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Do you like Shireen? I'm really sad about the thought of her burning, I don't want her to die and fire seems so painful and scary for a little kid. And it's going to be her own dad that burns her, right? Poor shireen :(

Of course I love Shireen! My heart breaks for her. Nearly killed by greyscale as an infant, “far from pretty” and “homely” in a society where the idealized feminine form is a beautiful one, apparently the only child in they grim and gray household of Dragonstone (at least for the majority of her life), the child of unhappily married parents, her sole constant companion through most of her youth a terrifying, prophecy-spouting, eldritch-risen clown. Yet despite everything, Shireen can still be courteous, gentle, even cheerful and fun-loving, making friends and being sweet. When I think of Shireen, I think of this exchange:

“Are you the wildling princess?” Shireen asked Val.

“Some call me that,” said Val. “My sister was wife to Mance Rayder, the King-Beyond-the-Wall. She died giving him a son.”

“I’m a princess too,” Shireen announced, “but I never had a sister. I used to have a cousin once, before he sailed away. He was just a bastard, but I liked him.”

It’s Shireen in a nutshell, innocent and childish in the best possible way. She’s a princess, she announces, not out of snobbery or pride in her place, but simply because it’s a fact; she seems to treat being a princess the same as if, say, Val had said she had black hair, a mark of commonality between the two. She has to note Edric was a bastard - you can imagine Selyse hammering into her that Edric was only “Robert’s by-blow”, not her social equal - but given what we saw of her and Edric in ASOS, it’s clear what matters to Shireen is that “I liked him”.

I wrote a thing because apparently I like to break my own heart. Also, I know Yousef messaged Sana before she accepted his request, so he’d still be able to message her after she deleted him but the idea he couldn’t makes it hurt more. So obvs that’s what I went for. <3 

Send failed. You don’t have permission to chat with this person.

Yousef read the words over not once, not twice but at least three times. It was after the second time that he went on to Sana’s profile to check the status of their friendship. Even after seeing the button had returned to ‘Add Friend’, Yousef went back to read the message again.

Send failed. You don’t have permission to chat with this person.

All at once the blood in Yousef’s veins ran cold. Sana had deleted him. Actually deleted him.

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After seeing this post (

I decided to make my own redrawreigen meme 

Bc it fits perfectly to the 11episode

ok ruta idk how Humorous this was meant to be……..because this is giving me a major case of the “IM CRYING"s


Reid x reader

It’s funny how one moment of weakness can ruin everything isn’t it?

“Y/N, you’d better still be coming tonight.”

You replied to Penelope assuring her that you were, even though you didn’t want to.

Tonight was the Annual FBI Summer Ball and when you’d booked your ticket, you’d been intending on accompanying your then boyfriend, Spencer Reid.

Until you fucked everything up and made the biggest mistake of your life. One that you’d spent the last six months regretting as you watched him grow closer and closer to your other colleague, JJ.

It was your own fault and you deserved every piece of heartache and pain you felt. God knows, you’d caused him enough.

The night you could no longer hide your guilty conscious had been the worst night of your life. The tears that had been shed by the both of you, the yelling; you to him, begging for him to say something, to berate you, to tell you he hated you instead of just sitting there with a look of absolute disbelief on his face.

Disbelief that you’d hurt him. Because both of you had never thought that it would be possible for one of you to hurt the other the way you had.

When you’d got together nearly three years ago, you thought you’d be together forever. This was it, the love of your life. The man you were going to marry and have babies with, mini genius’ running around spouting off facts.

The team had been shipping your relationship from almost the moment you’d joined, replacing JJ as media liaison when she moved positions to profiler.


Jennifer Jareau.

The woman who’s arms you’d sent Spencer running into.

Despite her marriage to Will you were so certain something was happening between those two. The looks they gave each other, the sly touches. The text message that had been sent accidentally to you which was clearly marked for her. You knew her relationship with Will was on the rocks and had been for a while, you just never expected her to cheat on him with Spencer, or for Spencer to become the other man. The whole thing seemed very hypocritical on his part, not that you could comment to him about that.

And not that you had any actual proof. It was just a feeling, a very strong feeling.

You’d lasted two months keeping your secret, scrubbing yourself raw in the shower almost every night, still convinced that your body would show evidence of your failings. Two months of trying to act normal around the team, around Spencer. Until one night you couldn’t bear it anymore and you broke down crying, your secret spilling free.

“Why?” Was all he’d asked over and over again.

“I don’t know.” Had been you answer. Because you truly didn’t. You loved Spencer to pieces, he was the perfect partner. Kind, funny, considerate, great in the bedroom and amazing everywhere else.

When you looked back over and over and analysed the situation, you came to the conclusion that you’d simply been lonely. You’d been injured a few months prior and had been unable to complete your usual duties, being deemed unfit to fly. This meant you and Spencer being away from each other for longer periods than you were used to, and when he was back, he seemed distant; didn’t want to go out anymore and didn’t want to take you to bed.

It turned out when you’d eventually confronted him about it, that he’d been getting debilitating headaches and hadn’t wanted to trouble you when you were dealing with your own recovery. At that point though it was already too late. The deed had been done, the crime committed.

You tried to convince yourself that you could live with yourself, that you loved Spence and that what he didn’t know couldn’t hurt him. You’d made a mistake, a huge horrific one, but you were sorry. You realised that he was one hundred percent the person you wanted to be with. No one else, ever again. And then one night something had set you off. You couldn’t even remember what made you blurt the words out, only remembering the sound of Spencer dropping his coffee mug to the floor as the world you both knew seemed to stop turning.

