apparently i like to break my own heart

I asked some questions a while ago on my blog.

BUT apparently they weren’t interesting enough to answer (You break my heart, you heartbreaker, you!) so I’m putting them up here. If you’d like to see it again, don’t let me stop you. All in all, I think it must have been tl;dr since that’s what even I was thinking.. I also noticed I added too much tags so I fixed that. Guess it’s my own fault for it being so “unpopular”.. So, if you’re curious about my, do read it. ;D

BUT! Mah questions. They are important! For me. :D I’ve already got one lovely lady to answer these for me so she’s excused (I’m still working on that picture.. I was trying to do it on paper and in Photoshop but I think I’ll stick to the paper version).

  1. WHAT is your favourite recipe? Food wise pls. And healthy. (As in, not too much sugar and/or junk)
  2. What capital/country/city in this world we live in would be a MUST VISIT?
  3. What is your MOST favourite romantic love song? No sad heartbreakers, please.
  4. Which one of the following would you prefer most: An amusement park, mini golf, a spa, a picnic, going to the club, A bicycle trip? IF you don’t like any of them, tell me what you DO like.
  5. Is there ANYthing you’d like to see me post about? (No, not my picture or too intimate questions. There are lines I do not cross, there are kids here, people!)
  6. Give me an idea for a drawing. I will try my best to properly draw it for you. Free of charge. (Pls, no huge projects, I have a life you know. :P)
  7. What do you think I could still improve in my blog? Which part do you think sucks so bad it makes you cringe?