apparently i look good without glasses

ExR Week Day 1 ~ Painting

To say he was surprised to find Enjolras on his doorstep at 11am on a Sunday was an understatement, but there he was clear as day.

“Enjolras?” he said, not quite keeping the question out of his tone, and causing Enjolras to look at him quizzically. Before he could say anything in response Grantaire got ahold of himself enough to ask, “What are you doing here?”

Enjolras blinked at him and Grantaire was suddenly very aware that he’d neglected to put a shirt on in his hurry to answer the door. In his defence the heat all day had been unbearable.

“Is this a bad time?” Enjolras asked. He was dressed for the weather, shorts and a cropped t-shirt, but aside from his skin looking a little darker even than usual the heat didn’t seem to be phasing him all that much. In fact the sun seemed to be agreeing with him quite nicely. 

“Huh?” Grantaire replied, before shaking himself and his head. Conjuring a smile he moved aside to allow his unexpected visitor into his home. “Not at all,” he said “Come in.”

If he had thought Enjolras looked out of place standing at his front door, it was nothing to how he looked standing in the middle of his lounge peering curiously around at the eclectic collection of junk that was scattered around the room.

Grantaire couldn’t account for it. Sure they’d been getting better recently. More civil. Even friendly on occasion. But they hadn’t graduated to visiting one another unannounced. Well, until now at least.

Grantaire shut the door and headed for the sofa, where a folded pile of laundry was still sat from the day before. He pulled on the first t-shirt he could find. Already regretting it. God damn the weather.

“To what do I owe the unexpected pleasure?” he said, turning back to Enjolras; who had apparently completed his inspection of the living room and was looking right back at him. At least he could blame his flush on the heat of the day.

“The rally next week…”

Grantaire groaned. Was that next week already? Whose godforsaken idea was it to hold a rally in the middle of June!

“Enjolras it’s going to be 37 degrees outside,”

“I’m aware,” came the reply, with a clear but unspoken ‘so what?’

“I know you seem to have a superhuman resistance to temperature but most of us don’t. Extreme heat and angry mobs don’t tend to make for good combinations,”

Enjolras frowned at him. Not the old ‘why do I even bother you’re impossible’ frown that was once followed by a sharp retort. They were better now, and this one was newer. Softer. This frown was 'i wish i understood you’ or perhaps 'i wish i could make you understand me’. After a few seconds of silence he took a deep breath and let it out.

“I’m not going to make you go.” and Grantaire sighed, knowing that he would. He always would. Enjolras continued “I came because Joly mentioned you used to paint a bit… That you might have some old supplies for making signs,”

'Used to paint a bit’. Honestly it was all Grantaire could do not to laugh out loud. He didn’t, but he wasn’t completely sure what his face had done, because Enjolras seemed to take it as some sort of dismissal, saying quickly, “Sorry. It was a long shot. I can buy some I just thought… If we… If you had stuff to spare but…”

“No no I do,” said Grantaire hurriedly, “I have some stuff you could use.”
Truthfully he had a whole studio full. Though he hadn’t been in there for a long time; except to dump other junk.

“Oh. It’s just you… Pulled a face,” Enjolras said, gesturing at Grantaire.

“What Joly said about me painting 'a bit’?” He headed out of the living room, beckoning Enjolras to follow “It was just a bit of an understatement is all. Given I dropped out of art school,”

“I didn’t know you went to art school,” said Enjolras, and strangely he sounded annoyed by this. Grantaire couldn’t help but laugh this time as he stopped at the door to the spare room, turned art studio, turned junk cupboard.

“There’s probably a lot about me you don’t know Enjolras,” he glanced at him, he looked annoyed about that too. Grantaire opened the door and stepped inside.

“Sorry about the mess.” he said, “But you should find whatever you need in here. I had all sorts of stuff.”

Mess was a bit of an understatement too. There was barely a few feet of completely clear floor. Canvases and boards and easels were piled along the walls and there were shelves and boxes crammed full of assorted other supplies. As Enjolras began to rummage Grantaire left him to it, heading into the kitchen and pulling the freezer open. He relished the cold air for a few seconds and then pulled out a tray of ice and reluctantly let the door close.

