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[Miraculous Ladybug]: Just Asking For Some Privacy

finally get to reveal my fic from the ML Ultimate Guess Who Game that @mlficwritersanon​ organized!! also, it’s in the top 10 of fics with most kudos which, wow, holy shit, thank you so much :)

i don’t write gen fics often so it was really heartwarming to see one get this much attention, so thank you all so much for those of you left kudos and comments (even though you didn’t know it was me :P) 

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: Just Asking For Some Privacy 
Pairings: Gen Fic: Marinette/Ladybug, Adrien/Chat Noir, Chloe/Queen Bee, Alya/Volpina
Summary: “No but she’s right. What the heck could the four of us possibly have to do that’s apparently so important that it needs to be done in private, in an abandoned locker room, and in the middle of an akuma attack?”

The latter half of Adrien’s sentence hung in between the four of them while they all stood in silence and narrowed their eyes at each other.

Now that Adrien mentioned it…that was a little weird.

Just Asking For Some Privacy

So here’s the thing.

Finding the perfect hiding spots for transforming and detransforming was easily the most difficult part about being a superhero. Hands down.

One minute you’re running into the girl’s bathroom on the fourth floor about to jump out the window and save the city, the next you’re hiding in the bathroom stall from a mob of older lycée girls touching up their makeup before their first period class, balancing precariously on a toilet, and getting frantic calls from your teammates about why you’re not there to help fight an akuma the literal size of the Eiffel Tower.

Then you have to show up to a fight and explain why your foot is drenched in toilet water all while maintaining the grace and dignity of Ladybug, a.k.a Team Leader, a.k.a. Should Probably Have Her Crap Together Better Than This. You’d think that after a year of being Ladybug this part of the job description would get easier, but apparently that’s just too much to ask for .

“You know it’s not as bad as you think,” Tikki whispered to Marinette as she walked to her next class. “At least you have a lot of free time in between classes and after school to get some privacy. Some Ladybug’s didn’t even have that.”

Marinette pouted. “I know you’re just trying to put things in perspective, but it’s still annoying. I had to transform underneath the reference desk in the library today. I cannot emphasize how impossible that felt in the moment.”

Tikki shrugged and dipped back into Marinette’s bag when she spotted students passing them in the halls. “Might be worth trying to find a new official transformation spot now that you’re in a new school for lycée.”

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Not a “fuck customer” but a “fuck coworker” and by coworker, I mean someone on literally their second day while still training.
She came in yesterday looking stoned as all hell. Now I don’t care if someone smokes. Toke up all you want. But for the love of God, if you’re going to do it, can you at the very least make sure you’re sober enough to function? Not only did she drop two boxes filled with a dozen donuts, she almost somehow managed to squeeze 14 in a dozen box. She came in around 7 am and by 10:30 she was already complaining to my manager about when she would be able to leave. “I just have REEEEAAAALLLLYYY important stuff to do.” Okay? But during the second interview you and the manager usually agree on what day you can start?
Now today was a disaster. Like yesterday, she stood around as everyone is running back and forth trying to keep up with the rush. She took no initiative in doing anything and was in the way 90% of the time. My manager told her to help the woman doing front counter. That lasted five minutes. She comes to the drive thru as my manager is making the drinks and says that she doesn’t wanna be up front because “she keeps yelling at me.” And “I don’t know what I’m doing.” 1) she is not yelling at you. She is trying to train you while take orders while everyone is trying to get in and out so they can get to work on time. 2) which is why you’re upfront. Because you CANNOT keep up in drive thru.
So my manager gives her the easiest task in the entire store. Fill the cups with coffee. Simple, right? Naw. I wouldn’t be typing this is that worked. She was told to stay in one place. Just fill the cups with the right coffee. Doesn’t listen. Manager steps away to grab a turbo shot and this girl proceeds to make the next coffee. Spills MILK AND SUGAR AND ICE EVERYWHERE. So not only does my manager have to remake a drink during a rush (if you’ve ever worked in FF, you know just how easy it is to fall behind) she has to take the time to clean it all up all while still somehow make all the drink orders.
In between taking an order and typing it in, I can hear bits and pieces of what my manager is saying to her. She asks her to leave and come back some other time when there isn’t a rush so she can be trained properly. Now I haven’t really heard this coworker speak long enough to really hear how she sounds, but I don’t think it’s normal to slur your words. The kicker in all of this is that she has apparently worked at a Dipping Donuts before. So not only does she technically have experience but somehow has no idea what she’s doing, she’s more than likely come to work High and possibly drunk. I don’t care what you do in your free time. You do you. But is it too much to ask that you don’t do these things while on the clock?