Suprisingly Spencer hadn’t wanted to break up. “It was a mistake,” he’d said. He could forgive you, as long as it never happened again. He’d neglected you and hidden his own problems from you which had resulted in you feeling abandoned, leading you to that bar that night. He loved you, you’d get through this.

The only problem was: you couldn’t forgive yourself. Now the words, the contents that had been filling your head since that night, had come spilling out, that was it. You couldn’t go back from this. You didn’t deserve his forgiveness. You deserved his hatred.

And so you’d broken up. Three years together, gone. In the space of 24 hours, you’d collected up your belongings and moved them back into your own apartment, contacting the realator and taking it back off the market. In the space of 24 hours, you’d updated your social media relationship status to single, replying to every single message with “I don’t want to talk about”. In the space of 24 hours you’d become a singular cell, rather than being part of the unit you’d become accustomed too.

In the space of 24 you’d lost the love of your life, your best friend, the father of your future children.

In the space of 24 hours you’d lost a piece of you. And it was all your own fault.

Spencer graciously agreed not to reveal to the rest of the team the reason why you two had broke up, giving the explanation that you’d simply just fallen out of love with each other.

If anyone asks, I’ll tell them we both just moved on
When people all stare I’ll pretend that I don’t hear them talk
Whenever I’ll see you I’ll swallow my pride and bite my tongue
Pretend I’m okay with it all
Act like there’s nothing wrong

The team accepted it on the surface, Hotch calling you both into the office separately and asking if you’d be able to continue to work together. You both thought that you could and you both managed to maintain a civil attitude to each other, not letting the break up affect work or the others in the team.

You knew the others talked about it, speculating what had what happened between you. Penelope and Emily both turned up on your doorstep with bottles of wine on multiple occasions wanting to be there for you. You never let yourself cry in front of them though, you didn’t want their pity, their kind words. What you’d done didn’t warrant it.

A few weeks after the break up, JJ’s demeanor towards you changed. Whilst she didn’t exactly become cold, she was no longer the friendly, mothering figure she’d been, and she stuck to Spencers side like glue. He’d told her, that much became obvious. You saw them both talking in hushed tones at the office, Jennifer touching Spencer’s shoulder slightly in comfort. After that, they started spending more and more time together, excluding the rest of the team from their out of work activities and acting almost like a couple.

Their new behaviour to each other sparked even more wonder within the BAU. Everyone had known that Spencer used to have a huge crush on her, and for someone who was usually very private about her life, JJ had made it very clear that she and Will were having problems, discussing them at length with Emily and Morgan.

You tried to ignore the whispers, the gossip. No one in the direct team believed it, it was the clerks, the office staff, the temps. There was talk that Spencer had left you for Jennifer and that they were having a not so secret affair.

If only they knew the truth about why you’d broken up.

But then…. they’d hate you. No one could ever hate Spencer though. There was something about him. He was the golden boy. If it had been him that had cheated on you, then people would forgive him. They’d say it was because he was so socially awkward, he didn’t really understand relationships. They’d make excuses for him. Not you though. So you played that old line again and again. “We just grew apart” and when people commented on his apparent affair with JJ, you’d shrug, “if they do end up together, then I’m fine with it. I want him to be happy.”

And then at night, when you were alone, you’d cry.

Is it over yet?
Can I open my eyes?
Is this as hard as it gets?
Is this what it feels like to really cry?

How much longer would you feel like this? Would you ever stop hating yourself for breaking his heart, for breaking your own heart?

Probably not.

Tonight was going to be tough.

And then tomorrow, you’d hand in your transfer papers. You were never going to move on when you had to see him every day.

Especially now when you could see that he was starting to laugh and smile again.

That was the worst. Seeing him becoming happier. And knowing that you’d have to pretend to be happy for him.

Because he deserved to be happy.

I’m talking in circles
I’m lying, they know it
Why won’t this just all go away?

And you didn’t. 

You’re Scarins Me (colorized)

Okay, taking a quick break from the drawing challenge (but I will get back to it asap!)

I first posted the b&w version of this on my original (mostly unused) Tumblr, but since this has become my main Metalocalypse blog I figured I’d put the colorized one here  :)

This was my first Metalocalypse drawing so it holds a special place for me.  I love emotional scenes and I love drawing sad Toki (I apparently like to break my own heart!).  So…yeah.  I may keep working on this one but I thought I’d share  :3


The scariest thing about high school? When someone breaks your heart it’s such a small place that you can’t avoid them. It’s ironic. The time in your life when you’re least capable of managing your emotions is the same time you’re locked up for 8 hours a day, with the person responsible for those emotions in the first place. It was like I was living in my own personal horror film, “The rise of the boy who broke my heart” and apparently it was playing everywhere.


// he spilled his drink down my shirt and then tried to drink it off //

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to Xavier! Happy Birthday to youuu!” I sang the loudest out of everyone in the room so my now 25 year old boyfriend. With a big smile on my face, I watched my man happily blow out his candles then moved to kiss me.

“Thank you for this party,” he showed his gratitude.

“Anything for my baby,” I kissed the top of this head before turning towards his friends and family. “Alright before we cut the cake… I’d like to give X my gift to him,” My friend Justin who was being a wallflower all day stood next to the pile of gifts on the kitchen bar. I motioned for him to grab my boyfriends gift for me.

“Is it G rated?” One of Xavier’s friends called out making everyone laugh.

“It better not be,” X grabbed me in by the waist and playfully patted my ass.

“Ya’ll are annoying,” I grabbed the small box from Justin’s hand with a grateful smile that he returned reluctantly. “Thanks Jay. Alright, baby, open it,” I gave X the go ahead. His birthday glow became so much brighter when he opened the Rolex box to the watch he’s been eyeing for two years now.