When he got back to the room he found Enjolras had swept whatever he didn’t need off to the sides, and was now standing with more things than he could possibly carry spread out across the floor. He was looking at it all as if trying to decide how to get it all out in one go. 

And if that wasn’t him all over. 

Grantaire shook his head and rattled the tray he was carrying loud enough to grab Enjolras’ attention.

“I made iced tea.” he said, and if the look on Enjolras’ face was anything to go by, he wasn’t quite so untouched by the heat as he appeared. He abandoned his collection of art supplies without a glance and almost downed the first glass of iced tea in one go. Grantaire smiled. It was always good to be reminded that Enjolras was just as human as anyone, despite apparently believing he could carry half of Grantaire’s art studio home with him if he just arranged it right.

“Thanks,” he gasped out holding the glass of ice to his head.

“There’s a joke here somewhere about Apollo being affected by the sun but since I know how much you hate that nickname I’ll stop looking for it,” said Grantaire. Enjolras rolled his eyes at him, and then turned his attention back to his pile.

“Gonna take a few trips,” said Grantaire, “How many signs are you planning on carrying anyway?” 

“Combeferre’s completely swamped at work so I was going to make him one too, plus I thought I’d take some extras for another time or in case… well in case I mess it up,” he blushed slightly as he said it.

“Not on the artsy side huh?”

“Not exactly,”

“Well,” said Grantaire, “If you don’t fancy walking to and from your flat five times, you’re welcome to make your signs here. I promise not to tell anyone if you make a mess of one.”

“You wouldn’t mind?” asked Enjolras, looking at him with a hint of relief in his eyes. Apparently he hadn’t been completely convinced he could manage the transfer in one go. Grantaire shrugged in lieu of an answer. “Thank you,” said Enjolras, and he reached out to grab the pitcher of iced tea from the tray Grantaire was still holding.

Enjolras had been at it for only fifteen minutes - fifteen painful minutes - before Grantaire gave in and offered to help. When he had meant when he said he wasn’t ‘exactly’ artsy, was that he was practically useless. Not only did he have almost no concept of prepping or planning, instead just diving straight for the paint (red, because why break the habit of a lifetime), he also apparently had no clue how big to make the letters so he wouldn’t run out of space mid-word, nor did he seem to notice that the words were going diagonally down instead of sitting straight. 

“I did say I wasn’t very good at this,” he said defensively as Grantaire snatched the brush from his hand and pulled the poor offended board away from him. 

“It’s fine, I can fix it,” said Grantaire, and he retrieved a second board for Enjolras to work on, “Here, and for Gods sake at least mark out what you want with pencil first before you go charging on,”

Enjolras just nodded, reaching sheepishly for a pencil.

They worked together in silence for a while, Enjolras spending much of his time sketching out letters then re-doing it when it still wouldn’t fit. Grantaire in the meantime was so caught up in what he was doing it was several minutes before he realised this was the first time he’d so much as held a paintbrush in almost three years. When the thought finally occured to him, he paused and pulled back, staring down at the brush in his hand. Enjolras must have noticed, despite the fact that he was still pouring over his own sign, because he chose that moment to speak.

“Why did you drop out of art school?” he asked, breaking Grantaire out of his revery. 

“What?” he asked, having barely heard him.

“I wanted to know why you left art school. Did you not like it?” Enjolras asked again, still not looking up at him. Grantaire slowly turned his own gaze back to the now almost entirely red board and lowered the paintbrush back to continue.

“I loved it actually. I mean… some of it was dull as dishwater, that’s school right? But I liked working on my projects,” 

“So if you loved it so much… why?”

Grantaire took a breath. Normally he’d answer that with some sort of joke to move past it and with most of his friends that would probably work. This was Enjolras however, and Enjolras often didn’t have time for people avoiding things. He was upfront with people himself and he often expected them to be equally upfront. So Grantaire weighed his options. He could tell Enjolras he’d rather not talk about it, and Enjolras would almost certainly respect that. Or he could tell him the truth. 

