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Red Pt. 5 [Jason Todd x Reader]

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A/N:This took FOREVER but I finally made it! I’m not very proud of this part tbh, but I really wanted to get it up for all of you. Also, if you asked to be tagged and I didn’t, I’m really sorry! It’s been a while and I forgot most of the people I should tag…

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2143

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 



“So this is my place.” Jason announced half-heartedly, stepping aside to let you into his apartment.

You glanced around, studying every detail of the shockingly neat place in an attempt to spark a memory because you had apparently spent ‘so much time there it might as well be yours’ but you couldn’t recall a single thing. You sighed and glanced at Jason, shaking your head. The hopeful look on Jason’s face melted and his shoulders slumped.

“I’m sorry.” you said automatically, feeling that you couldn’t emphasize or say it enough times to make up for the problems you were causing.

Jason sighed and said, “I told you, there’s nothing to apologize for.”

“It’s just…” You hesitated. “I can’t help it. It’s just a feeling I can’t shake off.”

Jason brought your bags in the apartment and shut the door, saying, “it’s normal. Just try to relax and ease in.”

You nodded and immediately headed to the guest room, carrying some of your bags. When you turned to see if Jason was bringing the rest of your bags, you frowned as you saw his wide eyes.

“D-Did I do something wrong?” you asked, worried.

“How did you know?” Jason inquired.

“Know what?”

“Your room. That’s… your room. How did you know?”

You opened your mouth to answer, but when you realized Jason had not shown you his apartment, and that you just knew where to go, your mouth closed and you stared at him, confused.

“I… don’t know. It’s just instinct, I guess?” you answered slowly; still unsure. Jason smiled, and you found yourself smiling too, for both of you knew it was the first real sign that there was something there, waiting to come out.

Now you were more grateful they made the decision to move you to Jason’s place for the time being.

“What do you mean I’m staying with Jason?” you inquired, sounding clearly unhappy about the sudden arrangement. “I do have a home, don’t I?”

“Yes…” Bruce Wayne said cautiously, “but we worry of your safety.”

“And being with Jason is the safest place to be?” you asked skeptically. It wasn’t that you have anything against the man, in fact you were sure you were comfortable with him, but it still slightly scared you to be sharing a home with someone you could barely remember.

“We know he won’t let anything happen to you.” said Dick. “Besides, you and Jason have a lot of history together, he knows you better than he knows himself, and he can help you regain your memories.”

“Still, I wish you consulted me beforehand.” you sighed.

Bruce gave you a sympathetic look. “It may be difficult now, but you’ll understand the benefits soon enough. Trust me, [F/N].”

“Here.” Jason placed a plate of food in front of you, and when you took a bite your face instantly lit up.

“This is delicious! You’re a great cook!” you complimented.

“They’re your favorite.” Jason said quietly. You looked at him, feeling a memory surfacing. You reached out to grab it, but just as you recalled a memory of what seemed to be you almost burning Jason’s kitchen down, it slipped away.

Seeing your concentrated face, Jason asked, “what is it?”

“Have I… ever burned your kitchen down before?” you questioned, the words sounding strange out loud. Jason laughed, and you were afraid that you said something wrong but then he nodded.

“Too many times to count.” he answered honestly, “do you remember?”

“Vaguely. It’s still very hazy, but I recall bits and pieces.” you admitted.

“It’s still progress though.” Jason shrugged. “Take your time.”

You nodded, but you couldn’t ignore the slight waver in his voice that occurred for half a second but was still there, or the way the light in his eyes dimmed, or how his shoulders were not tensed but were lowered more than usual. You couldn’t ignore the glint of pain, remorse and guilt in his eyes, laced with disappointment and fear.

You had began noticing it after the few times Jason came to visit, but with him you always saw the tiniest details of his actions, and you just knew exactly what it meant. When he scratched the back of his neck, he was flustered. When he ran a hand through his hair, he was lost. When he drummed his fingers, he was angry and finally, when he only gave small, simple answers, or when he was simply ignoring you, it was because he was trying not to cry.