WELLLLLlll okay it’s not a shirt, but only because the original image itself was an odd dimension size and a bit too small and resizing it would have made it blurry when printing on a shirt. BUT when I get a bit of free time (pffttttcute Xedra, ‘free time’) I want to remake the image to be of a high enough resolution to print on a shirt. :D

But I do love me some mugs, so I’m more than pleased as punch right now. A mighty thirst indeed ahuhuhuh~ :D Thanks so much, @asrielisdeadandfloweyisabitch <3

So Many Legs

Thomas Jefferson perked up when James Madison’s ringtone poured out of his phone. The weekend was just about over, and he was wondering when Madison would want to get together. Jefferson grabbed his phone off the coffee table and answered with a cheerful; “Hey, hon!”

The answer he received was not what he was expecting. A few shaky breaths, then an even shakier; “Thomas.”

Jefferson quickly glanced around for his wallet and keys; Madison did not sound good. “Hon, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Madison said, through the word was too rushed and breathless to be convincing. “Just…. There’s a centipede. In my house.”

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I don’t do the things I want to do, and I’m actually sorry about the inconvenience. (A failure of doing does not mean a failure of wanting to)

The problem of directing one’s attention, when having attention-regulation problems such as ADHD, isn’t limited to the boring things in life, as many people seem to think.

In fact, it’s almost harder directing attention when it comes to things I want to do but which isn’t currently where my attention happens to be directed at the moment. I will at times get stuck sorting laundry almost obsessively when I had planned on doing something I was looking forward to, such as answering a friend’s message, write or just sit down and read fanfic. I would rather do those things than do the laundry, really, but unfortunately, my brain seems to be stuck on the laundry, and I can’t get it to switch into a writing mode, or to focus enough to abandon what it’s doing, or the thought of doing something else. Which is why paying bills is sometimes easier than watching a TV show or I’ll sometimes spend half a day researching wallpaper when I really wanted to colour my hair or chat with a friend. Often, these problems will get worse when I’ve spent a lot of time directing my focus earlier that day/week. It’s a limited resource, the ability to direct one’s focus. I might still have focus left when I run out of ability to direct it, and that frequently leads to some rather interesting activities that I had no intention of doing that day, but that I now suddenly perform with quite a bit of focus, unable to redirect it something else I want to do. It’s a constant source of frustration for both me and the people around me. Because I might say I want to do something with a friend, and then end up writing fic instead, or I’ll say I’ll write fic and end up sketching out a new work project instead. And while I, as a person, is someone who loves to finish things, to do things methodically, empirically and thoroughly, that’s not at all how I act outside of work, because I can’t. I, as a person, is loyal, want to do good and likes order in the chaos. But like my URL implies, I mostly end up with just chaos, and I have had to learn to try to embrace it, hence the ‘sincerely chaos’. Because it might not be in line with my long-term goals or who I want to be, and it might actually disable me from doing what I really want to do in life, but it is what I’ve got to work with.

Frequently, this seems very nonchalant. I might promise to do something for a friend, something that I will enjoy doing, nonetheless, and end up… doing something completely different. And it’s not like I spend the time I was supposed to do the thing in bed, resting, or even doing something useful that needs to be done. Instead, I might repaint furniture or hang out with friends or binge watch a show, so I can’t honestly say that it was due to more important things or lack of time I failed to do the thing for three weeks. There’s no excuse, really. Not one that makes sense.

Because how do you explain that doing what you say you enjoy sometimes costs too much energy when you apparently have the energy to write five ficlets, go to a social event, try out five new crafts and work two extra shifts during the same time? How do you explain that in terms of self-regulation of attention, those things might be almost free of charge, because they happened because of poor impulse control or because that’s where your focus just happened to fall or because the were Novel and therefore act like drugs on your brain?

