his little paws. 

“It was at Tina and Queenies” you giggle. 

Newt was trying to get the niffller away from Harold but he wouldn’t budge. Sighing, Newt picks up both Harold and the Niffler. The niffler jumps on top of Newt’s head. 

“How did you convince your animals to sleep with you?” you ask. 

Plucking the niffler from Newt’s hair. 

“I’m not sure, the occamies hid in my pocket and slithered out when I laid down. I let them stay because they were so comfortable and It’s a rare occurrence for occamies to show affection for humans” Newt explains. 

“Or is because you missed Harold” you ask. 

“That may have had an influence” Newt replies. 

“And what about this little guy? How were you so sure he wouldn’t just run off in search of shiny things?” you ask holding up the Niffler. 

“I um, he’s so fluffy and cute. And I trust him” Newt states. 

“No you don’t” you say. 

“Okay okay, he’s just really fluffly” Newt admits. 

“Well I think it’s adorable,” You say handing the niffler back to Newt, 

“I’ll leave you to get some well-deserved rest”. 

Newt grabs your hand, “Care to join me? I’m sure my creatures wouldn’t mind one more person” Newt suggests. The niffler looks at you with puppy dog eyes, maybe the niffler did just want to cuddle. 

“Well how could I resist such an adorable face” you tease petting the niffler. 

You change into your pajamas and lay down next to Newt. An occamy slithers next to you and Newt snuggles up to you with Harold in his arms. You kiss his nose before turning out the light. 

“Goodnight love” you whisper. 

You look and see Newt already asleep. The niffler rests beside his head, you place your head next to the niffler and drift off to a peaceful sleep.

shitty ending i’m sorry but Its 1am and I still haven’t finished and essay due today lmao. 

My shorts, my business!

So I work at a store that people who are creative come and rent spaces to sell their wares, a lot of it being furniture. My job is to work the registers, clean, paint, build stuff, and carry the furniture out of the store when a customer buys it. Along with that I also have to deal with the vendors who rent the spaces, and for the most part we get along, though there is a handful who tend to be difficult. Anyways, it’s a lot of hands on, hard work, so I sometimes wear shorts so I’m more comfy and so I won’t get too hot. Also it should be noted that these are not booty shorts, and while they are also not the longest things in the world they definitely have a good amount of fabric hiding all the essential bits. They are basically work shorts that one would wear hiking, camping, or WORKING. Now keep in mind that when I started I specifically asked my boss if there was a dress code and if I could wear my shorts. She assured me that there was no dress code and I could wear whatever I wanted, but I probably shouldn’t wear skirts or dresses because it might be hard to be mobile. So I didn’t wear skirts or dresses, I wore my shorts. There is NO REASON that I can’t wear these shorts! Today my co-worker informed me that one of our vendors that I was actually kinda buds with has been telling my co-workers behind my back that I am being un-professional by wearing those shorts and that I am acting like a slut for wearing them around, she has apparently been speaking about me behind my back for a long while as well. AGAIN I bring up the fact that these are in no way booty shorts and my employer has cleared me for them. What is truly un-professional is this grown ass women gossiping about me to my co-workers behind my back when she always asks ME for personal favors whenever she needs help or is too fucking lazing to do something herself, favors that I am in no way obligated to fulfill due to me job, I just help her out because it seemed to be the right thing to do. If this woman truly had a problem with me being the proud owner of a pair of thighs then she can confront me about it to my face or go to my boss about it. She had no right to go to my peers and complain about me because she has a stick up her ass. I no longer have any respect for this woman and she can no longer count on me for my assistance.    

Duality part 3 (J-Hope smut/angst)

Summary: You treasured your friendship with Hoseok, until a drunken mistake changed everything.

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Part one Part two Part four Part five

Word count: 2.8k

Genre: Smut/angst

“Come on guys, please pay attention,” you begged.

You couldn’t understand a word that the boys were saying because they were all talking over each other and howling with laughter. You and Hoseok had been trying to show Jin the simplest of moves, but he just couldn’t get it right. After five demonstrations, he was still doing something entirely different with his body, so the other members had turned on him. They now were surrounding him like a pack of hyenas and taking it in turns to demonstrate exaggerated versions of his awkward movements. Even Hoseok, who was supposed to be helping you teach them the new choreography, had ditched you and was joining in with the riot. You stood alone at the front of the room, helplessly observing the madness. Jin was at the center of it all, bright red, his face creased as he struggled to breathe from laughing.

“I feel like a zookeeper,” you yelled, but no one heard.