“Thank you, baby! Thank-“

“I think there may be something else in the box,” I hummed. X laughed and quickly lifted the watch out to get to the second compartment. In the bottom of the box were two folded plane tickets to stay at Atlantis in the Bahamas for next week. Once he read it aloud everyone started cheering as Xavier stood to give me a bear hug so strong he lifted me off my feet.

“Alright so y’all enjoy the cake,” I handed my boyfriend the cake knife and a stack of little plates.

“Hey, can I talk to you?” Justin came up to me, interrupting Khalil who was telling me how good of a girlfriend I am.

“Yeah, come help me make more margaritas in the kitchen,” I nodded him in the direction them excused myself from Khalil.

“What’s up, Jay? You’ve tipsy and quiet this whole party,” I observed as I pull the margarita mix from the fridge. I noticed Justin stumble with both his legs and words for the past hour. the mixed drinks might have been a bit to strong for me.

“I just need to know-“

“Yo, Y/N, toss me a roll of paper towels,” X’s brother called from the living room. I quickly oblige and threw a new roll like a football.

“Sorry, Justin. What were you saying?” Is tarted pour the ingredients I needed into the blender.

“Y/N, Why do you like him?”

“Who?” I went into the ice box for the bag of ice I picked up earlier. I really was doing to much to make sure this party would be perfect for my baby that I didn’t have time to completely focus on my friend.

“Xavier, I just really don’t get it,” Justin sighed. At that, I finally looked at Jay. He looked horrible with blotchy red face and an agitated stature.

“Jay, I know you don’t care for him but, he’s my boyfriend and I love him. We’ve had this conversation,” I huffed, annoyed that this conversation was happening again, today of all day.s

“You love me too,” Justin spoke.

“I do but I’m in love with Xavier,” I spoke very clearing as I filled up all the margarita glasses I had set out. I rolled my eyes at the sight of Justin picking up another one. If anything, he needed to leave the alcohol alone and cool off before he got too ahead of himself.

“Listen, Y/N…” He tried to get closer to me and ended up tripping over his own feet causing his drink to spill all over my chest and start flowing inside my drink.

“Are you kidding me, Justin?” I spat angrily at him. He’s being a fucking idiot.

“I’m so so sorry,” Justin’s words mashed together as he scrambled to reach for the the paper towels I just gave away. Before I could grab a clean kitchen rag from the drawer, Justin’s mouth was moving along the top of my breasts, trying to slurp up the liquid he spilt.

“What the fuck?” I said as another voice echoed mine. I looked up from Justin to see Xavier at the entrance of the kitchen. At the sight of him, I moved Justin away from me insanely fast.

“Baby, it’s not what I think,” I grabbed a rag and started cleaning up the little mess that was still left on my chest.

“Nah, it’s exactly what I think,” X spoke harshly.

“No, look! Justin spit his drink on me and there weren’t any paper towels. He was just trying to help. He’s a little drunk right now. Im feeling you its not-,” I tried my best to clear up the issue.

“Y/N, I believe you but this this nigga needs to go,” X looked at Justin in disgust. The look hurt me more than it hurt Justin who was looking at my boyfriend with the same amount of malice.

“It’s okay, X. Jay just needs to sober up a bit,”I defended my friend as I started to grab him a bottle of water.

“No, Justin needs to stop being in love with you. And Y/N, you string him along,” Xavier spoke about Justin wasn’t even in the room.

“No, I don’t. And He’s not in love with me. He’s just-“

“No, Y/N. I am in love with you. I’m so in love with you I don’t know what to do with myself,” Justin spoke up and confessed what he has been holding in.


“You need to go,” Xavier interrupted me.

“I won’t go until Y/N tells me to,” Justin snapped and then all eyes were on me.

“Justin… its Xavier’s birthday and if you can’t respect my relationship with him then you need to leave,” I said what needed to be said. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt Justin but if he made me chose, it would be Xavier. It will always be Xavier.

“I love you Y/N. But, I can’t sit around here and act like I’m happy for you and this asshole. I’ll do a lot of things for you but I can’t keep pretending,” Justin voice cracked.

“Then you need to leave,” I whispered. I quickly clenched my eyes to hold back a tear that was threatening to spill. Just when I thought I wasn’t going to cry, I opened my eyes. The heartbreak apparent upon Justin’s face broke my own heart in half. Before either men could see me completely break down, I excused myself out of the kitchen.  

prompt from the best friend’s drabble list

ML Angst Week: Day 6: Confessions / Reveal

“I’m going away for some time, Chat.”

The words had been said, somewhat reluctantly, at the end of a patrol. He had looked at her, understandably surprised. “What do you mean?”

“Hawkmoth is defeated. Paris no longer needs us. I’m going away.”

He had sighed, shaking his head disbelievingly. They had been partners for half a decade, did she really think that she could deceive him that easily? “Something’s bothering you, Bugaboo. Hawkmoth’s been safely tucked behind bars for two years already. What are you running away from? Why now?”

Ladybug had carefully averted her gaze, her shoulders slumped. “I just can’t take it anymore, minou. I’m sorry.”

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would you write a smut scenario of namjoon? go watch a movie together and there's this unexpected sex scene and he pretends to be indifferent but he looks at you and when you go home he starts making out with you and getting all touchy??

External image

Stay the Night

Sitting there quietly, I was entranced by the figures on the screen, who were having a very heated and emotional argument. My heart strings were being pulled as I sat on the edge of the cushioned chair, letting go of the warm hand next to mine upon the armrest, placing it on my lap instead and clenching it with my other fist. My eyes were fixated on the man and woman, watching closely as their passionate quarrel hit its crescendo—unexpectedly leading to a very heated sex scene.

Glad someone’s getting some, my voice echoed sardonically within my skull.