You can’t, not really, and so guilt begins to enter the equation. Guilt over acting like shit by not answering people, over not doing what you promised and want to do. And when guilt enters the equation, the price in terms of self-regulation of attention goes up like crazy. Because now it’s not just failing to do so, now it’s also aversion of thinking about something that makes you feel guilty. The chances of actually doing what you want to do are now minimal. The chances of you cleaning every surface of your home seems very good in comparison. It’s like when you have a test coming up, and suddenly your home is spotless. Except this is how it always is. And you can’t really explain that. You don’t want to apologise to someone by telling them that the thing you said you wanted to do for them is now causing you extensive guilt. And you don’t tell someone that the reason you didn’t reply is because you find it easier to work five extra hours. It’s just not… good.

So what does this behavior say about my intentions, my desire to do the thing or my feelings about you?

Not a thing.

It only says something about my crappy reward-system, my lack of ability to direct my focus and my inability to resist novelty when presented with it. And how hyperfocusing is basically free, but doing something else might cost energy you’ve already spent.

Do I realise that this makes no sense to anyone not living with a similar brain? Yes, I do. And yet. This is my attempt to say I’m sorry. And that I care. And that I am aware of this problem, and that this is actually the main reason for me never actively seeking out new friendships. Because I am not very good at keeping in touch or doing what I said I would, and that’s hurtful, I know. If I’m in contact with you and do things with you, that’s probably a result of poor impulse control and you being too interesting not to hang out with. Otherwise I wouldn’t subject you to any of it. I don’t like hurting people. I prefer to avoid it, and often, I plan on doing so. But as I’ve just discussed, things rarely go according to my plans. When something novel or interesting appears I often forget my good intentions. What that does to my self-esteem we shall not discuss.

And so I’m sorry. I have a nervous system that is constantly hijacking my attention, allowing be only limited access to it. And that sucks, because you do not deserve someone failing to show you that they care and that you are important. You deserve so much more.

And in writing this, I’ve spent the time I had planned actually starting one of those things that I promised to do, and instead of doing so, I’ve written two far too long, navel-gazing posts about attention while being on a train, listening to the same three songs over and over again, and my guilt over not doing the (interesting) thing has increased again.

So if anyone wonders if this is a choice or mere laziness; no. It’s inefficient, it is in opposition of my long-term goals and it’s stressful and devastating for my self-esteem.

A failure to direct is not a failure in wanting to.

The Poet

Author Attic Series #1

Character: Namjoon x reader

Genre: Bookstore!au, Writer!au, Fluff, inspired by this prompt

Word count: 1,994

a/n: This is dedicated to @legal-red-head | @armysfighting a.k.a Snow, happy birthday!!! I’m not good with words, I just hope you are having a splendid birthday^^ ily!!! <3333

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i love editing utopia screencaps but once i’m done, i don’t know what to do with most of them. so i made some random icons!

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Vegan Gluten Free Cake Doughnuts.

The sweet tooth never stops. I like using whole wheat flour for my pastries so I don’t usually spend too much time with gluten-free baking. Maybe because I just haven’t gotten used to the texture that gluten-free flour offers. But my friend @bleuseven always emphasizes how beneficial gluten-free living can be for the skin. Apparently, reactions to gluten can manifest as skin issues. Of course, there are other things like environmental allergies, personal care products, etc. that can cause skin flare issues but it doesn’t hurt to consider that we can have some control over our skin through diet. And I think anyone, even those who don’t have food sensitivities, can benefit from limiting gluten from their diet. Hence, gluten-free vegan doughnuts. Because gluten-free doesn’t mean gross. Haha!

Vegan GF Cake Doughnuts
Makes about 8 doughnuts

1 cup gluten-free flour (Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 baking flour)
½ cup vegan sugar
1 ½ tsp. baking powder
¼ tsp. salt
½ cup unsweetened almond milk
½ tsp. apple cider vinegar
½ tsp. pure vanilla extract
1 flax egg
¼ cup vegan margarine

Doughnut Glaze
½ cup confectioner’s sugar
3 tsp. unsweetened almond milk

To make the doughnuts: Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Lightly grease a donut pan.

Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl. Combine wet ingredients in a small saucepan over medium to low heat and stir just until vegan margarine is melted. Mix will be warm to the touch. Add wet ingredients to dry and mix until just combined.

Fill each donut pan well ¾ full (about 3 tablespoons of mix). Bake doughnuts for 10-12 minutes or until they are firm and spring back when you touch them. Pop them out of the donut pan and onto a cooling rack to cool until warm to the touch.