You walked over to the speaker and turned off the music.

“Go for your lunchbreak,” you shouted. The members’ selective hearing conveniently kicked in and they all turned to thank you for your hard work before heading out of the door, still chuckling and mocking Jin. Only Hoseok stayed. He walked over to you and picked his jacket off the floor.

“I hate working with you guys,” you grumbled.

“Well we love working with you,” he said, then pinched your nose. You playfully slapped him away.

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Andreil adopting au😱❤

ok i care approximately 3% about kids so here are andreil adopting the cats which isn’t an au at all but

  • andrew doesn’t even particularly want to share an apartment with neil (or at least, so he says) and he definitely does not want anything smaller than them with a tendency to yelp or make noises for no apparent reason
  • however neil is a fox is more than one way - he has a tendency to fall for anything with big, wide eyes that needs rescuing. so he sees a scratched up cat on one of his runs and he doesn’t even really think before coaxing it gently into his arms (not too difficult given it’s almost unconscious) and bringing it back to their apartment
  • andrew calls him an idiot and says that he should have brought it to a vet. he then says it’s not staying with them. “i didn’t want to keep it,” neil says, which andrew knows is only true because he hadn’t thought that far ahead
  • the cat is okay. flea-bitten and missing part of an ear due to fighting, but alright in general - “the only thing we can’t fix is that it’s ugly,” the vet says, who’s experimenting with humour. andrew’s blank stare ends that decision soon enough. “uhhhh but he’ll be fine to go home with you tomorrow.”
  • andrew doesn’t tell neil again that the cat isn’t coming home with them because he doesn’t repeat himself. he refuses to regret that decision. he refuses to regret that even when neil brings home a second cat, that’s triple the size and roughly twenty times as ugly.
  • he doesn’t regret it.
  • that’s kind of the problem.

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

i-am-an-outcast  asked:

Can you make a drabble where Crowley is turned into a little kid & the Winchester's & I have to take care of him using #68 & #130 on the prompt list please?

The King of Hell. Annoying. Charming. And- a toddler? Thanks to his gorgeous and yet creative mother, he was a toddler with daddy issues and a tux. Funny how that shrunk down to size with him.

Of course, a child of his proximity and tiny mind set couldn’t very well tend to their own needs.

“Well we can’t just leave him here.” Out of the three of you, your brothers and yourself, you loved kids. Even if said kid was the King of Hell.

Dean let out a rather loud scoff and did his usual eyebrow half cocked upward look.

“I don’t see why we can’t. This is Crowley we’re talking about.” His crystal clear green eyes were focused anywhere but on you.

Sam, as usual, was doing anything in his power to stay out of this little debut. He learned his lesson the hard way about getting in between a Winchester decision where you and Dean were on opposite sides.

“Sam, you’ve got to agree with me. He’s four years old. We can’t leave him here. Crowley or not. He’s a kid.” Both of your eyes glanced down at the waddling child and scooped him into your flannel covered arms.

Two tiny pale like hands reached up and grabbed hold of your right ear. Your right hand held onto the lower section of his body while his legs wrapped around your right hip. Dean shot you a look of disapproval and disgust. Deep down inside of his stubborn mind he knew you weren’t leaving with out the boy King.

On the way back to the hotel Crowley insisted on sitting directly beside you. Of course, there was no booster seat. Dean said it wasn’t necessary. He was a demon and the King of Hell, safety wasn’t an issue. For some unknown reason you didn’t see him as the King. You saw him as a little boy who was sweet and innocent.

The ride would take a little over an hour from where the four of you were currently located. The man child cuddled up into your side, of course you allowed him to.

From the rear view mirror you saw a set of candy green eyes fluttering shut as the owners head shook away the image.

“I’m gonna be sick.” Dean’s hands tightened on the steering wheel as Baby accelerated in the slightest.

Rolling your eyes you held Crowley’s head with your left hand and kissed his temple.

“Join the club.” Sam couldn’t help but add in.

“Both of you are ridiculous.” Glancing down you saw the tiny set of eyes beside you were shut gently while an innocent body was breathing steadily.

“No, what’s ridiculous is you’re being all lovey dove with mini Hitler back there.” No surprise Dean was acting like this. He was always over dramatic.

“Lower your damn voice. You wake him up, you deal with him.” Grabbing Sam’s jacket resting on the back seat next to you, you lowered it over the sleeping child beside you.

Even though you attempted to do this discreetly, Sam saw it along with Dean.