He wouldn’t judge him would he? Not now. Not after everything he’d gone through that year. Everything all his friends had helped him through; even Enjolras… Especially Enjolras.

“Discovered I loved alcohol a bit more,” he said, trying to make it sound casual, trying to make it sound like it wasn’t a big deal. Enjolras finally looked up.

“I’m sorry,” he said, and he looked it, really genuinely sorry, “I shouldn’t have brought it up,”

“You didn’t know,”


Grantaire took a gulp of iced tea and as he swallowed he forced the memories down with it. Enjolras was still looking sorry, so he did the first thing that came into his head to make him stop. He reached out and painted a stripe of red from the top of Enjolras forehead to his nose. The squawking noise of protest he made and his scramble backwards was enough to dispel the lingering bad memories and Grantaire burst out laughing.

Enjolras stopped a few feet back glaring at him. It was hard to take him too seriously however with the strip of red halfway down his face. In fact it only made him laugh harder. 

In hindsight he should really have seen the retribution coming, but even if his eyes had been open he was laughing to hard to really do much about it when Enjolras came back at him, swiping a paintbrush across his forehead. From there sign making was entirely forgotten and it was only when Grantaire finally managed to wrestle the paint brush from Enjolras hand (his own Enjolras had knocked across the room a few moments before) that the fight subsided. Grantaire took stock of them both. Pushing Enjolras to the ground had seemed like the best way to incapacitate him and remove the paintbrush at the time but now he was severely regretting the decision. Enjolras was lying beneath him, flushed and breathless with laughter, covered head to toe with specks of paint in whatever colours Grantaire had managed to reach. He suspected he was in a similar state, though he doubted he pulled it off in quite the same fashion. God it would be so easy to lean down and kiss him right now. A small part of him even believed it might be okay. That Enjolras might welcome it. There was something in the way he was looking at him that said maybe… 

He pulled back. 

Enjolras followed him into a sitting position a few moments later. Grantaire avoided looking at him, he knew he was red beneath the streaks of paint on his face, but he could still chalk it up to a paint fight in ridiculous heat.

“We should get these done,” he said, his own sign was almost dry already, “Come on, I’ll write out your letters for you and you can paint them… You can stay inside lines right?”

Enjolras was quiet for a few seconds, then he cleared his throat, “I think I can manage that,” he said.

In the end, they made three signs. One for Enjolras, one for Combeferre and one Grantaire insisted was a spare in case for whatever reason they lost one, but he showed up with it at the protest despite no such need. Enjolras didn’t comment on that, and he was grateful.

It was three weeks later, and, thankfully, decidedly cooler the next time Grantaire opened his door to find Enjolras outside. He was even wearing a shirt this time. 

“Need a head start on your next protest sign?” he asked, but Enjolras shook his head.

“Actually I made my own this time,” he said, “You’ll be proud of me, the letters all fit and everything,”

Grantaire raised an eyebrow as Enjolras picked up a large piece of paper up from where he’d left it leaning against the wall. 

The words “Will You Go On A Date With Me!” were written bold and bright red. They were a bit uneven, and still slanted downwards, but Grantaire barely noticed, he was too focused on the words themselves.

Silence reigned for several seconds and Enjolras was starting to fidget slightly as Grantaire struggled to comprehend what was happening.

“Well?” he prompted after the waiting apparently became too much.

“Huh?” Grantaire replied, glancing up at him.

“Are you going to answer or would I do better to paint it on your head?”

“Are you serious?”

Enjolras fixed him with his most exasperated stare. 

“I mean… Sorry,” Grantaire said, “It’s just. Why? I mean when did you…”

“When we had that paint fight last time I was here,” said Enjolras, blushing slightly, “Afterwards I thought you were going to kiss me,”

“I thought about it,” Grantaire admitted, knowing he was bright red himself, 

“I realised I wanted you to,” Enjolras said.

Whatever self-control Grantaire had flew out the door the moment those words left Enjolras’ lips and he made as if to follow it, but instead he reached out a hand to Enjolras and pulled him into a kiss. It was three weeks late, and a little desperate for it, but Grantaire could live with that so long as he never had to wait three weeks to do this again. If the way Enjolras threw himself into it was any indication, that wasn’t likely.

