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so apparently i got my dad to start shipping obikin, he was a lot influenced by a bunch of choice posts from you. now i have to deal with him sending me obikin stuff at all hours of the day, worth it

This is one of the most amazing things anyone has ever sent to me, dear anon. I keep reading it and trying to figure out how to feel about myself in light of this message, hahahahaha. Oh, the things I contribute to this fandom. It’s not enough to ruin the lives of my youthful readers, I have to take their parents with them. 

What can I say? Obi-Wan said it himself:

Yes, Obi-Wan. Yes we do. Ahem.  

(Also, your dad sounds hilarious.)

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So I visited just now the lostspecial website (out of curiosity), and just read the message written in it. Like wtf, someone seems to have a lot of free time apparently? I don't get it why he\she spent so much effort into doing this.

Agreed Lovely. The person obviously is a sad individual who apparently doesn’t care so much about Johnlock that they knew EXACTLY what our “things” were. Like… we have A LOT of things. Clearly not only “a few minutes”. But as long as you remain positive and call them out for how ridiculous they were, they don’t win.

There’s also the flip side that it is probably part of the ARG that we think is actually happening right now… in similar fashion to the Geek Interpreter, I believe, was that people ridiculed the client until other people actually started experiencing the same things. So some of us believe that it’s possibly part of the game…

I’m personally leaning more towards an anti, but like I said, joke is on them, we had a fucking fantastic time and probably made them more cranky because we took it so well.

  • me: louis is so iconic.
  • someone: wait, what? we weren't even talking about --
  • me: i mean, even after being put in a band he still didn't have many opportunities to shine. his mic was turned down/off, he wasn't given hardly any solos on Up All Night OR Take Me Home, which were his bands /first two albums/. let that sink in!!!! and if he let that discourage him, he didn't let it keep him down, which is inspirational enough on it's own. but not only that, he's used every negative experience in his life as a stepping stone to become better and better (especially career-wise).
  • someone: how did you put the parentheses in a spoken conversation?
  • me: people said he couldn't be a solo artist because his voice was "weak" but Just Hold On depicts exactly the opposite; JHO is full of range and really emphasizes the vocal power i've always known he's possessed. you asked about his songwriting?
  • someone: no i didn't but
  • me: don't even get me started on his songwriting. louis is one of those people who writes to tell a story. he takes the listener from Point A to Point B; within three minutes and thirty seconds, he manages to weave songs of high points&low points, good&bad, and most of all, an overarching theme of hope. he sings of love in a way that sounds attainable for anyone, and maybe it is. louis's songwriting sounds like memories being made and summer days and
  • someone: are you crying? again? i'm pretty sure this has happened before
  • me, choking down my tears: no i'm not crying shut up i'm not finished... bc i mean. not only is louis Doing That(TM) in all of these other areas (and slaying, i might add), he's still so lovely and sweet. he's humble and thankful for everything he has and for all the people who have helped get him this far. i mean, i have never seen someone so appreciative of their fans. he doesn't have to support our fan projects but he does because he /cares/. he loves us even though he doesn't know us and what's important is that he knows how to make us feel loved
  • someone: *sigh*
  • me, crying openly: i wonder if he realizes just how much he's adored and how much people admire him. because for the past six years, he's had struggle after struggle thrown at him and he's faced it all with such dignity and grace. even if he's had bad moments and sad moments, he still manages to laugh and make other people laugh and i admire him so much.
  • someone: are you done
  • me: i'm never done talking about louis but for now, yes pls put on up all night and cry with me. we're on 1d discography lockdown lets go
Parallels between Yuuri and Yurio

okay, so on my 10th rewatch of the series, i started to see a lot (and i mean a lot) of parallels between the two main characters of yuri on ice who share the same name. both of them really are the stars of this show. both yuuri and yurio share many of the same themes, and i don’t just mean similarities in their short programs. i can’t believe these details escaped me the first time around. i feel dumb. anyway, without further ado, let’s start the list: (i will add more as i go along)

1. They’re both running out of time.

2. They admire skaters who are inconsistent, but who have some attention-grabbing element.

3. They apparently space out in the middle of skating their routines.

they played the same music during these scenes too! coincidence? i think the fuck not.

4. They both think violence is the way to encourage people with lots of potential.

5. They both go out of their way to support those people.

6. Not to mention, they experienced their first real friendship/relationship this season.

even the positioning is the same! seriously! how could the storyboarding and the animation get any more detailed? how?!?!?!

tl;dr: this show truly is about both yuri’s.

their character development arcs are wildly different, yes, but the similarities are there! and they share enough of the same experiences to be friends! and i’m excited for a possible next season! okay! thank you! thank you for your time!

with riz ahmed and dev patel getting more attention, I just want to take a second to remind non south asian fandom bloggers to check yourselves when you’re speaking about them bc I’ve been seeing a lot of low key fetishizing and orientalist comments on their photos and it’s v uncomfortable like some of yall have never found a brown man attractive before and it’s v apparent in the things you say… so just a gentle reminder to be mindful about what you’re saying 


Edogawa Ranpo you little shit.