It baffled you how you knew all these things within a click, but it told you just how well you knew Jason before your memories were ripped from you. It was strange at first; knowing someone inside out even when you claimed to have never met him before, but at the same time you couldn’t deny this sense of familiarity whenever you were by his side. It felt like two puzzle pieces fitting together perfectly, causing this wretched world to finally make sense. Despite the paradoxical sensation, being with him felt… right.

A wince echoed in the room as you carefully applied alcohol to the wound on Jason’s face. He glared at you, and a pout appeared on his face but he remained still.

“Jason, honestly.” you sighed, sounding like a mother scolding her child, “did you find it necessary to start a fight?”

Jason rolled his eyes, and tried to move but you gripped his chin tightly and moved his face straight back so he was facing you. “Don’t move.” you ordered.

After you finished treating his wounds, you said, “be careful next time Jason. You’re not a god, some day you might get seriously hurt.”

“[F/N], I’ll be fine.” said Jason, waving a hand to dismiss your concern.

You frowned and placed a hand on Jason’s cheeks, looking into his eyes with worry. “Jason, we don’t know what may happen in the future. Please, be more careful, if not for yourself, then for me.”

Jason looked at you and your worried gaze, then slowly he nodded. “Okay. I’ll do it, but only for you.” He smiled at you, a genuine, sincere smile that nobody but you really saw.

And your heart skipped a beat, but you managed to smile back.

As the days passed by, you realized that you were slowly beginning to regain your memories, though you weren’t sure how much you were remembering because most of them consisted of Jason. Was he part of every moment of your life? Or were you just recalling all your memories with him?

Sometimes Jason asked you if you remembered anything, but you always shook your head and denied the progress. You were afraid of giving him hope. It broke your heart seeing the look on his face when he first met you, and though it tore your heart apart to see that look of sadness in his eyes he tried so hard to conceal, you didn’t want to provide any false ideas. 

The memories you gained gave you a mix of emotions. Sometimes they confused you, sometimes they made you smile, sometimes they flustered you greatly. As the memories came, strange feelings reawakened, feelings that were dormant when your memories disappeared.

The memories that confused you were mostly memories of treating strange, serious wounds Jason had on his body. You had seen him without a shirt a few times by accident, and though you took notice of his muscular build, you were more focused on the scars that littered his skin. There were small ones, large ones, of different shapes and sizes.

You were tempted to ask Jason about it sometimes, but you were somewhat afraid of the answer. You felt you knew, but you also had a feeling it wasn’t something you’d like to hear. This feeling of knowing, yet not, of just trusting your instincts, was a feeling you were used to now.

Jason often disappeared late at night. He always returned with some type of wound; a bruise, cuts, sometimes even wounds that suspiciously seemed like a gunshot wound, and what shocked you more was the fact that you weren’t… surprised by it.

The loud banging of your door jolted you awake, and you instantly reached out for the taser in your drawer. You silently crept through your room in the manor and opened the door slightly to see who it was, releasing a sigh of relief when you saw it was only Dick and Barbara.

You placed the taser on the table and opened the door with a smile. However, it melted away quickly when you saw the solemn look on their faces.

“Dick, Babs… what’s wrong? You look like someone just died!” you exclaimed, trying to lighten up the mood. 

“[F/N]…” Barbara said slowly. You instantly disliked her tone. It scared you. “It’s Jason.”

Worry washed over you. “What is it? Is he kidnapped? Is he hurt? Is he poisoned, o-or in some kind of trouble or–” You sounded frantic, and your voice was shaking.

“He… we lost him, [F/N].” Dick said quietly. “The Joker took him and… we tried, but we were too late to save him.”

You froze, and with you time and space. This was your worst nightmare. No, not even in your wildest dreams did Jason ever leave you like that. Never in your wildest dreams was Jason torn from your life in just a blink of an eye.

“No…“ you breathed, the tears already falling from your face. You took a few steps back as you shook your head. “N-No… no. No.” You kept repeating the word over and over, refusing to believe it.

You felt Barbara’s arms wrap around your body, and you fought her. “NO! He can’t be gone! How could you lose him?! How could you let this happen?!” you demanded, tears of anger and sorrow streaming down your face.

When the rage finally left you, leaving only the emptiness of despair, you slowly gripped Barbara for dear life and wept like never before.

You gasped as you sat up, fully awake. You were panting heavily, your chest rising up and down as you tried to regain your breath. You were covered in a layer of sweat, sticking onto your body like a magnet.