As they pulled apart Enjolras eyes flickered over him, then paused somewhere around chest height, and, inexplicably he started to laugh. Grantaire blinked, for a moment thrown off, and unsure if he should feel offended. He glanced down and groaned. He actually liked this t-shirt, and now it was dotted with red paint.

“Sorry, I made it right before I came here, it mustn’t have completely dried” said Enjolras, calming his laughter, “But you know, you never did answer me,”

Grantaire was about to speak, when he had a better idea. “Wait there,” he said, darting back inside. He returned a few minutes later, and watched Enjolras’ eyes widen at the sight of a paintbrush bathed in green paint.

“No!” he said, backing away.

Grantaire raised an eyebrow, “I thought you wanted an answer?” he said, smiling.

“I changed my mind,” 

“Are you sure? I think you’ll like it?”

“Really, I’m okay,”

He tried to back away further, but Grantaire was too quick, reaching out with his spare hand to grab Enjolras’ and pull him in. Enjolras closed his eyes instinctively, but Grantaire instead adjusted his grip on his hand and took pity on him. When he opened his eyes again, they went immediately to the word in large green capitals on the back of his hand, but Grantaire said it out loud too.


{ F R A M E S } // Levi x Reader

Request: Can you do a Levi x reader where the reader has glasses and is insecure about herself when she has them off because she thinks she looks better with glasses? Thank you! - from @desydo02
Warnings: None.
Word count: 294
Author’s note: This came out a little differently than I think the ask intended, but I still think it’s pretty cute nonetheless.

The sun’s rays shone through the panes of the window, delicate particles of dust catching the light as they danced through the morning air. Levi sat peacefully in the armchair in the corner of the room, his eyes scanning back and forth across the novel that he held in his hand. His gaze left the book for a moment as he heard you shifting in the bed, a small smile tugging at his lips as your mass of bedhead rose from the pillow. You rubbed your face lazily as you yawned, trying to wipe the sleep from your eyes.

“Morning, kid,” Levi greeted.

You hummed in response, reaching over to the bedside table to retrieve your glasses. Levi spoke just as your fingers grazed the frames, making you freeze in place.

“Why don’t you leave them off today?”

A dry chuckle left your lips as you looked over in his general direction, your poor vision only letting you see him as a blur.

“I can’t see without them, you idiot.”

“But you look good without them,” he said, and you saw his head shift so that he could continue reading his novel.

Your brow furrowed at his statement. “I look weird without them.”

“You look good.”

“No, I don’t,” you countered, although it came out more as a question than anything else.

You saw his head shift once again, although raising this time so that he was looking at you.

“I watch you as you sleep all the time, (Y/N),” he admitted, a hint of amusement apparent behind his words. “You’re beautiful when you sleep, and you don’t wear glasses then.”

A soft pink rose to your cheeks at his words, your fingers leaving your glasses.

One day without them wouldn’t hurt, right?

bluerosediamond  asked:

Headcanon were s/o lost/broke her glasses and the following guys seeing her first time without them ? Kuro, Keito, Koga & Rei

The askbox has been taken over by angsty requests….. you know what that means…… I’m gonna make everyone suffer ohoho….. but before that have some harmless fluff ! this was a very specific request lmao but it’s pretty cute ! I hope you like these headcanons ♥ - mod mademoiselle

Keito :