To make the glaze: Sift the confectioner’s sugar. Whisk in the non-dairy milk until the glaze is smooth. Add a couple drops of yellow (or whichever color you prefer) vegan food coloring and mix. Dip the top of each doughnut in the glaze then top with sprinkles. Serve at room temperature. Doughnuts can be stored in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

trash update: da:i crashed on me and seems like it won’t work til i have internet again so i opened the fucking sims and made some da2 characters to amuse myself

they’re a little too on the nose tbh bethany set the house on fire trying to cook an egg, hawke can’t hold a job and randomly enthuses about bears, meredith went into a jealous rage for no discernible reason, then got a happy moodlet after she yelled at someone

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percahlia and 4? :0

“I can never tell if you’re hitting on me or not”

The way he sees it, she’s very friendly with almost everyone. Hell, sometimes she’ll spare a wink for her brother and receive the middle finger in turn. So when she sets those wild eyes on him, he mostly assumes she’s treating him the same as everyone else. But maybe he’s just a little too gone for her, because he can’t tell if she does it more often.

At one point they’re at the ice cream shop at the edge of campus, sitting outside with milkshakes, and Vex swings her legs on the bench as well as she can, which is to say not very well without brushing her toes against the grass. “I could’ve paid for my own shake,” she says after a few sips.

“Consider it an early graduation gift, then,” Percy replies.

“Where does it fall within all the other gifts, hmm?” 

It’s an innocent enough question, but he feels caught. Indeed he had been giving her things, helping her with things even if he didn’t have the free time, all brushing it off as early birthday gifts or Christmas gifts. “Vex’ahlia, you know I can never tell if you’re hitting on me or if you’re just…like that.” He winces. He’s apparently lost every shred of eloquence he claims to have. 

Vex flashes him a grin. “Well, darling, how willing are you to test the theory that if you kiss me it’ll taste like Oreos?” She moves the hand holding her shake ever so slightly to emphasize the flavor. 

He’s glad they’re drinking cold things because the heat in his cheeks is too much to bear. “I might need a larger sample size for science,” he manages before she plants one on him right there in the middle of the park.

A Diverging in the Wood [2/3]

hi sorry

Summary: Events shift.  History rearranges.  Another horror beyond human comprehension joins the fray during Weirdmageddon. 

Good thing they’re on the side of humanity.

[A/N:  I Honestly don’t know how to explain the context to this and it’s been literally half a year since I’ve posted anything for it, but.  Canon Divergence AU for this fic which is just sleeping, I promise.  Features eldritch abomination Stan - it makes sense in context. Kind of.]


To Stanford’s complete lack of surprise, hell was freezing cold.

Though a revolutionary discovery to be sure, he had doubts it would stand up to any reputable academic committee. The main issue was, his current location was more accurately described as “Ford Pines’ Personal Pyramidal Hell” than the classic Judeo-Christian equivalent. Specifically, traits of demons present were more “horns and cloven feet” than “sixty-degree angles.”

Unfortunately, that fact narrowed down the field of concerned individuals significantly. To two, actually - him and his fellow captive, the rather perturbed looking child (?) dancing frantically in a cage hanging from the ceiling. 

Not Ford’s oddest roommate experience, but it did make top five.

It was just one of those days. Weeks? Months? Extra-temporal periods of existence?

The worst part about the death of linear time, Ford thought to himself sadly, was the language involved.

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Turn loose the mermaids (Part 26)

@taulun‘s AU.

Okay, I swear this is the last useless chapter. From the next one on, shits gets real. Thanks to @miracujess for being my beta.

First | Next

Also. SIN WARNING from the middle of the chapter till the end. You’ll catch up on when it begins.

If theft wasn’t the way he made his livelihood, Nino might have actually felt sorry for all these trading ships. Captain Noir had been on a roll lately. Maybe the good mood positively affected his desire to rob ships. Since he made up with Marinette a fortnight ago, he had only been in good spirits. Nino wasn’t sure if he should be grateful or not. Sure, he got rid of Chat lamenting and whining sad poems on his floor about a month ago, but since the second make up, Marinette and Chat had been at it every fucking night. And frankly, Nino was losing sleep over this. But at least he got some ear plugs recently and put them to good use. Still, not even that stopped the noise entirely. And every time Nino made a joke about it, Chat seemed to find necessary to threaten to throw him overboard. It was a little funny. Glancing around at the rest of the crew busy carrying the chests under the deck, Nino spotted his captain running with a bunch of dresses and other clothing items down the stairs, with a maniacal smile on his face. Nino shook his head. He wasn’t getting sleep anytime soon.

