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Headcannon: after years of making girls scream and fangirl, Jungkook is still quite experienced when it comes to romance, he knows parts but he doesn't know the full experience when it comes to stuff such as kissing. He wants some advice and would only turn to his favourite hyung- Jimin. He asks Jimin to practice kissing with him and as he does so, Jungkook decides that he never wants to stop kissing Jimin. Aka he never imagined how much he'd like kissing Jimin and he falls for him basically.

chgbkj okiiiee i love this kind of hc. idk why i love practicing kissing so much but i do…..WARNING: this one will be mature-ish. no real smut but like….some sexy stuff. okay this is definitely my sexiest one. i got embarrassed writing it LMAO. it’s kind of a FWB thing….pls enjoy.

+ “what do you need jungkook?” jimin asked. jungkook had asked him to talk in private in his bedroom. jimin made himself comfortable on jungkook’s bed but jungkook was anything but comfortable. 

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Castle Fanfic: Worry Later 1/1

Worry Later

A Caskett 2x14 AU

This is an extreeeemely late birthday fic for our favorite Prompt Overlord, @inkstainedcoffeecup. Although this one isn’t a prompt of yours, I hope you enjoy it anyway, Lou! <3

“I need a date.”

Lanie looks at her as if she has sprouted a second head or started speaking in tongues. Truthfully, she hadn’t quite meant to put it out there just that plainly, but she’s battling the agitated flutter of her heart right now and if she doesn’t do something about it soon, she won’t.

“What?” her friend asks, her eyes narrowing. “Repeat that, because I know I didn’t hear you right.”

“A date. A guy. A man,” Kate says, gaining steam and courage with it. See, she can do it, too. She can get a date with someone attractive and successful, and she doesn’t need to be on some pathetic ‘Most Eligible’ list to do it. She just needs a little help from a friend. And only because Lanie seems to know everyone. “You’re always trying to set me up with people, so here I am. I’m game. What have you got?”

One of her friend’s eyebrows skyrockets. “Okay, what’s gotten into you?”

Ugh, Lanie. Don’t ask that. She doesn’t want to talk about interviews and assumptions, or her infuriating shadow. She just wants her friend to help her out.

“I get so wrapped up in work all I want to do is go home where it’s quiet, and I’m so tired of quiet I want…”

“Castle,” Lanie offers, crossing her arms over her chest, her lips curling in challenge.

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Apparently my guess of becoming inactive after Pokemon Sun and Moon came out was 100% on the mark.
I’ve spent the last couple weeks getting together all my old teams from gen III to bring up to my Sun game and only /just/ finished today.

I have over sixty Pokemon that I’ve accumulated since my first playthrough of Ruby back in the day, and even successfully recreated my old 1998 team with the VC version of Red.
(I’m working on my old Yellow team still, but at least I’ve got them started!)

I also need to apologize to all the daily Pokemon blogs I’ve been mass following but apparently I’ve reverted back to the age of six and I’m just devouring every Pokemon-related thing I can find again.
Next comes the Pokemon stickers ending up on everything.

I’m even kicking around over on @charizard-daily for the extra art practice when I should be trying to post more often here.

Somehow my brain has had its Pokemon switch flipped and doesn’t know how to turn it off. ; A;