apparently he liked the lineart so maybe he wants to see it finished!

Fallout OC and Mun Shoutout

I have realised, while compiling a list, that there are so damn many people I love and OCs that I love I cannot possibly give them all an ask; I would hit the limit a thousand times over. Plus, some might get eaten! THUS, LET THE SHOUTOUTS BEGIN. I’m sorry in advance if I forget anybody; holy crap there are SO MANY.

They’re all under the cut because each name has its own little paragraph, so this post is STAGGERINGLY LONG. They’ve been alphabetised so you can find yourself!
Also my Wordswap is annoying enough on short messages, and I got progressively more tired as I wrote each entry (out of order) - so brace yourself for incomprehensible nonsense as I fight the disaster that is my brain

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