“Gonna have to bleach that now Sammy.” Dean peaked over at an unamused Sam. “It’s got cooties all over it.”

That next day you made the boys run out to go get necessities.

“How long do you think he’s going to be shorter than he already was?” Sam was finishing tying his shoelaces and sassing you on the side.

“Doesn’t matter how long he’s going to be a kid, munchkins need things day by day. For starters, you’re going to go get a booster seat.” At the last part you looked directly at Dean. “Don’t even give me any grief about it either.”

“Oh come on, Y/n.” Your oldest brother made his way towards you with his arms extended irritatedly. “It’s bad enough we’ve got to pack him around like a lost puppy. I don’t need kid shit-”

Instantly, your eyes shot up at him.

“Language.” As if it really mattered what you said.

“I don’t need kid ‘necessities’ in my backseat.” He finished and sat down opposite bed of Crowley.

“This isn’t a democracy, Dean.” You finished zipping up the small jacket on the King you’d found in a lost and found bin. “Sam? Can you be in charge of getting his vitamins?”

A scoff came from his lips, but he instantly regretted it.

“Vi-ta-mins?” The little lips in front of you repeated what you’d said slowly.

Reaching outward you grabbed his chin and smiled.

“Yes, vitamins. Very good.” Your free hand brushed his hair, messing it up. “You fell asleep on the tub, didn’t you?” The smile you wore was reflected in the foggy tired eyes of the boy in front of you. “Which isn’t natural for a kid of his size and age. Especially when he turned all pale and sick looking. He needs the good stuff.” Both of your eyes glanced back and forth from Sam to Dean, and you bopped Crowley’s nose at the last part.

“Do we really need to go do this?” Apparently Mr. Tall Stuff wasn’t understanding how important this was.

“You know, I get why Crowley calls you Moose now.” Reaching down you scooped him into your arms. “I mean if you guys don’t want to go do it, you can always stay here and babysit…” you got two disapproving looks.

“Be back in an hour or so.” Dean hollered as he walked out the door, not looking back.

“Bring some toys too! Unless you want him playing with your things in replacement.” A wide smile spread on your lips. This was going to be a fun and interesting little experiment

A/N I will be completely honest here and admit that this glorious idea never crossed my mind until you suggested it, thank you!

Toukomaru: date | unexpected fantasies | talk less | friendship underwear | ultra despair girlfriends | eyeglasses

Meet the Future Sister-In-Law - Toukomaru version

“I thought I’d never see you again.” Komaru practically wheezed as she broke her run by hugging her brother as tightly as she could.

Makoto returned the embrace with just as much affection if not more, his hands patted her gently as he chuckled freely. “Well I can’t say the same.”

Komaru pulled back, shocked at his choice of words. “How cruel! You mean to say that you didn’t miss me at all?”

“No, that’s not it, Komaru. I never said that.” He shook his head and smiled reassuringly. “I just meant that I was sure that we’d meet again.”

“Geez, always the optimistic one.” She found herself returning the smile just as easily. “It’s good to know that part of you hasn’t changed one bit.”

“Well it’s my only redeeming point you know.” He joked with tears in his eyes as he looked at her with sibling pride.

“Yeah, I know.” She sniffled as she wiped a few tears that had already flown.

It was a long road just to get to this moment. This moment where these siblings were finally reunited. It was a painful journey for each of them and it was riddled with despair all throughout but they never gave up. They didn’t lose sight of hope and so they persevered. Until finally, they were reunited at last. Not everyone had survived but they were grateful that at least both of them were safe. Here, holding each other, this much they were more than grateful for.

“Ugh! Okay, we get it. You two missed each other!” Touko unceremoniously interrupted their moment with an annoyed groan. “You already hugged on it, isn’t that enough drama? Don’t you think that this is dragging for too long? We have a schedule to run by you know.”

“Touko!” Komaru jumped back from the hug just so she could properly glare at Touko who seemed unaffected by it. “Give us a break, will ya?”

“It’s good to see you again too, Touko.” Makoto chuckled and greeted his friend goodnaturedly. He would have hugged her too but she declined so he just offered his smile instead. “Thanks for taking care of Komaru.”

Touko appreciated the gesture although she hardly showed it. Her words lacked their usual bite though so maybe that was as good as it’ll get. “Yeah you should be. She didn’t exactly make it easy for me.” She scoffed.

“Hey! That was uncalled for!” Komaru objected.

“I call it as I see it.” Touko stated as a matter-of-fact.