You threw the covers off your body and stumbled into the kitchen, shaking despite the warm air. You poured yourself some water and tried to comprehend what you had just experienced.

Jason was dead. He had died, you were sure of it. But if he was dead… who was the man you were staying with? And why did the others treat him like he never ‘died’?

There could be a chance he never died at all and they made a mistake, but you had a feeling it wasn’t a mistake. He died. He was gone. He was gone and somehow, he was back.

You placed a hand on your head, the new memory that surfaced a little too hard to understand. It gave you a headache, and the need for the truth was eating you inside out. You needed to know what happened, before it drove you insane.

You quietly entered Jason’s room with the intent to talk to him. You knew you weren’t going to sleep again, and you wouldn’t be able to look at Jason without a million questions appearing in your mind.

You frowned when you saw Jason lying on the bed in a strange manner. You guessed he was exhausted, but the outfit he was dressed in was a little… more than strange. He was also still wearing boots, and his window was slightly opened.

You went to shut the window completely, but you tripped on something rather large and bulky.

You bent down and picked it up, the material feeling cool beneath your fingers. You brought it into the light, the moonlight reflecting on its ruby surface.

you studied the familiar helmet with curiosity. It was smooth and intimidating, with cracks and scratches and dents that told you it had been through a lot. What interested you the most was the redness. It was so brilliantly red, so beautiful and so…

Red was important. Red was significant.

Your eyes widened and you dropped the helmet, the sound of it hitting the floor ringing through the silent apartment. Pain burned in your head and you swayed, holding your head as the pain increased.

Then it came; memories pouring into you all at once. You remembered your parents, how they abandoned you, meeting Jason on the streets, surviving the streets alongside him, following him as he became Robin, the manor, Jason’s death and your depression, Jason’s revival, the Outlaws, and what happened before your abduction.

“Jason…” you whispered, your eyes filling with tears. As the pain became unbearable, darkness overtook your vision, and you fell onto the floor with a thud.

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has this joke been done yet

I’ve had too much caffeine and what is drawing, feat: my bad handwriting bc what is the effort to find a font, ummmmmmmm

fuck i opened this and entirely forgot what i was gonna say

OH YEAH!! that @ reminded me
 i’ve noticed tumblr is fucking garbo at like…showing me anything ever

but if u ever want me to see something u drew or anythin like that, ur best bet is probs gonna be to @ me AND tag it deadwooddross (dross not ross)

Name Signs

Another soulmate AU idea: the first word your soulmate will speak to you is on your wrist. What happens when Lena is born without a word on her wrist? 

Lena adjusts the watch on her left wrist as she walks down the hallway to her office. As a teenager, she accepted her lack of a soul mark as a constant reminder of the lack of love in her life. She has her company. L-Corp is the love of her life. She’s okay with that. After going off to boarding school, she grew tired of the snarky comments and pitying looks whenever someone saw the unmarked skin on her wrist. She began to grow a collection of watches and bracelets to keep the curiosity at bay. When she was 11, a chemistry experiment led to a burn on her wrist. It was sudden, and she had yelped in pain. The nurse believed the metal of the watch must have become overheated, resulting in the burn on her wrist. The burn is mostly faded.

She sits at her desk and opens her email on her laptop. Her eyes fly over the screen at a remarkable speed, skimming over the blind carbon copied emails that don’t need her direct attention at the moment. Resting her left elbow on the desk, she places her chin on her hand while her right hand continue to scroll. An email from an unfamiliar web address draws her attention.

“CatCo?” Her head comes off of her hand as she stands up straighter in interest. “How did someone from CatCo get my direct email?” She asks her computer.

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music tag~

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2. Mind Your Own Business by Ailee

3. It’s Definitely You by V and Jin (lol i forgot that Tae’s stage name was V) 

4. Something Kinda Crazy by Red Velvet

5. Solo (feat. Hoody) by Jay Park and Hoody

6. Trespass by Monsta X

7. Autumn Leaves by BTS

8. Glasses by IU 

9. Hold Me Tight by BTS 

10. Simple by Seventeen (Jihoon makes me cry everytime I hear this song)

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Apparently, your girlfriend gets​ even more gayer when she's sick, she also said you might have screenshots of a conversation where shall called you a cute person all night, she apparently forgot if that was just because you are cute or if she had forgotten your name. She may also have said a number of other embarrassing things. So I wonder if you wouldn't mind sharing some of those stories?