  • You literally have no clue where your glasses went. Well, this is a problem… You look for them by yourself at first, but then Keito starts wondering why you’re methodically searching the place and making a mess, and he ends up joining you. (Mainly because he can’t concentrate on his book since you make so much noise.)
  • He freezes when he sees you without your glasses. His face is immediately overtaken by horror. Could it be….. that you lost your glasses…. ? He immediately starts looking for them with you. It’s an emergency. You need them back as soon as possible. He won’t stop at anything and will literally overturn everything in the house.
  • It’s just become personal to him. He’s ready to go with you and retrace your steps downtown if needed, especially if you’re afraid you may have dropped them somewhere by accident. He absolutely doesn’t want them to get damaged ! Glasses are so important to him, and he wouldn’t wish anyone to lose theirs !
  • Maybe he’s a bit too serious about the whole thing, actually. He’s on the verge of panic over a pair of missing glasses. You’d never seen him this agitated… He was shocked when you told him you didn’t keep several pairs of spares, and offered to lend you some of his. You still don’t know why he keeps glasses for your prescription around, but at least now you’re aware he does…
  • In the end, you managed to get them back, thanks to your overzealous boyfriend. (He’s the best at finding lost stuff.) He did scold you a bit, asking you to be more careful next time, but was relieved you’d found them. “These are important to you, so it’s for the best we found them. Besides, you do look lovely with them.”
  • He didn’t even understand why you were flustered and kept wondering if he’d said something inappropriate for the entire day.

Kuro :

  • If there’s one thing Kuro doesn’t like, it’s seeing you troubled. And when you damaged your glasses, you just so happened to be troubled. Kuro sure didn’t like that, and you can count on him to come to your rescue immediately.
  • He didn’t particularly comment on it, but he thinks you look adorable without your glasses ! Well… if only you didn’t actually need them to see. He’ll sneak glances at you from time to time, hastily looking away and pretending he’s doing something else when you notice.
  • Fortunately, the lenses of your glasses weren’t damaged, only the arms was a bit bent. Expect Kuro to insist he can try and repair them himself ! He doesn’t want to see you panicking, so he’ll try his best to fix them at home. He wouldn’t want you to have to buy new ones !
  • Kuro’s ridiculously good with his hands, and after a bit of experimenting, he managed to get your glasses back to their original state ! You’re still not sure how he did that, to be honest. He doesn’t want to tell you, joking that it’s his secret. The truth is, he had no clue how to do that either and had to look up tutorials to figure it out…
  • He’s just glad he was of help to you, although he couldn’t help but gently remove your glasses to compare how you looked without them. “May I… ? Yep, as I thought. You look good with and without them. I love both.” He’ll get a bit flustered afterwards, wondering if he always had it in him to say cheesy stuff like that.
  • To him, your glasses are a part of you ! And he just so happens to be madly in love with every single part of you.

Rei :

  • Rei does need reading glasses, but he usually doesn’t wear them. Apparently, he already looks like a grandpa enough. Well, he does get your glasses problem, and will empathize should you damage them.
  • While his priority is making sure you can get them repaired by a professional as soon as possible, he won’t resist the opportunity to tease you a bit. Expect him to sneak behind you, hands ghosting over your waist or hips to “guide you” as you walk. You did remind him you were in fact not blind, but he pretended not to hear.
  • “Please, do take my hand. The footing is rather unstable. I would not want you to hurt yourself over a careless mistake like this.” And that’s how you ended up holding hands for the entire day. It’s not even like you need it, you can see just fine… Yeah, Rei’s terrible once he gets in a teasing mood and he never let go of your hand, in the end.
  • He even considered spoon-feeding you for as long as you’d be “impaired”, but fortunately, you got your glasses repaired soon enough. Oh, don’t expect him to stop though. He’s had way too much fun seeing your flustered face today, with each of his increasingly embarrassing chivalrous or helpful gestures.
  • “You truly have me under your spell, my love. I just could not help but wish to see your troubled face, today. You did look even more breathtaking than usual…” And he’ll smirk proudly, happy he got to tease you some more.
  • Well, he was happy the usual you was back. He thinks you look gorgeous with your glasses too, and he’d grown to miss them a bit…

Koga :