“Meanie!” Komaru stuck out her tongue at her to which Touko merely frowned at her childish antics.

Makoto on the other hand, watched fondly if not slightly amused by their display. “Well aren’t you two cute together.”

And just like that, the banter was broken.

“C-Cute?!” Touko stammered right before her whole body became stiff and unresponsive.

“Aaand she’s frozen…” Komaru sighed. They still needed to work on Touko’s tolerance for compliments.

“Ahaha, my bad. I forgot that she does that.” Makoto sheepishly apologized. “So I’m guessing that Touko will be joining us?”

And all of a sudden, the lighthearted atmosphere was replaced with a growing tension as it was Komaru’s turn to freeze, her nerves shot.

“Actually, there’s a reason why Touko’s dropping in on our reunion…” She started hesitantly and then backed out at the last second. “You tell him, Touko.”

That was apparently enough to bring her back to her senses.

“M-Me?” Touko looked back at her indignantly. “Oh, h-hold it right there. No way! We already talked about this and you agreed that you’d tell him.”

“Only because I lost a bet!” Komaru pointed out in the hopes that she could get away with it.

“That you still agreed upon!” Touko hustled. She crossed her arms and tilted her chin upwards as she urged her on. “Come on, Komaru. Grow a pair already and fess up.”

“Not really my kind of idiom considering I’m a girl.” Komaru grumbled in defeat. She knew that it was useless to start this fight anyways. “Maybe we should have stuck with the whole secrecy plan.”

“You’re the one who was all "if we’re going to do this then we’re going to do this properly, starting with a no secrets policy” so take responsibility!“ Touko ordered her.

"And you should know by now that I hardly put any thought into my words. It was a spur of the moment thing!” Komaru argued, her cheeks were dusted pink. “Also, now? Really? Can’t I have a few minutes to prepare myself? I don’t think I have the guts to tell him right now.”

“Hm? Tell me what, Komaru?” Makoto innocently asked.

“Hey! Big bro!” Komaru all but jumped when he joined in the conversation. As soothing as his smile was, it wasn’t enough to calm her nerves. Oh, god so was she doing this? Apparently so. “Well! You see…” She fumbled as she tried to put together the words. “Uh…” She already knew what to say but had trouble actually getting them out of her mouth. “Touko and I…” The words seemed to be stuck in her throat as she coughed in an attempt to get rid of the itch there.

“Oh, for crying out loud! Just spit it out already.” Touko raised her hand in exasperation and gave Komaru one last literal push.

“Arekindasortadating.” Komaru spewed hastily and all at once. She had to pry her eyes open since she winced right after. But she knew that now that it was out, all that was left was the verdict and so she anxiously stared at her brother for any reaction.

“Oh…” He merely said and fell quiet for a while. Until he smiled again. “And?”

“And… that’s it.” She replied, not quite sure what else he wanted her to say. That reaction kind of fell flat compared to her expectations. “Wait, did you hear what I just said or do you need me to do a repeat or?”

“I heard you the first time.” He laughed for a bit and then settled for a lopsided smile as he confessed, “I know.”

“You…” She stared at him incredulously. “You already know?”

“Well you two weren’t exactly subtle about it.” He explained with a cheeky grin.

Komaru could practically feel her blush of embarrassment. “What gave us away?” She squeaked.

“The flirting and that one phone call.” He easily explained.

“See! I told you to check if you actually ended the call!” Touko chided her.

“Hey! It was just one time!” Komaru pointed out.

“Clearly one time too many.” Touko retorted.

“I said I was sorry!” Komaru deflated.

Before the two could continue their argument, Makoto thought it was best for him to intervene with a round of applause. “Congrats on your relationship.” He then placed his hand over his sister’s shoulder and said, “Don’t cause too much trouble for Touko, okay Komaru?”

“Isn’t this supposed to be the part where you’re the overprotective brother and you threaten my girlfriend instead?” She raised an eyebrow, confused.

“Normally but it just so happens that your girlfriend is much more reliable than you.” He playfully ruffled her hair.

“Ack! Betrayed by my own blood!” She dramatically fell on her knees as if struck by a blow.

“Hmph, you must be so heartbroken over the fact that as strong as your brocon game is, his siscon isn’t so much.” Touko slyly teased her.

“Not again with the brocon. Touko, we’ve been over this. You’re never letting this go, are you?” Komaru sighed in defeat.

“It’s alright, Komaru. I’m sure Touko would be more than willing to comfort you.” Makoto smirked at both of them.