Sadly I can’t find any screenshots, but here are some things she’s done. And continues to do every time she’s sick.

  • Gets stuck in a loop of calling me cute (or other compliments). There may have been one time where she forgot my name, but mostly it’s just her starting and then deciding to never stop. Sometimes I’ll confuse her by complimenting her back and she’ll look really puzzled for a moment before going “no. you’re cute.” She gets stubborn about it.
  • She’s been really into fish for about a year now. Her being sick + watching fish videos is not always the best combination. She’ll watch something, look at me really excited, and say “Can I get [insert fish theres no way we could take care of]???” And I’ll go no, you can’t, or I’ll remind her of the fish she asked for yesterday, and she’ll look affronted and pout for about three seconds before getting excited again and going “But what about [another implausible option]???” This goes on for a while. She really likes fish. I’m scared of the aquarium i’m going to come home to one day.
  • One time I said she could get as many fish as she wanted but only if I could get an equal number of cats and she almost agreed. i was so close. i could have had it all
  • Whenever she’s sick i try to get her take care of herself. Get water, eat something, go to bed, take medicine, etc. She never listens. The one thing she listened to? She asked if she could take a walk and I said no, you’re sick. An hour later she said she wanted to take a walk, and I, forgetting I had already said no, said sure. She got really excited and asked “can I?” because she wouldn’t have gone if I had said no. Why, Why is that the one thing she listened to. @cheesytoucans why wont you ever drink water

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Allthehairs appears to be gone! T_T I don't think anyone noticed yet though...

I googled bit and apparently they either forgot to renew their domain, the site has been having too much activity and been disabled because of that, it might have been flagged to contain malicious content or anything really, there are multiple possible reasons what could have happened to get it suspended. 

The only thing we as users can really do is wait for the site owner to handle whatever the reason for suspending the site was. I doubt it’ll be gone forever so let’s just wait it out and keep fingers crossed that it’ll be back soon. :)


FUCK I forgot to do this. okay well!! i was tagged by @a-harmless-force so here goes nothing- here’s 10 jams for you good people

help me out - alicks
solar - cosmo sheldrake
shelter - porter robinson
the hymn of acxiom - vienna teng
default - django django
make me a robot - tessa violet
our own house - misterwives
miracle mile - Cold War kids
diet soda society - the maine
city of lights - the music tapes

and im apparently supposed to tag 10 people but i probably can’t think of 10 people off the top of my head so im tagging @a-k-o-i @capybarass @himikyu @natalyabezukhova @wokia @gamergirlfreak @lucky-nagisa and whoever else wants to share their music w the world

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i saw on twitter that that pic of little soo next to the wall is actually his brother? did you see a tweet like that?

oh I tweeted that LOL unless someone else did .. but this is actually kyungsoo

and i saw everyone tweeting this picture along with the one on top and I was confused bc he didn’t look like kyungsoo and then I learnt it was his brother so I tried to clear things up a bit so yeah ~ 

so in conclusion first one is kyungsoo, 2nd one is apparently his brother and NOT pre debut kyungsoo ! 

Flame Princess in her outfit from The Cooler which I just watched. I’ve been so busy with everything going on irl that I forgot there was a new episode, and it had to be a Flame Princess one too X_X 

I really liked it, especially for the character development and not to mention learning FP’s name

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Can we talk for a moment about Pearl's PTSD? Just how fucking horribly the war messed her up? I had a headcanon confirmed today that Pearl regenerated many many times in the war by sacrificing herself for Rose in the heat of combat. I bet you ten-to-one with that last scene where Pearl is just: "Why won't you let me do this for you, Rose?!" Rose had enough and put her foot down and Pearl took it as an insult because her intentions were good but maybe she didn't realize what she was doing to(1/2)

long ask deserves a long answer! i am getting a bit off topic at times but there’s a lot of thoughts to be written down you know?

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[who is your hero?] Well, my mom, definitely. And I guess probably Jim Carrey.