Peering over at the blonde haired boy beside me, I felt myself squirm uncomfortably at the heated scene—not because I was a prude, but because I was imagining two other bodies entangling that way in the throes of passion. However, my boyfriend—who I was beginning to consider asexual—simply sat there uninterested and indifferent to the racy content unfolding on the large screen.

Is this man made of stone?! Maybe he’s just not interested in you that way.


We had been dating for about two and a half months now, and he had shown little to no signs of bodily desires for me. I thought at first that he was simply taking things slow with me, you know, being a gentleman. But, then a month and a half passed and we had hardly connected our lips, let alone explored any of the other’s body. It was beginning to seriously bother me. Was he just not attracted to me, or did he really just want to take things at a snail’s pace?

I let out a small sigh as I watched the intensity of the lovers on screen, rotating in their own little universe of shooting stars and bliss. Envy shot through me with each caress of their lips, each breathy sigh, and every touch of skin upon skin. I shivered at the fantasy of him doing these things to me: stripping my body bare and placing that warm skin upon my own; alas, I was dating a monk—apparently anyway.

And then, I saw it, the smallest flicker of his eyes toward my side. Something unrecognizable was hiding there just beyond that dark brown stare; something like lust. Gulping, I pushed down that rising hope in my chest, ballooning itself there in my heart.

It was probably nothing. There’s no way that mister unspoken celibacy is thinking of breaking this drought with you.

But, those eyes continued darting my way through the rest of the film, a small smile painting those lush lips, his warm hand tickling the skin of my palm. Perhaps, Namjoon was finally giving into those same feelings I had succumbed to? Maybe. Just maybe.


“Thanks for bringing me home,” I smiled, pecking his cheek gently, unstrapping myself from my seatbelt and opening the passenger door slowly, “Did you want to come in for a bit?”

There was that look again; a sparkle in that night sky stare as a small smirk pulled one side of those plush lips upward, “Sure.”

Following me up the stairs to my apartment, I could hear his quick steps behind me, closing in on me as we were faced with the door to my flat. My pulse fluttered with those same sexy images from before: heated kisses and burning touches. Was he thinking about that too?

Struggling with the key, I tried the lock several times before feeling the well-known warmth of his own fingers over mine, his face just over my shoulder, that heat radiating from his chest just behind me, “Here let me,” he whispered against my ear, sending shudders down my spine.

I let go of the handle as he successfully opened the front door, “Ladies first,” he smiled, handing me the key, pressing it into my palm.

Nodding, I took a deep breath and crossed the threshold into my quaint, albeit small, apartment, “Welcome to my humble abode. Make yourself comfortable.”

Why was I so nervous?

Dark eyes darted about the studio, glancing at the bed underneath the moonlit window longingly—maybe my eyes were just playing tricks on me. Perhaps, I was just seeing what they wanted me to see. But, then I saw his eyes fall back on my jittery form, his long legs moving him into my space with just two long strides.

“So, are you thirsty?” I asked nervously, unable to meet that hooded stare.

“That all depends,” he murmured, bringing those taunting lips toward my own.

Gulping, I struggled to release the words sticking in my throat, “On what?”

“Whether you are on the menu,” he smirked, brushing his tantalizing mouth over mine, bringing his hands to cup my face gently.

Did I hear that correctly? Was that a sexual innuendo?

“And if I am?” I murmured against his lips, twining my arms about his shoulders.

Full lips were crashing over my own, answering my question with heated, frenzied kisses. His tongue prodding at my mouth, asking for a dance. The two muscles twirled and caressed in a seductive tango that brought flames licking up from my stomach and into my chest. My fingers interlaced themselves in blonde locks of hair, his own warm hands wandering down my back and guiding me backward until I felt my legs brush against the bed across the room.

I was falling then, against the mattress, and more importantly from this world, into a universe all our own. One where he was the bright shining sun, burning high within a blue sky, and I was the moon, tethered to his movements, following blindly behind his hot trail.

Those lips were beginning a trail of their own across my cheek and down my jaw, leaving wet kisses down my neck before biting down on that juncture between my neck and shoulder, marking me with a purplish bruise for territorial purposes. Wincing, I felt my back arch from that softness below me in pleasure; there was something about being bitten by that mouth that sent me straight to cloud nine. I felt a smirk against my skin as he continued that hot path down my neck and onto the sharp lines of my shoulders and collarbone, revealed by the thin straps of my top.

“Namjoon,” I sighed, his name rolling so effortlessly from my tongue, an unspoken prayer that this beautiful moment would continue.

Pulling those lips away from my tingling skin, he sat back, gazing at me seriously, his voice smooth, “Is this,” there was a nervousness in him, that same anxiousness I had experienced before making its course over those pretty features on his face as he restarted his question, “Is this really ok with you?”


My eyes widened fractionally at the implication; my breath catching in my throat. He wanted me in this moment. He desired me the way I had always desired him. He wanted to become one with my body; to make me see those bright lights and sink into oblivion.

Yes, my mind screamed.

Instead of answering him with words though, I recaptured those perfectly plush lips with my own, letting them coax his into a rhythm that I was leading for once. I needed him. I needed his love. I needed to finally be free with him; to light a fire within this small space around us.

His lips responded without hesitation, following mine blindly, those hands ghosting over my arms and down my waist, finally coming to rest on my hips. There was a tenderness as he began his slow exploration of my body; a slowness about his movements south of my lips, as if he were memorizing each piece of me: my taste; my smell; my touch. After all of those promiscuous raps I had heard him utter on his albums I was taken aback by his nervousness and gentleness with me that night as he touched me there in that pool of white sheets.