“S-Shut up!” They both shot back at him accompanied with blushes and deathglares to which he merely laughed them off.

Teasing aside, it looks like the introduction as girlfriends was well received. They were only visiting though so maybe next time, they’d be introducing themselves differently then.

i need to save you, to save me

summary:  Daisy takes it upon herself to rescue May, the woman who has protected her since the beginning.

notes: whenever i’m down about my writing, the wonderful kelly, @ddagent, is always there for me. so this one is for you kelly :)

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She’s never seen him like this; the smile gone from his face, the sparkle in his eyes missing, a sense of sadness clinging to his every movement.

It is the look of a man with a broken heart.

Daisy recognises it. It was the same look she saw in her father when he murdered the love of his life. She remembers that moment with a heavy heart; the short amount of time she had spent with her parents are incomparable however tragically their story came to an end. She had spent her whole life searching for where she truly belonged, but finding her parents had not filled the emptiness within her heart like she had believed at the time. And losing both of them, however painful, had not torn her world apart.

It’s pretty close to coming apart at the seams right now though.

She struggles to hold onto hope for this world as she watches the strongest, most resilient man she knows crumble apart from within.

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A Lesson in Love (The Honeymoon Phase)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 4,126

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED. Also, I don’t know how this part got to be so long, but I hope you enjoy it 😊

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist

Originally posted by sebjpeg

When you wake up the next morning, it’s fifteen minutes after your alarm first went off. As you rush around your room in an attempt to avoid being late to class, you scold yourself for staying up as late as you did. You knew you had to be up early and yet, that wasn’t enough to get you to sleep any sooner.  

What you don’t admit to yourself as you pull on a pair of tights and the first sweater you can get your hands on is that you didn’t deliberately stay up late. In fact, you were in bed by eleven thirty, face washed, teeth brushed and pajamas on. No problems arose until your head hit the pillow and you closed your eyes. That’s when every single thought you suppressed came tumbling out of the cage you locked them up in. And, similar to a wild animal that’s been kept holed up in one place for too long, those thoughts were wild and vicious once they were freed.

For hours you were tortured by their incessant need to remind you of a boy with sapphire eyes and a jawline whose sharpness could cause some fatal damage. How did this happen? How did these feelings for Bucky develop? How did he worm his way into your thoughts, your heart, without you knowing?

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anonymous asked:

Hi, can you write one about how each of bughead's friends keep doubting their feelings/relationship, but each and every time they keep proving them wrong? Thank you for your time in writing!

Yes! I love this. This one is for all the doubters out there!

Archie thought that Jughead and Betty were confusing a close friendship with liking each other.

When Archie first found out that Jughead and Betty were seeing each other he was in shock. He had never seen this coming and he honestly couldn’t imagine them together. He couldn’t picture the two of them together any more than he could picture himself dating Betty. The three of them had been friends for so long, how could that possibly have changed?

Archie didn’t think that it would last. He was sure that Betty and Jughead would realize that they were better off as friends, after all they were weren’t they? Betty and Jughead were the best of friends, but Archie wasn’t so sure that could translate into a relationship.

High school was a confusing time and dating was even more confusing, Archie knew that firsthand. Maybe Jughead and Betty were confusing their feelings of friendship with something else. Maybe they really wanted to be in a relationship so they were forcing their feelings. Or maybe dating each other seemed like the safest choice in the crazy world of teenage dating.

Whatever the reason was, Archie was sure it wasn’t because they actually had fallen for each other. 

At least that is what he thought until he saw them one day at Pop’s. Archie was about to walk in when he caught a glimpse of them through the window. They were completely absorbed in one another and didn’t notice him, but he noticed them.

Archie noticed the way that Jughead was smiling, brighter than he had ever seen his friend smile.

He noticed how Betty was laughing in pure joy at something Jughead had said. Betty was always happy, but sitting there with Jughead, she looked radiant.

Archie noticed how animated Jughead was and how he was using one hand to gesture wildly while the other held Betty’s on the table.

He noticed how both of them were looking at each other, like they were the only two people in the world.

Archie turned around and walked away. He had been wrong, so wrong. He knew now that what Betty and Jughead felt for each other was the real deal.

Veronica thought that Betty was using Jughead to make Archie jealous.

After all, the two started “dating” pretty quickly after Betty was turned down by Archie. Betty had claimed to have gotten over him, but Veronica had seen the way that Betty looked at him when he wasn’t looking.