  • This boy wouldn’t ever notice something changed about you. He gasped when you told him you were missing your glasses, eyes wide for a moment, then barked with laughter. “Hey, that’s all ? Don’t’cha get worried ! Yer gonna find them soon enough.”
  • He won’t stop chuckling to himself while watching you look around desperately. He didn’t offer to help you, seemingly having a lot of fun with the situation. Eventually he did roll his eyes and join you when you gently asked him to, helping you look for them.
  • He’ll try to test how bad your vision is, mockingly holding out three fingers and asking how many you can see. Maybe he’s secretly convinced you’re blind and literally helpless without your glasses. Who knows.
  • You found weird the fact he’d been smiling a lot on that day, and started to suspect he was actually making fun of you. When you confronted him about it, he admitted it all, grinning widely. “Y’know, it’s hella weird to see ya without those damn glasses, Four Eyes. But the good kind of weird.”
  • All in all, he treated the whole thing like a game but did give you a hand, and you eventually found your glasses thanks to his help. He wouldn’t stop smirking like an idiot, though, even briefly stealing your glasses to try them on. “Whoa, yer eyes suck, ya know that ? Yeah, just take them back. Ya look kinda cute with those, Four Eyes.”
  • Yeah, that horrendous nickname’s going to stick with you for a moment, now.
“Daiya no Ace” x “Ace Contacts” Official Collaboration Manga

Friendly reminder that this was an official ‘Daiya no Ace’ x ‘Ace Contacts’ (a Japanese contact lens maker) collaboration manga that appeared in the Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2012 (source: X).

Basically, it’s about Miyuki starting wearing contact lenses instead of glasses because Sawamura told him to do so.

(Here goes my crappy translation)

Sawamura: Miyuki-senpai, why do you use contacts only during the club activity?
Miyuki: What does that matter? Just focus on the training, Sawamura.
Sawamura: You are so good-looking, you should always wear contacts.
Miyuki: What? *is totally shocked and fails to catch his pitch*
Miyuki: Damn! I’m sorry..
Sawamura: Come on!
*few days later*
Girl 1: Did you see Miyuki-senpai from the baseball club?
Girl 2: Yeah, he looks so cool without glasses!
Sawamura: Miyuki-senpai! You seem to have become popular with girls! Did you go to the ‘Ace Contacts’ [and get new contacts]?
Miyuki: You always chatter too much. Just focus on the training.
Miyuki: (Maybe I should really start wearing contacts outside of the club activity, too!)

Again, this was an official advertisement that appeared in the Weekly Shonen Magazine back in 2012.

Miyuki, the genius catcher, failed to catch Sawamura’s pitch because Sawamura told him he’s good-looking.

And Sawamura apparently is jealous angry that Miyuki became popular with girls.

And now, try to convince me that Miyuki and Sawamura are not in love with each other XD

How Shepard winds up with a Space Hamster (600 words)

Shepard doesn’t notice anything amiss when he shuts the door to his quarters. He actually doesn’t notice anything when he gets back to the Normandy. Joker makes the mistake of asking him about how the meeting with Anderson went and Shepard can’t even speak, just shoves on past and heads straight for the elevator.

Anderson is just another name to cross off the list of people he can’t turn to anymore. 

It’s getting to be a long fucking list. 

He’s sitting at his desk with his head in his hands when he hears the squeak.

Of course, Shepard’s brain immediately assumes that something that squeaks in his cabin is something that needs a bullet. He’s actually got the pistol in hand when he spots the furry head staring at him from a glass cage that has mysteriously appeared on the shelf. 

What the hell?

“EDI,” he says cautiously. He hasn’t put away the gun, though the pocket sized mammal doesn’t exactly look like it’s about to explode.  

“Please state your query, Commander?”

He can’t believe he’s going to say this.

“Why is there a hamster in my quarters?”

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My Youtube Inspiration Is...

“Okay three more questions and then I got to go!” Your eyes skim through the comments on your young broadcast. One catches your eyes due to it being in all caps, “I DARE YOU TO DO THE NEXT COMMENT YOU SEE NO MATTER WHAT IT IS! Says Hayley in all caps, haha” you laugh and announce the first question you see. “Tom asks ‘Who inspired you to start your youtube channel’…” 

Oh no. 

This was the one question you never wanted to answer. Never ever ever.

“Um… Ryan Higa inspired me…” you lied. “I watched him when I was younger and I started making videos… Last question is from Jade, she asks ‘are you going to be at playlist??’, and the answer is: Yes! Its my first year so come stop by! Well, its 10pm so I should go now!” You blow a kiss to the camera, say goodbye to some people in the chat, then closed the tab. 