The moonlight illuminated that golden skin as it became slowly exposed; clothes discarded bit by bit, revealing more of that delicious skin over me. My own skin was bare, pressing into the expanse of his, melding like sheets of iron into one another. Heated mouths traced patterns down patches of skin, leaving little goose bumps in their wake, emitting breathy sighs from parted lips. This room was on fire now; flames incinerating those translucent sheets around us.

“Are you ready?”

His voice was unrecognizable to my ears: tender and weak. Looking down at me with softened eyes, I felt myself quiver with some fear that I hadn’t expected as he lined himself with my naked hips. My chest was heaving with anxiety. My brain running wild with doubt and discouragement.

What if I am terrible at this? What if he hates it? I am so inexperienced. I really should have shaved my legs. Oh, God why did we leave the lights on?  

A kiss to my temple shook me from those cruel thoughts, quieting the rampage within me, his voice making me weak, “You look beautiful like this,” then with ingenuity, “If you want to wait longer, we can.”

Shaking my head quickly, I whispered in his ear, kissing the lobe gently, “I’ve waited long enough.”

And just like that, we were performing our own racy scene, unscripted and unbridled. The world fell away from our tangled limbs, leaving us in that personal universe that only two lovers could inhibit. Stars were shining bright behind my eyes, heat radiating from the silken skin above me as we shared a slice of heaven, biting into it with hungry teeth. I could taste the oncoming oblivion; smell the scent of our love filling that small room around us, staining my sheets with a perfume all our own.

It was perfect. Indescribably perfect. That sweet bliss enveloping both of us simultaneously, chasing us into a bright set of constellations, where we burned out just like them.

And then, that moment ended as we both plummeted back to earth, planting our feet in reality. It was bittersweet. I felt myself collapse into the entangled sheets, sighing as he fell next to me, rolling onto his side and watching me intently.

A blush crept up my neck, dusting my cheeks and nose under that scrutinizing stare, “What is it, Namjoon?”

“I love you.”

It was a shock to both of our ears. A similar blush enveloping those golden cheeks as he avoided my eyes, afraid of rejection. But, with me, he’d never be rejected.

“I love you too.”

Elated, he grabbed my chin and pulled me into another fiery kiss, one that sent that pool of desire into my stomach and chest, my voice was still raw with that passion from before, “Are you gonna stay the night, Namjoon?”

Without uttering a single word, he looked at me with already hazy eyes and kissed my lips tenderly, placing those warm hands on each side of my face and aligning himself with my own body. We were on our way to those shooting stars and burning constellations; a place where we truly belonged. A place that was our own. 


As always, thanks for reading! Hope you all enjoyed the story! :)

Okay Starlights, we really really really have to help VIXX get the achievements and attention and love they deserve

Because I love VIXX but the year end of 2016 probably didn’t go smoothly for them. Their performance got cut (I’M LOOKIN AT YOUUU SBS) they didnt even have as much special stages (I’M LOOKING AT Y'ALLLL KBS SBS MBC) they had THREE FRIGGIN AMAZING COMEBACKS THIS YEARR!!!!!!!! ALL OF THEIR MINI ALBUM SONGS COULD BE FORMED INTO ONE FULL ALBUM. Maybe even two. I mean was that all for nothing??

Each of their comeback concepts were amazing and mind blowing. Yet, i saw on twitter last night that someone made a post about how VIXX’s concept was basically copied off by other groups but they are getting the credit instead of VIXX.

That bullshit aside, VIXX HAS HAD FOUR COMEBACKS EACH GREATER THAN the last in 2016, but what’s this? What? They weren’t invited to MAMA2016. They haven’t been to MAMA once in four of their debut years. I’ll bet they won’t even be going to the one this year. And I don’t want to hear no shit about how this is because they have no talent whatsoever because acca-scuse me RAVI has produced most of their songs on almost every album of theirs and is preparing for his own mini album so no. They have talent. Lots of it.

But you know why they won’t be able to go? Because apparently they don’t have the fame like BTS EXO SEVENTEEN TWICE GFRIEND BLACKPINK and no hate to these groups because each is different in their own incredible way.and i personally love their songs too.ive got them on repeat on my phone.

But VIXX is ignored in almost every humane way possible and it breaks my heart to see them looking disappointed but trying hard not to show it to their fans. And VIXX has shown in 2016 their effort and hard work. They’ve literally told us ‘its okay we are okay because we have you guys its hard but we can get though it together’ and our poor lovable boys were so let down when The Closer didn’t garner as many hype as they’d hope

And okay,fine if you think that im being biased then okay whatever but I seriously thought that The Closer’s concept was the best concept out of all the other concepts but yet people failed to see their amazingness.

And i just wish for VIXX that they get the love and appreciation they deserve because damn it they earned it. So much.

Stop overshadowing and ignoring them. They are as good as any other group.

Sorry for the rant but i just felt like they are so underrated and taken for granted and those stupid music shows keep taking advantage of them.

N wants the daesang. I say we at least have to work together as a fandom to help them. That’s the very least we international starlights can do. Don’t you guys think so?

So apparently Marlene is bringing Paige back.

And I’ve honestly never felt so annoyed in my life; not even when Hanna didn’t invite Mona to her bridal shower was I this annoyed. I did a post on this before (which you can find here) but I feel like explaining, again, why I’m annoyed in perhaps a little more detail. 

Paige had a beautiful exit when she was written out of the show. It was emotional, it was heart-breaking, it was one of the realest things the show has ever done. It was a character putting their own safety first, even though it meant they would no longer be able to have the thing they loved most in the world. I cried like a little bitch and that Paily goodbye in the airport is one of the only scenes that has made me shed a tear. The writing was good, the acting was superb, the dialogue tugged at your heart strings. I get that we’re five years forward but that does not mean Paige needs to come back. She is no way related to the mystery anymore and she has no connection to Rosewood because her parents moved to California. I believe the last we actually heard of her was Emily giving her a call after the entire dollhouse escapade [I know she was mentioned in the November scenes but I don’t know if everyone even watched that special, so].