Then, there suddenly was Jughead. Out of nowhere, Betty was hanging out with him instead of Archie and Veronica. She had suspected that Betty was avoiding them because she was still sensitive about all that had happened. So naturally, Veronica was skeptical when Betty and Jughead had shown up holding hands.

It clearly bothered Archie, so Veronica figured that their relationship had served its purpose. She was on her way right now to confront Betty about it and put this crazy scheme to an end.

Betty’s mom answered the door and gestured upstairs with a disapproving look on her face when Veronica asked for Betty. Ignoring her friend’s mom’s dislike of her, she headed upstairs. She was about to knock on the door when she heard Betty talking inside.

“I don’t know Jug, maybe we made a mistake, this just feels wrong…” Veronica froze at the words. Nice of Betty’s mom to let her know that Jughead was hear too. Veronica leaned forward to listen, but when Betty spoke again she realized that she must be on the phone. “No, not us Jughead. Of course not us, that’s the only thing that feels right. What I meant was maybe we made a mistake in telling our friends, you have to admit that they have all been acting weird since we told them…”

“Damn” Veronica whispered under hear breath as what Betty was saying sunk in. There was a long silence, Veronica wished that she could hear what Jughead was saying to Betty. All she knew was that when Betty spoke again, her voice was considerably happier.

“I really like you, you know that….how do you always know what to say to make me feel better?” There was another pause and then Betty’s laugh rang out from inside the door. “I take it back, I hate you.” Veronica found herself smiling despite herself. She had been so caught up in thinking that their relationship was fake that she never stopped to actually look at their relationship. Now she could see how good they were for each other. 

Jughead was always there for Betty, and apparently he was good at comforting her when she needed it. In turn, Veronica thought that Betty was bringing Jughead out of his book and into the real world. Thinking back she realized that Jughead had certainly been a lot more present since he and Betty had started dating.

With a smile, Veronica knocked on the door, determined to make sure that Betty knew that she and Jughead had her blessing.

“Juggie, someone’s here I have to go. I love you too.”

Kevin thought that Jughead wasn’t good enough for Betty. It was nothing against Jughead really, he just thought that Betty was too nice and sweet and Jughead was well…Jughead.

Jughead was an outsider, frequently by choice. He liked to be alone, he was sarcastic and moody. Betty was the exact opposite. She was always so present and she shone like a sunbeam.

Betty needed someone that would appreciate and nurture that light inside of her, not dampen it.

Betty seemed happy enough with Jughead, but Kevin thought that maybe she was choosing to ignore his flaws. Every time Jughead said something sarcastic or teased Betty, Kevin wanted to explode.

Finally having enough, he slid into Jughead’s booth one night, determined to figure out how the boy really felt about Betty.

“What’s up man?” Jughead barely looked up from his laptop. If he was surprised to see that Kevin was sitting with him, he didn’t show it.

“I…um” Kevin hesitated, trying to find the right words. Jughead looked up at him, concern showing in his eyes.

“Is Betty okay?”

“Yes, she’s fine” Kevin assured him, watching as Jughead’s posture relaxed. So, Jughead really did care about Betty, that was a point for him, but Kevin still wasn’t convinced. “She’s actually what I came here to talk to you about.”

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you too.” Jughead replied

“Really?” That stopped Kevin in his tracks

“Yes, you and I don’t know each other very well. We’ve both known Betty for a while, but we run in different circles. But you are important to her, I can tell. And I want to get to know you better, because any friend of Betty’s is a friend of mine.”

“I…I would like that” Kevin could barely get the words out he was so shocked. This was not at all how he thought the conversation would go. This was a new side to Jughead that he had never seen before. An honest, caring side. Maybe this is what Betty saw all of the time.

“Also, know that I really care about Betty, and I will do right by her. I also already got the scary dad intimidation speech from Veronica, so you don’t need to bother with that. Veronica is…terrifying, but I don’t need her threats. I will never do anything to hurt Betty.” Jughead said seriously. Kevin smiled, he couldn’t believe how transparent he had been. Jughead probably had known why he was there from the moment he had sat down, but he had played along and made an effort to convince Kevin that he was worthy of Betty.

“You know, I’m beginning to see what Betty sees in you.” Kevin said

“Well, if you figure it out let me know. I’ve been trying to figure out why she choose me of all people and nothing makes sense.” Jughead said it as a joke, but his smile didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“It’s because you are nice.” Kevin found himself wanting to reassure Jughead.

“Excuse me?” Jughead looked utterly offended

“You try to hide it behind indifference and that rough exterior, but I see you Jughead. Underneath you are really just a nice, sweet, caring person. Just like Betty. I’ve seen it, and there’s nothing you can do to convince me otherwise.” Kevin said with a grin.

