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Grumpy Chat

This started out as one of those “I see no difference” deals.  I can’t help myself, guys.  I have NO SHAME.


Andy: Hats Part IV

MatPat: *takes a deep breath*

MatPat: i lo-

Jason: yes, you love Stephanie, we know, you love Stephanie so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Stephanie we KNOW, you love Stephanie you fucking love Stephanie okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE STEPHANIE FUCKING PATRICK. WE GET IT.


Timeless + Onion Headlines (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5  | Part 6)


Where have all the good men gone
And where are all the gods?
Where’s the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds?
Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
Late at night I toss and I turn
And I dream of what I need  (x)

  • Me: Microtransactions are bad and set a really bad precedent, especially for fully priced games where the costs don't go back into improving the game. Some day, a really shitty publisher is going to make the game impossible to beat without the proper microtransactions.
  • Idiots: Oh stop complaining about them, they're just pointless cosmetics and fun! It'll never get as bad as you say.
  • Idiots: *pay over 100 dollars to try to get the holiday themed skin for their favorite Overwatch hero*
  • Activision: holy shit we're making SO MUCH FUCKING MONEY FROM THIS
  • WB Games: hmmmmmmmmm
  • Shadow Of War: *apparently can't complete the game without extreme amounts of grind or purchasing lootboxes of good enough uruks you gotta get in a lottery*
  • Me: golly I have no idea
Shit my vocal coach has said

“Little body. Big voice. What the fuck?!”

“Give me your tongue! It’s bad! You don’t deserve it!”

“No, you didn’t hit that note. You might’ve summoned a demon though.”

“You can’t stop singing and start crying because you’re excited you hit a note!”

“Sing from your ass!”

“I don’t know what noise you just made but it was beautiful. Make it again.”

“What is your range?!”

“Your voice is fucking weird. People with ranges like yours are the reason people like me drink.”

“It would be better if you were a boy.”

“Are you singing or being murdered?”

“Your tongue is weak. I thought you were gay!”

bellarke gilmore girls AU (sneak peek)

It was 7:00am on a Monday, and Clarke Griffin already needed another cup of coffee. The best place to get coffee in Walden Hollow, Clarke knew, was not the third wave espresso bar on North Avenue, nor the diner on Main Street. It wasn’t even Maya’s Pies, though Maya certainly brewed a decent cup. The best place to get coffee was a little bookstore half a mile from her house.

The bookstore didn’t have a sign, it didn’t even have a name. It was Bellamy’s place, and everyone in the town of Walden Hollow knew Bellamy. Bellamy Blake had lived there his entire life, and had inherited the small storefront from his mother. It used to be a simple cafe, with a few stools in the window and a smattering of mismatched tables, but when Bellamy took over he had expanded the space into the former candy shop next door.  

The interior of the store still held a few tables and chairs, including a row of barstools along the window, but the majority of the space was reserved for the tall oak bookshelves that were lined along the back walls. Not many of the seats were occupied so early in the morning. Jasper and Monty, resident college aged troublemakers, were working on a “school project” at a table in the corner. Charlotte, a thing girl with blonde pigtails, loitered amid the shelves, bopping her feet to the music in her headphones. Bellamy’s morning had been extremely still and peaceful so far. Clarke broke the silence, breezing towards the counter as the chime on the door rang cheerfully behind her.

“Please, Bell,” she begged, “Please please please.”

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mnmega  asked:

Huh, apparently said modeler posted them on a public sharing site. You HAVE to be credited if someone's using your works even if it's public, but unless they were part of the animating team they can't make a claim legally. That would be like if Lego sued every person that used lego pieces for stop animation films.

Difference here is:
Lego makes money selling its pieces, the modellers as far as I know don’t.
See this is something that really pisses me off, and it’s not necessary about this issue. It’s that people for the most part really don’t care to fuck an artist over to make profit off them.
But yea screw the artists am I right.


anonymous asked:

Did you know Alex Fierro is actually a brand of glasses? And I think your blog is cute💕

So I just looked this up and


Thank you for bringing this to my attention my life will never be the same. I legit can’t stop thinking about Alex Fierro wearing Alex Fierro sunglasses. Or just regular glasses, because they make those too apparently. This is so fucking cool.

and THANK U!! I’m 110% sure your blog is super amazing too!!! (*^▽^*)

Stop acting like the world turns around Tumblr. Stop acting like you know™ what’s happening, when we know shit. Stop acting like your opinion is more important than another one’s is. Stop being mean towards the ones who debate things cause their opinions don’t fit what you know™ is happening. The acts of superiority I see everytime something happens are disappointing and useless. Don’t tell me you know™ what’s happening when, at the end of the day, we’re just bloggers on Tumblr.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I feel the Christmas scene from ASiB is so interesting, even before Sherlock deduces Molly. Sherlock sees her enter, and he seems agitated, saying "oh, dear lord." He doesn't greet her. She tries to make a joke, he puts her down. Yet, he can't help but interact with her. She asks the room, "so we're having a Christmas drinkies, then?" and he mutters, "No stopping them apparently!" What do you think Sherlock thinks/feels toward Molly by the end of the scene, given these mixed signals? Thanks!

Phew, been a busy day! Ok so I’ll try to break down my feelings on the scene a little.