Don’t get me wrong, I love Paige; she’s a good, strong, realistic character who’s all about protecting the people she cares about even if she knows that doing the right thing can have negative consequences [telling the police Alison was still alive and having Emily hate her for it afterwards]. But the thing is that she’s sadly not her own standalone character. Pretty much any storyline she has had has revolved around Emily and I get the feeling that things won’t be any different if she returns. I don’t want her to come back only to be used as a plot device to give Emily another storyline or to cause more relationship drama/tension considering that we already have the great Spaleb/Haleb/Spoby debacle. 

I also don’t want an an Emison/Paily love triangle. Paige’s character deserves so much more than to be bought back to cause drama between Alison/Emily and I am not prepared to see Emison shippers tear Paige’s character or the Paily shippers down because she’s back in the show [I’m not going to bother censoring the ship name because y’all know it’s true]. I refuse to get excited about her return if she’s merely going to be used as a plot point that’ll make Emily realise she loves Alison because, if you take the last five seasons into account, that shit would not happen. I’m also not looking forward to any possible Paige and Alison confrontations, no matter how much she’s supposedly changed within the span of five years. 

At this point, Marlene would just be playing us. If Paily was supposed to be endgame then Paige would’ve been in the show at the beginning of Season 6B, just like the rest of the pre-timeskip love interests. She also wouldn’t have been neglected and kept away during all of 6A. They were so desperate to keep her out of the show that they had to resort to making her out of character [if you think for one second that Paige would’ve stayed in California after finding out that Emily had been kidnapped then you’re a fucking idiot; pardon the language]. I’m just completely against the idea of bringing her back for what seems to be fan-service [for Emison fans and Paily fans depending on how Marlene plays her cards; Paily fans by bringing her back, Emison fans if she decides to have Paige’s reappearance bring them together]. I’m not going to lie, I don’t want Emison to be endgame. There’s nothing wrong with that; I just don’t see the appeal and I don’t ship them. It’s totally okay if you do, I just don’t. And I am certainly going to be disappointed if one of my favourite characters is dirtied and ruined for the sake of my NOTP. 

Overall, if Marlene wants to bring her back then she’s going to have to do it right for me to be interested in the show in any way. And by that, I mean giving Paige her own love interest that isn’t Emily. I’ve always loved Paige as a standalone character and while I really ship Paily, I feel like I could really ship Paige with just about any female she loves because my main Paige OTP is Paige + Happiness. It also adds another wlw character to the show which is great for representation. 

I’d also be more interested if, and this is me getting my hopes up, Paige had more to do with other characters than she did with Emily. And I’m talking about Mona and Lucas [and perhaps the other ex-lovers] because they’re both in town and assumably will be for Season 7 should Paige return. I could totally see them getting together and talking. Mona especially for some reason. I’d love a bit of Spencer and Paige interaction, too, who am I kidding. But if practically the only person she talks to is Emily, I’m not going to enjoy myself. 

I also want her to have her own storyline! This is not that much to ask for because the storyline could be super basic and I wouldn’t mind as long as it doesn’t link to Emily. If all we’re going to get is fan-service Paily scenes then I am not interested. I know Paily won’t be endgame because Marlene panders to Emison other shippers and I’m not up for watching my little Paige get her heart broken [especially if Emily’s going to choose the girl who drove Paige to suicide at one point. Get the fuck out of here with that, that’s just low Marlene and very cruel, sloppy writing.] for the sake of a storyline. Involve her with the mystery, have it so that she is bought back to Rosewood for a reason, not just because she wants to show-up. Someone else needs/wants her there. I don’t care who, as long as it’s not Emily, just make it good and plausible. 

TL;DR: make Paige relevant to the overall plot and not just Emily or don’t bother bringing her back and ruining her character. 



These Virgos are know-it-alls. They probably know what you had for breakfast, where Albert Einstein’s 44th great-great-great grandfather was born, and how your teachers dance. These Virgos also have their shit together, no pieces falling out. As friends, they make great study friends and great at comebacks. While in a relationship, prepare for A+’s and hugs.


These Virgos treat their friends and close friends like their own kids. They’ll be as protective as the protective Virgo, and they’ll always stay close to you. When friends, same as always. “You’re my child, and my child.” “He’s too much of a f-boy, no I don’t accept him.” “She’ll break your heart, nuh-uh.” While in a relationship, you can call them the Dominant. There’s no way you’re gonna get on top, mate.


These Virgos are protective af. They’re pretty much called Bodyguards. Oh no, you lost your homework? Pff, the Protective Virgo’s got you, mate. A friend hurt you? They apparently moved due to “unknown reasons”. As friends, these Virgos are also the Mothers, and will not stop loving you. While you’re in a relationship with them, they can be really aggressive towards others, and a bit possessive over you. But they’re always a huge softie for hugs.


These Virgos wanna look cool and be cool, but around friends, they’re literally Sagittarius. They look mysterious and give you a piercing scowl, but around friends, they’re the total opposite. They’re literally buddy-buddy with everyone, and may contradict their image. As friends, they’re loud and fun, and while in a relationship, they may act nicer than before to others.

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heh i almost put anal whoops

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Any tips for writing/roleplaying as Mycroft? I don't want to be ooc and you're the expert.

This could turn into a 10,000 word dissection of his character but I’ll try to keep to the things I often see that contribute to him being OOC in my eyes.