“Oh, Princess!” Chat said in a sing-song voice once he entered the cabin. “I got something special for you today.”

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You're from Poland but you speak (typing mannerisms) like a pure bred American

My English teacher in high school told me the same thing, and apparently I also have a really strong American accent, but that’s just because I have too much free time and too many american tv shows on my playlist :)

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could you have a little special thingy about gay musicians? i have a friend who's having a hard time coming out who'd like some composers to lighten her day, and lgbtq ones who be a+ thanks, i love you so much!

sure thing, anon! you’d actually be pretty surprised by how many well-known composers weren’t straight. 

  • frederic chopin!! yup, judging people’s accounts he was most likely biromantic and asexual, though a lot of people tend to erase this. 
  • franz schubert most likely wasn’t as straight as he’s made out to be, and there’s quite a bit of evidence for that! 
  • robert schumann was at least a little bit into guys, and this is brushed off as a one time thing though it most likely wasn’t. 
  • ethel smyth was a lesbian, and i also really love some of her music, so give it a listen when you can
  • francis poulenc (one of my favorite composers tbh) was gay, and had a lot of difficulty coming to terms with it. so don’t worry, you aren’t alone!! 
  • benjamin britten had a pretty well-documented relationship with the tenor peter pears, so there’s that 
  • john cage, apparently!! 4:33 is gay pass it on 
  • wendy carlos is a trans woman (i’m not sure if you want trans composers too)! we did a feature on her, and i love her work so much 

there are definitely more, but unfortunately society has a way of erasing our histories. so just remember that your friend isn’t completely alone in the world, and that there are lots of LGBT+ role models for her to look up to. 

sources: mostly my memory (i didn’t have time to look a lot of this up, so feel free to do that if you need to) and also

~mod liszt, who is also gay and has composed 

Daily Touhou #48: Parsee

Poor Parsee, she really needs a hug.

I’d normally complain about having too much free time, but I know the reason behind my free time is not doing my work. Even then, I could spend that time drawing stuff, but apparently searching Youtube videos is more important. Maybe I’ll just say doing nothing is considered doing something.


Which Touhou would you hug?


so i thought I’d have a bunch of free drawing time over spring break but it looks like that might not happen SO in lieu of new drawings, here are my old panels from the Pacific Rim Exquisite Corpus that was planned a few months ago!!
given the nature of an exquisite corpus i have absolutely no idea what the context for this situation is other than apparently hungover newt in jammies so just go ahead and make something up

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Five times Gary thought Ash was turning him down - and the one time Ash actually got his painfully obvious hints and didn't?

it became four times but also here on ao3


Gary could hardly hear the video phone chime over the Pidgey’s chirping up a storm. Molting season had come but there was also a bad snow storm over Pallet Town that meant most of the Pokemon were staying indoors. He had come to Pallet Town to help his grandfather with the Pidgey’s this season and gotten stuck with the snow. His grandfather didn’t look to be anywhere to answer the phone however and with a shrug he answered it, brightening up when Ash’s face came on the screen.

“Ash, long time no hear.” He inched a little closer to the screen, hoping he wasn’t covered in feathers and looking terrible.

“Gary!” Ash waved with Pikachu on his shoulders waving as well, “I was trying to get a hold of my mom but I couldn’t reach anyone in Pallet Town. Is everything okay?”

“The storm might have knocked out the power.” Gary replied, scratching his head and wondering if he had seen Mrs Ketchum lately. “I can get a message to her though.”

“That’s okay, just tell her to expect me and Pikachu soon. And I’ll stop by the lab to visit all my Pokemon of course.”

Gary tried not to frown at that, “You know I’m here too.”

Ash tilted his head, “Well of course you are Gary, you work there.”

“That’s not what I meant.” Gary rolled his eyes, “I mean you could just come here to visit me as well, Ash. Or…maybe we could go out.” He held his breath while waiting for Ash’s answer.

“Gee Gary, I’m sorry, I don’t think I’ll have the time…”

It was a put down if he’d ever heard it but Gary tried to just shrug it off like it was no big deal. “I’ll let everyone know you’re coming.” He said and then hit the end button on the screen. He sighed and collapsed in the chair behind him.

Maybe he’d try again face to face with Ash, maybe something didn’t get through during the video call. It was worth a shot anyway.

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