“Then, I guess I’m just going to have to kill you.” Jughead smiled back, “I can’t have you exposing my secret.”

“I’d like to see you try” Kevin said with a laugh, marveling at the turn of the conversation. Jughead really was a completely different person once you took the time to get to know him. Kevin, like the rest of the school had written him off as an antisocial freak. But Betty, sweet Betty, had taken the time that others hadn’t. 

Maybe they were perfect for each other and maybe they weren’t, but Kevin saw now that they were more alike than he thought. Betty had gotten to know Jughead and had liked what she had seen. The least Kevin could do was give him a chance.

Thanks for reading! Send me a Bughead prompt and I’ll write a drabble!

I honestly feel completely overwhelmed and like I’m going to be fired from my job.

I’ve been there a few months now, and I know how to do the majority of the work. My job involves multiple groups throughout the day for specific periods of time, prep and clean-up for each group, in addition to basic deskwork, countless projects in various stages of completion, and *constant* interruptions, and I do *everything* by myself.

Several of my projects? Should take a matter of 5 minutes’ upkeep time each day l. BUT the last several people who had my position *ignored them entirely*, and didn’t bother to tell the boss they weren’t getting done. My boss doesn’t really understand me when I say it would take weeks of 10 hour days with only X project getting worked on and *nothing* else in order to get it completed.

The problem is, my job is one that most people think is really easy, and that I have “spare time” when I don’t actively have a group in.

I came into the job knowing the basics of doing any job in the field, but *this* job is a specialized position. There was no training manual for my job. There were no people there with me for even the first few hours telling me “if you have a question about X call Lydia/Matt/Rose”. Any time I have a question I have to send email after email, make phone call after phone call, sometimes for literal *days*, trying to track down *someone* who has a clue about the way Very Specific Task is done, at my Very Specific Job, in Very Specific Circumstances. Most of the time those emails or phone calls are either ignored entirely, or I’ve been given 5 year old contact info for someone who’s since moved on and not been replaced due to hiring freezes. So, I get to do *another* round of emails and phone calls.

It sucks, because *the job itself* is one I love. The problem is that every supposed adult around me has a picture in their head as to what the job involves, and it doesn’t matter what I say, or how much is already on my plate and supposedly URGENT, I end up with *yet another project* that needs to be done *ASAP*. Never have I been told “prioritize project 6 over project 2, and project 8 over 5”. Never mind the fact that to do all the work that *legitimately* needs to be done in a timely manner would require a minimum 45 hour work week, and I’m only hourly and contracted and only allowed to work 30 hours a week. Never mind the fact that I am the *only* one doing this work. Never mind the fact that I’ve been promised help time and again for certain things, and when I go to ask about actually getting that help the person who’s supposed to make sure I get it acts as if it’s the first time we’ve ever spoken about it. Never mind the fact that I’ve been given incomplete or completely out of date and innaccurate information by my boss and the one other person who *kind of* understands the very basics of my job, and when I call or email my main contact with Other Company that consults with me for X Project, I am *outright told* that the information I was given by boss and coworker won’t help me, that the system we use has changed, that it’s *possible* to do something that way, but it’s the *wrong* way and will make the process take longer. I get told I have free reign in my position, then I get 20 people telling me how to do my job. I get told I can make a purchase, I make the purchase, now the person I got the permission from has conveniently forgotten they gave me permission in the first place, and that I could use x funds (apparently those were meant to be used on something else, but how am I to know? I went with what I was told originally. At this point if it were legal to I’d just record every conversation I have with these people, but no, not in my state!).

I’m pro-active. I follow up. I ask questions. But I *can’t make* people actually call or email me back, or show up when they say they will, or give me accurate information. I can’t even get the people who bring groups in to inform me if they need to cancel or reschedule, or check their voicemail and email for urgent messages from me. I stop working on an urgent project, do the prep work for their group, and they never show up. Or show up late, and expect to get their full amount of time, even though another group comes in right after their slot ends.

I’ve been reamed out for carrying my phone with me all the time and checking it constantly, when the fact is I live in 2017! My phone is set up to alert me *constantly* to new work emails and phone calls, group start times, and oh yeah, the actual time so I’m not late! It’s normal for me to eat my lunch at my desk! It’s normal for me to be constantly interrupted during my lunches and expected to attend to a minimum half hour long conversation about what I “should” be doing!!