The number one thing that turns me off fics is when the author has gone to town with Mycroft’s dialogue and made it way too florid, poetic or rambling - in some fics he sounds like he’s swallowed a thesaurus from 1890. 

If you actually listen to him speak he has an eloquent, crafted efficiency to the way he uses words and structures his sentences. Everything he says is there for maximum dramatic impact, and he rarely uses more obscure/unusual “non-everyday” words unless there’s no other equivalent (the only example of this off the top of my head is “intransigent” which isn’t even that unusual). He doesn’t need to flaunt an extensive vocabulary to show how clever he is. His intelligence comes across in his eloquence.  

Getting his voice right is probably the most difficult (and important) part of making your Mycroft believable. To help I’d recommend transcribing a bit of his dialogue from the show and notice just how simple the constituent parts are - it’s their structure, the rhythm, flow and wit that makes Mycroft sound like Mycroft. Also keep in mind that Mycroft uses words as a tool to gain information, to control, to manipulate and ultimately, get results. Words are the tools of his trade, they’re his equivalent of legwork.


One of my favourite things about Mycroft that’s sadly often neglected by writers is a) how funny he is and b) just how funny he appears to find himself. He can’t resist making deadpan/snide comments, it’s like a reflex. See “That’s the deceased for you - late, in every sense of the word”, like come on Mycroft, Sherlock was never going to laugh at that, you just said it to amuse yourself because [snorts with laughter internally] what an *excellent* joke.

All this said, he’s not a comedy character. His humour is subtle and needling and as much of a tool to him as the way he speaks. Again, listen to him speak in the show. A lot of the time he appears to use humour to mask his emotions, e.g. the example above from ASiB is contained rage via the medium of a pun, and “I can barely contain myself” in TEH is a swift deflection away from an awkward sentimental conversation.

Emotional expression

This may go without saying but don’t have him gushing all over the place about his feelings. His emotional life is almost exclusively an internal one (with the exception of “your loss would break my heart” but hey, he was apparently under the influence at the time so we’ll forgive him). Yes, of course he has feelings, but much like dark matter we only really know they’re there by witnessing their effects on other things. He doesn’t vocalise how he feels, he shows it in his own peculiar ways like going to Serbia in an expensive coat, or keeping a notebook full of maths and the name of a dead dog. When it comes to writing Mycroft Having An Emotion, show, don’t tell.

Appearance & job, etc

Again, all this may go without saying but let’s face it, I’m basically airing my grievances at this point so I’ll include these:

  1. He’s not ginger. He has dark brown hair. He is not ginger.
  2. If you’re writing the sort of thing that may involve his trousers (you filthy animal) then he doesn’t wear a belt with a three piece suit, he wears braces. If you wish to see photographic proof (and let’s face it, who doesn’t) click here.
  3. He’s an inch taller than Sherlock.
  4. He’s not a politician. Yes, his work involves politics & working with politicians but good god, he is not a politician.

General fic writing advice: Britpicking

If you’re writing a fic and you’re not British then ideally, if you need to and you can, run it by someone who is. Nothing makes me gasp in mock horror quite like seeing one of the Holmes brothers walking on a sidewalk or reminiscing about their days in elementary school.

I’m always happy to help with britpicking. I don’t have time to read & beta entire fics but if anyone ever has specific questions about British Things or Mycroft Things or whatever then my ask box is here for you to use & abuse.

To sum it all up

To me, writing Mycroft is all about nuance. So much of the character is in the subtleties, the unsaid, the unseen. He can reveal a whole world of pain with a fleeting expression or a handful of words (TAB is a case in point).

If you want to read more about how I view his character then I wrote a thing about Mycroft as an INTJ. Regardless of what you think of Myers-Briggs it may be useful to read if you’re writing Mycroft, because it tries to explain the way he interacts with the world - at least in my eyes, anyway.

Don’t Forget About Me

Characters: Dean x Reader x Sam (siblings)
Words: 1252
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: The reader is jealous of Sam’s new lady friend.

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          “Hey, Dean,” you walked into the main room and saw your oldest brother sitting on the couch.

           “Hey, Kiddo,” he smiled up at you.

           You collapsed next to him, “Where’s Sam?” you asked, not seeing your other brother around the house.

           “He’s got a date.”

           “Another one?” you asked.

           Dean laughed, “Same girl though. I think he’s starting to get serious.”

           You rolled your eyes, “Hunters don’t get serious.”

           “Maybe Sam can. One day you might be able to too,” Dean shrugged, “Prove them wrong all wrong.”

           “I don’t think that’s gonna happen,” you shook your head, “I’m not planning to settle down or anything.”

           “You’ll meet the right guy.”

           “Whatever you say.”

           Dean chuckled, “You’re stubborn.”

           “I’m a Winchester.”

           “That you are.”

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I did something I haven’t done in years, sin write fanfiction. So for your viewing horrors, may I present–

Title: The New Couple

Pairings: Julian Bashir/Quark (Quashir), with some (one? two?)-sided Bashir/Garak (Garashir)

Summary: There’s a new couple on the station, and it’s taken many by horror surprise.

Word Count: too many 1,528

Notes: I take no responsibility for this not-well-written atrocity, and fully blame @ds9shameblog and @boldlysinning for discussing this crack ship. 

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A Stupid Game (Sammy Wilk)

PSA: Second imagine but improved, I believe.

Word Count: 900+

I walked into the party with my brother, Nate. This is the first party he’s actually let me go to because I’m his sister and he gets protective. A little too much if you ask me. I mean it’s nice to know someone cares, but it gets annoying at times. I don’t understand why he can’t just let me go with him to parties like this, they’re just his friends who I’m just as close with.

“Aye! Little Maloley with her big brother. What’s up? Come on in.” Nate’s best friend, Sammy said.