But I’m sure we all agree Atsushi is just a sweet cinnamon roll.

Based on this post by @enchantingnanami!

This is the last comic I’ll be making since I’m going on hiatus. I’m severely unsatisfied with my grades and I’m going to try to improve them. I’ll probably come back for a short time in late October. I’ll still post some of my art during the hiatus but not that much fandom stuff.


Running Out Of Time

pairing: Lin x reader

warnings: ANGST

requests: “Anonymous asked: because I’m a literary masochist (apparently), pretty pretty please may I have just all kinds of Lin angst? Ruin me with your words” (i didn’t write this for the request specifically, because i have another fic in the works that’s angst as well which i wrote for the request)

summary: Nine years of being married to Lin, and each of them was a blessing. (idk how to summarize it, just stay for the storyline please)

Okay wow this fic really took a lot out of me. Thank you to @sunshinemiranda for the advice and for generally being amazing! This was somehow inspired by What I’m Proudest Of by @ourforgottenboleros, who also inspires me daily. I don’t know how to feel about this fic. Enjoy!

words: 4050 lmao oops



Lin paused the episode of Gilmore Girls and turned to you.

“Remember how our first conversation was about how boring parents were?”

“We were 4, though, so that’s perfectly acceptable.”

“Remember when you avoided me all through primary school?”

“That was because my friends wouldn’t stop singing ‘K-I-S-S-I-N-G’ whenever you talked to me!”

“Like I would’ve kissed you then, girls had cooties.”

“That wasn’t what you said in high school at that party.”

“God, shut up. I was drunk, we were separated in middle school, and that was the first time I saw you in a dress, okay?”

“Funny how we became best friends, though. Our friendship prevailed through the violent road of high school, college and after college.”

“Funny how we had such faith in platonic sleepovers and we really believed it when we said ‘Oh, we’re just friends.’”

“Funny how I told myself I wouldn’t marry you because my mom thought you were the perfect guy.”

“Funny how I’m getting married to my best friend and nothing has ever felt this right.”

“That, I can agree with.”

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sorry if this is annoying but did Louis and Lauren hang out in the past too I didn't know?

Hi, yes they did! Once, well at least publicly. They attended Britain’s Got Talent and left the afterparty at Libertine in London together on June 1st, 2015:

That created a lot of headlines which ofc was mutual promo for both bands. After that there was no real public interaction until Januar this year where she left a comment on his Insta post:

And now they were seen together on the 27th at Bootsy Bellows in LA having a conversation that apparently captivated them both:

Seems like they have a lot to talk about …and just because of it’s importance, let me add these:

“i will work, i will give thanks”

~Yurio confronts Viktor during the banquet after the Barcelona GPF and asks him about agape again~

(original sketch)

isn’t it fucked up how when you give money to homeless people, a lot of the time people get mad at you? like when i’ve given money to people on the street a lot of times people who have been with me have gotten on my ass about it, saying shit like “uhhh don’t you know they’re just going to spend it on drugs? so you’re actually just enabling them, and hurting them"

has anyone else experienced this? like the whole spiel about how you’re actually a ~bad person~ for giving money to homeless people? it’s so ridiculously transparently absurd, but apparently this is pretty widespread because i’ve heard it from a lot of people, mostly libertarian leaning people, ofc, but even a lot of supposedly “progressive” people have said that shit to me

so apparently lilliepokemonsunandmoon has hit 1000 followers so i wanna post to make sure everybody knows that you should not be following them or reblogging their posts; ALL of the artwork they have posted is stolen.

their blog hits a lot of art thief red flags - extremely inconsistent art style; way too many tags, none of which allude to a ‘my art’ tag; all captions are basically the same, boiling down to ‘i love this character!’ and never anything about the art itself; terrible jpeg qualities; none of the artwork has a signature on it, hinting at cropping; and none of it is sourced in any way.

please never, ever reblog fanart unless it was made by the original poster, OR they received explicit permission from the original artist to post it here. if it is neither by the op or there was no permission received, sourced or not, it is art thievery. do not support people like this.

i’m sure that lilliepokemonsunandmoon means well, but they are stealing all the artwork they post and you should not be following them or reblogging their posts, and i have no other way of contacting them to let them or everyone else know that what they are doing is wrong.

please reblog this so that more people know

Ok I can’t stop screaming about episode 10 of Yuri on Ice, but there’s one thing that I especially love about the party thing that I haven’t seen anyone talk about?? 

So many people at that party have pictures and video of Yuuri Katsuki making a fool of himself while blackout drunk. 

Apparently NOBODY posted those on social media. There’s no way Yuuri could’ve missed them if they had. Everyone, even the social media queens/kings, took a look at those and said “WOW, poor Yuuri would be beyond embarrassed if anyone saw these, let’s just keep’em quiet” 

and to me it really says a lot about the characters. These are all (mostly) people who love social media to bits and know those things would go viral, but they keep those pictures off the web because they know it’s so out of character for the shy little Japanese skater who just suffered a massive crushing defeat. 

