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“I am on your side.”


@gutter-girl-100 hey soooo 🌼🌼🌼

Here’s Ed in a dress.

FUN FACT: up until about the 40s or 50s, pink was a boy’s color, since it was thought of as a diluted red. Blue was for girls, because Virgin Mary was oft depicted in a soft blue shawl.


My Wolf 359 + Welcome to Night Vale closet doors are finally done :D and to and to answer your unanswered question, yes that is the (misunderstood) plant monster floatin’ around in space with its stolen hardware, and yes I headcanon Khoshekh as a tentacle-having spike-wielding purple house cat. Also featuring: W359 star going Smurf and our majestic Glow Cloud (ALL HAIL).


So I ordered some colour contacts for a cosplay and got a yellow cause I thought they’d look cool. I was thinking they’d be like a ‘teen wolf beta yellow’. But apparently I made a bad colour choice because they’re exactly the same as my natural eye colour. The left is my natural, the right is the contacts. No editing whatsoever except for cropping the pic. The contacts are awesome and are exactly what the site (Alice & Rabbit) showed them to look like but I guess I didn’t realize how yellow my eyes are…

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Solangelo why did i just punch that guy please? LOVE YOUR WORK

it took me a while to figure out who was punching who i’m sorry (also i got caught up in a book series and now i’m avoiding it because UGH)



“So why did I have to punch that guy?” Will asked nonchalantly, stuffing his hands in his pockets. My jaw was almost literally hitting the floor as I stared at Percy, who was clutching his jaw.

“Will,” I cried, looking up at him, “I didn’t mean it for it to be taken literally!”


Percy walked over to us, rubbing his jaw thoughtfully as he looked at Will apprehensively. “Nice punch, dude, but, like… Why?”

Will shrugged. “Nico told me to do it.” I felt my face burn in both anger and embarrassment as Percy raised his eyebrows at me.

“I didn’t - I mean - he just -”

“It’s cool,” Percy said, backing up a bit. “I get it.” Which was infuriating. He knew why he got punched, even if I didn’t exactly mean for him to get punched. I mean, sure, most people would probably be happy about the person understanding what they did wrong, but no. Percy understanding everything about the situation pisses me the fuck off.

After Percy had left, Will turned to me, still looking calm as ever. “You never answered my question. Why were you so mad at Percy you asked me to punch him?” I felt my lips twitch with a snarl as my face heated up. Stupid Percy understanding the stupid situation enough to tease me.

“None of your business. And since when do you punch like that?” I asked, cleverly getting out of the spotlight and referring to Will’s amazingly aggressive right hook he planted on Percy.

“Since I realized I was shit at shooting arrows. I joined the Ares’ Cabin fighting club.” I knew he could tell I was avoiding the question, but he didn’t say anything about it. “At first, they were a bit reluctant to let me join since apparently I looked like a yellow string bean, but they finally let me join when Butch spoke for me.” A yellow string bean. Very true.

Will glared at me. “You know, I can see the way you look at me.” Shit. My heart leaped to my throat, and I looked down at the ground as we walked, feeling like I couldn’t breathe. “Don’t just blatantly think that they were right when they said I was a yellow string bean. I’m not an idiot, so I can definitely recognize that look on your face.” I sighed in relief, letting a small and crooked grin slip onto my lips as I looked back up at him.

“But it is true. You’ve got that extra shiny and yellow hair goin’ on, and you’re tall and lanky, like a string bean. It makes sense.”

He jutted his bottom lip out in a pout, and I snorted in order to mask how cute I thought that was. Just in case Will could read minds. Not likely, but just in case. “I’m not just lanky. I do have muscle, you know.”

“Oh, really? You should show me sometime.” It took approximately three seconds for me to realize that could’ve been taken as a pick-up line. I look up to Will to see if he noticed, but he’s still pouting.

“I literally just punched Percy Jackson in the jaw and didn’t get killed. What more do you want?”

“Come on, how could anyone kill you with a face like that? And besides, everyone knows Percy is actually just a confused dolphin. Think about it; you just punch a confused dolphin in it’s poor and innocent dolphin jaw. You monster.” Not that Percy is anywhere near poor and innocent, but still.

“Now you’re just making me feel bad.”

“You know it.”

Will laughed lightly, bumping my shoulder. I smiled to myself, shaking my head. We stopped walking when we reached my cabin because that had been what Will was trying to do in the first place - walk me to my cabin. But then Percy had walked by and him and his stupid face looked between me and Will all gross and smug-like because he knows and he wants us to date and I just got embarrassed and then -



“I have muscle, okay?”

“Still hung up on that?”

He rolls his eyes, stuffing his hands into his pockets, and in the dim light of the sunset I can vaguely see his freckled cheeks get red. “Whatever, I just…” He trails off and gives me this kind of hopeless and sheepish grin that I kind of get.

I bite my bottom lip, wondering if I should take a chance. I mean, sure, why not? If he doesn’t get it, whatever. If he does- “You should show me them sometime.” I didn’t say it like before - this time I said it low and serious, lifting my eyebrows a tiny bit. He blinks once, and then he snorts out a laugh.

“I can’t believe this,” he cries almost exasperatedly after he’s done laughing, but the smile’s still there, so I think it’s okay. “Goodnight, Nico,” he says, and then he leans down, giving me a small and quick kiss on the cheek.

And then he salutes me goodbye as he jogs away, back to his own cabin before the harpies come out.

And I can’t believe this.


I don’t know what’s going on anymore

‘yellow string bean’ ?????

'confused dolphin’ ????

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