His initial rudeness and agitation I do think, as some have stated in the past, could be a bit of jealousy. There was a time when I thought that this fit more as a HC, but I think it’s not so far fetched now. Especially because honestly it doesn’t have to be blatant romantic jealousy. (Though I think there could be some of that in there that he’s not 100% conscious of) She’s a good friend and a colleague. And here she is unusually dressed up and looking HOT, which probably threw him off. And then he notices the pristinely wrapped gift and makes his logical deduction. It’s pretty telling that at that point he automatically assumes it’s someone he doesn’t know. Clearly doesn’t even consider that it could be him! And actually, who was the last man he saw her interested in? A MURDEROUS CRIMINAL MASTERMIND lol! Maybe he’s kind of concerned about who this newest interest might be! 

But anyway, by the end of this scene I think Sherlock’s overall feeling might be next summed up by “humbled.” I think he was shocked and humbled by the realization that she felt that way and that strongly about him, and I think he was also humbled by the realization that his automatic default to deductions could do so much emotional damage to someone he cares about. He felt awful, clearly. And he felt awful enough to want to do something about it. And there we have one of the earliest big time growth moments for Sherlock Holmes, as he offers a tender and heartfelt apology and kiss to a woman who he suddenly realizes has deep and genuine romantic feelings for him. And he doesn’t act like those feelings of hers are silly or brush it off or scoff at her. It make him absolutely stop. In. His. Tracks. And he does a complete 180. Is he totally aware of how he actually feels about her at that point? Probably not. But it’s still telling…very telling.

Not much left to say except to quote Mycroft in the very same episode- “What might we deduce about his heart?” ❤️ 😉 

stop being racist

apparently, talking how Kylo Ren hated Finn and was really mad at him, is now racist. because this was brought up by an ant as “racist” receipt. 

so please don’t ever say that Kylo Ren dislikes Finn and was angry at him and wanted to punch him in the face -> this is very racist.

anonymous asked:

Could I get headcanons for Uraraka as a mom? Many thanks in advance if you get to this~ P.S. your blog is probably my favorite when it comes to BNHA and just one of my favorite blogs in general. Hope you're doing well. 😄


  • Is that mom who makes snacks for all her kids friends when they come over and all their friends love her for it
  • Also that mom who goes to all the school plays and meetings and sports events and would rather swallow her own foot then miss it
  • She is 100% supportive of anything her kids want to do as long as it’s not illegal or harmful to themselves

anonymous asked:

Do you think that kaneki will become cannabilizing for his health? Now he can't eat anything neither human nor ghoul

Hello Anon! Honestly, you’re right, we have an initial issue with people in the 24th ward starving, which makes it hard to eat it at all, be it ghoul or human meat.

Besides cannibalizing, he can try to stop fighting, but we saw with his… apparent choice to go rescue Yoriko that he doesn’t plan on doing that either.

So, Nishiki’s options might not be the most likely to have a positive effect, but I wouldn’t say that he’s doomed yet either. Please read these posts, by @kingkishou:

  • Something special about Eto/Yoshimura’s kagune: [x] [addition]
    • remember Eto’s “gift” to Kaneki (in the form of a new hand that “doesn’t regenerate properly”) after their fight in the Roze arc? I think it could be one of the keys.
  • More possibilities

I’m not ready to say that Kaneki is doomed and maybe I’m wrong to be a little optimistic, but in my opinion, it kind of kills the tragedy effect to announce wayyy in advance that the main character is going to die when there are still things that we don’t know, especially biologically speaking when it comes to V and the Washuu family. 

It’s like Touka’s pregnancy: we know since TG ch134 that “it can’t work” and yet, we learnt since then of Eto and of the Sunlit Garden so… it could be a double feint and Ishida is revealing all of this, making us think there will be a positive twist and there won’t, but :Re was not described as a tragedy, unlike TG, which means that I still think solutions do exist. :)

Maybe Kaneki will find a way to cannibalize or maybe (just like for Touka’s pregnancy) the solution will be linked to what we don’t know yet. Hard to say at this point, but I’m really looking forward to it and in the meantime we have some quality metas about the different possibilities! 

Sorry if it doesn’t help so much explained like that Anon. Please have a nice weekend. :)

Awww, please don’t worry Anons, for now personally I still haven’t given up on a possible happy ending! :3 And you’re right, at least it’s good that he seems he doesn’t want to die anymore. :)

Please look just above for posts explaining where the keys to Kaneki’s survival might be hidden (if you’re worried about the accelerated aging).

Have a nice weekend, Anons!

Hello Anon :) @doctorfeliuzumaki made a very interesting post on the matter that should hopefully answer your question!

Have a nice weekend Anon! 

PS: Bonus :))

anonymous asked:

If I can ask , what is paladin's real age ? I saw the post with page and Keth's real age but if I can ask for the others? I would be really happy if you answerd me. I love your art and I think that you're an amazing person^^

the ages were listed in the paladin’s handbook. supposedly it is:

shiro - 25 
keith - 18
hunk/lance - 17 
pidge - 15

allura is unknown still [but personally i think she’s either in her very late teens, possibly very early 20′s?]

…welp i started rambling about discourse again so i’mma drop it under the cut, since you literally didn’t ask for it :’D sorry.

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