As you finished packing for playlist this weekend, the question from before kept bugging you. Your real answer was danisnotonfire. He was your inspiration and will always be. You watch all of his videos, follow all of his social media, and daydream about the day you two meet and fall in love… which is hopefully this weekend. It is your first year at playlist and since you’re a youtuber, you have access to all the info of who is where at all times. You could literally stalk Dan if you want to. Maybe you would even try and ‘bump’ into him so you could meet eyes and fall in love… 

As you daydreamed about your crush, you realized that your phone had been ringing for quite a bit now.

“Hello?” You pick up the phone after seeing it was Cat calling.

“Hey y/n! You excited for Playlist?? I havent seen you in person in months!” Cat sounded so excited that it was almost annoying.

“Yeah! We defs need to collab!” You act girly and excited just to please her. She is your closest youtube friend and you love her to death, but she can sometimes be overly happy in your opinion. Your style was typical emo trash while she was pink and fun, but your styles oddly complimented each other, making your friendship surprisingly strong.

“Kk girl! Well what should we do?” 

“Um… Well lets think about that when we set up the camera cause I need to pack. Bye, love you!” You both blow the typical-annoying-popular-girl-best-friend-kiss into the phone and hang up. 

Cat has been friends with Dan for forever so you could never tell her about your secret admiration and love for him. No one really knew other than yourself, you didn’t want someone to spill and have him call you some annoying fangirl freak or something. All of this has to be a secret or it could ruin everything.


As your plane lands, you text Cat to meet you at the airport. You weren’t exactly a social person, but you didn’t like going to unknown places alone. As you find your luggage and go through security and all that airport shnazz, you see Cat waiting with other families holding a sign that says your youtube name on it. Once eye contact was made, you both squeal in excitement.

“Okay, okay,” she calms down a bit. “I promised I would wait for two more people, but they should be here any second now so we dont have to wait that l-“ She cuts herself off and puts on the biggest smile and waves to someone behind you. Once you turn around, you see two tall men walking your way. They both look extremely handsome but also pretty emo trash, like yourself. Immediately you recognize them. That was THE Dan Howell aka Danisnotonfire. You can feel your heart race but your breathing slow down. Oh, and Phil was there too, but he was more of a person you would want to friend rather than fu- okay, you get the point. 

“Cat!” Phil squeals like a teenage girl, which was quite odd for an older male. He hugs Cat and smiles at you. “Hey, I’m Phil!” He grins and shakes your hand but you are too shy to reply. Your eyes quickly glance at Dan to discover that he was looking intensely at you with his mocha colored eyes. They flicker away as his cheeks turn a bright shade of pink. Was he just checking you out? THE Dan Howell? The man you’ve been fangirling over and planning your future wedding, Dan Howell, was checking you out. Holy shit.

“Well, lets go to the hotel, I have a rental car already” Cat announced, destroying all hopes of you and Dan exchanging names and falling in love and ge-

“SHOTGUN!” Phil shouts, snapping you out of your daydream. Shit, that means that you have to  sit next to Dan. Your heart races faster than ever and you can feel the blood flowing to your face.

Cat and Phil talked non-stop the whole ride, leaving Dan and yourself to silently listen, or at least you were listening. Dan was avoiding all social activities by looking through tumblr on his phone and spent the whole ride doing so. However, he would slyly shoot a glance towards you every minute or so, but it wasn’t sly enough due to you seeing every look out of the corner of your eye. *Looks at phone* *glances* *blushes* *looks at his phone again* *repeat the whole car ride*.

Once everyone arrives at the hotel, Dan and Phil check into their room, which happens to be next to yours and Cats, and you follow Cat into her hotel room.

“So…” She giggles as she sits down on her bed. You settle down on the other and shoot her a confused look.

“So…?” You ask.

“Dan totally likes you!”

“I kno-“ you cut yourself off. You decide to play stupid, so you dont sound as excited. “I mean, who? The kid with the brown hair?”