I’d be thrilled to be salaried, and be allowed to come in and work until the actual job was done each day. But that won’t happen. No place in this type of business can keep my position filled for more than a few years nowadays, and it used to be a job people got into right after graduating and stayed at for *40-60 years*. I literally hear my own and fellow my-position-holders’ coworkers complaining about the fact that they can’t keep my position filled for long.

There’s *a reason* for that assholes.

Thief Pt 4 // Park Jimin

Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Pt. 3

- Part Four: Pain

summary: in which prince jimin doesn’t know that his future wife is not only trying to steal from him, but is also trying to kill him.

words: 3,505

category: prince au, angst

author note: oops this is late bc i had a busy day but it’s still Wednesday so it’s technically on schedule. also things are getting serious so tell me your thoughts! also I write these in third person first for my wattpad so there may be some mistakes where I missed the pronouns sorry

- destinee

Originally posted by lonastic

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(A/N: Hey guys! How are you? I hope you’re good. So in this preference, which was requested, I’m not going to explicitly write, ‘And that was the moment Caspian knew he liked her,’ cause that’s way to cringey and sappy for this author to handle so nah. These are essentially going to just be the instances in which the reader was really showing him how much she cared about him. You can understand what the guys are thinking because I’m telling you now that they are realising that they have feelings for the reader. Remember to eat something, drink some water and take your meds! Love you!)

Preference: The moment he realised his feelings for you

Ed- you show that you really know him


       You cared about him even while he was sick.

       “You really aren’t feeling well, are you?” Y/N asked, putting her hand to his forehead. Caspian nearly flinched away from the touch, her cold hand contrasting with his burning skin so greatly it gave him shivers, though shivers were commonplace for him in Y/N’s presence. “I daresay that Peter will have to wait for that rematch.”

       “But the rematch was scheduled for next next week!”

       “And I doubt that you will be well by then, given your symptoms.” Y/N busied herself in Caspian’s bathroom, wetting a towel and bringing it back to him in bed, laying it on his head.

       “At least let me do some paperwork,” he begged, knowing he would feel useless if he didn’t do something productive while under the weather.

       Y/N bit her lip. “I’ll think about it,” she said. “I know how cooped up you feel right now, but know that it is for your own good. You need to recover.” She leaned down and pressed a kiss to his flushed cheek. “Now, I need to go check on Peter. Apparently he wasn’t feeling well either.”

       “Look at what I’ve spread,” he laughed, watching his beautiful girl exit his room.


       You care about his siblings.

       “Have you seen Lucy today?” Y/N asked Peter as they walked the halls of Cair Paravel. The High King shook his head.

       “I’ve not seen her since dinner last night,” he said. “Why?”

       “Do you think she’s feeling alright?” Y/N rubbed nervously at the arm encircling hers. Peter grabbed her hand.

       “If it’s worrying you, why don’t we go and check?” he offered. Seeing her upset made his mood fall. Y/N nodded, quickening her pace towards Lucy’s quarters.

       When they arrived, Y/N knocked on the door. “Lucy? Lucy, are you alright?”


       Y/N quickly opened the door, revealing Lucy, laying on her bed, curled into a ball while clutching her stomach. Her eyes were brimming with tears at the pain she felt. Y/N poked her head back out of the room. “Guards!”

       A short time later, as two centaurs carried the young queen to the infirmary in a hammock, Y/N stood by and watched as her friend was taken away.

       “She’ll be alright, won’t she?” Y/N asked Peter hurriedly.

       “I believe she will be.” Peter was worried himself, but he knew that if worst were to come to worst, Lucy’s healing cordial could save her from anything.

       “But what if she isn’t? What if it’s something that even her healing cordial can’t stop? What then, Peter?”


       You really knew him.

       Edmund sat on the beach, the seaside wind cooling against his lightly sunburnt skin. He had taken everything except for his tunic and trousers off, not caring for the many layers in the first place.

       He didn’t hear her coming, but she didn’t startle him when she sat down in the sand next to him, having stripped of much of her clothes as well and only appearing in a thin slip.

       “What are you doing down here?” She asked. Edmund leaned back on his hands.


       “Well, we all know how dangerous that is for you,” she partially joked, taking her hair out of its updo and letting the wind whip it round freely. “What are you thinking about?”

       “Can’t decide, really,” he admitted. “My head’s a bit all over the place right now.”

       “How about you focus on me?”

       Edmund laughed, turning his body to face Y/N. “You really know my favorite thing to think about, don’t you?”