apparently i edited a photo


We were watching BoFA again on movie night and I couldn’t get through this scene without cackling so hard that it scared my entire family. 


so life’s been throwing me a ton of really difficult situations lately and it’s been pretty practically impossible to stay above water and catch my breath, let alone try and stay positive. but nonetheless, I still always try. & honestly, as extremely difficult and stressful as things have been lately, I’m trying to stay positive by reminding myself there’s also been good and fun moments to be thankful for. and that’s actually why I made this post: it’s actually a good example in a way of that in a way.

after being up all night, relentlessly tossing and turning due to a horrible bout of depression and some real craptastic panic attacks, after a night of absolute shit, I was finally able to find some peace and calm in the end thanks to a really beautiful sunrise. so I went ahead and decided to make some coffee and go out back and just try and relax, taking photos of all the flowers and greenery in the backyard. Obviously I’m no professional photographer, but considering my dad was, I like to think he’d be pretty proud of how these came out.!and mom was especially fond of his nature photography and drawings, and she loved to draw and paint flowers herself. so I like to imagine them smiling down at me while looking at these, as childish as that sounds. Oh! And & I know it’s a total long shot, but if any of you guys wouldn’t mind reblogging this, id appreciate it a ton because I’d really love to know what kind of flowers these are.

and for anyone interested, I took these on an older iPhone 6 Plus. I didn’t use any filters, only the standard editing options built into the Photos app Ui. anyway, these helped cheer me up, so maybe it’ll do the same for someone else! thanks again to anyone who took the crazy amount of time to read this friggin essay!!! real sorry about that, I’m on no sleep, coffee and ADHD so i kinda got carried away. Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful day!