“No, the security officer at the airpor- YES HIM! He was totally checking you out!”

“Oh… well I didn’t notice”

“Y/n! You need to talk to him! You guys would make the cutest couple!” You blush as she continues to explain how much she ships you two.

“Okay, okay. I get it! Ill talk to him whenever I get the chance…” You agree, hoping she will stop freaking out. They were in the room next to you and you didn’t want him to hear the conversation. 

About ten minutes later, Cat has set up her laptop and began to get up her camera. On the other hand, you have put away all of your clothes in the hotels drawers and gotten two pages further into the book If I Stay. Your favorite part of the book so far was the relationship between Adam and Mia because they are so cute an- *Knock knock knock*

“Theyre here!” Cat snaps her head towards the door and sprints to open the door.

“Yoo!” Was the first word you hear out of Dans mouth. His adorable accent only makes his ironic sentence better. As you stand up from the bed, you see Dan suddenly had his hobbit hair, which means that he showered recently. His getup was truly ironic and overly adorable. He was wearing Phils pixel glasses and had his Nick Cage shirt on him. This was the first time you got a good look at him in person without looking away shyly. 

“..y/n?” Cat was looking at you curiously. Apparently she has been talking to you while you were checking Dan out. He was blushing a bit due to him noticing your staring, which caused you to blush as well. 

“Oh… Sorry… I was just looking at his shirt…” You explain but they both knew that it wasn’t just his shirt you were looking at. Wait no, now you are thinking about what else you could look at. Wow. He is so ho- *snap snap* 

“Hello???” Cat is snapping her fingers in front of your face. “Whats with you, y/n? You keep zoning out!”

“Um… I think its because Im tired…” You explain even though it was three in the afternoon. You sucked at lying and they could tell. 

“Okay… Well… Wheres Phil?” Cat changes the subject and turns towards Dan. Ugh, you’re so awkward it hurts. You walk over to your bed and sit down again, continuing your book. 

“Taking a shower I think, I was bored so I wanted to come over early,” Dan looked at the camera. “I can help you set up if you want”

For the next fifteen minutes, they set up the camera, the Phil enters the room.

“Hey Cat! Hey y/n!” Phil grinned sounding so happy it made you nauseous. 

“Hey…” You mumble and continue reading. The three of them talked for a while but you didn’t listen due to the intriguing book. Suddenly the bed feels different, thats when you look up and see no one is in the room anymore except for Dan and yourself, and he was right next to you.

“Hey” He grins.

Oh no.

( Filipino/Japanese/Spanish )
( she/her, they/them )

As a kid, I hated that I was a person of color. Most likely because I was never treated the way the white kids were treated. As I grew older, I began to fit society’s version of the Asian stereotype (good in school, apparently knows everything, has glasses). I could never see myself as pretty, because all the other Asians that were pretty didn’t look like me, they looked like mini-Korean pop stars and Japanese singers. I wanted to look like that. People would tell me “you look more asian without your glasses!” Happy with that news, I began to stop wearing glasses. But now that I’ve matured, I’ve realized that I should be proud of my appearance, proud of being Asian—and I am.

So, no, Garrett, Megan, and Alexa, I won’t give you the answers to numbers 1-10# in Geometry just because you assume I know everything because I am Asian. And no, Jared, I will not go out with you just because you “only date Asian girls”

Consulting Saves Lives #7

fanfiction or AO3

It takes him three hours to completely check everything and he’s not really reassured when he hitches a ride back to the main park.

Tracking Claire down isn’t difficult when you have friends in the right places. According to Zara, she took her nephews to the aviary. It’s a big place to look for people but she stands out in the middle of the tourists; her red hair and her white business suit giving her away. There’s a kid latched on her arm, enthusiastically showing her something in a booklet before pointing out to one of the dimorphodons soaring above them. Claire doesn’t quite seem to know what to do and regularly exclaims with entirely too much cheer to be sincere. There’s another kid lurking nearby, older, a teenager, busier typing on his phone than looking at the dinosaurs. Maybe Claire is right and they’re not wow enough for regular people anymore.

She looks relieved when she spots him.

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