Sammy. He’s cute, but the biggest man whore known to man. He is the number one person to stay away from. He’ll act like he’s in love with you, have sex with you, and then you’ll never hear from him again. Staying away is the best way to not fall for his tricks.

I walked in with Nate and straight to the drinks as Jack G walked up to me.

“Nate finally let his baby sister out of the house past seven.” He laughed and I laughed right along with him as I took a shot.

“Not too many!” Nate yelled across the room. See, that’s the annoying protective Nate.

I rolled my eyes and turned to see Sammy staring at me, “What?”

He smirked and looked at me, “Didn’t realize Nate’s baby sis could get so dressed up and turn a guy on.”

“My name in Y/N and I definitely don’t want anything to do with you.”

He walked closer to me and put his hands on my hips, “Everybody wants everything to do with me, baby.”

I looked over his shoulder to see Nate walking over.

“Get your nasty ass hands off of my little sister before you don’t have hands.” That’s the protective Nate that I liked.

Sammy rolled his eyes and let go of me, walking away.

I looked at Nate, “Thank you, bub.” I smiled at him and turned to get another drink.

“You just turned down Sam Wilkinson.” Jack G said.

“I don’t want a man whore to fuck with my feelings just to put me down after he gets what he wants.” I walked away and found Sammy.

You might think, what are you doing? I’m going to play a Sammy on Sammy.

I’m going to get him to fall in love with me, have sex with him, and disappear. Maybe he’ll realize what it feels like to have his heart broken.

“So.. Sammy,” I got closer, “I heard you are pretty good in bed.” I smirked.

He turned his body fully toward me, “You heard correctly.”

“Maybe I’ll have to find out for myself some day.” I smirked and walked away.

Within the next few months, Sammy and I really started hanging out, much to Nate’s disliking. Sammy was on his way over to my house, he asked me out about two weeks after the party. So, we’ve been together for a little over three weeks. No, we haven’t had sex. I heard the knock on the door knowing it was Sammy, “Come in!” I yelled from the living room. He walked in with roses and chocolates.

“Hey, baby. I got you something.” He smiled at me and handed me it. “And I have some things I want to say.”

I looked up at him, “Thank you, they’re beautiful.” I put them down and stood up to hear what he had to say.

“I know we’ve only been together for a short three weeks, but you really caught my eye and I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I love you.”

I looked at him shocked as the words came out of his mouth. I started to feel guilty because in reality, I never really had any feelings for him at all. “Sammy.. I have to tell you something..” I said, looking down.

Sammy looked at me with worried eyes, “What? Is everything okay? Is it too soon?”

I took a deep breath and looked back at him, “I didn’t think I had feelings for you whatsoever, but now that you’re saying you love me, I realize I do like you. The thing is when I started talking to you it was to get back at you for everything you’ve done to all of those girls in the past. You know, making them fall for you, getting them in bed, and then just disappearing. I wanted to stop you, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I got you to talk to me, I got you to date me, and apparently, I got you to fall for me. It was all a stupid game, but if you can find it in your heart to forgive me for what I just said to you, I would really like to give us a try.”

Sammy just stared at me for a second and then his eyes turned into sadness and guilt along with some type of anger, “You’re telling me that you had no intentions of being with me? You just wanted to break my heart?” He looked at me as I looked down at my hands. “The one time I actually like a girl and she was faking it the whole time. I really thought we had something. I understand what I did to all of those girls, but you’re not like them. I really, really do like you, Y/N. And I guess I can forgive you, but only if you promise that you’re not playing this game anymore.”

I looked up at him, shocked that he actually was able to get past it, “I promise I’m not playing the game. I do like you, and I’ll eventually love you.” I smiled.

He looked at me and smiled. Before I knew it, we were kissing and sparks were flying.

Game over.

catelyngrant  asked:

Re: your tags - as the season goes on it's been clearer to me that losing Cat has affected the story beyond just missing the Cat/Kara relationship. We have all these new aliens/heroes (including James) and the "human" element - esp. the theme that "anyone can be a hero" that she represented so strongly - is missing. Basically everyone we see regularly knows Kara as both Kara AND Supergirl, with no distinction (even if it's just a facade, as we assume that Cat knows).

So we’re missing Cat and all that CatCo represents as the link between the alien/DEO/superhero world and the “real”/“normal” people world, AND Cat as the Lois Lane of Kara’s story - whether romantic or not, she was all of the things you described. At this point, I don’t really see a need for Kara’s secret identity, and for all that this season is supposed to be Kara finding herself as Kara vs. last season finding her footing as Supergirl, I feel like we’ve hardly seen “Kara”.

We’ve lost Cat and Lucy, we’ve gained Miss Martian and Mon-El, James is becoming a superhero - I miss the “human” feel to the show, the struggle that Kara felt between the two lives, because that IS such a big part of any superhero story and it was so well done. For all the good that’s happening this season, this shift in tone is really hard to not be bummed out about. (But sorry for ranting! Your tags struck a chord.)

No need to apologize, I agree with all of this so much!! One of the things I really really loved about the first season was how much the writers understood the core elements of a Supergirl/man story (because even though Supergirl is her own character, the overlap between them will always be very strong). And so much of the point of Clark Kent (and by extension, Kara) is the importance of and love for humanity. (That awesome reddit quote just sums it up perfectly: “It’s the mythology of a sun god who wished he was a man because he saw something so great in us. It’s the story of a hero who could move whole worlds and see through stars and hear a whisper on the other side of the planet…who fell in love with a storyteller.”) And just like you said, by moving away from the humans it’s losing that element which is really unfortunate and so, so central to a Super character. (I went on a bit of a rant of my own so sticking the rest beneath a cut!)

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