Yuuri has so much support and care he doesn’t even know about.

A thing about Valentine’s day that I think about every year:

What is it with all of these cut flowers?

I mean, I personally am not a huge fan of dead things, and while I like cutting flowers from my own plants to bring inside, or think they’re a nice gift from a friend if they cut them from their own plants, like…why buy them from a store?

Apparently, for a lot of people, nothing says love like something short-lived that you get to watch as it decays?

Not that I have a significant romantic person in my life right now but if/when I do, just, like…buy me a seed packet and a starter tray, or a cute little potted plant, or something. Something that will live, and that I can plant in my yard and enjoy at least until the next year, or if it’s a perennial, maybe a couple more years.

Hey @anti-tony people I’m not sure if you know about this but marvel actually did a trilogy of like. super low-budget student-film type movies that go into a lot of Tony’s backstory and if you haven’t seen them that’s probably why you don’t know about any of Tonys character arc or just. general details about him as a person and his motivations over the past decade! I’d really recommend watching them so that everything makes a little more sense. The first one is like a little over 2 hrs long and apparently they didn’t even have a solid script or anything, and marvel was super nervous about hiring the lead actor, but I thought they turned out pretty well!! Anyway the first movie was released in 2008 and it’s called Iron Man and


A/N: I just want to point out this is NOT cannon. This is my preconception of 6A. It’s a lot shorter than I usually right, but it’s a simple concept. This is dedicated to @mystic-biscuit . Also, thank you to her and @dumbass-stilinski for reading over it. I didn’t proof read per usu, because I’m lazy and basic as fuck so there ya go lol love ya 

Warnings: N/A

Word Count: 1638

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*casually slides into the back of Mofftiss car holding a gun* ok but the thing is, if Mary isn’t actually evil then why is John in danger? Because Sherlock literally came back to life with that thought: John Watson is definitely in danger. And if Mary isn’t the overarching threat (which you implied continually through subtext and cinematography choices), then what is Sherlock supposedly saving him from? *scratches gun absently against cheek* A dangerously low thread count in jumpers? Tesco’s own brand of porridge? Like literally I have no idea what you’re trying to accomplish here because if we’re to believe series four then Sherlock apparently had no idea Mary’s secretly been fucking them over from the very beginning… But we’ve had lots of clues that hint towards the opposite. Even the scripts said that Magnussen is the one to call the ambulance, not Mary, and that’s yet another indication that Sherlock IS aware that she’s Up To No Good but that’s apparently completely redeemed and fixed by her doing the time warp into a speeding bullet?? *begins loading the gun casually* You can’t have this story both ways. If it’s not Mary, then your entire story makes absolutely no sense. It’s not like Sherlock could have predicted Eurus would be the one to shoot John in the eye so at that point within the context of the narrative you created, Mary is conceptually the only possible villain (unless Moriarty is alive).  So basically what i’m getting at is  *looks Mark dead in the eye through the rear view mirror as I hand the gun over to him*


imagine this:

a nonbinary hogwarts student is female presenting and doesn’t necessarily mind being housed with other girls. but it becomes increasingly apparent that because of this reason a lot of people call them by the wrong pronouns and also don’t use the gender neutral name they chose for themselves because they are living with girls and are therefore assumed to be one.

said student gets upset enough that they approach dumbledore with this issue because they know that themselves and other trans kids have trouble with the binary dorms, and they want to create a middle ground because people who don’t identify with the binary shouldn’t be forced to choose a side. albus dumbledore just nods his head and says that something will be done about it.

they wait for a couple weeks feeling like their request will never be acted upon until one day they walk into the common room and there’s a new staircase that students are all crowded around, wondering why it’s there. it seems that there were a few unlucky folks who tried climbing up and were sent right back down.

the small brass plate next to the staircase says:

‘for those who shouldn’t have to choose’


At the library I found an excellent art book on the production of Disney’s Pocahontas movie. I’ve always been particularly impressed with the great art behind that movie.

A lot of the artwork I like in this book I actually can’t find online, so I’ll have to scan them sometime. Until then I’ll share Glen Keane’s great storyboards for the movie. We know Keane mostly as an animator but he’s also a pretty great storyman too. You can feel his creamy bold and dramatic charcoal lines here better than anywhere else.

Apparently his first draft of the scene where Jon Smith and Pocahontas first meet was so fantastic that it was left exactly intact in the final version of the film. That’s pretty impressive, considering that writing and storyboarding often takes years with hundreds of revisions. Unfortunately, these images aren’t showing a particular sequence from the movie, but I think you can piece together where they’re from if you’ve seen Pocahontas recently.


so last night i had this convo with my friends where we freaked out about violin hips and apparently some of them didnt know other people found it cute? it seems like lots of people ignore how cool others think they are so here you go, have some positivity from me and my nerd friends.
if you have violin hips, go feel good about them.